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Full text of "Alphabetical list of graduates of the University of Edinburgh from 1859 to 1888 (both years included) with historical appendix (including present and past office bearers) and separate lists of honorary graduates and graduates with honours .."

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18 5 9-88. 

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(Srab»at£0 of the Eroteraitg of (Sbiuburgh 

From 1859 TO 1888 

[both years included) 

(Including Present and Past Office-bearers) 






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Introductory ..... 

Table of Abbreviations .... 
Alphabetical List of Graduates from 1859 to i< 
Years included .... 





Constitution of the University 

Names of Present Office-Bearers 

Laboratories and Museums .... 

Statement regarding Library and its Benefactors 

Do. do. Benefactors of University 

Do. do. Portraits and Busts 

Chronological Lists of the— 

Chancellors .... 

Vice-Chancellors .... 

Rectors ...... 

Representatives in Parliament 

University Court .... 

Curators of Patronage 

Representatives in General Medical Council 

Principals and Professors . 

University Examiners 

Librarians ..... 

Graduation Ceremonials. Academic Costume 
Honorary Graduates in Divinity 
Do. Do. Law 

Sponsio Academica, Signed by students on Matriculating 
Sponsio Academica, Signed by Graduates in Arts 
List of Graduates in Arts with Honours 

Do. Do. Law with Honours 

Sponsio Academica, Signed by Graduates in Medicine 
Lists of Graduates in Medicine, Gold Medallists 
Do. I)<>. with Honours . 

List of Doctors of Science .... 
Table showing Annual Numbers of Matriculated 
Students in each Faculty . 









1 1 











Table showing Number of Degrees conferred Annually 

in each Faculty and in Science 
Schoolmaster's Diploma ..... 

Certificate of Literate in Arts 

University Local Examinations 

University Certificate in Arts for Women . 

Edinburgh University Lecture Extension Association 

Students' Representative Council 

Edinburgh University Union .... 

University Hall ...... 

Royal Medical Society ..... 

Other Societies, Clubs, &c, recognised by the Senatus 
Common Seal in use down to 1884 






THE University of Edinburgh confers Degrees in Arts, 
Divinity, Law, Medicine and Surgery, and Science. The 
Regulations for Graduation are briefly stated in the following 
pages, but they will probably soon be materially altered in several 
respects under the powers conferred by the " Universities (Scot- 
land) Act, 1889." 

This volume contains a complete Alphabetical List of the 
Graduates from 1859 to 1888, both years included. The 
various Degrees are indicated by their initial letters appended 
to the names of the Graduates. 1 

Honorary Degrees.— The Degrees of Doctor of Divinity 
and Doctor of Laws are conferred honoris causa tantum. The 
Degree of Master of Arts was also conferred honoris causa 
tantum in a few cases previous to 30th April 1861, when it was 
enacted that the Degree in Arts should in no case be conferred 
except after due examination. All the other Degrees are 
conferred after Examination only. 

The following outlines of the curricula and Examinations for 
Degrees are not intended as a guide for the future, but refer 
only to the subjects of study and of examination during the 
period embraced in the Lists. 

Degrees in Arts. — The Degree of Bachelor of Arts was 
abolished by the Universities Commission in 1861. The course 
of study for this Degree extended over three academic years, 
and embraced attendance for one session on the classes of 
Latin, Greek, Mathematics, Logic and Metaphysics, and Moral 
Philosophy respectively ; and candidates for the Degree were 
required to pass an Examination in these five subjects. 

The present Regulations for Graduation in Arts were framed 
by the Scottish Universities Commission of 1858, and came into 

1 A Catalogue of the Graduates in the Faculties of Arts, Divinity, and Law from 
the foundation of the University was published in 1S5S, and a List of the Graduates in 

Medicine was published in 1866. 

6 Alphabetical List of Graduates. 

force at the beginning of the Winter Session 1861-62. It was, 
however, provided that any student who had completed part of 
his course at the time when the new Regulations came into force 
would be entitled to complete his course under the Regulations 
in force at the time, provided he passed the Examination or 
Examinations required under the new Regulations, 

Previously to 1861 the course of study for the Degree of 
Master of Arts extended over four academic years, and embraced 
attendance on the following classes, viz. : — Latin, Greek, 
Mathematics, Logic and Metaphysics, Moral Philosophy, 
Natural Philosophy, and Rhetoric ; and candidates for the 
Degree were required to pass an Examination in these seven 

The Degree of Master of Arts under the present Regulations 
may be taken with or without Honours. The course of study 
for the Degree extends over four Winter Sessions, and includes 
attendance for not less than two Sessions in Latin, Greek, and 
Mathematics respectively, and for not less than one session 
in Logic and Metaphysics, Moral Philosophy, Natural Philo- 
sophy, and Rhetoric and English Literature respectively. Two 
sessions of the course may be taken in another Scottish Univer- 
sity, provided the last two sessions be taken in this University. 
Candidates who pass the Three Years' Curriculum Examination 
in Latin and Greek, at the beginning of their course, are exempted 
from attendance on these subjects for a second session, and may 
complete their Curriculum in three Winter Sessions instead 
of four ; and those who pass the Entrance Examination in 
Mathematics, are exempted from a second attendance on that 

Candidates for the Degree of M.A. are examined in three 
Departments, viz.: — Classical Literature (Latin and Greek), 
Philosophy (Logic and Metaphysics ; Moral Philosophy ; 
Rhetoric and English Literature), and Mathematics and Physics 
(Mathematics and Natural Philosophy) ; and they may appear 
for Examination in any Department or Departments when they 
have completed the necessary attendance on the classes. First 
and second class Honours are awarded in Classical Literature 
(Latin and Greek), Philosophy (Logic and Metaphysics, and 
Moral Philosophy), Mathematics and Physics (Pure Mathematics 
and Natural Philosophy) ; and Honours are awarded in Natural 

Introductory. 7 

Science, viz.: — Geology, Zoology, Chemistry, and Botany, of 
which subjects candidates may select any two. Candidates 
may offer themselves for examination for Honours in any 
Department or Departments, after the necessary attendance, or 
they may offer themselves for further examination for Honours 
after they have passed the ordinary examinations for the 

Degree in Divinity. — The Degree of Bachelor of Divinity 
was instituted in 1864, and has always been regarded as an 
Honours Degree, the standard of examination being unusually 
high. Candidates must be Graduates in Arts of a University 
of the United Kingdom, or of a Colonial University recognised 
for that purpose, and must have completed their Theological 
Curriculum in this University or elsewhere. If not Masters of 
Arts of this University, they must have attended two classes in 
one or more of the Faculties of this University. 

The subjects of examination are arranged in two Depart- 
ments, the first embracing — (1) Hebrew and (2) Apologetic 
Theology, or the Evidences of Natural and Revealed Religion ; 
and the second Department embracing — (1) Ecclesiastical 
History, (2) Systematic Theology, and (3) Biblical Criticism and 
Biblical Antiquities. 

Degrees in Law. — Two Degrees in Law are conferred after 
examination, viz.: — Bachelor of Laws, instituted in 1863, and 
Bachelor of Law, instituted in 1874. The Degree of LL.B. has 
also been regarded, since its institution, as an Honours Degree, 
the standard of examination being unusually high. Special 
distinction in the Law Examinations was instituted in 1885. 

Candidates for the Degree of LL.B. must be graduates in Arts 
of a University of the United Kingdom or of a Colonial or 
Foreign University specially recognised for the purpose. The 
course of legal study extends over three academic years (two 
of which must be passed in this University), and includes 
attendance on a distinct course in each of the six following 
Departments, viz. : — Civil Law, Law of Scotland, Conveyancing 
(cr, in the option of the Candidate, Political Economy), during 
Courses of not less than Eighty Lectures each ; and Public 
Law, Constitutional Law and History, and Medical Jurispru- 
dence, during courses of not less than Forty Lectures each. The 
examination for the Degree embraces these six subjects. 

S Alphabetical List of Graduates. 

Candidates for the Degree of Bachelor of Law, if not Graduates 
in Arts, must have studied one or more of the subjects included 
in the course of study in the Faculty of Arts, during one 
academic year, in a University of the United Kingdom, or in a 
Colonial or Foreign University recognised for the purpose ; and 
they must have passed a satisfactory examination in (i) Latin, 
(2) Greek, French, or German, and (3) any two of the following 
subjects — namely, Logic, Moral Philosophy, and Mathematics. 
The course of legal study extends over at least two academic 
years, and includes attendance on a Course in Civil Law, 
Scots Law, and Conveyancing, and in either Public Law, 
Constitutional Law and History, or Medical Jurisprudence. 
Two academic years of legal study must be passed in this 

Degrees in Medicine and Surgery. — The present 
Regulations for Graduation in Medicine and Surgery were 
framed by the Scottish Universities Commission of 1858, and 
came into operation on 4th February 1861 ; but several altera- 
tions have been made from time to time by the University 
Authorities. Previously to the date mentioned this University 
conferred the Degree of Doctor of Medicine only. Candidates 
for that Degree were required to pass a Preliminary Examination 
in Latin. The attendance on classes in Medicine and Surgery 
extended over four years, and was similar to that required under 
the present Regulations as after-mentioned, except that only 
three months in Clinical Surgery and eighteen months of 
Hospital attendance were required ; while Practical Chemistry, 
Practical Physiology, Practical Pathology, and Practical Mid- 
wifery were not compulsory. Candidates were examined in 
Anatomy, Chemistry, Botany, Institutes of Medicine, Natural 
History, Materia Medica, Pathology, Practice of Medicine, 
Surgery, Midwifery, and Medical Jurisprudence. Each candi- 
date was required to submit a Thesis composed by himself on 
some Medical Subject ; and the Thesis required to be approved 
by the Faculty of Medicine. Gold Medals, High Commen- 
dation, and Commendation were awarded according to the 
merit displayed by the candidates in their Theses. It was 
provided that all candidates who had begun their Medical 
Studies before 4th February 1861, should be entitled to com- 
plete them under the Regulations then in force. 

Introductory. 9 

Under the present Regulations three Degrees arc conferred, 
viz. : — Bachelor of Medicine, Master in Surgery, and Doctor of 
Medicine. Previously to 19th December 1881, the Degree of 
Bachelor of Medicine could be taken alone ; but the Degree of 
Master in Surgery could not be conferred on any person who had 
not taken that of M.B. Since that date both Degrees (M.B. 
and CM.) must be taken at the same time. 

Graduation with Honours in Medicine and Surgery was 
instituted in 1865 ; and in 1868 Honours were divided into 
First and Second Class. 

Candidates for the Degrees of Bachelor of Medicine and 
Master in Surgery must either be Graduates in Arts of a Uni- 
versity of the United Kingdom, or of a Colonial or Foreign 
University specially recognised for that purpose, or must pass a 
Preliminary Examination in General Education, either in this 
University, or under an Examining Board whose Examina- 
tions are recognised as equivalent to the University Examina- 
tions. This Preliminary Examination embraces the following 
compulsory subjects : — English, Latin, Arithmetic, the Elements 
of Mathematics, and the Elements of Mechanics ; and at least 
two of the following subjects : — Greek, French, German, Higher 
Mathematics, Natural Philosophy, Logic, Moral Philosophy. 

The course of study for the Degrees of Bachelor of Medicine 
and Master in Surgery extends over four years, and embraces 
attendance on each of the following departments of Medical 
Science, viz.: — 

(a.) Anatomy, Chemistry, Materia Medica, Institutes of Medicine or 
Physiology, Practice of Medicine, Surgery, Midwifery and the Diseases of 
Women and Children, General Pathology (or in schools where there is no 
such Course, a Three Months' Course of Lectures on Morbid Anatomy, 
together with a Supplemental Course of Practice of Medicine or Clinical 
Medicine), during Courses including not less than One Hundred Lectures ; 
Practical Anatomy, during a Course of six months ; Courses of Clinical 
Medicine and Clinical Surgery of the same duration as those of not less 
than One Hundred Lectures above prescribed, Lectures being given at least 
twice a week ; Courses on Medical Jurisprudence, Botany, and Natural 
History (including Zoology), of not less than Fifty Lectures ; and Practical 
Chemistry for three months. 

(6.) Practical Materia Medica and Pharmacy, Practical Physiology, and 
Practical Pathology, either in this University, or in Universities or Schools 
of Medicine, or under Teachers recognised for the purpose during Courses of 
not less than Fifty hours ; the Medical and Surgical Practice of a General 

i o Alphabetical List of Graduates. 

Hospital (accommodating not fewer than eighty patients, and possessing a 
distinct start' of Physicians and Surgeons), for at least two years ; the out- 
practice of an Hospital, or the practice of a Dispensary, Physician, Surgeon, 
or Member of the London or Dublin Society of Apothecaries, for six months ; 
twelve cases of labour under the superintendence of a Registered Medical 
Practitioner, or six such cases together with three months' practice in a 
Midwifery Hospital in which practical instruction is regularly given ; and a 
course of instruction in Vaccination by a recognised teacher. 

The studies of candidates for the Degrees of Bachelor of 
Medicine and Master in Surgery are subject to the following 
Regulations : — 

i. One of the four years of Medical and Surgical study of the subjects, as 
above stated under ' a,' must be in the University of Edinburgh. 

2. Another of such four years of Medical and Surgical study must be 
either in the University of Edinburgh, or in some other University entitled 
to give the Degree of Doctor of Medicine. 

3. Attendance during at least six winter months on the Medical or 
Surgical Practice of a General Hospital which accommodates at least eighty 
patients, and during the same period on a course of Practical Anatomy, may 
be reckoned as one of such four years, and to that extent shall be held 
equivalent to one year's attendance on Courses of Lectures as above pre- 

4. One year's attendance on the Lectures of Teachers of Medicine in the 
Hospital Schools of London (including the Professors in the Faculty of 
Science, in subjects required for graduation, in King's College and University 
College, London), or in the School of the College of Surgeons in Dublin, or 
of such Teachers of Medicine in Edinburgh, or elsewhere, as shall from time 
to time be recognised by the University Court, may be reckoned as one of 
such four years, and to that extent shall be held as attendance on Courses 
of Lectures as above prescribed. 

5. Candidates may, to the extent of four of the Departments ' a ' of Medical 
Study, attend, in such year or years of their Medical and Surgical studies as 
may be most convenient to them, the Lectures of the Teachers of Medicine 
specified in the last paragraph. 

Candidates are examined, both in writing and viva voce — 
First, in Chemistry, Botany, and Natural History ; secondly, 
in Anatomy, Institutes of Medicine, Materia Medica, including 
Practical Pharmacy and Prescribing, and Pathology ; thirdly, 
in Surgery, Practice of Medicine, Midwifery, and Medical 
Jurisprudence; fourthly, Clinically in Medicine and in Surgery 
in a Hospital. The examinations in Anatomy, Chemistry, In- 
stitutes of Medicine, Botany, Natural History, Materia Medica, 
and Pathology are conducted, as far as possible, by demonstra- 

Introductory. 1 1 

tions of objects placed before the candidates. Down to the end 
of 1866 each candidate' for M.B. was also required to submit a 
Thesis composed by himself, which had to be approved by the 
Faculty of Medicine ; and Gold Medals, High Commendation, 
and Commendation were awarded in the same way as for the 
degree of M.D. 

The Degree of Doctor of Medicine is now only conferred on 
Bachelors of Medicine and Masters in Surgery, of twenty-four 
years of age, who have been engaged subsequently to obtaining 
these two Degrees, for at least two years in Medical and 
Surgical Practice. Candidates must either be Graduates in Arts 
(as above, p. 9), or must have passed a satisfactory examina- 
tion in three of the optional subjects of Preliminary Examina- 
tion, two of which must be Greek and either Logic or Moral 
Philosophy, and the third must be either French, German, 
Higher Mathematics, or Natural Philosophy. 

Each candidate is also required to submit to the Faculty of 
Medicine a Thesis composed by himself on a branch of Medical 
Science, and the Thesis must be approved by the Faculty of 
Medicine. Gold Medals, High Commendation, and Commen- 
dation, are awarded to Doctors of Medicine on Graduation, 
according to the merit displayed in their Theses. 

Degrees in Science. — Two Degrees in Science (*.*., Mental 
Science, Philology, Physical and Natural Science, Engineering, 
Public Health, and Agriculture) are conferred by the University 
of Edinburgh, viz. : — Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) and Doctor 
of Science (D.Sc). Both of these degrees are conferred in 
Physical and Natural Science, in Engineering, and in Public 
Health. In the Mental Sciences and in Philology the degree 
of Doctor alone is conferred. In Agriculture the degree of 
Bachelor only is conferred. In consequence of the high standard 
of examination, the degree of B.Sc. is regarded as an Honours 
Degree, and that of D.Sc. as one of the highest distinction. 

The Degrees in the Departments of Mental Science, Philology, 
and Physical and Natural Science were instituted in 1864; the 
Degrees in Engineering in 1870; the Degrees in Public Health 
in 1874; and the Degree in Agriculture in 1886. 

Candidates for the Degree of Doctor of Science in the Depart- 
ments of the Mental Sciences and Philology must be Graduates 
by Examination of a British or recognised Indian or Colonial 

1 2 Alphabetical List of Graduates. 

University, and must have attended at least two Classes in this 
University on the subjects embraced in the Examinations. 

Mental Science. — Each candidate for the Degree of Doctor in 
the Mental Sciences must, before proceeding to Examination, 
lodge a Thesis affording evidence of original research, on a 
subject approved by the Science Degrees Committee. Candi- 
dates are admitted to examination only after this Thesis has 
been found satisfactory. The Examination includes Logic, 
Metaphysics, Moral Philosophy, and the History of Philosophy. 

PJiitology. — Similarly each candidate for the Degree in Philo- 
logy must lodge a Thesis giving evidence of original research 
on some subject in Philology or Archaeology. When the Thesis 
has been approved, the candidate may offer himself for 
Examination in one of the following branches, viz.: — I. The 
Latin and Greek Languages. 2. The Semitic Languages. 3. 
The Sanskrit Language and Comparative Philology. 

Physical and Natural Science. — Candidates for Degrees in 
Physical and Natural Science, in Engineering, and in Agricul- 
ture, unless Graduates in Arts of a University of the United 
Kingdom, or of a Colonial or Foreign University recognised for 
the purpose, must pass a Preliminary Examination in English, 
Latin, Arithmetic, the Elements of Mathematics, and the 
Elements of Mechanics ; and in at least two of the following 
subjects : — Greek, French, German, Higher Mathematics, Natural 
Philosophy, Logic, and Moral Philosophy, or other equivalent 
examination, either in this University or under an Examining 
Board whose Examinations are recognised as equivalent. 

The course of study for the Degree of Bachelor of Science 
in the Departments of Physical and Natural Science, Engineer- 
ing, and Agriculture respectively, extends over three academic 
years, one of which must be passed at this University, and the 
other two years either at this University, or at such Universities 
or Institutions, or in attending Lectures of such Teachers, as are 
specially recognised by this University for Graduation in Science. 
In the case of the Degree of B.Sc. in Agriculture, however, one 
of the three years may be spent on a farm or farms in pursuance 
of practical study. 

For the Degree of Bachelor of Science in the Departments of 
Physical and Natural Science there are two Examinations, 
written, oral and practical ; and candidates are required to attend 

Introductory. j 3 

qualifying Classes on all the subjects of the Examination which 
they intend to undergo. The First Examination is in Mathe- 
matics, Natural Philosophy, Chemistry, Zoology (including 
Comparative Anatomy), and Botany. The Second Examination 
is divided into the following groups, one of which must be 
selected by the Candidate: — (a.) Mathematical Sciences, em- 
bracing Higher Mathematics and Natural Philosophy. (b.) 
Physical Experimental Sciences, embracing Experimental 
Physics and Chemistry. (c.) Natural Sciences, embracing 
Zoology, Botany, Physiology, and Geology. 

Candidates may present themselves for the D.Sc. Examination 
twelve months after passing the Second B.Sc. Examination. 
Each candidate must show a thorough knowledge of one of 
the following branches : — Mathematics, Natural Philosophy, 
Chemistry, Zoology and Comparative Anatomy, Animal Physi- 
ology, Botany, and Geology (including Palaeontology and Miner- 
alogy). He must submit a Thesis containing an account of 
original work done by him, or historical or critical research con- 
nected with the subjects of his Examination. The Thesis must 
be approved before the Candidate proceeds to Examination. 

Engineering. — There are two Examinations, written, oral and 
practical, for the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Engineering. 
The Pirst is in Mathematics, Natural Philosophy, and Chem- 
istry. The Second Examination is in Dynamics, Engineering, 
and Drawing. 

Candidates for the Degree of Doctor of Science in Engineer- 
ing must have been engaged for at least two years under an 
engineer in actual practice. Each Candidate will be examined 
in one of the sub-divisions in each of the two following groups: — 
1. Practical Engineering — (a) Design of Machinery, &c, (b) Pre- 
paration of Designs, Specifications, &c. 2. Applied Science — 
(a) Applied Mathematics, (b) Technological Chemistry, (c) 
Geology, (tf) one Branch of Natural Philosophy, (e) Telegraph}-. 
Candidates must show their knowledge of the subjects in 
Group I. by submitting a complete set of drawings, specifica- 
tions, and estimates for some proposed work. 

Public Health. — Every candidate for Graduation in the De- 
partment of Public Health must be a Graduate in Medicine of 
a British University, or of a Colonial, Indian, or Foreign 
University specially recognised for the purpose. There are two 

14 Alpliabetical List of Graduates. 

Examinations for the Degree of Bachelor of Science, written, 
practical and oral. Candidates for the First must have passed 
the First Professional Examination for Graduation in Medicine 
in this University, or a corresponding Examination, which must 
include Chemistry, in a University recognised for this purpose, 
and must produce evidence that they have worked in a Labora- 
tory where practical instruction is given in matters pertaining to 
Public Health. Candidates for the Second must be Graduates 
in Medicine, as above mentioned, and must have attended in 
this University at least two courses of instruction on the 
subjects of Examination, and also a course of lectures on Public 
Health. The subjects of the First Examination are : — i. La- 
boratory work. 2. Elements of Experimental Physics. Those 
of the Second Examination : — I. Medicine in its application to 
Public Health. 2. Practical Sanitation. 3. Sanitary Law and 
Vital Statistics. 4. Mensuration and Drawing. 

Candidates for the Degree of Doctor of Science in Public 
Health must produce evidence that they have been engaged 
for at least one year in Practical Sanitation since they took the 
Degree of Bachelor of. Science, and each Candidate must present 
a Thesis, composed by himself, on some subject in the Depart- 
ment of Public Health. The Thesis must be approved by the 
Science Degrees Committee. 

Agriculture. — In the Department of Agriculture the Degree 
of Bachelor of Science only is conferred. There are two 
Examinations for this Degree, written, oral and practical. The 
first is in (1) Agriculture ; (2) Chemistry ; (3) Biology, either (a) 
Botany, or (b) Natural History, in the option of the Candidate ; 
(4) Geology in so far as bearing on Agriculture ; and (5) 
Economic Science. The second Examination is in (1) Agri- 
culture and Rural Economy ; (2) Chemistry as applied to 
Agriculture ; (3) Veterinary Hygiene ; and (4) Engineering. 

It remains to be added that this volume has been compiled 
chiefly by Mr Thomas Gilbert, Registrar of the University and 
Clerk of Senatus, and Mr James O. Sinclair and Mr James 
Dowie, Assistant Clerks of Senatus, who have spared no pains 
to ensure its accuracy. 

In the footnotes are mentioned public and important appoint- 
ments now or formerly held by the Ordinary Graduates ; and if 
time and funds had permitted more exhaustive inquiries, these 
notes would doubtless have been fuller. Footnotes are appended 

Introdtictoiy. 1 5 

to the names of those Honorary Graduates only who hold or 
have held appointments in this University. Should readers 
observe any serious error or omission in the lists, they will oblige 
the Editor by intimating them to him immediately, in order 
that, if necessary, he may cause a list of Errata and Addenda to 
be prepared. 

See. Sen. Acad. 
University of Edinburgh, 
1st September 1889. 


B.A. :— Bachelor of Aits. 

B.D. : — Bachelor of Divinity. 

B.L. : — Bachelor of Law. 

B.L. (Hon.): — Bachelor of Law, with Honours. 

B.Sc. (Math.), (Phys.), (Nat.), (Engin.), (Pub. H.), or (Agric.) :— Bachelor of 
Science in the Departments of Mathematics, Physical Experimental Science, 
Natural Science, Engineering, Public Health, or Agriculture. 

CM. : — Master in Surgery. 

D.D. : — Honorary Doctor of Divinity. 

D.Sc. (Ment. Ph.), (Philol.), (Math.), (Phys.), (Chem.), (Bot.), (Zool.), (Physiol.), 
(Geol.), (Engin.) or (Pub. H.) : — Doctor of Science in the Departments of Mental 
Philosophy, Philology, Mathematical Sciences, Physical Experimental Sciences 
(in Physics or Chemistry), Natural Sciences (in Botany, Zoology, Physiology, or 
Geology), Engineering, or Public Health. 

LL.B. : — Bachelor of Laws. 

LL.B. (Hon.) : — Bachelor of Laws, with Honours. 

LL.D. : — Honorary Doctor of Laws. 

M. A. : — Master of Arts. 

M.A. (ist, Class. ; or 2nd, Class.), (ist, Phil. ; or 2nd, Phil.), (ist, Math. ; or 2nd, 
Math.), (Nat. Sc.) : — Master of Arts with First or Second Class Honours in 
Classics, Philosophy, or Mathematics, or with Honours in Natural Science. 

M.B. : — Bachelor of Medicine. 

M.B., CM. : — Bachelor of Medicine and Master in Surgery. 

M.B., CM. (Hon.), (ist cl., or 2nd cl.), (Gold Med.), (High Com.), (Com.):— 
Bachelor of Medicine and Master in Surgery with Honours, or with First or 
Second Class Honours in the Examinations, or who obtained a Gold Medal, 
High Commendation, or Commendation for his Thesis. 

M.D. : — Doctor of Medicine. 

M.D. (Gold Med.), (High Com.), (Com.), (Hon.), (ist cl.), (2nd cl.) :— Doctor of 
Medicine, who obtained a Gold Medal, High Commendation, or Commenda- 
tion for his Thesis, or Honours, or First or Second Class Honours in the 


<5rab.uatcs of ibc ftlmbcrsitn of (gbmkrgb 

FROM 1859 TO I 8 8 8 {both years included). 

Abbadie, Antoine d', LL.D. 1S85 
Abercrombie, Alexr., M.D. (Com.) i860 
Abernethy, Robert, M.B., CM. 1888 
Acheson, Johnston II., M.B., CM. 1887 
Acland, (Sir) Henry W., LL.D. 1870 
Adam, Andrew B., M.A. 1886 
Adam, Edwin, M.A. 1SS1; LL.B. 1885 
Adam, George R. W., M.B., CM. 1878 
Adam, John, M.A. 1S73 ; M.B., CM. 

1S77; M.D. 1881 
Adam, Peter, M.A. 1S86 
Adam, Robert A., M.B., CM. 1871 
Adam, William, M.A. 1859 
Adams, Alexander M., M.B., CM. 1884 
Adams, 1 David L.,M.A. (Nat. Sc. ) 1870; 

B.D. 1870 
Adams, Geo. N., M.B. 1S72 ; M.D. 1S7S 
Adams, Joseph, M.B., CM. 1S80 
Adams, Robert F., M.B., CM. 1876 
Adams, Thomas, M.A. (2nd, Class.) 1882 
Adamson, Alex., M.A. 1868; B.D. 1873 
Adamson, George P., M.A. 1S72 
Adamson, James A., M.B., CM. 1888 
Adamson, 2 Robert, M.A. (1st, Phil.) 1S71 
Adamson, Robert J., M.A. 1S77 
Adamson, Robert M., M.A. 18S6 
Adamson, Robert O., M.A. [884 
Adamson, 3 Thomas, M.A.1871; B.D. 1S76 
Addinsell, Augustus W., M.B., CM. 1883 
Addis, David F., M.A. (1st, Class.) 1869 
Adey, Henry, M.B., CM. 1S72 
Affleck, 4 James 0., M.B., CM. 1867; 

M.D. (Com.) 1869 

Affleck, 6 John, B.Sc. (Phys.) 1866; D.Sc. 

(Chem.) 1867 
Affleck, William, B.A. i860; M.A. 1861 ; 

B.D. 1872 
Aganoor, Minas S. P., M.B., CM. 1884 
Aikman, Alfred, M.B., CM. 1883 
Aikman, Andrew, M.B., CM. 1886 
Ainslie, Thomas A., M.D. (Com.) 1859 
Ainslie, William J., M.A. 1888 
Aird, James, M.A. 1870 
Aird, James, M.A. 1882; B.D. 1885 
Aitchison, Andrew, M.B. 1868 
Aitchison, (Sir) Charles U., LL.D. 1S77 
Aitchison, George H., M.A. 1872; M.B., 

CM. 1872; M.D. 1878 
Aitchison, Henry H., M.B. 188 1 
Aitchison, James, M.B. 1875; M.D. 

(Com.) 1884 
Aitchison, James P., M.B., CM. 1S79 
Aitchison, Robert S., M.B., CM. 1882 
Aitchison, Thomas, M.B., CM. 1882 
Aitken, 6 Andrew P., M.A. 1867 ; B.Sc. 

(Phys.) 1871 ; D.Sc. (Chem.) 1873 
Aitken, Charles, M.B., CM. 1883 ; 

M.D. [888 
Aitken, David W., M.B., CM. 1879 
Aitken, James H., M.B.,CM. 1881 
Aitken, James J. M. L., B.D. 1880 
Aitken, Lauchlan, M.B., CM. (Don. 

and Com.) 1865 ; M.D. 1868 
Aitken, Sir William, LL.D. 1SS8 
Aitken, William B., M.B., CM. 1888 
Aldren, Robert, M.Bi, CM. (Hon.) 1866 

1 Prof, of Hebrew and Oriental Languages. University, Edinburgh. 
3 Prof, of Logic and Mental PhiL, Owens Coll., Manchester. 

3 Formerly Examiner in Divinity, University, Edinburgh. 

* Physician, Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh; Extra-academical Lecturer; Examiner in Clinical 
Medicine, University, Edinburgh. 5 Inspector under Alkali Act. 

6 Extra-academical Lecturer: Chemist to Highland and A^ric. Society; lately Examiner in 
Chemistry, University, Edinburgh. 


Alphabetical List of Graduates. 

Aldridge, Arthur R., M.B., CM. 1SS5 
Aldridge, Norman E., M.B., CM. 1884 
Alexander, Alexander, M.B., CM. 1875 
Alexander, George F., M.B., CM. (1st 

cl.) 1883 
Alexander, George W., M.A. 1883 
Alexander, John, M.A. 1875 
Alexander, Reginald G., M.B., CM. 

1871 ; M.D. 18S1 
Alexander, Robert, M.D. (Com.) 1862 
Alexander, Thomas A., M.B., CM. 

1880; M.D. 1S84 
Alexander, William, M.A. 1886 
Alexander, 1 W. Lindsay, LL.D. 1884 
Alfred, H.R.H. Prince, LL.D. 1866 
Alison, General Sir Archibald, Bart., 

LL.D. 1S84 
Alison, John, M.A. 1884 
Allan, Charles E., M.A. (2nd, Math.) 1881 
Allan, Charles J., M.B., CM. 1867 
Allan, Charles M., M.B., CM. 1887 
Allan, Christopher J., M.D. (Com.) i860 
Allan, Francis J., M.B., CM. 1880; 

M.D. 1883 
Allan, James, M.D. i860 
Allan, John, B.D. 1868 
Allan, Robert T., M.B., CM. 1885 
Allan, William, M.B., CM. 1880 
Allan, William, M.A. 1882 
Allan, William, M.B., CM. 1887 
Allan, William G., M.A. 1885; B.D. 1887 
Allardice, RobertE. , M. A. ( 1 st, Math. ) 1 882 
Allen, Edward, M.B. 1877 
Alleyne, Robert H., M.B., CM. 1S71 
Allfrey, Charles H., M.D. (Com.) 1861 
Allison, James, LL.B.(Hon.) 1888 
Allison, John, M.B., CM. 1886 
Allison, Lucius C, M.B., CM. 1868 
Allman, 2 George J., LL.D. 1S73 
Allott, James H. L., M.B., CM. 1884 
Allshorn, Adolphus H., M.D. 1866 
Alsop, Thomas 0. F., M.B., CM. 1874 
Alston, Henry M., M.B., CM. 1880 
Alston, John W., M.B., CM.(istcl.)i873 
Alston, William E., M.D. 1859 
Altham, James, M.B., CM. 18S0 
Altounian, Mardiros, M.B., CM. 1884 
Amos, Archibald S. C, M.A. 1887 
Amos, Thomas, M.A. 1S87 

Amy, Frederick, M.D. 1863 
Anderson, Alexander, M.A. 1888 
Anderson, Andrew M.,M. A. 1888; LL.B. 

(Hon.) 1888 
Anderson, David, M.A. 1884 
Anderson, David, M.A. 1886 
Anderson, David H. B., M.B., CM. 

(Com.) 1866; M.D. 1869. 
Anderson, Douglas IL, M.B., CM. 1887 
Anderson, Francis H., M.B.,CM.(Com. ) 

1866; M.D. 1S74 
Anderson, Francis W., M.A. 1887 
Anderson, Gavin, M.A. 1869 
Anderson, George L., M.A. 1885 
Anderson, Izett W., M.D. 1859 
Anderson, James, M.D. 1861 
Anderson,James,M.B.,CM. 1876; M.D. 

(High Com.) 1879; B.Sc. (Pub.H.)i88i 
Anderson, James, M.A. 1873 
Anderson, James, M.B., CM. 1885 
Anderson, James, B.L. (Hon.) 1886 
Anderson, James, M.A. 1887 
AndersonJamesC, M.A. (2nd, Phil.) 1886 
Anderson, James F., LL.B. 1881 
Anderson, James K., M.D. (Com.) 1865 
Anderson, 3 John, M.D. (Gold Med.) 

1861 ; LL.D. 1885 
Anderson, John, M.B., CM. 1886 
Anderson, John, M.B., CM. 1878 
Anderson, John C, M.A. 1887 
Anderson, John D., M.A. 1875 
Anderson, John F., M.A. 1872 
Anderson, John G. , M.A. 1880 
Anderson, John W., M.B., CM. (2nd 
l cl.) 18S0 

Anderson, Joseph, LL.D. 1882 
Anderson, Peter J., LL.B. 1876 
Anderson, Robert, M.D. 1864 
Anderson, Robert C, M.A. 1885 
Anderson, Robert F., M.A. 1881 
Anderson, R. Rowand, LL.D. 1884 
Anderson, Robert S., M.B.,CM. 1S77 ; 

M.D. 1886 
Anderson, Thomas, M.B., CM. 1871 
Anderson, Thomas, M.B., CM. 1S73 ; 

M.D. 1878 
Anderson, Thomas D., M.A. (1st, Class.) 

1S74; D.Sc. (Philol.) 1880 
Anderson, William, M.D. (Com.) i860 

1 Formerly Member of University Court, Edin. - Emeritus Prof, of Nat. History, Univ., Edin. 

3 F.R.S.; Emerit. Prof., Comp. Anatomy, Univ., Calcutta. 

Alphabetical List of Graduates. 


Anderson, William, M.A. 1884 
Anderson, William A., M.B., CM. 1S86 
Anderson, William E., M.A. 1S70 
Anderson, William II., M.A. 1871 
Andison, John F., M.A. [880; B.D. 1S84 
Andre\ Jean J., M.B., CM. 1887 
Andrew* James, M.B., CM. 1S66 ; 

M.D. 1868 
Andrew, John G., M.A. 1SS2 
Andrew, Robert, M.B., CM. 1S88 
Andrew, William, M.B., CM. 1S73 
Andrews, Thomas, LL.D. 187 1 
Andson, William, M.B., CM. 1874 
Annandale, 1 Thomas, M.I). (Gold Med.) 

Anstey, Arthur X., M.D. (Com.) 1867 
Antlitt", James C, M.A. 1873; B.D. 1874 
Antrobus, Edmund, M.B., CM. 18S7 
Ap'Iwan, Mihangel, M.B., CM. 18S7 
Ap'Thomas, Griffith, M.B., CM. 1886 
Archbold, James J., M.B., CM. 1877 
Archer, Francis B., M.B., CM. 1872 
Archer, Leonard T. F., M. B., CM. 1S82 
Archer, William, M.A. 1S76 
Archibald, John, M.B., CM. 1868; 

M.I). (Com.) 1887 
Archibald, John M., M.A. 1S84 
Armistead, William, M.B., CM. (High 

Com.) 1865 
Armitage, James A., M.B., CM. (2nd 

cl.) 18S6'; M.D. (Com.) 1888 
Armour Edward F., M.A. 1SS1 : M.B., 

CM. 1888 
Armour, 2 Samuel B. , M.A. 1S77 
Armstrong, James, M.B. 1868 
Armstrong, John, M.A. 186S ; M.B., 

CM. 1871 
Armstrong, Robert, M.A. 1886 
Armstrong, William C, M.I). 1S61 
Arnold, Matthew, LL.D. 1S69 
Arnold, Samuel, M.B., CM. [884 
Arnot, James, M.A. 1S68 
Arnot, William O. R., M.B.. CM. [886 
Arnott, John L., M.D. 1S62 
Arthur, Richard, M.I'.., CM. 1SS8 
Arthur, Robert, M.A. 1882 
Ashcroft, John A., M.B., CM. 1 
Ashdown, George W. \V., M.B., CM. 

1880; M.D. (Com.) 1SS3 

Ashdown, Herbert H., M.B., CM. (2nd 

cl.) 1882 
Asher, Alexander, M.B., CM. 1S88 

Ash ton, James T., M.B.,C.M, 1878 
Ashwell, Frederick, M.B., CM. (1st 

cl.) 1882 
Asser, T. M. C, LL.D. 1884 
Astles, J.-hn W., M.B., CM. 1S85 
Atkinson, George A., M.B., CM. (i-t 

cl.) 1S82; M.D. (Gold Med.) 1SS7 
Atkinson, Geo. T. A., M.B., CM, 
Aubin, Ernest, M.B., CM. 1S75 
Aubin, Walter I)., M.B., CM. 1870 
Aufrecht, 3 Theodor, LL.D. 1S75 
Auld, John. M.A. 1873 
Ayshford, Giles R., M.B., CM. iS8<5 
Babington, Howard F., M.B., CM. 1S7S 
Baddeley, John, M.B., CM. 1867 
Badger, William, M.B., CM. 187S 
Baikie, Donald, M.A., 1870 
Baildon, Francis J., M.B., CM., 1881 
Bailey, Henry J., M. P., CM. 1887 
Bailey, Thomas R., M.B., CM. 1882; 

M.D. (Com.) 1887 
Bailey, Win. E., B.Sc. (Pub. H.) iS~3 
Baillie, Peter, M.B., CM. 18S2 ; M.D. 

Baily, Edwin, M.B., CM. 1SS3 
Baily, Percy J., M.B., CM. (2nd cl. 
Bain, Alexander, LL.D. 1869 , 
Bain, David B., M.B., CM. 1S72 ; M.D. 

(Com.) 18S3 
Bain, James K., M.A. (2nd, Phil.) I^GS 
Baines, Charles W., M.D. 1861 
Baird, Andrew B., B.D. 1881 
Baird, James T. W., M.B., CM. [£67 
Baker, Edward L., M.B. 1S76 
Baker, Henry M., M.B., CM. 1877 
Baker, James, M.B., CM. 1S76 
Baker, Robert, M.D. 1S64 
Baldwin, Edmund St. C, M.B., CM. 

Balfour, Andrew, M.B., CM. 1S7J ; 

M.D. (Com.) 1S77 
Balfour, Arthur J., LL.D. 1881 
Balfour, George W., LL.D. 1884 
Balfour, 4 I. Bayley. B.Sc. (Nat.) 18735 

D.Sc. (Bot.) 1875 i M -B., CM. 

cl.) 1S77 ; M.D. (Gold Med.) 1 

1 Prof, of Clinical Surgery, University, Edinburgh. '-riff-substitute, Kirkwall. 

3 Formerly Prof of Sanskrit and Comparative Philology, University, Edinburgh. 
* K.R.S.; Prof, of Botany, University, Edinburgh. 


Alphabetical List of Graduates. 

Balfour, James, M. A. 1882 
Balfour, John B., LL.D. 1882 
Balfour, 1 John II., LL.D. 1880 
Balfour, John II., M.B., CM. 1881 
Balfour, John M., M.B., CM. (1st cl.) 

Balfour, John N., M.A. 18S8 
Balfour, Peter G., M.A. 1882 
Balfour, Robert J., M.A. 1S75 
Ballantine, Robert, M.A. 1876 
Ballantyne, Alexander, M.D. i860 
Ballantyne, James H., M.A. (1st, Phil.) 

Ballantyne, John W., M.B., CM. 1883 
Ballard', Col. J. A., LL.D. 1869 
Ballingall, George A., M.A. 1880 
Ballingall, James, M.A. 1867; B.D. 1869 
Ballot, C. H. D. Buys, LL.D. 1884 
Balsillie, 2 David, M.A. 1870 
Bancroft, Thomas L., M.B., CM. 1883 
Banks, John, M.A. i860 
Banks, 3 Wm. M., M.D. (Gold Med.) 1864 
Bannatyne, Colin A., M.A. 1871 
Bannerman, David D., B.A. 1S60 ; 

M.A. 1 86 1 
Bannerman, William B., M.B.,CM. 1881 
Bannister, Edward H., M.B., CM. 1884 
Bansall, Walter H., M.B., CM. 18S6 
Bantock, George G., M.D. 1861 
Barbour, 4 Alexander H. F., M.A. 1874; 

B.Sc. (Nat.) 1877; M.B., CM. (2nd 

cl.) 1879 ; M.D. (Gold Med.) 1883 
Barbour, James, M.B., CM. 1872; 

M.D. 1877 
Barbour, Robert W., M.A. (1st, Class. 

and 1st, Phil.) 1875 
Barclay, Andrew J. G., M.A. (2nd, Math.) 

Barclay, George W. W., M.A. 1867 
Barclay, John, M.B. CM., 1887 
Barclay, Walter, B., M.A. 1876 
Barclay, Wm. H. M., M.B., CM. 1878 
Barham, Alkman H., M.B., CM. 1867 
Barker, Fordyce, LL.D. 1884 
Barker, Herbert L., M.B., CM. 1887 
Barker, Theodore H., M.B., CM. (2nd 

cl.) 1883 

Barlas, James, M.A. 1879 

Barlow, Arthur E., M.B., CM. 1886 

Barlow, Crossley W. C, M.A. (1st, 

Math.) 1883 
Barlow, 5 John, M.B. , CM. 1875; M.D. 

(Com.) 1879 
Barlow, Wilfred C, M.A. 1884 
Barlow, William C, M.A. 1879 
Barnard, Benjamin, M.B., CM. 1887 
Barnes, Arthur R., M.B. 1876 
Barnes, George R., M.D. (Hon. and 

Com.) 1865 
Barnes, Henry, M D. 1864 
Barnes, Robert, M.A. 1885 
Barnett, Louis E., M.B., CM. (1st 

cl.) 1888 
Baron, Barclay J., M.B., CM. (1st 

cl.) 1S81 
Barrett, William H., M.B., CM. 1883 
Barrie, Andrew D., M.B., CM. 1867 
Barrie, James M., M.A. 1882 
Barrie, John, M.B., CM. 1884 
Barrie, William T., MB., CM. 1880 
Barron, Hunter J., M.B., CM. 1883; 

M.D. 1885 
Barrs, Alfred G., M.B., CM. 1875; 

M.D. 1882 
Barry, Edward J., M.D. 1863 
Barry, Fred. W., M.B., CM. 1874; M.D. 
(Com.) 1876; B.Sc. (Pub. H.) 1877; 
D.Sc. (Pub. H.) 1884 
Barss, Andrew de W., M.D. 1864 
Bartholomeusz, Matthew L., M.B., CM. 

Barton, Ebenezer J., M.A. 1862 
Barton, Henry T., M.B., CM. 1887 
Barton, James W., M.A. 1878 
Baschet, Aime G., M.B., CM. 1886 
Basil, Minas M., M.B., CM. (ist cl.) 

Bassett, William F. P., M.B., CM. 1S80 
Basu, Basanta K., M.B., CM. 1882; 

M.D. 1884 
Bateson, John F., M.B., CM. 1881 
Bathgate, Alexander J., M.A. 1S79 ; 

LL.B. 1883 
Bathgate, James C, M.A (ist, Class. )i 866 

1 Formerly Prof, of Botany, and Member of Court, University, Edinburgh. 

2 Formerly Governor, Donaldson's Hospital, Edinburgh. 

3 Prof, of Anatomy, University College, Liverpool. 

4 Visitor of Examns., General Medical Council. 
6 Extra-academical Lecturer. 

Alphabetical List of Graduates. 


Batten, George B., M.B., CM. 1884; 

M.D. (High Com.) 1S87 
Battersby, John II., M.B., CM. 1888 
Bawden, John B., M.B., CM. 1884; 

M.I). 1886 
Baxter, David, M.A. 1882 
Baxter, John R., M.A. 1873 
B.axtcr, Robert, M.B., CM. 1877 
Baxter, William, M.B., CM. 1877; 

M.D. 1SS3 
Bayly, Jacobus A. B., M.B., CM. 1888 
Bayne, John A., M.A. 1 886 
Baynes, Thomas S., I.L.I). 1874 
Bean, Harold K., M.B., CM. 1880; 

B.Sc, (Pub. II.) 1SS1 ; M.I). 1884 
Beatson, George T., M.B., CM. 1874; 

M.D. (High Com.) 1878 
Beattie, Samuel, M.B., CM. 1886 
Beatton, Gilbert T., M.B., CM. 1887 
Beaugeard, Horatius L., M.D. i860 
Beaumont, Charles G., M.B., CM. 1877; 

M.D. 1879 
Beck, Johannes H. M., M.B., CM. (1st 

cl.) 1879 
Beck, Lodewijk A. W., M.B., CM. 1888 
Becker, Henry A., M.B., CM. 1887 
Beckingsale, Daniel L., M.B., CM. 

1872; M.D. 1874 
Bedford, Charles II., M.B., CM. 1887 
Bedford, Hermanus C van Z., MB., 

CM. 1878 
Beehag, Albert J., M.B., CM. 1887 
Beets, Nicolaas, D.D. 1884 
Beevor, Walter C, M.B. 1880 
Begbie, 1 J. Warburton, LL.D. 1875 
Begbie, William E., M.A. 1882 
Begg, Alexander II., M.B., CM. 1869 
Begg, Andrew V., M.A. 1877 ; B.L. 1881 
Begg, Charles, M.B., CM. (2nd cl.)l878 
Belgrave, Thomas B., M.D. 1864 
Bell, Alexander M., M.D. 1863 
Bell, Alfred, M.A. 1SS4 
Bell, Benjamin, M.A. (2nd, Phil.) 

1866 ; B.D. 1 87 1 
Bell, George, M.A. 1S71 
Hell, George I. H., M.B., CM. 1882 
Bell, Herbert, M.A. 1864 
Bell, Horace L., M.B., CM. 1882 

Bell, James, M.A. 1871 ; B.D. 1S74 

Bell, James L., M.B., CM. 1880 

Bell, John B., M.A. 1886 

Bell, John C, M.B., CM. 1874 

Bell, John II., M.D. 1867 

Bell, John S., M.B., CM. 1887 

Bell, 8 Joseph, M.D. (Com.) 1859 

Bell, Oswald, M.A. 1880 

Bell, Robert, M.A. 1886 

Hell, Robert V. , M.A. 1879 

Bell, Roberl C S., M.B., CM. 1879 

bell, Robert N., M.B., CM. 1885 

bell, Thomas W., M.B., CM. 1884 

Bell, Walter L., M.B., CM. 1887 

bell, William, M.D. 1859 

Bell, William, M.A. 1859 

Bell, William, M.A. (2nd, Phil.) 1885 

Bell, William F., M.A. 1884 

bell, William J., M.B., CM. 1887 

Bell, William R., M.D. i860 

Bell, William S., M.A. 1878 

Bendall, Howard, M.B. 1S80; CM. 

1882; M.D. (Gold Med.) 1882 
Beneden, Pierre J. Van, LL.D. 1S71 
Benjatield, Harry, M.B., CM. 1 87 1 
Benjafield, William B., M.B., CM. 

Bennet, David G., M.B., CM. 1883 
Bennet, James, M.B., CM. 1877 
Bennett,* 3 A. Hughes, M.B., CM. 1869 ; 

M.D. (Gold Med.) 1873 
Bennett, (Sir) James R., LL.D. 1878 
Bennett, John C, B.L. 1882 
Bennett, 4 J. Hughes, LL.D. 1875 
Bennett, Richard C, M.B., CM. 1881 
Bennett, Thomas M., M.B., CM. 1869; 

M.D. 1873 
Bennetts, John J., M.B., CM. 1888 
Benny, Michael, M.D. 1861 
Bensley, Charles N., M.B., CM. 1885 
Bent, John F. V., M.B., CM. (Com.) 

1866; M.D. 1869 
Bentham, Arthur, M.B., CM. 1887 
Bentham, Thomas, M.D. 1864 
Bentick, Charles D., M.A. 1886 
Bentley, Arthur J. M., M.B., CM. 1871 
Benvie, Andrew, M.A. 1869 ; B.D. 1872 
Bernard, John M., B.Sc. (Math.) 1SS7 

1 Formerly Examiner in Medicine, University, Edinburgh. 
- Consulting Surgeon, Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh. 

3 Examiner Practice of Physic, University. Edinburgh. 

4 Formerly Prof, of Institutes of Medicine, University, Edinburgh. 


Alphabetical List of Graduates. 

Bernstein, Meyer J., M.B., CM. 1879 ; 

B.Sc. (Pub. H.) 1887 
Berry, Boswell, M.A. 1868 
Berry, David, M.B., CM. 1884 
Berry, 1 George A., M.B., CM. 1876 
Berry, John B., M.B., CM. (2nd cl.) 

1880 ; M.D. (Com.) 1883 
Berry, Robert, LL.D. 1883 
Berryman, Daniel E., M.B., CM. 1873 
Berryman, John, M.D., 1861 
Berton, Edwin D., M.B., CM. 1874 
Besnard, Joseph J. A., M.D. 1865 
Bett, Patrick H., M.B., CM. 1883 
Betts, William A., M.B., CM. (2nd 

cl.) 1888 
Bevan, Tohn I., M.B., CM. 1872 
Bevan, Wm. L. P., M.B., CM. 1880 
Beveridge, Arthur J. S., M.B., CM. 

Beveridge, James, M.A. 1887 
Beveridge, Robert, M.A. 1880 
Beveridge, Robert, M.B., CM. 1885 
Beveridge, Wilfred W. 0., M.B., CM. 

Beverley, Michael, M.D. (Com.) 1863 
Bickerton, 2 Thomas A., M.A. 1881 ; 

B.D. 1883 
Biggam, John, M.A. 1876; M.B., CM. 

Bigger, 3 James L., B.D. 1879 
Billings, John S., LL.D. 1884 
Birch, 4 De Burgh, M.B., CM. 1877 ; 

M.D. (Gold Med.) 1880 
Bird, James R., M.B., CM. 1S88 
Bird, John T., M.A. 1881 
Bird, William, M.B., CM. 1883 
Birrell, John, D.D. 1878 
Birrell, William G., M.B., CM. 1880 
Birt, Arthur, M.B., CM. 1887 
Birtwhistle, Frederick, M.B., CM. 1872 
Bishop, John, M.B., CM. 1870; M.D. 

(Gold Med.) 1873 
Bisset, Alex., M.B., CM. (2nd cl.) 1884 
Black, Alexander, M.B., CM. 1877 
Black, Daniel R., M.D. 1867 
Black, David, M.A. i860 

Black, George, M.B., CM. 1877 

Black, George H., B.L. 1S79 

Black, 5 James G., M.A. 1864; B.Sc. 

(Nat.) 1867; D.Sc. (Chem.) 1869 
Black, James M., LL.B. 1885 
Black, 6 James W., M.D. (Gold Med.) 

Black, John L., M.B., CM. 1881 
Black, John R., M.B., CM. 1872 ; M.D. 

(Com.) 1875 
Black, John S., M.A. 1869 
Black, John W., M.B., CM. 1885 
Black, Robert S., M.A. 1884 
Black, Victor, M.B., CM. 1886 
Black, William G., B.D. 1880 
Blackburn, Sir Colin, Judge, Queen's 

Bench, LL.D. 1870 
Blackshaw, Thomas W., M.B., CM. 

1872 ; M.D. 1875 
Blackwell, Richard F., M.D. 1862 
Blackwood, William, M.A. 1873 
Blaikie, 7 James A., M.A. (2nd, Math.) 

Blaikie, 8 John A., B.Sc. (Phys.) 1878; 

D.Sc. (Chem.) 1879. 
Blaikie, Robert H., M.A. 1878; M.B., 

CM. 1881 ; M.D. 1883 
Blaikie, William C, D.D. 1864 
Blair, George, M.A. 1875 
Blair, James A., M.B., CM. 1884 ; B.Sc. 

(Pub. H.) 1888 
Blair, Patrick J., LL.B. 188S. 
Blair, Robert, M.B., CM. 1870; M.D. 

(Com.) 1874 
Blair, Robert, M.A. 1880 
Blair, Robert, M.B., CM. 1885 
Blake, James W., M.A. 1875 
Blakeney, Richard P., D.D. 1868 
Blanc, Edwin G., M.B., CM. 18S6 
Blaney, Roland, M.A. 1874 
Blanshard, Robert J., M.B., CM. 1877 
Bleau, Samuel B., M.A. 1883 
Bleloch, Archibald, M.B., CM. 1870; 

B.Sc. (Nat.) 1868; D.Sc. (Zool. and 

Geol.) 1869 
Bligh, Samuel E., M.B., CM. 1871 

1 Ophthalmic Surgeon, Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh. 2 Examiner in Divinity, Univ., Edin. 

3 Prof, of Oriental Literature, &c, Magee College, Londonderry. 

4 Prof, of Physiology, Yorkshire College, Leeds. s Prof, of Chemistry, University, Otago. 

6 Lecturer on Midwifery, Charing Cross Hospital, London. 

7 H. M. Inspector of Schools ; formerly Examiner in Mathematics, University, Edinburgh. 

8 Formerly Inspector under Alkali Act. 

Alphabetical List of Graduates. 

Blumenreich, Theodore M., M.B., CM. 

Blumer, Frederick M., M.B., CM. 1884 
Blunt, Thomas, M.I). (Hon. and Com.) 

Blyth, Benjamin II., M.A. 1S67 
Blyth, Howard E., M.A. 1873 
Blyth, James, B.A. 1861 ; M.A. 1S71 
Blythman, Clement S., M.B., CM. 

Boak, George, B.D. 1868 
Boddie, George P., M.B., CM. 1887 
Boe, William, M.A. 1879 
Boissiere, Jean F. de, M.B., CM. 1886 
Bogie, David, M.A. 1888 
Bogle, James H., M.B., CM. 1873 
Bolton, Joseph S., M.B., CM. 1882; 

M.I). (Com.) 1884 
Bonallo, James, M.A. (2nd, Phil.) 1868; 

B.D. 1871 
Bonar, Andrew A., D.D. 1874 
Bonar, James, M.A. 1861 
Bonar, John J., D.D. 1883 
Bonar, Thomson, M.B., CM. 1S84 ; 

M.D. (Com.) 1886 
Bond, Frederick A., M.B., CM. 187 1 
Bond, Frederick F., M.B., CM. 1884; 

M.D. 1886 
Bond, John H. R., M.B., CM. 1882 
Bone, Dotiglas J. M., M.B., CM. 1887 
Bone, Robert, M.B., CM. 1885 
Bonnar, George L., M.B., CM. 1885 
Bonthron, Andrew, M.D. (High Com.) 

Bookless, James P., M.B., CM. 1870; 

M.D. 1872 
Booth, Albert E., M.B., CM. 1886 
Booth, Richard D., M.B., CM. 1888 
Booth, Richard L., M.B., CM. 1888 
Boothroyd, Joseph S., M.H., CM. 1876; 

M.D. 1879 
Borland, William, M.A. 1S87 
Borradaile, Alfred L., M.B., CM. 1886 
Borrowman, Philip C, M.B., CM. 18S2 
Borthwick, John T., M.B., CM. 1888 
Borthwick, Thomas, M.B., CM. 1881 
Bose, Charu C. M.I!., CM. 1885 
Bosenberg, Andreas G. H., M.B., CM. 

Boswell, Claud P., M.A. 1884 
Boswell, Henry St. C, M.B., CM. 1882 
Bottle, Alexander, M.D. 1864 

Bottomley, James E., M.B., CM. 1884 
Boucaud, Albert A., M.B., CM. 1S77 
Boucher, Arthur II., M.B., CM. 1S77 ; 

M.I). 1880 
Bouchet, George V. L., M.B., CM. 1876 
Bouchet, Louis J. II., M.B., CM. 1885 
Boulton, Percy, M.D. (Com.) 1862 
Bom-hill, William, M.A. 1866 
Bourke, William, M.l!., CM. (2nd cl.) 

Bourne, Charles II., M.B..CM. 1882 
Bourne, Edmund K., M.B., CM. 1SS5 ; 

M.D. 1888 
Boussingault, Jean B., LL.D. 1884 
Bow, John M., M.A. 1884 
Bowen, Sir Charles C S., Lord Just, of 

Appeal, LL.D. 1888 
Bower, Harry E., M.B., CM. 1887 
Bowes, John, M.B., CM. 1882; M.D. 

Bowes, Paul, M.B., CM. (1st cl.) 1885 
Bowes, Robert, M.B., CM. (2nd cl.) 

1881 ; M.D. 18S5 
Bowie, Francis P., B.D. 1865 
Bowie, John, M.A. 1S67 ; B.D. 1872 
Bowie, John, M.B., CM. (2nd cl.) 1882 
Bowman, Alister S., M.B., CM. 1882 
Bowman, George, M.B., CM. 187 1 ; 

M.D. 1873 
Bowman, Reginald, M.B., CM. 1SS5 
Bowman, Sir William, Bart., LL.D. 

Bowser, Joseph E., M.B., CM. 1886 
Boxill, Norman L., M.B., CM. 1888 
Boyce, Charles, M.B., CM. 1876 ; M.D. 

(Com.) 1887 
Boycott, Walter F., M.B., CM. 1886 
Boyd, Alexander S., M.A. 1870 
Boyd, Andrew K. II., D.D. 1864 
Boyd, Francis D., M.B., CM. 1SS8 
Boyd, George H., M.A. 1S79 
Boyd, Hugh, M.D. (Com.) 1863 
Boyd, John, M.A. 1876 
Boyd, John, M.A. 1867 
Boyd, John H., M.A. 1868; B.D. 1S72 
Boyd, Patrick J. S., M.A. 1870 
Boyd, Thomas, M.A. 1868 
Boyd, Thomas J., M.A. 1878 
Bradley, William E., M.B., CM. 1SS1 
Braid, Charles, M.B., CM. 1S73 
Braidwood, David G., M.l:., CM. [886 
Braidwood, John, M.A. 186S 

2 4 

Alphabetical List of Graduates. 

Braidwood, 1 Peter M., M.D. (Gold Med.) 

Braidwood, Thomas, M.A. 1869 
Braik, George D., M.A. 18S2 
Brakenridge, 2 David J., M.D. 1863 
Bramwell, 3 Byrom, M.B. (2nd cl.) 

1869 5 M.D. (Gold Med.) 1877 
Bramwell, Herbert, M.B., CM. 1884; 

M.D. 18S8 
Bramwell, Hugh R., M.B., C. M. (2nd 

cl.) 1884 
Bramwell, John M., M.B., CM. 1873 
Bramwell, John W., M.B. 1873; M.D. 

Branch, William J., M.D. i860 
Brander, Edward S., M.B., CM. 1877 
Brander, John, M.A. 1882 
Brander, Thomas L., M.B., CM. 1888 
Branford, Victor V., M.A. (Nat. Sc.) 

Brazil, H.I.M. the Emperor of, LL.D. 

Brebner, Allan, B.Sc. (Engin.) 1880 
Brebner, George R., M.B., CM. 1869; 

M.D. 1882 
Brebner, James, M.A. 1864 
Brebner, William A., M.B., CM. 1873 
Breda, Peter J. A. Van, M.D. (Com.) 

Bree, Charles R., M.D. (Com.) 1859 
Bremner, John, B. D. 1870 
Brewis, Nathaniel T., M.B., CM. 1882 
Brewis, Robert A., M.B., CM. 1884; 

M.D. (Com.) 1887 
Brewster, Alex., M.B.,CM. 1885 
Bridger, Adolphus E., M.B., CM. 1878 ; 

M.D. (Com.) 1880 
Bridges, James W., M.B., CM. 1888 
Brierley, James B., M.B., CM. 1870; 

M.D. 1872 
Briggs, C. A., D.D. 1884 
Briggs, EdwinA., M.D. (Hon. and Com.) 

Briggs, Henry, M.B., CM. 1877 
Brims, Alexander, M.A. 1868; B.D. 1872 
Brims, James, M.D. 1864 

Brisbane, Thomas, M.D. (Com.) 1862 
Bristowe, John S., LL.D. 1884 
Brittain, Thomas L., M.D. (Com.) 1862 
Broad bent, Reginald, M.B., CM. 1888 
Broatch, George T., M.B., CM. 1883 
Brock, George S., M.B., CM. (2nd cl.) 

Brock, William J., M.B., CM. 1874; 

B.Sc. (Pub. H.) 1888 
Brockley, Robert, M.A. 1863 
Brodie, Ballantyne, M.A. 1866 
Brodie, John C, LL.D. 1884 
Brodie, William, B.D. 1875 
Brodie, William H., M.B., CM. 1881 
Brody, William T., M.D. 1862 
Brook, Alexander, M.A. 1887 
Brookfield, John S., M.B., CM. 1871 ; 

M.D. 1873 
Brooks, Edward, M.B., CM. 1888 
Brooks, Herbert, M.B., CM. 1885 
Broster, John, M.D. i860 
Brotherston, Alexander C, M.A. 1S77 
Brough, William J., M.A. 1887 
Brougham and Vaux, 4 Lord, LL.D. 1859 
Broun, Alexander C. M., M.A. 1876 
Broun (and v. Brown), James C C, 

LL.B. 18S5 
Brown, Alexander, M.A. 1887 
Brown, 5 Alexander Cum, M.D. (High 

Com.) 1 86 1 * 

Brown, Archibald, M.A. 1865 
Brown, Andrew, M.A. 1871 
Brown, Charles, M.B., CM. 1883 
Brown, Charles W., M.B., CM. 1887 
Brown, Colville, M.D. i860 
Brown, Daniel W., M.B., CM. 1887 
Brown, David M., M.B., CM. 1884 
Brown, David S., M.A. 1887 
Brown, Francis D., M.A. 1887 
Brown, Francis L., M.A. 1886 
Brown, Frederick L. H., M.B., CM. 

Brown, George, M.A. 1868 ; B.D. 1870 
Brown, George, M.A. (2nd, Class.) 1884 
Brown, George M., M.B., CM. 1888 
Brown, Harbit, M.B., CM. 1885 

1 Formerly Examiner in Medical Jurisprudence, University, Edinburgh. 

2 Physician, Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh. 

3 Assistant Physician, Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh ; Extra-academical Lecturer ; lately 
Examiner in Clinical Medicine, University, Edinburgh. 

4 Formerly Chancellor of the University. 

5 F.R.S. ; Professor of Chemistry, University, Edinburgh. 

Alphabetical List of Graduates. 


Brown, Hugh, M.A. 1880 
Brown, James, M.B., CM. 1880 
Brown, James, M.B., CM. 1887 
Brown (and v. Broun), James C. C, 

M.A. 18S0 
Brown, James K., M.B., CM. 1888 
Brown, Janus M., B.L. 1888 
Brown, J. Murdoch, M.B., CM. (ist 

cl.) 1874 
Brown, James W., M.A. 1877 
Brown, John, M.A. 1875 
Brown, John, M.A. 1S72 ; B.D. 1875 
Brown, John, B.Sc. (Pub. IF) 1878 
Brown, John, M.D. (Gold Med.) 1859 
Brown, John, M.B., CM. 1873 
Brown, 1 John, LL.D. 1874 
Brown, John A., M.A. 18S2 
Brown, John C, M.A. 1870 
Brown, John H., M.B., CM. 1883; 

M.D. "(High Com.) 1886 
Brown, John J. C, M.B., CM. 1S75 ; 

M.D. (High Com.) 1878 
Brown, John L., M.B., CM. 1888 
Brown, 8 John M., M.B., CM. 1880 
Brown, Joseph, M.B., CM. 1S66 ; M.D. 

Brown, Joseph John, M.B. , CM. (2nd 

cl.) 1S71 
Brown, Martin L. , M.B., CM. 1880 ; 

M.D. (Com.) 1884 
Brown, Peter H., M.A. 1878 
Brown, Robert C, M.A. 1S71 
Brown, Robert M., M.B., CM. 1884 
Brown, Samuel, M.B., CM. 1875 
Brown, Samuel F., M.B., CM. 1SS0 
Brown, Thomas, M.A. 1S79 
Brown, Thomas, M.B., CM. iSSl 
Brown, Thomas, D.D. 1888 
Brown, Thomas A., M.B., CM. 1884 
Brown, Walter, M.A. 1874 
Brown, William, M.B., CM. 1S70 
Brown, William L. W.. M.A. [874 
Browne, 3 (Sir) J. Crichton, M.D. (High 

Com.) 1862 
Browne, Thomas S., M.B., CM. 1875 
Browning, Hugh H., M.A. 1873; B.D. 

Browning, Robert, PL. D. 1S84 

Brownlie, Henry M., M.A. 1SS7 
Bruce, 4 Alexander, M.P., CM. (isl 

cl.) 1879; M.D. (Gold Med.) 1S87 
Bruce, David, M.B., CM. 1881 
Bruce, David IP, M.B., CM. 1873 
Bruce, George, M.A. 1887 
Bruce, John, M.A. 1878 
Bruce, John, M.B., CM. 1867 
Bruce, Matthew, M.B., CM. 1885 
Bruce, Robert C, M B., CM. 1880 
Bruce, William, M.D. 1864 
Bruere, Andre A., M.B., CM. (ist cl.) 

Brunton, 5 T. Lauder, M.B., CM. (Hon. 

and Gold Med.) 1866; B.Sc. (Nat.) 

1867; M.D. 1868; D.Sc. (Physiol.) 

Bryant, Sydney W., M.B., CM. 1882; 

M.D. 1885. 
Bryce, James, LP.D. 1884 
Bryce, Thomas H., M.A. 1882; M.B., 

CM. 1886 
Bryden, Jas. H., M.A. 1883 ; B.D. 1886 
P.rydon, William, M.B., CM. iSSl 
Bryennios, Philotheos, D.D. 1884 
Bryson, Alfred B., M.A. 1876 
Buccleuch and Queensberry, Duke of, 

LL.D. 1874 
Buchan, Alexander, M.A. 1864 
Buchan, Alex. IP, M.A. 1888 
Buchan, David D., M.A. 1879; PP. P.. 

Buchan, John G., M.B., CM. 1881 
Buchan, Peter, M.B. 1866; M.D. 1870 
Buchan, Thomas W. , M.A. 1878 ; 

LL.B. 1882 
Buchan, William, M.A. 1881 
Buchan, William A., M.B., CM. 1882 
Buchanan, James C, M.A. 1888 
Buchanan, John H., M.A. 1867 
Buchart, John, M.A. 1873 
Buckell, John W., M.B., CM. 1.S71 
Buckland, Francis O., M.B., CM. 1887 
Biihler, Johann G., LL.D. 1885 
Budd, George T., M.B., CM. 1880 
Buist, Andrew C, M.B., CM. 1883 
Buist, John B., M.B., 1S67 ; CM. 1870; 

M.D. (High Com.) 1871 

2 Extra-academical Lecturer. 

1 Formerly Member of Univ. Court, Edin. 

3 Lord Chancellor's Visitor in Lunacy. 

* Pathologist, Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh; Extra-academical Lecturer. 

6 F.R.S. ; Lecturer on Materia Medics, St Bartholomew's Hospital, London. 


Alphabetical List of Graduates. 

Buist, Robert C, M.B., CM. 18S8 
Buist, Robert N., M.B., CM. 1885 
Buist-Sparks, Arthur W. T., M.B., CM. 

Bull, Edwin G., M.B., CM. 1878 
Bullock, Arthur E., M.B., CM. 1888 
Buncle, Alexander, M.B., CM. 1867 
Buncle, Thomas M., M.B., CM. 1883 
Bunsen, Robert W. von, LL.D. 1884 
Buntine, 1 James R., M.A. 1863 
Burgess, Andrew H., M.A. 1873 
Burgess, James, LL.D. 1881 
Burlingham, Daniel C, M.B., CM. 

1S76; M.D. 1879 
Burman, James W., M.B. (2nd cl.)i86S ; 

M.D. (Com.) 1871 
Burnell, Alfred C, M.B., CM. 1888 
Burness, Frederick, M.B., CM. 1878 
Burness, James, M.A. i860 
Burnett, Alexander, M.A. 1881 
Burnett, Ernest J., M.B., CM. 1887 
Burnett, George, LL.D. 1884 
Burnett, William, M.A. 1884; B.D. 1887 
Burnett, William K., M.A. 1875 
Burn-Murdoch, Geo., M.B., CM. 1882 
Burn-Murdoch, Thomas M., M.B.,CM. 

Burns, Hugh M., M.A. 1884 
Burns, John, B.L. (Hon.) 1886 
Burns, John N., M.B., CM. 1884 
Burns, Straton B., M.B., CM. 1884 
Burns, Thomas, D.D. i860 
Burns, Walter, M.B., CM. 1885 
Burt, Arthur, M.B., CM. 1873 
Burt, James K., M.B., CM. 1873 
Burt, Robert F., M.B., CM. 1885 
Burton, Cosmo I., B.Sc. (Phys.) 1885 
Burton, John H., LL.D. 1864 
Burton, Matthew B., M.B., CM. 1887 
Bury, Percy B., M.B., CM. 1882 
Bush, Richard H., M.D. 1865 
Bushby, Thomas, M.B., CM. 1880 
Butcher, Thomas W., M.B., CM. 1888 
Bute, Marquess of, LL.D. 1882 
Butt, Francis J., M.B., CM. 1887 
Byass, Edgar S., M.B., CM. 1867 
Byers, Robert, M.A. 1870 
Byles, Henry, M.B., CM. 1868 
Cables, James, M.A. 1883 

Cadell, Alan, B.A. 1861 
Cadell, Francis, M.B., CM. 1866 
Cadell, Henry M., B.Sc. (Engin.) 1882 
Cadell, John M., M.B., CM. 1884 
Cadell, Lewis I., M.A. 1886 
Caird, 2 Francis M., M.B., CM. 1877 
Caird, Sir James, LL.D. 1884 
Caird, James R., M.A. 1863 
Caird, Principal John, D.D. 1884 
Cairns, Principal John, LL.D. 1884 
Cairns, John, M.A. 1879 
Cairns, Thomas, M.D. 1862 
Calantarients, Johannes A., M.B. 1874; 

M.D. (Com.) 1876 
Calder, Alfred W., M.A. 1887 
Calder, Augustus B., M.B., CM. 1877 
Calder, George, B.D. 1884 
Calder, Hugh L., M.B. 1878; CM. 

1879; M.D. (Com.) 1885 
Calder, James A. L., M.B., CM. (2nd 

cl.) 1881 
Calder, William J., M.B., CM. 1878 
Calderwood, Daniel S., M.A. 1888 
Calderwood, David, M.A. 1874 
Calderwood, James, M.A. 1886 
Caldwell, William, M.A. (1st, Phil.) 18S6 
Callander, William, M.A. 1869 
Callum, David B. C, M.B., CM. 1879 
Calverley, Walter C, M.A. 1S70 
Calvert, Thos. E., M.A. 1S80 
Calvert, Wm. H., M.B., CM. 1882 
Cameron, Alexander, LL.D. 1888 
Cameron, Alexander, M.B., CM. 18S0 
Cameron, Allan, M.A. 1878 
Cameron, Andrew R., M.D. 1861 
Cameron, Daniel, B.A. i860 ; M.A. 1863 
Cameron, Donald, M.A. 1863 
Cameron, George C, M.B., CM. 1888 
Cameron, James, M.A. 1862 
Cameron, Jas., M.B., CM. (2ndcl.) 1887 
Cameron, James A., M.B., CM. 1867 ; 

M.D. 1876 
Cameron, James S., B.Sc. (Nat.) 1868; 

M.B., CM. 1868; M.D. (Com.) 1870 
Cameron, John, M.B., CM. 1877; M.D. 

Cameron, John, M.B., CM. 1872 ; M.D. 

(Com.) 1877 
Cameron, John K., M.A. 1885 

1 Sheriff-substitute, Stirling. 

2 Assistant Surgeon, Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh ; Extra-academical Lecturer. 

Alphabetical List of Graduates. 


Cameron, J. Taylor, M.A. 1888 
Cameron, Lewis, M.D. (Com.) 1S63 
Cameron, Robert, W. D., M.B., CM. 

1879; M.D. (Com.) 1882 
Cameron, William J., M.B., CM. 1885 
Campbell, Alexander J., M.A. 18S0 
Campbell, Archibald 15., M.A. 1886 
Campbell, Archibald J. A., M.B., CM. 

Campbell, Charles M., M.B., CM. 1867; 

M.D. 1869 
Campbell, Colin G., M.B., CM. 1886 
Campbell, Duncan, M.D. 1865 
Campbell, Duncan, M.A. 1S67 ; B.D. 

Campbell, Duncan M., M.A. 1876 
Campbell, Ernest K., M.B., CM. 1884 
Campbell, Hugh, M.A. 18S5 ; B.L. 

(Hon.) 1888 
Campbell, James, M.B., CM. 1878 
Campbell, James M., M.B., CM. 1886 
Campbell, James M., M.A. 1881 
Campbell, James M., M.A. 1888 
Campbell, James P., M.B., CM. 1880 
Campbell, Lord, Lord Chancellor, LL.D. 

Campbell, Nicol, M.A. 1874 
Campbell, Patrick E., M.B., CM. 1879 
Campbell, Peter, M.B. 1877 
Campbell, Peter, M.A. 1885 
Campbell, 1 Richard V., LL.B. 1865 
Campbell, Robert L., M.A. 1883 
Campbell, Robert N., M.B., CM., 1S76 
Campbell, Samuel G., M.B., CM. (2nd 

cl.) 1882; M.D. (Com.) 1886 
Campbell, Thomas V., M.A. 1884; M.B., 

CM. 1888 
Campbell, Walter S., M.B., CM. 1887 
Campbell, William, B.D. 1876 
Campbell, William, M.A. 1875 
Campbell, William, M.B., CM. 1872 
Campbell, William B., M.A. 1882 
Campbell, William G., M.B., CM. 1887 
Campbell, William II., M.A. 1S79; B.D. 

Campbell, William M., M.B., CM. 

1869; M.D. (Gold Med.) 1873 
Campbell, William M. M., M.A. 1872 
Campbell, William R., B.A. 1861 

Campbell, William W. D., M.A. (2nd, 
Phil.) 1888 

Campbell, Win. W., M.D. (Com.) 1862 

Candlish, Principal Robert S., D.D. 1865 

('apt-Mini, Ciovanni, LL.D. 1888 

Capper, David S. , M.A. 1884 

Capper, Edmund, M.B., CM. 1886 

Capper, 2 John B., M.A. (1st, Class.) 1877 

Capper, Stewart 11., M.A. (1st, Class.) 

Cardew, George S., M.B., CM. 1 883 

Carey, Ernest G., M.B. 1875 

Carey, William, M.B. 1S75 

Carlier, Edmond W. W., M.B., CM. 
(2nd cl.) 1886 

Carlile, William W., M.A. 1870 

Carlyle, John A., LL.D. 1873 

Carlyon, Frederick II., M.B.,CM. 1888 
Carment, Malcolm, M.A. 1876 

Carmichael, Duncan, M.B., CM. 1877 
Carmichael, Edward, M.B., CM. (ist 

cl.) 1884; M.D. (Gold Med.) 1886 
Carmichael, Henry, M.A. 1S66 
Carmichael, 1 ' James, M.D. 1864 
Caro, Elme- Marie, LL.D. 1884 
Carpenter, W. B., LL.D. 187 1 
Carrick, JohnC, B.D. 1883 
Carrie, William L., M.A. (ist.Phil.) 1S82 
Carrington, Atholl F., M.D. 1861 
Carruthers, Geo., M.A. 1869 ; B.D. 1S70 
Carruthers, Robert, LL.D. 1S71 
Carruthers, William, M.B., CM. 1878 
Carruthers, William IL, M.B. 1868; 

M.D. 1870 
Carse, David B., M.B., CM. 1888 
Carson, Alexander T., M.D. 1862 
Carson, Stewart, M.B., CM. 1880 
Carstairs, William B., M.B.,CM. 1877; 

M.D. 1885 
Carter, Andrew, M.A. 1870 
Carter, Ernest C, M.B., CM. (ist 

cl.) 1887 
Carter, William, M.D. 1864 
Carter, William R., M.B., CM. 1S84 
Casalis, George A., M.B., CM. 1887 
Case, Perkins W., M.B., CM. 1879; 

M.D. (High Com.) 1884 
Cash, Alfred M., M.B., CM. 1S73 ; 
M.D. (Com.) 1876 

1 Interim Sheriff of Dumfries. '- A-sistant Editor. The Times. 

a Lecturer on Diseases of Children, University, Edinburgh. 


Alphabetical List of Graduates. 

Cash, 1 John T., M.B., CM. 1S76 ; 

M.D. (Gold Med.) 1879 
Casley, Reginald K., M.B., CM. 1874; 

M.I). 1S77 
Cassels, John G, M.B., CM. 1886 
Cassidy, Charles G, M.B., CM. 1887 
Cassidy, David M., B.Sc. (Pub. H.) 

1S82 ; D.Sc. (Pub. H.) 1884 
Cathcart, 2 Charles W., M.A. 1873; 

M.B., CM. 1878 
Cathcart, George C, M.A. 1884 
Cathels, David, M.A. 1878 
Caton, 3 Richard, M.B., CM. 1867; 

M.D. (Gold Med.) 1870 
Cattan, William J., M.B., CM. 1S88 
Cavaye, Charles W., M.A. 1867 
Caverhill, Thos. F. S., M.B., CM. 1878 
Caw, James M., M.B., CM. 1883 
Cawthome, Benjamin W., M.B., CM. 

1S80; M.D. 1885 
Cayley, Arthur, LL.D. 1884 
Challis, James, LL.D. 1871 
Chalmers, Alex., M.B., CM. 1870 
Chalmers, Charles, M.A. 1881 
Chalmers, George, M.B., CM. 1S80 
Chalmers, John, M.A. 1867 
Chalmers, John F., M.A. 1884; LL.B. 

(Hon.) 1885 
Chalmers, Thomas, M.A. 1882 
Chalmers, Thomas D., M.B. 1869; 

M.D. 1876 
Chalmers, William W., M.A. 1884 
Chamberlain, Walter W., M.B., CM. 

Chamberlayne, Edward, M.B., CM. 1885 
Chambers, 4 William, LL.D. 1872 
Channer, Osborne H., M.B., CM. 1876 
Chapman, James M., M.B. (2nd cl.) 

1877 ; M.D. (High Com.) 1887 
Chapman, Thomas H., B.D. 1886 
Chapman, William C, M.A. 1868 
Charles, George, M.A. 1867; B.D. 1871 
Charles, John B., M.A. 1865 
Charleson, John, M.A. 1880 
Charleson, John, M.A. 1884; B.D. 1888 

Charlesworth, Francis, M.B., CM. 1882 
Charleton, Clifton, M.B., CM. 1885 
Charteris, 5 Archibald H., D.D. 1868 
Charteris, 6 Matthew, M.D. (Com.) 1863 
Chastellier, Evenor, M.D. 1864 
Chattopadhyay, 7 Aghornath, B.Sc. 

(Phys.) 1875; D.Sc. (Chem.) 1876 
Chateauneuf, Edouard de, M.B. , CM. 

Chauveau, J. B. A., LL.D. 1884 
Chauvin, Pierre S., M.B., CM. 1879 
Chavasse, 8 Thomas F., M. B. , CM. 

1876; M.D. (Com.) 1878 
Cheesbrough, Henry A., M.D. 1862 
Chetham-Strode, Reginald, M.B., CM. 

Chetti, Pulicat P., M.B., CM. 1885; 

B.Sc. (Pub. H.) 1886 
Chevallier, Charles H. T., M.B., CM. 

Chevreul, Michel E., LL.D. 1884 
Chew, William R., M.B., CM. 1887 
Cheyne, T. K., D.D. 1884 
Cheyne, William W., M.B., CM. (1st 

cl.) 1875 
Chiappini, Antonio L., M.D. 1865 
Chiene, 9 John, M.D. (Hon. and Com.) 

Chill, Edwin A., M.B., CM. 1883; 

M.D. 1886 
Chisholm, Edwin M., M.B., CM. 1875 
Chisholm, George G., M.A. (2nd, Phil.) 

1870; B.Sc. (Nat.) 1883 
Chisholm, John, M.A. 1878 ; LL.B. 1881 
Chisholm, John M., M.A. 1875; M.B., 

CM. 1878 ; M.D. (Com.) 1882 
Chisholm, William, M.D. 1865 
Chown, Joseph W., M.B., CM. 1S75 
Christian, Hotham G., M.B., CM. 1878 
Christian, Lewis M.F., M.B., CM. 1884 
Christie, Alexander H., M.A. 1888 
Christie, Archibald K., M.B., CM. (2nd 

cl.) 1882 
Christie, Charles, M.A. 1877 
Christie, Charles H., M.A. 1S72 

1 Professor of Materia Medica, University, Aberdeen. 

- Assistant Surgeon, Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh; Extra-academical Lecturer. 

3 Prof, of Physiology, University College, Liverpool. 

4 Formerly Curator of Patronage, University, Edinburgh. 

5 Since appointed Prof, of Biblical Criticism, University, Edinburgh. 

6 Prof, of Materia Medica, University, Glasgow. 

7 Prof, of Chemistry, Hyderabad. 8 Surgeon, General Hospital, Birmingham. 
9 Prof, of Surgery, University, Edinburgh. 

AlpJiabdical List of Graduates. 


Christie, George, M.A. 1867 

Christie, James, M.I;., CM. 1868; 

M.D. 1871 
Christie, John C, M.A. 1880; B.D. 1883 
Christie, Wm. K., M.A. 1870 
Christie, Wm. J., M.B., CM. 1877 
Christison, James, M.D. 1862 
Christison, John, D.D. 1S74 
Christison, 1 Sir Robert, Bart. , LL. D. 1 872 
Church, Henry M., B.Sc. (Nat.) 1871 ; 

M.I!., CM. 1872; M.D. (Com.) 1874 
Churcher, Thomas G..M.B. CM. 1884 
Churchill, Frederick, M.B., CM. (High 

Com.) 1867; M.D. 1873 
Clabburn, Claud II., M.B., CM. 1879 
Clapham, Edward, M.D. (Com.) 1862 
Clapperton, John A., M.A. 1S84 
Clapperton, Thomas, M.A. 1877 
Clark, Sir Andrew, Bart., LL.D. 1884 
Clark,- A. Rutherford (Sen. Coll. Just.) 

LL.D. 1869. 
Clark, Archibald C, M.B. 1878; CM. 

18S0; M.D. (High Com.) 1886 
Clark, George B., M.A. 1873 
Clark, Henry M., M.B., CM. 1SS1 
Clark, James, LL.B. 1884 
Clark, James A., M.B., CM. 18S6 
Clark, James G., M.A. 1884 
Clark, John, M.A. 1870 
Clark, John, M.A. 1S85 
Clark, John B., M.B., CM. (Gold Med.) 

1865; M.D. 1867 
Clark, John P., M.A. 1S77 
Clark, Michael, M.B., CM. 1883 
Clark, 3 Robert, M.A. (ist, Class.) 1873 
Clark, Robert L., M.B., CM. 1884 
Clark, Robert M., M.B., CM. 1876 
Clark, Ronald, M.B., CM. 1883 
Clark, Stephen 1"., M.B., CM. 1885 
Clark, Thomas M., M.H., CM. 1875 
Clark, William I., B.Sc. (I'hys.) 1877; 

D.Sc. (Chem.) 1878 
Clarke, Alexander C, M.D. 1862 
Clarke, Edmund \Y., B.Sc. (Nat.) 1S83 ; 

M.B., CM. 1885 
Clarke, Frederick IE, M.B., CM. 1886 
Clarke, Henry J., M.15., CM. 1878; 

M.D. 1881 

Clarke, James F. W., M.A. 1S75 
Clarke, John C, M.B. (2nd cl.) 1871 
Clarke, John H., M.B., CM. 1875; 

M.D. (Com.) 1877 
Clarke, Thomas, M.A. 1S73 ; M.B., 

CM. 1879 
Clarke, Willoughby R. M., M.A. 18S8 
Clarkson, Robert I)., B.Sc. (Nat.) 1S86 
Claxton, Arthur E., M.A. 1S86 
Clayton, James S.. M.H., CM. 1S82 
Cleaver, Wm. J., M.B., CM. 1869 
Cleland, Win. E., M.B., CM. 1876 
Clemow, Arthur II. W., M.B., CM. 

1883; M.D. (High Com.) 1886 
Clemow, Frank C, M.B., CM. (2nd 

cl.) 1S85 
Clifton, Herbert, M.D. 1864 
Cloete, Dirk, M.B., CM. 1884 
Cloete, Johannes K. van 0., M.15., CM. 

Closs, Joseph 0., M.B., CM. 1SS2 
Clouston, Charles S., M.B., CM. (2nd 

cl.) 1868; M.D. (High Com.) 18S1 
Clouston, John, M.B., CM. (2nd cl.) 

Clouston, 4 Thomas S., M.D. (Gold Med.) 

Clow, William F., M.B., CM. 187S 
Clyde, James A., M.A. (ist, Class.) 

1884; LL.B. (Hon.) 18S8 
Coates, Frederick W., M.D., 1863 
Cobbett, Charles N., M.B., CM. 1S83 
Cochrane, James, D.D. 187 1 
Cochrane, James C, M.A., 1869 
Cockburn, Adam, M.A. 1876 
Cockburn, Andrew M., M.A. iSS^ 
Cockburn, Jamison, M.B., CM. 1874 
Cockburn, Philip, M.B., CM. 18S2 ; 

B.Sc. (Pub. IE) 1886 
Cockburn, Thomas, M.A. 1S65 
Cockburn, Thomas, M.A. 1876 
Cocks, Horace, M.R., CM. 1883 
Cockton, John, M.B., CM. 188S 
Codner, John, M.B., CM. 1879 
Cogswell, Daniel IE, M.A. 1869 
Colboume, Louis, M.B., CM. (ist cl.) 

Colding, Auguste, LL.D. 1S71 

1 Formerly Prof, of Materia Medica, and Member of Court, University, Edinburgh. 
- Formerly Curator of Patronage, University. Edinburgh. 

3 Rector of High School, Pietermaritzburg, So. Africa. 

4 Physician, MorningMdc Asylum J Lecturer on Mental Diseases, Univer=>ity, Edinburgh. 

Alphabetical List of Graduates. 

Coldstream, Alex. R, M.B.,C.M. 1874; 

M.D. (Com.) 1881 
Coldstream, Win., B.A. 1859 
Coleman, Albert, M.B., CM. 1887 
Coleman, Charles A., M.B., CM. 1876 ; 

M.D. 1880 
Colladon, Henri L., M.B., CM. 1867; 

M.D. 1869 
Collie, David, M.B., CM. 1878; M.D. 

Collinson, Frederick W., M.B., CM. 

(2nd cl.) 1885 
Colman, Thomas J., M.D. 1868 
Colquhoun, Robert G., M.A. 1883; 

B.D. 1887 
Colville, James, M.A. (1st, Class.) 1868 ; 

D.Sc. (Philol.) 1875 
Colvin, Francis H., M.A. 1878 
Combe, Fred. O., M.B., CM. 1880 
Comber, Sydney A., M.B., CM. 1883 
Common, James, M.A. 1873 
Compigne, Horatio D. S., M.D. 1865 
Compson, John C, M.D. (Com.) 1865 
Conder, Eustace R., D.D. 1882 
Connacher, William S., M.A. 1888 
Connal, Allan, M.A. 1864 
Connan, Daniel M., M.A. 1875 
Connel, John, M.B., CM. 1867; M.D. 

(Com.) 1873 
Connel, Robert, M.A. 1873 
Connell, Alexander, M.A. 1886 
Connor, David M., M.A. 1863 
Connor, Francis G., M.B., CM. 1883 
Connor, George M., M.A. 1879 
Constable, Andrew H. B., M.A, 1884 
Conyers, James S., M.D. 1864 
Conyngham, Valentine O., M.D. (Com.) 

Cook, George, M.A. 1866; B.D. 1868 
Cook, Henry D., M.B., CM. 1869 
Cook, John, M.D. (Com.) 1865 
Cook, John, M.A. 1884; B.D. 1887 
Cook, John J. , M. A. 1 883 ; LL. B. ( Hon. ) 

Cooper, Frank T., M.A. 18S3 ; LL.B. 

(Hon.) 1886 
Copeland, Robert J., M.B., CM. 1886 
Copeland, William, M.B., CM. 1870 
Core, William G., M.A. 1862 

Corlett, Joseph B., M.D. 1862 
Cornish, George B., M.D. 1864 
Corns, James, M.D. 1865 
Corrigall, James W., M.A. 1879 
Corser, Francis R. S,, M.B., CM. iSSl 
Cossins, Joseph G., M.B., CM. 1884 
Cotterill, Bishop Henry, LL.D. 1884 
Cotterill, 1 Joseph M., M.B., CM. 1875 
Cotton, George, M.A. (2nd, Phil.) 1868 ; 

LL.B. 1871 
Cotton, Holland J., M.B., CM. 1874; 

M.D. (Com.) 1876 
Cotton, William, M.A. 1S80 ; M.B., 

CM. 1883 
Coughtrey, Millen, M.B., CM. (2nd 

cl.) 187 1 
Coullie, James, M.A. 1868 ; B.D. 187 1 
Coulthard, Robert S., M.B., CM. 1884 
Couper, James, M.A. 1S77 
Cour, Geo. F. de la, M.D. (Com.) 1867 
Cousland, Philip B., M.B., CM. 1882 
Coutts, Alfred, M.A. 1884; B.D. 18S8 
Cowan, Charles J., B.D. 1873 
Cowan, 2 Henry, M.A. 1864; B.D. 1867 
Cowan, John, M.B., CM. 1879 
Cowan, John A., M.B., CM. (2nd cl.) 

1870; M.D. 1873 
Cowan, John S., M.B., CM. 1871 ; 
. M.D. 1876 
Cowan, Michael W. W., M.B., CM. 

Cowan, Peter C, B.Sc. (Engin.) 1881 
Cowan, William, B.A. 1861 
Cowell, Edward B., LL.D. 1875 
Cowie, George, M.D. (Com.) i860 
Cowie, Robert, M.D. (Com.) 1866 
Cowley, Francis W. R., M.A., 1862 
Cownie, James F., M.B., CM. 1887 
Cownie, Robert J., M.A. (1st, Class.) 

1876: D.Sc. (Philol.) 1884 
Cowper, John, M.B., CM. 1887 
Cowper, John J. M., M.A. 1886 
Cox, Albert E., M.B., CM. 1887 
Cox, Edward, M.A. 1870 
Cox, Frederick J. W., M.B. 1881 
Cox. James W., M.B., CM. 1881 
Cox, Joshua J., M.B. 1875; M.D. 1881 
Cox, Richard P., M.B., CM. 1879; 

M.D. (Com.) 1885 

1 Assistant-Surgeon, Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh. 

2 Prof, of Divinity and Church Hist., University, Aberdeen. 

Alphabetical List of Graduates. 


Cox, Wm. A., M.B. 1873 
Coy, Judson, M.B., CM. 1879 

Crabb, Tames, M.B., CM. 1S75 ; M.D. 

Crabbe, James B., M.B., CM. 1874 
Cradock, Luke, M.D. 1867 
Craig, James, M.A. 1S65 
Craig, James, M.B., CM. 1876 
Craig, James, M.B., CM. 1883 
Craig, James, M.B., CM. 1872; M.D. 

(Com.) 18S3 
Craig, John, M.A. 1877 
Craig, John, M.A. 1S68 
Craig, John, M.B.. CM. 1883 
Craig, Tohn II., M.A. 1879 
Craig, Peter, M.A. 1888 
Craig, 1 William, M.B., CM. 1868; M.D. 

Craig, William, M.B., CM. 1886 
Craig, William M., M.B., CM. 1880 
Craigie, James S., M.B., CM. 1880; 

M.I). (Com.) 1884; B.Sc. (Pub. II.) 

Craigie, John, B.L. 1879; M.A. 1S84 ; 

LL.B. 1884 
Craigie, William M.. M.A. 1S76 
Cram, John, M.B., CM. 1885 
Cran, Alexander, M.A. 1881 
Cran, James, M.B. 1868 
Cran, William, B.D. 1884 
Crane, Charles A., M.D. 1866 
Cranston, William, M.A. 1885 
Craw, John, M.D. 1863 
Crawford and Balcarres, Earl of, LL.D. 

Crawford, Christopher, M.B., CM. 

1S74; M.D. (Com.) 1878 
Crawford, Din.m C. M.B., CM. 1SS1 
Crawford, Douglas, M.B., CM. 18S7 
Crawford, George W., M.A. 1875 
Crawford, James M.A. 1SS5 
Crawford, James M., M.B., CM. 1888 
Crawford, John, B. A. 1S60; M.A. 1803; 

B.D. 1865 
Crawford, John II., M.A. 1S78 
Crawford, John T., B.A. 1861 
Crawford, Thomas, LL.D. 1884 
Crawford, Thomas, M.A. 1S66; B.D. 


Crawford, William, M.A. (1st, Math.) 

1885 ; B.Sc. (Math.) 1887 
Crawford, William T., M.A. 1884 
Crawford, William T., M.D. 1864 
Creelman, Hugh G., B.Sc. (Math.) 1886 
Cremona, Luigi, LL.D. 1884 
Crerar, Robert, M.B., CM. 1879 
Crerar, Thomas, M.A. 1S65 
Crichton, Geo., M.B. 1875 ; M.D. 1888 
Crichton, James, M.A. (2nd, Math.) 

1883; B.D. 1886 
Crichton, James S., M.D. (Com.) 1864 
Cridland, Edward C, M.B., CM. [888 
Crieves, William G. (now W. A. (i. 

Macpherson), M.A. 1874 
Crocket, James, M.A. (1st, Math.) 18S7 
Crole, Gerard L., M.A. 1876; LL.B. 

Cromb, William, M.A. 1883 
Crombie, Alexander, M.B. (Hon.) 1S67 ; 

M.D. (Com.) 1870 
Crombie, Frederick, D.D. 1869 
Crombie, James, M.B., CM. 187S ; 

B.Sc. (Pub. H.) 1883 
Crombie, John L., M.D. 1863 
Crooke, George F., M.B. 1880; M.I). 

(Gold Med.) 1884 
Croom, David B., M.A. 1872 
Croom, 2 John II., M.B., CM. 1868; 

M.D. (Gold Med.) 1882 
Crosby, Thomas, M.A. 1879 ; B.D. 1882 
Cross, Arthur J., M.B., CM. 18S5 
Cross, Arthur J. G., M.D. 1868 
Crosthwaite, Thomas II. P., M.A. 1876 
Croucher, Alex. H., M.B., CM. 1884 ; 

M.D. 18S8. 
Crowdy, Frederic IL, M.B., CM. 1875 5 

M.D. (Com.) 1886 
Cuddie, James X., M.A. 1887 
Cullen, John, M.A. 1875; D.Sc. (Philol.) 

Cullen, Wm. J., M.A. 1SS0 : LL.B. 1883 
Cullen, Wm. L., M.B., CM. IS 
dimming, Alex. S., M.B., CM. 1884: 

M.D. (Com.) 1886 
Gumming, James, M.A. (Xat. Sc.) [884 
Cumming, James, M.B., CM. 1S68 ; 

M.D. (Gold Med.) 1S71 
Cumming, Kenneth \Y., M.D. 1S61 

1 Extra-academical Lecturer. 

- Extra Physician, Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh; lately Examiner in Midwifery, Univ. Edin. 

Alphabetical Lht of Graduates. 

Daniell, Alfred, M.A. (2nd, Math.) 1874; 

B.Sc. (Phys.) 1877; D.Sc. (Exp. 

Phys.) 1884; LL.B. 1885 
Daniell, Herbert E., M.B., CM. 1877 
Dargie, William, M.A. 187 1 
Darling, John M., M.A. 1S73 
Darling, 5 Moir T. S., M.A. 1S64 
Darling, Thomas B., M.B., CM. 1884 
Daruty, Jean A. C, M.B. 1877 
Darwent, Edgar N., M.B., CM. 1886 
Datta, Dina N. P., M.B., CM. 1885 
Davey, Charles J., M.B., CM. 1875 
Davids, T. Rhys, LL.D. 1885 
Davidson, 6 Alexander, M.B., CM. 

(Com.) 1863; M.D. 1872 
Davidson, Alexander, M.B., CM. 1885 
Davidson, Alexander P., M.A. 1877 
Davidson, Alistair, M.A. 1886 
Davidson, Andrew B., D.D. 1868 
Davidson, George S., M.A. 1883 ; M.B., 

CM. 1886 
Davidson, James, B.D. 1887 
Davidson, James H., M.B., CM. 1882 
Davidson, James L., M.A. 1S86 
Davidson, John, M.B., CM. 1879 
Davidson, John, M.A. 1880 
Davidson, John, M.A. (1st, Phil.) 1887 
Davidson, John H., M.D. (Com.) 1863 
Davidson, John M., M.A. 1886 
Davidson, Mark G., LL.B. 1883 
Davidson, Peter, M.A. 1876; M.B., 

CM. 1880 
Davidson, Richard, M.A. 1880; M.B., 

CM. 1885 
Davidson, 7 Robert, B.D. 1877 
Davidson, Robert, M.A. 1880 
Davidson, Robert J., B.L. 1880 
Davidson, Samuei G., M.A. 1SS8 
Davidson, William B. Y., M.A. 1878 
Davies, Daniel R., M.B., CM. 1883 
Davies, Ellis T., M.B., CM. 1S77 ; 

M.D. 1884 
Davies, Francis P., M.B., CM. 1869; 

M.D. 1879 
Davies, Frederick H., M.B., CM. 1879 
Davies, Hamlet L., M.B., CM. 1874 

1 F.R.S.; Prof, of Anatomy. Trin. Coll., Dublin. 2p r0 f. o fNat. Hist., Queen s Coll , Belfast. 

3 Fellow and Lecturer, Trinity College, Cambridge. 

4 Superintendent of Statistics, Registrar-General's Department, Scotland. 

5 Member of Univ. Court, Edin. ; M.P. for Universities of Edinburgh and St Andrews ; Solicitor- 
General for Scotland. 

s Physician, Royal Infirmary, Liverpool. 7 Lately Examiner in Divinity, Univ., Edin. 

dimming, William, M.B., CM. (2nd 

cl.) 1883; M.D. (High Com.) 1885 
Cunningham, 1 Daniel J., M.B., CM. 

(1st cl.) 1874 ; M.D. (Gold Med.) 1876 
Cunningham, David D., M.B., CM. 

(Hon.) 1867 
Cunningham, Jas. B., M.B., CM. 1878 
Cunningham, (Principal) John, D.D. i860 
Cunningham, Robert J., M.A. 1887 
Cunningham, 2 Robert 0., M.D. (High 

Com.) 1864 
Cunningham, 3 William, M.A. 1S70 ; 

D.Sc. (Ment. Ph.) 1876 
Cunninghame, John, M.B., CM. 1886 
Cunynghame, 4 Robert J. B., M.D. 1862 
Currie, Adam, M.A. 1886 
Currie, Andrew S., M.B. (2nd cl. ) 1S74 ; 

M.D. (High Com.) 1877 
Currie, James, M.A. 1885 
Currie, James, LL.D. 1S80 
Currie, William S., M.A. 1886 
Curror, Alexander L., M.B., CM. 1S76 
Curror, David A., M.A. 1882 
Curtis, Albert E., M.B., CM. 1886 
Curtis, Arthur L., M.B., CM. 1886 
Cust, R. M., LL.D. 1886 
Cusworth, William W., M.D. i860 
Cuthbertson, David, M.D. 1861 
Dale, Charles, M.B., CM. 1868 
Dale, Frederick, M.D. 1867 
Dalgleish, James, M.B., CM. 1883 
Dalgleish, James W., M.A. 1881 
Dall, Alexander, M.A. 1875 
Dalraahoy, James A., M.A. 1876 
Dalrymple, Alexander M., B.A. 1861 ; 

M.A. (2nd, Phil.) 1863 
Dalton, Henry, M.B., CM. 1868 ; M.D. 

Dalton, Thomas, M.D. (Com.) 1864 
Dalzell, Arthur J. W., M.B., CM. 1888 
DalzeU, Pulteney W., M.B., CM. 1878 
Dalzell, Wm. R., M.A. 1877; M.B., 

CM. 1 88 1 
Dalziel, Thos. K., M.B., CM. 1883 
Dand, Wm., M.A. 1888 
Daniel, Ernest C S., M.B., CM. 1S87 

Alphabetical List of Graduates. 


Davies, Henry II., M.B., CM. 1884 
Davies, John, M.B., CM. 1882 
Davies, John, M.B., CM. 1883 
Davies, John E., M.B., CM. 1886 
Davies, John P., M.A. 1874 
Davies, Thomas C, M.L). (Com.) 1861 
Davies, Thos. L. K., M.B., CM. 1884 
Davies, William II., M.B., CM. 1883 
Davies, William M., M.B., CM. 1873 ; 

M.D. (Com.) 1878 
Davies-Jones, Daniel, M.B., CM. 1884 
Davison, Francis V., M.B., CM. 1874 ; 

M.D. (Com.) 1879 
Davison, James T. R., M.B. , CM. 

1878; M.D. (Com.) 1881 
Davison, Thomas H., M.B., CM. 1883 
Davison, William R., M.B., CM. 1887 
Davson, Smith H., M.D. 1865 
Davy. Richard, M.D. (High Com.) 1S62 
Dawe, James H., M.B., CM. 1885 
Dawes, Joseph W.. M.B., CM. 1885 
Dawson, John D., M.A. 1881 
Dawson, Principal John W. , LL.D. 1884 
Deamer, John H., M.B., CM. 1888 
Deane, Charles M., M.D. 1862 
Deans, James, B.A. i860 
Deans, John C, M.A. i860 
Deas, Francis, B.A. 1859; M.A. 1S61 ; 

LL.B. 1864 
Deas, Francis W., M.A. 1883 
Deas, Sir George, Sen. Coll. Just., 

LL.D. 18S4 
Deas, Joseph, M.A. 1867 
D6aut, John E. A. le, M.D. i860 
De Faheck, William F., M.D. 1873 
Delepine, Auguste S., M.B., CM. (1st 

cl.) 1882 
Delepine, CamilleV., M.B.,CM. 1881 ; 

M.D. (High Com.) 1885 
Delepine, Jules, M.B., CM. 1885 
Denby, Walter, M.I;., CM. 1S87 
Dendle, Frank, M.B., CM. 1887 
Denholm, James, M.B., CM. 1870 
Densham, Henry B., M.B., CM. 1887 
Denton, Thomas J., M.D. 1865 
Derby, 1 Karl of, LL.D. 1876 
D'Evelyn, Frederick W. , M. B. , C M. 18S6 
De Sanctis, Luigi, M.B., CM. 1872 
De Smidt, John, M.D. 1862 
Deverell, Henry G., M.B., CM. 1877; 

M.D. (Com.) 1881 

1 Formerly Lord Rector, University, Edin. 

Dewar, Alexander, M.D. 1862 

Dewar, Alexander, M.A. 1882 

Dewar, Arthur, M.A., 1883 

Dewar, James, M.D. 1862 

Dewar, James A., M.D. (Com.) 1859 

Dewar, John, M.A. 1S70; B.D. 1873 

Dewar, Michael, M.B., CM. 1876 

Dewar, Peter, M.A. 1876 

Dewar, Thos. F., B.Sc. (Pub. II.) 1888 

Dewar, Thomas W., M.B., CM. 1884; 

M.D. (Com.) 1888 
De Wolfe, Geo. II. II., M.B., CM. 1874 
Dey, William D., B.D. 1872 
Dicey, Albert V., LL.D. 1886 
Dick, Archd. IL, D.Sc. (Ment. Ph.) 1866 
Dick, Forbes, M.D. (Com.) 1S62 
Dick, James, M.A. 1886 
Dick, Matthew, M.A. 1S81 
Dick, Robert, M.B. (2nd cl.) 1868 
Dick, Thomas, B.L. 1885 
Dick, Thomas T., M.D. 1861 
Dick, Wm., M.B., CM. (2nd cl.) 1877 
Dick, William, M.A. 1884 
Dick, William, M.A. 1888 
Dickey, Robert H. F., B.D. 1879 
Dickinson, Edward H., M.B., CM. 

1870; M.D. (Gold Med.) 1876 
Dickinson, George D., M.B., CM. 1878 
Dickman, Henry G., M.B., CM. 1885 
Dickson, 2 Alexander, M.D. (Gold Med.) 

Dickson, Archibald, M.D. (Com.) 1853 
Dickson, Arthur H., M.A. 1886 
Dickson, David A., M.A. 1877 
Dickson, George C, M.B., CM. (2nd 

cl.) 1882 
Dickson, George G., M.A. 18S1 
Dickson, George T, M.B., CM. 1870 
Dickson, George W., M.A. 1S70; M.B., 

CM. 1879 
Dickson, Hanmer, M.B., CM. 1S71 
Dickson, James, M.D. 1862 
Dickson, James D., M.A. 1871 
Dickson, James M., M.A. 1875; B -L. 

1876; LL.B. K^-77 
Dickson, John, M.A. 1S70 
Dickson, John K., M.B., CM. 171 
Dickson, John G., M.A. 1S85 
Dicks.. n, John R., M.D. 1863 
Dickson, Leonard \Y., M.A. 1886 
Dickson, Robert, M.A. 1S81 

2 Late Professor of Botany, University, Ediu. 


Alphabetical List of Graduates. 

Dickson, Thomas, LL.D. 1S86 
Dickson, Thomas A., M.A. 1879 
Dickson, Walter S., M.A. 1886 
Dickson, William, M.A. i860 
Dickson, W. Gillespie, LL.D. 1874 
Dickson, William J., M.D. 1863 
Dickson, William K., M.A. 1880 
Dickson, W. P., LL.D. 18S5 
Dickson, William T., M.A. 1867 
Dignum, Henry G., M.D. (Com.) 1859 
Diriwiddie, Archibald H., M.A. 1878 
Dinwiddie, John, M.A. 18S0 
Disraeli, Benjamin (Earl of Beacons- 
field), LL.D. 1867 
Dittmar, 1 William, LL.D. 1887 
Dixon, George, M.D. 1864 
Dixon, John, M.B., CM. 1S72 
Dixon, Walter, M.B., CM. 1870 
Dixon, William H., M.D. (Com.) 1862 
Dixson, Craig, M.B., CM., 1878 
Dixson, Thomas, M.B., CM. 1877 
Dobbie, George S., M.A. 1884 
Dobbie, 2 James J., B.Sc. (Phys.)i878; 

D.Sc. (Chem.j 1879 
Dobie, David R., M.B., CM. 1882; 

M.D. 1885 
Dobie, John, M.A. 1878; B.D. 1882 
Dobie, John R., M.B., CM. 1882 
Dobie, William PL, M.B., CM. (1st cl.) 

Dobson, Henry, M.B., CM. 1876; 

M.D. (Com.) 1878 
Dochard, Archibald T., M.B., CM. 

(2ndcl.) 1883 
Dodds, George, M.A. 1885 
Dodds, James N., M.A. 1S71 
Dodds, Richard W., M.B., CM. 1870; 

M.D. 1873 
Dodds, William J., B.Sc. (Nat.) 1875; 
M.B., CM. (1st cl.) 1876; D.Sc. 
(Physiol.) 1877; M.D. (Gold Med.) 1879 
Dods, George, M.D. 1859 
Dods, Marcus, D.D. 1S73 
Doig, Charles D., M.D. 1859 
Doig, William, M.B., CM. 1881 
Dollinger, John J. I., LL.D. 1872 
Dolman, Geo. T. C, M.B., CM. 1867 
Donald, Andrew W., M.A. 1883 ; LL.B. 
(Hon.) 1888 

Donald, Archibald, M.A. 1880; M.B., 
CM. (2nd cl.) 1883 ; M.D. (Com.) 1886 
Donald, Duncan M., B.D. 1S79 
Donald, George, M.A. 18S8 
Donald, James S., M.B., CM. 1872 
Donaldson, David G., M.B., CM. 1884 
Donaldson, 3 James K. , M.A. 1878 
Donaldson, Robert, M.A. 1876 
Donaldson, William, M.A. 1867 
Donogh, Walter R., M.A. 1879 
Dorner, J. A., D.D. 1884 
Dougal, David, M.A. (1st, Math.) 1884; 

LL.B. (Hon.) 1888 
Dougall, Joseph, M.D. (Gold Med.) 1872 
Doughty, David S., M.B., CM. 1886 
Douglas, Alexander, M.A. 1888 
Douglas, Andrew, M.A. 1867; B.D. 1870 
Douglas, Andrew H., M.A. 1883 
Douglas, Archibald H., M.B., CM. 1887 
Douglas, Campbell M., M.D. 1861 
Douglas, Charles E., M.B., CM. 1877; 

M.D. (Com.) 1 88 1 
Douglas, George, M.A. 1887 
Douglas, George A., M.A. 1886 
Douglas, James A., M.A. 1879 
Douglas, John, M.A. 1877 
Douglas, JustynG. D., M.B.,CM. 1871; 

M.D. (Com.) 1874 
Douglas, Kenneth M., M.B., CM. 

(2nd cl.) 1885 
Douglas, Samuel, M.A. 1878 
Douglas, Thomas K., M.B., CM. 1872 
Douglas, William, M.D. 1859 
Douglas, William B., B.D. 1886 
Douglas, Sir W. Fettes, LL.D. 1884 
Douglas, William S., M.A. 1886 
Douie, William J., M.B., CM. 1881 ; 

M.D. 1887 
Dow, David B., M.A. 1870 
Dow, David R., M.B., CM. 1884 
Dow, John A., B.D. 1865 
Dow, William 0., M.B., CM. 1885 
Dowden, Edward, LL.D. 1887 
Downie, John, M.A. 1885 
Downie, Kenneth M., M.B., CM. 1866; 

M.D. 1875 
Doyle, Arthur C, M.B., CM. 1881 ; 

M.D. 1885 
Drew, Edwin, M.D. (Com.) 1879 

1 Formerly Examiner in Chemistry, University, Edinburgh. 

2 Prof, of Chemistry, University College, North Wales. 3 Queen's Advocate, Sierra Leone. 

^■llphabctical List of Graduates. 


Drew, Henry \V., M.B., CM. 1871 
Drew, Samuel, B.Sc. (Pub. II.) 1876; 

D.Sc. (Pub. II.) 1877 
Dring, Herbert J., M.I',. CM. 1883 
Drinkwater, Harry, M.B., CM. 1877; 

M.D. (Gold Med.) [883 
Druitt, Lionel, M.B.,C.M. [877 ; M.l>. 

Drummond, Alexander, Ml',. CM. 1866 
Drummond, Alex. P., M.B., CM. 1883 
Drummond, Andrew, M.A. 1869 
Drummond, Edward, M.D. 1S64 
Drummond, James J., M.A. 1888 
Drummond, Russell J., M.B., CM. 

1 888 
Drummond, Thomas, I!. Sc. (Nat.) 1875 ; 

MB. 1878 
Drummond, Wm., B.Sc. (Engin.) 1S86 
Drury, Arthur, M.B., CM. 1887 
Drysdale, Alexander. M.A. (Nat. Sc.) 

1886; B.Sc. (l'hys.) 1887 
Drysdale, Arthur, M.B., CM. 1S74 
Drysdale, Charles K., M.A. 1882 
Drysdale, John, M.B. 1870 
Ducat, Andrew D., M.D. 1863 
Duckett, John W., M.B., CM. 1S82 
Duckworth, 1 (Sir) Dyce, M.D. (Gold 

Med.) 1863 
Dudgeon, John M., M.B., CM. 1878 
Duff, Alex'. W., M.A. (1st, Math.) 1888 
Duff, David, M.A. 18S2 ; B.D. 1885 
Duff, David, D.D. 1887 
Duff, James, LL.B. 1887 
Duff, Wm., M.B., CM. (2nd cl.) 1883 
Duggan, Charles W., M.B., CM. 1887 
Duguid, Charles, M.A. 1876 
Duke, Alfred, M.A. 1887 
Duke, Allen A., M.I). (Com.) 1859 
Dumat, Henry A., M.B., CM. 1882 
Dumbreck, Alexander, M.B.,CM. 1873 
Dunbar, Alex., M.B., CM. 187 1 ; M.I). 

Dunbar, John W., M.A. 1869 
Duncan, Alexander, B. L. (Hon.) 1888 
Duncan, Andrew J., M.D. (Hon. and 

Com.) 1865 

Duncan, 2 David, M.A. (1st, I'hil.) 1867; 

D.Sc. (Ment. Ph.) 1SS0 
Duncan, Edward H., M.A. 1885 
Duncan, Francis M., M.D., 1863 
Duncan, George, M.l:.. CM. 1878 

Duncan, George, M.l;., CM. 1883 
Duncan, George A., M.A. 1S69 
Duncan, James M., LL.D. , 1875 
Duncan, James N., M.B., CM. 1878 
Duncan, 8 John, M.D. (Com.) 1862 
Duncan, John, M.A. 1878 
Duncan, I'ctcr, M.A. 187S ; B.D. 1882 
Duncan, Thomas, M.l!., CM. 1886 
Duncan, William, M.l'.., CM. 1879 
Duncanson, John J. K., M.B. , CM. 

1868; M.D. (Com.) 1 87 1 
Dundas, George, LL.D. 1865 
Dundas, Wm., M.A. 1886; B.D. 1SS6. 
Dungate, EbenezerJ., M.A. 1879; B.Sc. 

(Nat.) 18S5 
Dunlop, Andrew, M.D. 1863 
Dunlop, A. Murray, M.A. (1st, Phil.) 

Dunlop, Harry M., M.B., CM. 1880; 

M.D. (Com.) 1884 
Dunlop, James C, M.B., CM., 1887 
Dunlop, James D., M.B., CM. 1881 
Dunlop, Robert, M.A. 1884 
Dunlop, Robert S., M.B., CM. 1882 
Dunlop, William, M.A. 1876 
Dunlop, William B., M.A. 1S80 
Dunlop, 4 William W., M.A. 1876 
Dunnett, William, M.A. 1869 
Dunsmure, James, M.B. 1867; M.D. 

(Com.) 1870 
Durham, William, M.A. (1st, Class.)i869 
Durno, George, M.A. 1875 
Durrant, Frederick C W., M.A. 1884 
Durward, Peter C, M.A. 1887 
Dutton, William H., M.B., CM. 1882 
Dyer, Alexander K., M.D. 1867 

Dykes James F... M.A. 1883 
Dykes, J. Oswald (Principal), D.D. 1873 
Dymock, William, M.A. 1873 
Dyson, Thomas F., M.B., CM. 1S83 
Eadie, 5 William, M.A. 1861 

1 Physician, St Bartholomew's Hospital, London ; formerly Examiner in Practice of Physic, 
University. Edinburgh. 

'- Prof, of Logic and Moral Philosophy, Presidency College, Madras. 

3 Surgeon, Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh; Extra-academical Lecturer. 

4 Headma>ter, I laniel Stewart's College, Edinburgh. 

5 Rector, Academy, Inverness. 

Alphabetical List of Graduates. 

Eager, Robert T. S., M.B. 1871 ; M.D. 

Eames, James C, M.B. 1875 ; M.D. 

(Com.) 1877 
Earle, Leslie M., M.B., CM. 1878; 

M.D. 1880 
Easterbrook, Charles C, M.A. 1887 
Easton, Thomas, M.A. 1881 ; M.B., 

CM. 1884; M.D. (Com.) 1887 
Eaton, Henry A., M.B., CM. 1888 
Eaton, Walter M., M.B., CM. 1885 
Eckersley, Edwin, M.B., CM. 1884 
Eddington, Thomas, M.A. 1870 
Eddison, John E., M.D. (Com.) 1864 
Eddowes, Alfred, M.B., CM. 1873; 

M.D. (Com.) 1876 
Eden, Thomas W., M.B., CM. (1st 

cl.) 1888 
Edgar, Andrew, LL.D. 1866 
Edgar, James W., M.B., CM. 1874; 

M.D. 1878 
Edgar, John, M.A. 1859 
Edgerley, Samuel, M.A. 1887 
Edie, Robert, M.B., CM. (2ndcl.) 1888 
Edington, Alexander, M.B., CM. 1886 
Edkins, Joseph, D.D. 1875 
Edmond, James W., M.B., CM. (2nd 

cl.) 1870 
Edmond, William R., M.B., CM. 1878 
Edward, Alexander A., M.B., CM. 

1873; M.D. 1878 
Edwards, David, M.B., CM. 1879 
Edwards, David R., M.B., CM. 1871 ; 

M.D. 1875 
Edwards, Eben H., M.B., CM. 1880 
Edwards, 1 Ellis, M.A. 1871 
Edwards, James, M.A. 1871 ; B.D. 1871 
Edwards, Principal Lewis, D.D. 1865 
Edwards, Thomas, M.B., CM. 1884 
Edwards, Principal Thos. C, D.D. 1887 
Edwards, William J., M.B., CM. 1872 
Elder, George, M.A. 1861 
Elder, George, M.A. 1864 
Elder, Hugh, M.A. 1887 
Elder, John R., M.A. 1864 
Elder, Neil, M.A. 1S79 
Elder, William, M.B., CM. 1885 
Elkins, Frank A., M.B., CM. 1888 
Elliot, Andrew, M.A. 1884; M.B., CM. 


Elliot, Andrew J., M.B., CM. 1873; 

M.D. (Com.) 1888 
Elliot, Sir Walter, LL.D. 1879 
Elliott, Archibald C, B.Sc. (Engin.) 

1885 ; D.Sc. (Engin.) 1888 
Elliott, William E. L., M.B., CM. 1888 
Elmslie, Leslie C, M.A. 1874 
Elmslie, William J., M.D. 1864 
Elsworth, Richard C, M.B., CM., 1888 
Elwes, Charles W., M.D. 1863 
Elze, Karl, LL.D. 1884 
Emerson, George A., M.B., CM., 1876 
England, Richard E., M.B., CM., 187 1 ; 

M.D., 1875 
Erdmann, Johann E. , LL.D. 1884 
Erichsen, John E. , LL.D. 1884 
Erskine, Robert, M.D. i860 
Erskine, Thomas, LL.D. 1866 
Eshelby, Douglas W., M.D. 1863 
Evans, David G., M.B., CM. 1883; 

M.D. 1888 
Evans, Ellis W., M.A. 1871 
Evans, George H., M.B. 187 1 
Evans, Herbert L., M.B., CM., 1887 
Evans, John F., M.B., CM. 1880 
Evans, Thomas, M.D. (High Com.) 1865 
Evans, Thomas D. F., M.B., CM. 1874 
Evans, Canon T. S. , D.D. 1885 
Evans, William C, M.B., CM. 1879 
Evans, William T., M.B., CM. 1875 
Everard, Horace N., M.B., CM. 1880 
Ewan, John A., M.B., CM. 1888 
Ewan, John F., M.B., CM. 1879; B.Sc. 

(Pub. II.) 1887 
Ewart, 2 J. Cossar, M.B., CM. (2nd 

cl.) 1874; M.D. (Gold Med.) 1878 
Ewart, John, M.B., CM. 1880; M.D. 

(Com.) 1885 
Ewart, John, M.B., CM. 1869 
Ewen, John T., B.Sc. (Engin.) 1888 
Ewing, 3 James A., B.Sc. (Engin.) 1878 
Eyre, George G., M.B., CM. 1885 
Eyre, Montague S., M.B., CM. 1876 
Ezard, Edward H., M.B., CM. 1887; 

B.Sc. (Pub. H.) 1888 
Facey, Charles S., M.B., CM. 1888 
Fahmy, Ahmed, M.B., CM. 1886 
Fairbairn, Principal A. M., D.D. 1878 
Fairbairn, James, D.D. 1876 
Fairbairn, Robert T., M.A. 1888 

1 Prof, of Latin. Calv. Methodist College, Bala, N. Wales. 

2 Prof, of Natural History, University, Edinburgh. 3 Prof, of Engineering, Univ. Coll., Dundee. 

Alphabetical List of Graduates. 

Fairbaira, (Sir) William, LL.D. i860 
Fairbairn, William J., M.I), i860 
Fairbank, Henry S., M.B., CM. 1884 
Fairbanks, William, M.B., CM. 1874; 

M.D. 1877 
Fairer, Matthew R., M.B., CM. 1877 
Fairley, John. M.A. 1S67 ; B.D. 1867 
Fairley, John I)., LL.B. 1874 
Fairlie, William J., M.B., CM. 1886 
Fairweather, Wm. A., M.B., CM. 1867 
Fairweather, David, M.A. 1876; M.B., 

CM. 1879 
Fairweather, David, M.A. 1S87 
Fairweather, James G., 11 Sc. (Engin.) 

Fairweather, William, M.A. 1876 
Falconer, Hugh, M.A. 1878 ; B.D. 1882 
Falconer, James, M.A. 1875 
Falconer, John E., M.A. 1883 
Farie, Robert, M.D. 1859 
Farquhar, David A., M.A. 1885 
Farquhar, Henry, B.D. 1882 
Farquharson, John M., M.B., CM. 1887 
P^arquharson, Thos., B.Sc. (Er.gin.) 1886 
Faulkner, William C, M.B., CM. 1885 
Fawssett, Frederick, M.D. 1859 
Fayrer, 1 (Sir) Joseph, M.D. (Com.) 1859; 

LL.D 1878 
Fearns, Robert, M.B., CM. 188 1 
Fenn, Edward L., M.B. (High Com.) 

1S65; M.D. 1873 
Fentem, Philip S., M.D. (Com.) 1865 
Fenton, James, M.A. 1876 
Ferens-Oliver, John, M.B., CM. 1S75 ; 

M.D. (Com.) 1878 
Ferguson, Alexander, M.A. 1SS0 
Ferguson, Andrew, M.A. 1865 
Ferguson, Charles, L. , M.A. 1888 
Ferguson, Daniel L. , M.A. 1864 
Ferguson, Donald, M.A. 1879 
Ferguson, James, M.A. 1876 
Ferguson, James, M.A. 1882 ; B.D. 1886 
Ferguson, James, M.D. 1859 
Feiguson, James B., M.A. 1880 
Ferguson, James I'.. A., M.B., CM. 1884 
Ferguson, James II., M.B., CM. 1884 
Ferguson, James M., M.I'.., CM. 1881 
Ferguson, John, M.D. 1863 
Ferguson, Robert, M.A. 1S82 

Ferguson, Sir Samuel, LL.D. 1884 
Ferguson, Thomas, M.I'., CM. 1S77 
Ferguson, Sir Wm., Hart., LL.D. 1875 
Ferguson, William, M.A. 1886 
Fergusson, Alexander, M.A. 1866 
Fergusson, George T., M.A. 1880 
Fergusson, James, LL.D. 1882 
Fergusson, John M., M.A. 1883 
Fergusson, John W., M.A. (2nd, Class.) 

Fergusson, Robert M., M.A. 1881 
Fenier,- David, M.I'-., CM. (1st cl.) 

1868; M.D. (Gold Med.) 1870 
Ferrier, Douglas, M.A. 1887 
Fenier, Robert W., M.A. i860 
Ferrier, Thomas, M.B., CM. 1884 
Ferries, George, B.D. 1878 
Fetherston, Richard H. J., M.B., CM. 

1886; M.D. 1888 
Field, Albert, M.B., CM. 1874 
Field, Oliver, M.B., CM. (2nd cl.) 1886 
Findlay, John, M.B., CM. 1873 
Finlay, James F., M.A. 1874 
Finlay, Ninian J., M.A. 1881 
Finlay, 3 Robert B., M.D. 1863 
Finlay, William A., M.B., CM. 1867; 

M.D. (Com.) 1870 
Finlayson, Robert, B.A. 1S61 
Finlayson, Thos., B.A. 1861 ; M.A. 1862 
Finlayson, Thomas, D.D. 1868 
Finniss, John H. S., M.B., CM. 1876 
Firth, Eustace, M.B..CM. 1880; M.D. 

Fischer, Lewis G., M.B., CM. 1885 
Fish, William, M.A. 1876 
Fisher, Alexander, M.A. 1881 ; M.B., 

CM. 1885 
Fisher, George, M.B., CM. 1884 
Fisher, George P., D.D. 1886 
Fisher, John B., M.B., CM. 1880 
Fisher, John M., M.D. 1868 
Fisher, Peter, M.A. 1872 
Fisher, Robt. II., M.A. 1880; B.D. 1884 
Fiske, Thomas H., M.B., CM. 1886 
Fitzpatrick, Manley M., M.B..CM. 1881 
Fleischer, H. L., LL.D. 1884 
Fleming, Alexander D. , M. B. , C M. 18S7 
Fleming, Archibald, M.A. 1S83 
Fleming, Charles C, M.B., CM. 1SS8 

1 President. Medical Hoard, India Office 

- l'.K.S. ; Prof, of Forensic Medicine, King's College, London. 

3 M I'. 


AlpJiabetical List of Graduates. 

Fleming, David, B.D. 1869 
Fleming, George, M.A. 1881 
Fleming, James W., B.D. 1879 
Fleming, John D., M.A. (1st, Phil.) 1884 
Fleming, John N., M.B., CM. 1870; 

M.D. 1872 
Fleming, John R., M.A. 1878; B.D. 

Fleming, Robert A., M.A. 1884 ; M.B., 

CM. (1st cl.) 1888 
Fleming, William A., M.B.,CM. 1887 
Fletcher, Adam, M.D. 1861 
Fletcher, Charles, M.A. 1S84 
Fletcher, Henry J., M.B., CM. 1882 
Fletcher, John C, M.B., CM. 1886 
Fletcher, Thomas J., M.B., CM. 1883 
Flett, William S., M.B., CM. 1884; 

M.D. 1886 
Flide, Charles M., M.B., CM. 1888 
Fligg, William, M.B., CM. 1879 
Flint, Edward, M.B., CM. 1870 ; M.D. 

Flint, Horace, M.B. 1877 
Flint, 1 Robert, D.D. 1876 
Flower, W. H., LL.D. 1884 
Foote, Alexander L. R., D.D. 1870 
Foote, Harry, M.D. 1862 
Forbes, Alex., M.B., CM. 1882 
Forbes, Alexander, M.A. 1884 
Forbes, Daniel, M.A. i860 
Forbes, Duncan, M.A. 1871 ; M.B. 1877 
Forbes, George, M.A. (1st, Phil.) 1868 
Forbes, Principal James D. , LL.D. i860 
Forbes, James W., M.A. 1887 
Forbes, John, D.D. 1873 
Forbes, Walter, M.D. 1865 
Forbes, William G., M.B., CM. 1868 
Ford, Reuben C, M.A. 1888 
Fordyce, Arthur D., M.A. 1867 
Fordyce, Boston E., M.B., CM. 1883 
Fordyce, John, M.A. 1877 
Fordyce, William, M.B., CM. (1st cl.) 

Forrest, James, M.B., CM. 1868 ; M.D. 

(Com.) 1870 
Forrest, James, M.A. 1881 
Forrest, James A., M.B., CM. 1888 
Forrest, Robert, M.A. 187 1 
Forrest, Robert S., M.B., CM. 1886 
Forrest, William, M.B., CM. 1872 

Forrester, David M., M.A. 1881 ; B.D. 

Forrester, James G. , M. A. 1885 
Forrester, Robert A. P., M.B.,CM. 1880 
Forster, John, LL.D., i860 
Forsyth, Robert, M.A. 1884; LL.B. 

Forsyth, William, LL.D. 187 1 
Forte, Augustus C, M.D. 1862 
Foss, Robert W., M.B., CM. 1868; 

M.D. (Com.) 187 1 
Foster, John, M.A. 1878 
Foster, Nelson S., M.B., CM. 1877 
Foster, Samuel W., M.B., CM. 1878 
Fothergill, John M., M.D. 1865 
Fothergill, Thomas P., M.B. (Com.) 

1865; M.D. 1867 
Fothergill, William E., M.A. 1886; 

B.Sc. (Nat.) 1888 
Fotheringham, Richard, M.A. 1884 
Foulis, James, M.B., CM. 1872; M.D. 

(Gold Med.) 1874 
Fowler, Simson C, M.B., CM. 1887 
Fowler, Thomas, M.A. 1873 
Fowler, Thomas, LL.D. 1882 
Fowler, William A., M.A. 1881 
Fox, Arthur E. W., M.B., CM. 1870 
Fox, 2 Cornelius B., M.D. (High Com.) 

Fox, Edwin C P., M.B., CM. 1868 
Fox, James, M.B., CM. 1SS7 
Fcx, Richard J., M.B., CM. 1887 
Foyer, John W., M.A. i860 
Fraenkel, Henry S., M.B., CM. 1878 
Frame, James, M.A. 1880; B.D. 1883 
Francis," William H., M.B., CM. 1883 
Frankland, Edward, LL.D. 1884 
Fraser, Alexander, M.B., CM. 1S84 
Fraser, Alexander C, M.A. 1881 
Fraser, Alexander D., M.B., CM. 1874; 

M.D. (Com.) 18S7 
Fraser, Alexander G., M.B., CM. 1SS3 
Fraser, Alexander R., M.B., CM. 1S82 
Fraser, Andrew H. L, M.A. 1868 
Fraser, Charles, B.A. 1861 
Fraser, Daniel L, M.A. 1SS8 
Fraser, 3 David, M.A. 1883 
Fraser, David, M.B.,CM. 1886 
Fraser, 4 David M., M.A. 187S 
Fraser, Donald A., M.B., CM. 1886 

1 Since appointed Professor of Divinity, University, Edin. 
3 Reel or, Grammar School, Selkirk. 

2 Medical Officer of Hea'th, Essex. 
4 Rector, High School, Dunfermline. 

Alphabetical List of Graduates. 

Fraser, Elias, M.B., CM. 18S2 ; M.D. 

Fraser, Francklyn S. , M.B. , CM. 1873 
Fraser, Frank, M.B., CM. l88l ; M.D. 

(High Com.) 1885 
Fraser, Frederick \V. I)., M.A. 1874; 
M.B..GM, 1878 ; M.D. (High Com.) 
Fraser, Hugh F.. M.A. 1887 
Fraser, 1 Hugh J. E., M.A. (1st, Phil.') 

Fraser, James, M.A. 1871 
Fraser, James W., M.B., CM. (1st 

cl.) 1SS0; M.D. (Gold Med.) 18S3 
Fraser, John, M.B., CM. (1st cl.) 1670 
Fraser, John IF, M.B., CM. 1881 
Fraser, John W. C, M.A. 1875 
Fraser, Nutting S., M.B., CM. 1886 
Fraser, Patrick (Sen. Coll. Just.), LL. D. 

Fraser, Peter, M.B., CM. 1886 
Fraser, Thomas, M.B. 1875 
Fraser, Thomas, M.A. 1879; M.B., 

CM. 1884 
Fraser, Thomas A., M.B., CM. (2nd 

cl.) 1SS2 ; M.D. (Com.) 1886 
Fraser, 2 Thomas R., M.D. (Gold Mel.) 

Fraser, William, M.A. (2nd, Class.) 1884 
Fraser, William, M.A. 1S71 
Fraser, William, LF.D. 1S82 
Fraser, William D., M.B., CM 1SS3 
Frazer, Alexander, M.A. 1S79 
Frazer, James II., M.A. 1884 
Freeborn, Henry S. K., M.B..CM. 1885 
Freeman, Edward A., LL. D. 1884 
French, John, M.A. 1881 ; LL.B. 1887 
Frere, Sir Barlle F. , FL.D. 1884 
Frew. William, M.I;.. CM. 1872; M.D. 

(Com.) 1884 
Frew, William S., M.B., CM. 1S77 
Frood, George F. B., M.A. 1886 
Fry, Edwin S., M.B., CM. (ist cl.) 

Fry, William W. I!., M.B., CM. 1881 
Fulcher, George F., M.B. , CM. (Com.) 

Fullarton, Robert, M.B., CM. 1886 

Fuller, Arthur, M.P., CM. (2nd cl.) 

Fullerton, George, M.A. 1SS6 
Fulss, Frederick C J., M.i:., CM. 18S8 
Fulton, Thomas X. W., MB., CM. 

(istcL) 1884 
Furley, Win. C, M.B. 1875 ; M.D. 1882 
I-yfe, George, Ml'. Com.) 1862 
Fyffe, David, M.A. 1887 
Fyffe, John, M.B, CM. 1877 
Gage-Brown, Charles IF, M.I)., CM. 

18S4; M.D. 1S87 
Gailey, Tohn A.. M. II. 1S74; M.D. 1876 
( .ainer.'joseph W., M.B., CM. 1886 
(iairdner, lames, M.B., CM. 1S67 

M.I). 1S73 
Gairdner, Matthew W., M.B. 1871 
Gairdner, William T., LF.D. 1883 
Galbraith, James, M.A. 1S68 ; LL.B. 

Galbraith, John, M.A. 1S70 
Galbraith, Matthew. M.A. 1S67 
Galbraith, Thomas, M.B., CM. 1886 
Galbraith, William, LL.B. (Hon.) 18S8 
Galdemar, Jean A., M.B., CM. [873 
Galletly, George W., M.B., CM. 1882 
Galletly, John, M.A. 1SS1 ; M.B..CM. 

Galletly, William, M.B. 1S76; M.D. 

(Com.) 1880 
Galletly, William G., M.B., CM. 1SS4 
Galloway, Alex., M.A. 1S69 ; B.D. 1872 
Galloway, David J., M.B., CM. 1S84 
Galloway, George, B.D. 1SS7 
Galloway, James J., M.A. 18S7 
Galloway, Robert, M.A. 1883 
Galloway, 3 Robert K., M.A. (ist, Math.) 

Galloway, Robert L., M.A. (2nd, Class.) 

1884; B.D. 1887 
Gait, Sir Alexander, LL.D. 1883 
Gamble, Leonard D., M.B., CM. (2nd 

cl.) 1886 
Gamgee, 4 Arthur, M.D. (Gold Med.)iS62 
Ganneau, M. Clermont, LL.D. 1 
Gardiner, Andrew, M.A. 1872 
(lardiner, Andrew, M.A. [87a 
Gardiner, Duncan F., M.B, CM. 1SS4 

1 Formerly Examiner in Mental Philosophy, University, Edinburgh. 

- F.R.S.; Prof, of Materia Medica and of Clinical Medicine, University, Edinburgh. 

3 Formerly F.xaminer in Mathematics, University. Edinburgh. 

* F.R.b. ; Lecturer on Materia Medica, St George's Hospital, London. 


Alphabetical List of Gradjiates. 

Gardiner, George, M.A. 1875; B.D. 1878 
Gardiner, George, M.A. 1876 
Gardiner, George B., M.A. (1st, Class.) 

Gardiner, James, M.A. 1876 
Gardiner, Matthew H., M.B., CM. 

Gardiner, Samuel R., LL.D. 1 881 
Gardner, Hamilton G, M.B., CM. 1873 
Gardner, James, M.A. (1st, Phil.) 1881; 

B.D. 1884 
Gardner, James A., M.A. 1879 
Gardner, James F., M.A. (2nd, Phil.) 

1882; B.D. 1887 
Gardner, Robert H., M.B., CM. 1872 
Gardner, William R. W., M.A. 1884 
Garland, John, LL.B. (Hon.) 1 886 
Garland, Ormond H., M.B., CM. 1868 ; 

M.D. (Com.) 1888 
Garman, Walter C, M.B., CM. 1883 
Garnett, Richard, LL.D. 1883 
Garrington, Arthur M., M.D. 1859 
Garson, George, B.Sc. (Engin.) 1884 
Garson, John G., M.B. 1875; M.D. 

(Com.) 1878 
Garson, John H. R., M.B., CM. 1888 
Garson, Patrick C, M.B., CM. 1886 
Garson, William R. J., M.B., CM. 1880 
Garton, William, M.B., CM. 1875; 

M.D. 1877 
Garvie, John, M.B., CM. 1885 
Gash, Walter J. L. (now W. J. Lewis), 

B.L. 1879 
Gassin, Jean B. J., M.D. 1863 
Gassiot, John P., LL.D. 1871 
Gay, William, M.B., CM. 1882; M.D. 

(Com.) 1886 
Geddes, Francis G, M.A. 1887 
Geddes, James, M.A. 1883 ; LL.B. 1885 
Geddes, (Principal) Wm. D., LL.D. 1876 
Geikie, 1 Archibald, LL.D. 1884 
Gelebian, Alfred, M.B., CM. 18S0 
Gell, Thomas S., M.B., CM. 1866; 

M.D. 1870 
Gellatly, Andrew, M.B., CM. 1868 
Gemmel, Robert D. B., M.A. 1879 
Gemmell, John E., M.B., CM. 1885 
Gentle, David, M.D. 1865 
Gentle, James, M.D. 1862 
Gentle, Peter, M.D. 1862 

Geoghegan, Alexander, M A. (2nd, Class.) 

George, Richard J., M.B., CM. 1888 
George, William, M.A. 1871 
Georgeson, Donald, M.A. 1876 
Georgeson, Frederick H., M.A. 1881 
Georgeson, John, M.A. 1874 
Geymonat, Paul, D.D. 1886 
Geysel, Chas. W. van, M.B., CM. 1877 
Ghose, Judoo M., B.Sc. (Phys.) 1885 
Gibb, Colin M., M.A. 1885 
Gibb, George M., M.A. (2nd, Class.) 1888 
Gibb, Philip, M.A. 1874 
Gibb, William, M.A. 1880 
Gibbons, Robert A., M.B., CM. 1874; 

M.D. (High Com.) 1877 
Gibson, Alexander, M.A. 1863 
Gibson, Alexander, M.A. 1888 
Gibson, Charles J., M.B., CM. 1880 
Gibson, Edmund W., B.Sc. (Nat.) 1883 
Gibson, Francis M., B.Sc. (Phys.) 1888 
Gibson, 2 George A., B.Sc. (Nat.) 1874; 

M.B.,CM. 1876 ; D.Sc. (Geol.) 1877 ; 

M.D. (High Com.) 1881 
Gibson, George H., M.B., CM. 1887 
Gibson, James, B.A. 1861 ; M.A. 1862 
Gibson, James, M.A. 1885 
Gibson, James T., M.A. 1S81 ; LL.B. 

Gibson John, M.B., CM. 1879; M.D. 

(Gold Med.) 1887 
Gibson, John, M.A. 1883 
Gibson, John L, M.B., CM. (1st cl.) 

1 881; M.D. (Gold Med.) 1885 
Gibson, John W., B.A. i860 ; M.A. 1861 
Gibson, Robert W., M.B., CM. 1887 
Gibson, Thomas, M.A. 1885 
Gibson, Thomas, M.A. 1886 
Gibson, Thomas H., M.B., CM. 1886 
Gibson, William, M.A. 1885 
Gibson, William R., M.B., CM. 1877 
Giddings, Robert R., M.B., CM. 1883 
Gifford, Lawson, M.B., CM. 1882 
Gilbert, Herbert J., M.B., CM. 1882 ; 

M.D. 1888 
Gilbertson, JohnG, M.A. 1886 
Gilchrist, John A., M.A. 1881 
Gilchrist, John D. F., M.A. (2nd, Phil.) 

Giles, William A., M.B., CM. 1882 

1 Formerly Prof, of Geology, University, Edinburgh. 

2 Extra-academical Lecturer. 

Alphabetical List of Graduates. 


Gill, David, LL.D., 1884 
Gill, John, M.B., C,M. 1879 
Gill, Railton, M.B., CM. 1887 
Gillespie, Alexander L..M.B., CM. 1SS8 
Gillespie, James R., M.D. 1863 
Gillespie, John G., M.A. 1883 
Gillies, James R., M.A. 1875 
Gillies, Walter, M.A. 1876 
Gillies, Walter, M.B., CM. 1875 
Gillieson, Archibald II., M.A. 1S69 ; 

B.D. 1872 
Gillison, Thomas, M.B., CM. 1882 
Gilmour, Allan, M.A. 1869 
C'.ilmour, James, M.A. 1SS0 ; B.D. 1884 
Gilray, George V., M.B., CM. 1886 
Gilray, 1 Thomas, M.A. (2nd, Class.) 1S76 
Gipps, George W., M.B., CM. 1870 
Girdwood, James M., M.D. 1S62 
Gladstone,- William E., LL.D. i860 
Glascott, Charles E., M.B., CM. 1868; 

M.D. 1871 
Glasgow, Earl of, LL.D. 1884 
Glasgow, James, B.A. i860; M.A. 1862 
Glasier, Charles, M.B., CM. 1875; 

M.D. 1879 
Glass, James, M.A. 1864 
Glegg, Arthur T., LL.B. 1884 
Glegg, John, M.B., CM. 1885 
Glen, George A., M.A. 1888 
Glendinning, Douglas, M.D. 1865 
Glendinning, George, M.B. , CM. 1874 
Glennie, Charles E., M.A. 1885 
Gloag, John, M.B., CM. 1877 
Glover, James G., M.B., CM. 18S5 
Godfray, Alfred C, M.B., CM. 1873 
Godfray, Sydney C, M.B., CM. 1887 
Godfrey, Frank W. A., M.B., CM. (2nd 

cl.) 1883 
Godfrey, Joseph E., M.B., CM. 1882 
Goldie, James S. , M.A. 1874 
Goldie, Thomas S. , M.A. 1878 
Goldsbrough, Albert, M.A. 1883 
Goldschmidt, Ludwig, LL.D. 1884 
Gollan, Henry C, M.A. 1S87 
Gonsalves, Manuel M., M.B..CM. 1875 
Goodall, Alexander, M.D. 1863 
Goodall, George B., M.B., CM. 1SS6 
Goodall, William S., M.A. 1875 

Gooding, John C, M.D. (Com.) 1861 
Goodwillie, James, M.A. (ist, Math.) 

1888; B.Sc. (Math.) 1888 
Goodwin, David, M.A. 187 1 
Goodwin," William L., B.Sc. (Phys.) 

1882; D.Sc. (Chem.) 1882 
Goold, Henry B., M.A. 1871 
Goold, James G., M.A. (ist, Class.) 18S8 
Gordon, /Eneas ('.., M.A. 1875 
Gordon, Alexander, B.A. 1859 
Gordon, Alexander, M.A. 1864 
Gordon, Alexander, M.B., CM. 1870 
Gordon, Arthur, M.A. 1874 
Gordon, Cosmo R., M.A. (Honorary) 

Gordon, David, M.A. 1865 
Gordon, 4 Edward S., Lord, LL.D. 18..9 
Gordon, Edwin L., M.A. 1888 
Gordon, Henry, M.B., CM. 186S ; 

M.D. 1885 
Gordon, H. W. M., M.A. 1865 
Gordon, James, B.A. 1861 ; M.B.,C M. 

1867; M.D. (Com.) 1885 
Gordon, James A., M.A. 1880 
Gordon, John, M.A. 1883 
Gordon, John, LL.D. 1874 
Gordon, John G., M.B., CM. 1870 
Gordon, John M., M.B., CM. 1866 
Gordon, Julius, M.A. 1886 
Gordon, Philip J., M.A. 1878 
Gordon, Robert, M.B., CM. 1883 
Gordon, Robert, M.B., CM. 1885 
Gordon, Robert P. R., M.B., CM. 18S6 
Gordon, Thomas, M.A. 1S74; M.B , 

CM. 1879 
Gordon, William, M.D. 1862 
Gordon, William, B.D. 1872 
Gordon, William I., B.D. 1872 
Gordon, William J., M.A. 1877 
Gore, George, LL.D. 1877 
Gorrie, John, M.A. 1883 
Gossip, Charles J., M.D. 1859 
Gossip, Walter M., M.A. 1881 
Goudy, s Henry, M.A. 1870; LL.B. 1S71 
Gould, Franklin, M.D. (Cold Med.) [866 
Courlay, James, M.A. 1S65 
Gourlay, Wm. F., B.Sc. (Engin.) 1S79 
Gow, James G., M.A. 1885 

I Professor of English, University College, Dundee. - Formerly Lord Rector of the University. 
3 Professor of ChemUtry. Kingman, Canada. 4 Formerly Member of I'niv. Court, Edin. 

8 Editor oi Juridical Rcviciu; formerly Examiner iu Law, University, Edinburgh. 

4 2 

Alphabetical List of Graduates. 

Gow, Louis H., M. A. 1882 ; LL.B. 18S5 

Govv, Peter, M.A. 1864 

Gowan, Charles, M.B., CM. 1871 ; 

M.D. (Com.) 1S74 
Gowan, Feter, B.Sc. (Nat.) 1871; M.B., 

CM. 1S71; M.D. 1873 
Gowans, Wm. B., M.B., CM. 1883; 

M.D. 1887 
Gracie, James, M.A. 1887 
Graham, Alexander, M.A. 1877 
Graham, James, M.A. 1879; M.B., CM. 

1882; M.D. (Gold Med.) 1888 
Graham, James, M.B., CM. 1886 
Graham, James G., M.B., CM. 1887 
Graham, John A., M.A. 1885 
Graham, Joseph C, M.A. 1874 
Graham, Thomas, M.A. 1876 
Graham, William, M.A. 1S87 
Grahame, John, M.A. 1869; B.D. 1875 
Grange, Charles E., M.A. (1st, Math., and 

Nat. Sc.) 1887; B.Sc. (Math.) 1887 
Grange, William D., M.B., CM. 1874; 

M.D. 1880 
Grant, 1 (Sir) Alex., (Bart.), LL.D. 1865 
Grant, Alexander, M.D. 1869 
Grant, Alexander, M.A. 1876 
Grant, Alexander, M.A. (Nat. Sc.) 1S80; 

M.B., CM. 1881 
Grant, Allan E., M.B., CM. 1886 
Grant, Charles C, M.A. (1st, Math.) 

Grant, Charles M., B.D. 1866 

Grant, David, M.A. 1872; M.B., CM. 

(istcl.) 1876; M.D. (High Com.) 1887 
Grant, Edward L., M.B., CM. 1880 
Grant, Francis W., M.B., CM. 1882; 

B.Sc. (Pub. IF) 1883; M.D. 18S5 
Grant, George F., M.B., CM. 1886 
Grant, Henry L., M.B., CM. 1882 
Grant, James, M.D. 1862 
Grant, James, M.B., CM. 1871 
Grant, James D., M.A. 1873; M.B., 

CM. '1876; M.D. (High Com.) 1879 
Grant, James G. G., M.D. 1859 
Grant, James W., M.B., CM. 1886 
Grant, John, M.B., CM. 1882 
Grant, John, M.B., CM. 1887 
Grant, John F. W., M.A. (2nd, Phil.) 

Grant, John P., LL.B. 1S83 

Grant, Leonard, M.B.,CM. 1881 ; M.D. 

Grant, Ogilvie, M.B., CM. 1881 
Grant, Peter M., M.B., CM. 1870; 

B.Sc. (Pub. H.) 1877 
Grant, William F., M.B., CM. 1882; 

M.D. 1885 
Grant, William T., M.B., CM. 1876 
Grasett, Frederick Le M., M.B., CM. 

Gray, Alexander, M.A. 1887 
Gray, Allan E. I.., M.B., CM. 1885 
Gray, Andrew, M.A. 1884; M.B., CM. 

Gray, Asa, LL.D. 1887 
Gray, David A., M.B., CM. 1888 
Gray, Henry A. C, M.B., CM. 1S73 
Gray, James A., M.A. 1S72 ; M.B., 

CM. 1876; M.D. (Gold Med.) 1880 
Gray, John, B.Sc. (Engin.) 1879 
Gray, Joseph T., M.A. 1867 
Gray, Laurence R., M.B., CM. 1884 
Gray, Lothian, M.A. 1881 
Gray, Robert, M.A. 1888 
Gray, Robert M., M.A. 1884 
Gray, Thomas, M.A. 1862 
Gray, Thomas, M.B. 1880 
Gray, Thomas K., M.B. 1S69 
Gray, Thomas P., M.B., CM. 1886 
Gray, Thomas S., M.D. (High Com.) 

1 861 
Gray, William, M.A. 1S87 
Gray, William C, B.L. 1886 
Gray, Wm. H., M.A, 1885; B.D. 1888 
Gray, William L., B.Sc. (Pub. H.) 1888 
Gray, William. N., M.A. 1888 
Greard, Octave, LL.D. 1884 
Greathead, John B. S., M.B., CM. 1879 
Green, John, M.B., CM. 1873 
Green, John R., LL.D. 1878 
Green, W. H., D.D. 1884 
Greenbury, Fred. G., M.B., CM. 1884 
Greenidge, Campbell C, M.B., CM. 

Greenfield, Charles B., M.B. 1865; 

M.D. 1870 
Greenhough, Vernon J., M.B., CM. 

Greenlees, Matthew R., M.A. 1886 
Greenlees, Thos. D., M.B., CM. 1882 

1 Formerly Principal and Vice Chancellor of the University. 

Alphabetical List of Graduates. 


Greenough, Edwin, M.B., CM. (2nd 

cl.) 1884 
Greenvvay, Alex. S., M.B., CM. 1874; 

M.D. (Com.) 1880 
Greenwood, Joseph G., LL.D. 1884 
Gregory, William II., M.D. 1865 
Greig, Charles K., M.A. (ist, Class., and 

211.1, Phil.) 1876 
Greig, David M., MI!., CM. 1SS5 
Greig, John, M.A. 1881 
Greig, William C, M.B., CM. 1S80 
Greves, Edwin H., M.B..C.M. (2ndcl.) 

1879: M.D. (Cold Med.) 1885 
Grier, Charles W. M., M.B., CM. 

Grierson, Archibald, M.A. 1883 
Grierson, Francis W., M.B., CM. (2nd 

cl.) 18S3 
Grieve, Alexander, M.A. 1884 
Grieve, Robert J. , M.A. 1867 
Grieve, Walter D., M.B., CM. 1886 
Griffin, John, M.B., CM. 1882 
Griffith, Thomas 11., M.D. , CM. 1885 
Griffiths, Alfred, M.B., CM. 1888 
Griffiths, Benjamin, M.B., CM. 1884 
Griffiths, David, M.B., CM. 1867 
Griffiths, Joseph, M.B., CM. (2nd cl.) 

Grigg, William C, M.D. 1S70 
Grim, George, B. A. i860; M.A. 861 
Grobbelaar, Curt, M.B., CM. 1888 
Grosart, Alexander B., LL.D. 1877 
Gross, Samuel W. , LL.D. 1884 
Grosset, James E. , LL. B. 1885 
Grosvenor, Alfred O. , M.D. 1864 
Grosvenor, George E. , M.D. (Com.) 1863 
Groves, Charles II., M.B., CM. 1862; 

M.D. 1866 
Gubbin, William B. T., M.B., CM. 

1885; M.D. (Com.) 1888 
Guerin, Felix O., M.B., CM. 1S86 
Guild, John E., M.A. 1882 
Guild, Robert II., M.A. 1SS1 
Guillemard, Bernard J., M.B., CM. 

(1st cl) 187S; M.D. 1882 
Gull, Sir William W., LL.D. 1884 
Gulland, George L, M.A., 1SS1 ; B.Sc. 

(Nat.) 1883; M.B., CM. (2nd cl.) 

Gun, John M., M.A. 1S74 ; LL.B. 1877 

Gunn, Clement 1!., M.B., CM. 1882; 

Ml). (Com.) 1885 
Gunn, Edmund J., M.A. 1886 
Gunn, George, M.A. 1872 
Gunn, George G., M.A. 1867 
Gunn, John, M.A. 1883 
Gunn, John J., M.B., CM. 1874 
Gunn, Peter l;., M.A. 1880 
Gunn, Robert, M.D. 1864 
Gunn, Robert M., M.A. 1S71 ; M.B., 

CM. 1873 
Gunn, Sinclair S., M.A. (Nat. Sc.) 1884 
Gunning, Robert H., LL.D. 1887 
Guppy, Henry 15., M.B., CM. 1876 
Gutheridge, George F., M.B., CM. 1S82 
Guthrie, Archd. G, M.B., CM. 1887 
Guthrie, Charles J., M.A. 1871 
Guthrie, George, M.B., CM. 1873 
Guthrie, James A., M.B., CM. 1885 
Guthrie, Robert L., M.A. 1888 
Guthrie, William, M.A. 1867 
Guthrie, William, LL.D. 1881 
Gutteridge, Matthew W., M.B., CM. 

Gwynn, Charles H., M.B., CM. 1878; 

M.D. 1888 
Haan, David B. de, LL.D. 1884 
Haddon, John, M.A. 1864; M.B..CM. 

1867 ; M.D. (Gold Med.) 1869 
Hadheld, Thomas, M.A. 1885 
Haggart, John, M.A. 1868 ; M.B., CM. 

Hailes, Clements D. G., MB., CM. 

1884; M.D. 1886 
Ilaining, William, M.D. 1868 
Ilains, Frederick A. 1'., M.D. 1862 
Hair, Philip, M.I!., CM. (Gold Med.) 

1866; M.D. 1868 
Haldane, 1 Daniel R., LL.D. 1884 
Haldane, John S., M.A. 1S79 ; M.B., 

CM. 1885 
Haldane,- Richard B., M.A. (ist, Phil.) 

Hall, Alexander C, M.B., CM. iSSS 
Hall, Edgar A.. MB., CM. [872 
Hall, Edmund A. W. , M.B., CM. 

Hall, Francis J., M.B., CM 
Hall, Frederick W. C, MB., CM. 


1 Formerly Examiner in Clinical Medicine ; late Member of University Court, Edin. - Ml'. 


Alphabetical List of Graauatcs. 

Hall, George, M.B., CM. 18S6 ; M.D. 

Hall, Henry J., M.A. 1884 
Hall, James, M.B., CM. 1868 
Hall, William H. A., M.B., CM. 1886 
Hall, William W., M.B., CM. 1884 
Halle, (Sir) Charles, LL.D. 1884 
Halley, George, M.A. 1888 
Halliday, James, M.A. 187 1 
Halliday, James, M.A. 1876 
Hallows, Harry P., M.B., CM. 1882; 

M.D. 1885 
Hallows, Stuart P., M.B., CM. 1885 
Hamilton, Archibald, M.D. (Com.) 1861 
Hamilton, Daniel E., M.D. 1867 
Hamilton, David, M.D. 1864 
Hamilton, 1 David J., M.B. 1878 
Hamilton, David R., M.B., CM. 1881 
Hamilton, George G., M.B.,CM. 1887 
Hamilton, James, M.A. 1886 
Hamilton, James M., M.A. 1878 
Hamilton, John M., M.A. i860 
Hamilton, John R., M.B., CM. 1875 ; 

M.D. (Com.) 1878 
Hamilton, John W., M.A. 1882 
Hamilton, Thomas, M.B., CM. 1865 
Hamilton, Zachary M., D.D. 1864 
Hammond, Gordon, M.D. 1863 
Handford, Henry, M.B., CM. (2nd cl.) 

1878; M.D. 1882 
Handyside, Patrick B., M.B., CM. 1883 
Hanna, William, D.D. 1864 
Harcus, William, M.A. 1879 
Hardcastle, Hugo M., M.B., CM. 1882; 

M.D. (Com.) 1887 
Hardie, 2 James, M.D. (Com.) 1862 
Hardie, John, M.A. 1880; B.D. 1884 
Hardie, John D., M.A. 1886 
Hardie, Joseph R., M.B., CM. 1868 
Hardie, Ralph, M.A. 1886 
Hardie, Robert, M.B., CM. 1877 
Hardie, Robert, M.B., CM. 1882 
Hardie, Robert P., M.A. (1st, Phil., 

and 1st, Math.) 1884 
Hardie, Wm. R., M.A. (1st, Class.) 1880 
Harding, William, M.B., CM. 1881 

Hardman, William, M.B., CM. 1871 
Hardy, James E., M.B., CM. 1868 
Hardy, William G., M.B., CM. 1874 
Hardyman, George, M.B., CM. 1886 
Hare, a Arthur W., M.B., CM. (2nd 

cl.) 1882 
Harker, Thomas, M.B. 1875 ; CM. 1876 
Harkness, Thomas, M.B., CM. 1879 
Harkom, Joseph M., B.L. 1886 
Harley, Vaughan B., M.B., CM. 1887 
Harpe, M. de la, D.D. 1876 
Harper, Andrew, B.D. 1872 
Harris, Alfred, M.B., CM. 1880 
Harris, Alfred C E., M.B. 1872 
Harrison, 4 (Sir) George, LL.D. 1884 
Harrison, James, M.B., CM. 1887 
Harrison, John, D.D. 1870 
Harrison, Thomas L. , M.D. 1864 
Harrison, William A., M.B., CM. 1880 ; 

B.Sc. (Pub. H.) 1883 
Hart, 5 David B., M.B., CM. 1877; 

M.D. (Gold Med.) 1880 
Hart, Frank J. L, M.B., CM. 1886 
Hartington, 6 Marquess of, LL.D. 1879 
Hartley, Alfred, M.B., CM. 1881 ; 

M.D. 1883 
Hartley, Arthur C, M.B., CM. 1888 
Harvey, Alfred J., M.B., CM. 1877 
Harvey, Charles, M.B., CM. 1887 
Harvey, Charles E., M.B., CM. 1888 
Harvey, Henry, M.B. 1871 
Harvey, John T., M.B., CM. 1885 
Harvey, Thomas, LL.D. 1870 
Harvey, William, B.L. 1886 
Harvey, 7 William, LL.B. (Hon.) 1887 
Harwood, Septimus, M.B., CM. 1S81 
Hassall, John, M.B., CM. 1876; M.D. 

(Gold Med.) 1883 
Hastie, John, M.A. 1869; LL.B. 1870 
Hastie, William, M.A. 1869 
Hastie, 8 William, M.A. (ist, Phil.) 1867 ; 

B.D. 1869 
Hastings, John B., M.A. 1873 
Hastings, Robert, M.A. 1884 
Haswell, James, B.A. 1861 ; M.A. 1863 
Haswell, John F., M.B., CM. 1886 

1 Prof, of Pathological Anatomy, University, Aberdeen. 

2 Surgeon, Royal Infirmary, Manchester. 3 Prof, of Surgery, Owens College, Manchester. 

4 Formerly Curator of Patronage, University, Edinburgh. 

5 Examiner in Midwifery, Univ., Edin. 6 Formerly Lord Rector of the University. 

7 Examiner in Mathematics, University, Edinburgh. 

8 Examiner in Divinity, Univ., Edin. ; Formerly Principal, Church of Scotland College, Calcutta. 

Alphabetical List of Graduates. 


Haswell, 1 William A., M.A. 1877; B.Sc. 

(Nat.) 1878; D.Sc. (Z00L) 1887 
Hatch, Edwin, D.D. 1883 
Haughey, Alexander R., M.B. (Com.) 

1866; M.D. 1S..9 
Haughton, Samuel, LL.D. 1S84 
Haultain, Francis W. X., M.B., CM. 

Havelock, John C, M.B., CM. 1887 

Ilawkes, Lewis A., M.I!., CM. 1886 

Hawkins, Francis II., M.P,.,C.M. 1882 

Hay, George, M.A. 1S71 

Hay, George W. K., M.D. 1S67 

Hay, Harry I>., M.B., CM. 1867 

Hay, Henry, MB., CM. 1876 

Hay, John II., M.B., CM. 1S76 ; M.D. 

Hay,- Matthew, M.B., CM. (ist cl.) 

1878; M.D. (Gold Med.) 1881 
Haycraft, 3 John B., M.B., CM. 1878; 

B.Sc. (Pub. H.) 1878; M.D. (Gold 

Med.) 1888; D.Sc. (Pub. II.) 1888 
Hayman, Charles N., M.B., CM. 1873 
Haynes, Stanley L., M.D. (Com.) 1863 
Haynes, Sydney W., M.B., CM. 1881 
Hayward, Charles W., M.B., CM. 1886 
Heath, James, M.B., CM. 1SS3 ; M.D. 

Heath, Joseph, M.B., CM. 1881 
Hector, Edward I!., M.B., CM. 1883 
Hedley, William S., M.D. 1S63 
Helm, John H., M.B., CM. 1F85 
Helm, Robert D.. M.B., CM. 1883; 

M.D. (Com.) 18S7 
Helme, James M., M.B., CM. 1875; 

M.D. (Gold Med.) 1879 
Helme, Thomas A., M.B., CM. (2nd 

cl.) 1885 
Helme, Walter C, M.B., CM. 1885 
Helmholtz, H. L. F. von, LL.D. 1884 
Henderson, Alexander R., M.A. 1887 
Henderson, Andrew, B.Sc. (Phys. ) 1886 
Henderson, Daniel, M.A. iciSo 
Henderson, Edward, M.D. [864 
Henderson, George, Ml'.., CM. 1S77 ; 

M.D. 1886 
Henderson, Gilbert S. , M.A. 1872 

Henderson, James 1!., M.A. 1883 ; B.D. 

Henderson, John, M. B , CM. 1838 
Henderson, John B., M. B.,CM. 1870; 

M.D. 1875 
Hcnderson, 4 JohnR., M.B., CM. 1SS4 
Henderson, Robert, M.A. 1870 
Henderson, Robert S. F. , M.I!., CM. 

Henderson, Selby H., M.B., CM. 1S82 
Henderson, Thomas, MB., CM. 1886 
Henderson, Thomas P., M.A., 1861 
Henderson, Thomas R. , M.A. 1885 
Henderson, William, M.D. 1868 
Henderson, William P., M.D. 1866 
Hendry, Alexander, M.B., CM. 1S78 
Henle, J., LL.D. 1884 
Hennessy, Frank W., M.B., CM. 1885 
Henry, Alexander, M.B. 1874; CM. 

1877; M.D. 1877 
Henry, Donald M., M.A. 1S84 
Hepburn, David, M.B., CM. (2nd cl.) 

Hepworth, William B..M.B., CM. 1S70 
Herbert, William W., M.B., CM. 1882 ; 

M.D. (Com.) 1886 
Ilerdman, James C, B.D. 1877 
IIerdman, 5 William A., B.Sc. (Nat.) 1879; 

D.Sc. (Zool.) 1880 
Herman, Christian L., M.B., CM. 1881 
Hermite, Charles, LL.D. 1884 
Hern.John, M.B.i88i;M.D.(Com.)iSS3 
Heron, John, M.A. 1881 ; B.D. 1S85 
Heron, Robert, B.A. 1861 
Hetherington, Henry B., M.B..C.M. 1SS6 
Ilett, Geoffrey, M.B. 1867; M.D. 1871 
Hewan, Archibald, M.D. (Com.) 1866 
Hewat, John, M.B., CM. 1887 
Hewat, Kirkwood, M.A. 1877 
Hewat, William, M.B., CM. 1887 
Hewetson, Jas., M.B.,CM. (istcl.)iSSi 
Hewison, James K., M.A. 1874 
Hewland, George V., M.B., CM. 18S5; 

M.D. (High Com.) 1888 
Hewlett. Geo., M.B., CM. (ist cl.) 1883 
Hewston, Alexander, M.B., CM. 1S67 ; 

M.D. 1887 

1 Lecturer on Natural History, University, Sydney, N.S.W. 

2 Prof, of Medical Jurisprudence, University. Aberdeen. 

3 Formerly Prof, of Physiology, Mason College, Birmingham. 
* Prof, of Nat. Science, Madras. 

6 Prof, of Biology, University College, Liverpool. 

4 6 

Alphabetical List of Graduates. 

Heycock, Francis R., M.B., CM. 1868; 

M.D. (Com.) 1871 
Hicks, George S., M.B., CM. 1886 
Higgins, William H., M.B., CM. 1868 
Higginson, Henry T.,M.D. (Com.) 1863 
Highmoor, Richard N., M.B., CM. 1886 
I Till, Cumberland, B. A. i860; M.A.1861 
Hill, George, M.D. (Com.) 1859 
Hill, Henry E., M.A. 1884 
Hill, Henry W., M.B., CM. 1870 
Hill, James E., M.A. 1868 ; B.D. 1872 
Hill, James H. G., M.D. 1862 
Hill, John R., M.B., CM. 1885 
Hill, John S., M.B., CM. 1883 
Hill, Robert, M.A. 1875 
Hill, Robert B., M.B. 1875; M.D. 

(Com.) 1879; B.Sc. (Pub. H.) 1885 
Hill, Thomas E., M.B., CM. (1st cl.) 

1887; B.Sc. (Pub. H.) 1888 
Hill, Thomas K., M.B., CM. 1883 
Hill, William H, M.B., CM. 1886 
Hill, William R., M.B., CM. 1886 
Hillhouse, John U., M.A. i860 
Hillier, Alfred P., M.B., CM. 1882; 

M.D. 1884 
Hinchcliff, Edwin, M.D. (1st cl. and 

Com.) 1870 
Hincks, Thos. S. H., M.B., CM. 1874; 

M.D. 1885 
Hinde, Francis R. B., M.B., CM. 1886 
Hird, Thomas A., M.B., CM. 1882 
Hirschfeld, John C, M.B., CM. 1869 
Hirst, Herbert, M.B., CM. 1885 
Hislop, John, LL.D. 1883 
Hislop, Robert, B.L. 1875 
Hitchcock, Henry, M.A. 1871 
Hitchcock, R. D., D.D. 1885 
Hoad, William, M.B., CM. 1880 
Hobson, John M., M.B. 1878; M.D. 

(Com.) 1880 
Hodge, David, M.A. 1872 
Hodgkinson, Alexander, M.B., CM. 

(2nd cl.) 1873 ; B.Sc. (Nat.) 1873 
Hodgson, 1 James M., D.Sc. (Ment. Ph.) 

Hodgson, Michael, M.B., CM. 1874 
Hodgson, Shadworth H., LL.D. 1871 
Hodgson, Thos. M., M.B., CM. 1884 
Hoernle, Edward F., M.B. 1878 

Hoffman, Joshua J., M.B., CM. 1885 
Hoffman, Josias M., M.B., CM. 1881 
Hogg, Charles, M.A. (Nat. Sc.) 1888 
Hogg, George, M.A. 1880 
Hogg, HopeW., M.A. 1884; B.D. 1887 
Hogg, Robert B., M.B., CM. 1875; 

M.D. 1884 
Hogg, William B. G., M.B., CM. 1868 ; 

M.D. 1873 
Hoggan, Edward, M.D. 1865 
Hoggan, George, M.B., CM. 1872 
Holden, Charles, M.B., CM. (Hon.) 

1867; M.D. 1869 
Holland, Charles E., M.B., CM. 1882 
Holliday, John T., M.A. (ist,Math.) 1886 
Holliday/Samuel R., M.A. 1887 
Hollis, Alfred, M.B., CM. 1869 ; M.D. 

Hollis, Elphinstone, M.B., CM. 1874; 

M.D. (Com.) 1880 
Holmes, David, M.B. 1877 
Holmes, James, M.B., CM. 1875; 

M.D. 1877 
Holmes, John R., M.B., CM. 1886 
Holmes, Oliver W., LL.D. 1886 
Holmes, Thos. D. H., M.B., CM. 1887 
Holmes, William A., M.B., CM. 1884; 

M.D. (Com.) 1886 
Home, 2 D. Milne, LL.D. 1870 
Home, George, M.B., CM. 1871 
Home, George, M.A. 1876 
Home, William E., B.Sc. (Phys.) 1882 ; 

M.B., CM. 1885 
Hood, Archibald, M.B., CM. 1886 
Hood, George, M.D. i860 
Hood, Thomas A. F., M.B., CM. 1884 
Hooker, Sir Joseph D., LL.D. 1884 
Hope, 3 Edward W., M.B., CM. 1878; 

M.D. (Com.) 1882; B.Sc. (Pub. H.) 

1882; D.Sc. (Pub.H.) 1887 
Hope, James, B.A. i860 
Hope, James A., M.A. 1885 
Hope, James J. H., M.D. 1864 
Hope, James S., M.D. 1862 
Hope, John, M.D. 1862 
Hope, John W., M.A. 1878 
Horden, John O., M.B., CM. 1877 
Horn, Alexander, M.A. 1878; B.D. 1882 
Horn, John G., M.A. 1884 

1 Prof, of Science of Religion, Lancashire Independent College, Manchester. 

2 Formerly Curator of Patronage, University, Edinburgh. 

3 Lecturer on Public Health, University College, Liverpool. 

Alphabetical List of Graduates. 


Home, John, M.D. 1859 
Ilornil.low, William R., M.D. 1S59 
Horsburgh, Benjamin, M.A. 1888 
Horsburgh, James II., M.B., CM. 1887 
Hoisley, Reginald E., M.I'... CM. 1885 
Horton, James A. 15., M.D. (Coin.) 1859 
Horton, Wilfred \\\, M.B., CM. 18S0 ; 

M.I). [884 
Horton-Smitli, Wm., M.B., CM. 1887 
Hosegood, William, M.B., CM. 1881 
Houghton, Lord (R. Monckton Milnes), 

I.1..D. 1S78 
Houison, Andrew. M.B., CM. 1873 
Houison, James, M.l'.., CM. 1867 
Houlding, William, B.Sc. (Phys.) 1886 
Houseman, fames G., M.B..CM. 18S1 ; 

M.D. 1887 
Houston, Patrick C, M.D. 1S62 
Ilowat, John R., M.A. (1st, Math.) 

1876; B.D. 1880 
Howden, Charles R. A., M.A. 1883 
Howden, 1 Robert, M.B., CM. (1st cl.) 

Howden, Robert, M.B., CM. 1886 
Howden, Thomas, M.D. (Com.) 1861 
Howell, Mortimer S., LL.D. 1888 
Howell, WilloughbyJ., M.A. 1886 
Howells, Thomas, M.B., CM. (Com.) 

Howes, Frank C. P., M.D. 1864 
Howie, Alexander, M.A. 1884 
Howie, James M., M.B., CM. 1871 
Howie, Phadlallah E. el, M.B.,C.M. 1S87 
Howison, George T. W. , M . B. , C. M. 1887 
lloyle, George, M.B., CM. 1873 
Hoyle.John, M.B., CM. 1883 
Hubbersty, Robert S., M.B., CM. 1884; 

M.D. (Cm.) 1888 
Huey, John, B.D. 1871 
Huggins, Horatio N. 1-..M.B., CM.1873 
1 Biggins, William, LL.D. 187 1 
Hughes, Allied W., M.B., CM. 1885 
Hughes, David H., M.D. 1864 
Hughes, Hugh C, M.B., CM. 1887 
Hughes, Job M., M.B., CM. 1886 
Hughes, Posthumous W., M.B., CM. 

Hughes, Samuel, M.B., CM. 1885 
Hughes, Thomas H., M.D. (Com.) 1S62 

Hugo, Dirkde V., M.B., CM. 1884 
Ilullah, John, LI..D. 1876 
Hume, George II., M.D. 1867 

Hume, John', M.I',., CM. 1884 
Hume, Robert H, M.A. 1888 
Hume, Thomas, M.B., CM. 1873 
Hume, Walter, M.l:., CM. 1888 
Humphreys, Richard, M.B., CM. 1882 
Hunt, Harry R., M.l!., CM. 1887 
Hunter, Alexander, M.A. 1880 
Hunter, Charles H., M.A. 1880 
Hunter, Charles W., M.B., CM. 1886 
Hunter, George, M.B., CM. (Hon.) 

1867; M.D. 1869 
Hunter, George P., M.A. i860 
Hunter, George T., B.A. 1859 
Hunter, Henry B., M.A. 1887 
Hunter, Henry W., M.A. 1884 
Hunter, James, M.B., CM. 1878 ; M.D. 

(High Com.) 1887 
Hunter, James, M.B., CM. 1883 
Hunter, James, M.A. 1S80 ; M.B., CM. 

Hunter, James A. W., M.A. (1st, Math.) 

Hunter, John, M.A. 1869; B.D. 1870 
Hunter, John M., M.D. (Com.) 1871 
Hunter, William, M. B. , CM. (1st cl.) 

1883; M.D. (Gold Med.) 1886 
Hunter, William, M.A. 18S6 
Hunter, Wm. A., M.A. 1865 ;LL.B. 1869 
Hunter, William B., M.B., CM. 1866 ; 

M.D. 1869 
Hunter, William C S., M.A. 18S0 
Hunter,- William F., B.A. i860; M.A. 

1863; LL.B., 1866 
Hunter, William S., M.A. 1877 
Hurd-Wood, John, M.D. 1868 
Hurst, George, M.B..CM. (2nd cl.) 1879 
Husband, Henry A., M.B., CM. (Com.) 

1866; B.Sc. (Pub. H.) 1883 
Husband, Thomas F. , M.A. 1881 
Huskie, David, M.A. 188S ; M.B., 

CM. 1888 
Dutcheson, Adam D. T., M.A. 1888 * 
Hutcheson, James, M.B., CM. 1886: 

M.D. (Com.) 1888 
Hutchinson, Charles F., M.B., CM. 
1872; M.D. 1874 

1 Lecturer on Anatomy, Durham College of Medicine, Xewcastle-on-Tyne. 

2 Formerly Examiner in Law, University, Edinburgh. 

4 8 

Alphabetical List of Graduates. 

Ireland, Walter E., M.A. 1874 

Irons, David E., M.A. 1868; B.D. 1869 

Irons, James C, M.A. 1874 

Irvine, Alex. Forbes, LL.D. 1887 

Irvine, Alexander J., M.A. 1869 

Irvine, James M., B.Sc. (Math.) 1887 

Irvine, Robert, M.A. 1863 

Irvine, Robert W., M.A. 1872; M.B., 

CM. 1876 
Irvine, Thomas, M.B., CM. 1870 
Irvine, Thomas W., M.B., CM. 1887 
Irvine, William S., M.D. 1864 
Irving, George, M.A. 1881 ; M.B., CM. 

1883; M.D. 1887 
Irving, George T., M.A. 1886 
Irving, John, M.A. 1867 
Irving, Thomas, M.A. 1879 
Isaac, George W., M.B., CM. 1882 
Iverach, Donald, M.A. 1880 
Iverach, 3 James, M.A. 1S63 
Iverach, James, M.A. 1S67 
Iverach, William, B.A. 1861; M.A. 1862 
Izatt, Andrew, M.A. 1887 
Jack, David, M.A. 1880; B.D. 1885 
Jack, David M., M.B., CM. 1875 ; M.D. 

Jack, Robert P., M.B., CM. 1886 
Jack, William, M.A. 1886 
Jackson, Andrew, M.A. 1863; LL.B. 

Jackson, Charles J., M.D. (Com.) 1870 
Tackson, Edward S., M.B., CM. 1879 
Jackson, Frederick W., M.B., CM. (2nd 

cl.) 1873 
Jackson, John H., M.B., CM. 1882 
Jackson, John L., M.B., CM. 1883 
Jackson, Robert, M.B., CM. 1885 
Jackson, Thomas, M.D. 186 1 
Jackson, Thos. W., B.Sc. (Pub. H.) 1S77 
Jacquemyns, G. Rolin, LL.D. 1877 
James, 4 Alexander, M.B., CM. 1872; 

M.D. (High Com.) 1876 
James, David, M.D. 1861 
James, Henry N. L., M.D. 1864 
James, James R., M.B. 187 1 
James, John, B.Sc. (Engin.) 1873 
James, Richard, M.B., CM. 1878 
Jameson, Adam, M.B., CM. 1883 

1 Rector, High School, Stirling. " Rector, Academy, Tain. 

3 Prof, of Apologetics, F. C. College, Aberdeen. 

4 Assistant Physician, Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh ; Extra-academical Lecturer. 

Hutchinson, Edward de W., M.B., CM. 

1879; M.D. 1882 
Hutchinson, Robinson J., M.B., CM. 

1871 ; M.D. 1874 
Hutchison, 1 Andrew F., M.A. 1866 
Hutchison, James, M.B., CM. 1882 
Hutchison, Maxwell, B.D. 1875 
Hutson, Charles, M.B. 1872 
Hutson, John, M.B., CM. 1883 
Hutt, 2 Andrew H.,M.A.(2nd,Class.)i88i 
Hutton, Alex.W., M.A. (2nd, Phil.) 1881 
Hutton, George D., M.A. (Nat. Sc.) 

1886; B.Sc. (Nat.) 1887 
Hutton, John R., M.B., CM. 1887 
Hutton, William B., M.A. 1883 
Huxtable, Louis R., M.B., CM. 1881 
Huxley, Thomas H., LL.D. 1866 
Hynes, Timothy A., M.B., CM. 1888 
Hyrtl, Joseph, LL.D. 1884 
Hyslop, James, M.B., CM. 1879 
Hyslop, Theophilus B., M.B., CM. 1886 
I'Anson, Welby, M.B., CM. 1877 
Iastrzebski, Bogdan E., M.B., CM. (2nd 

cl.) 1884 
Illingworth, Charles R., M.B., CM. 

(2nd cl.) 1877 ; M.D. (Com.) 1883 
Imlach, Francis, M.B. 1872 ; M.D. 

(Gold Med.) 1875 
Imrie, Chas. W., M.A. (2nd, Class.) 1S72 
Inch, Alexander S., M.A. 1885 
Inch, Robert, M.B., CM. 1883 
Ingham, William H. M. ,M. B. , C M. 1886 
Ingles, Robert, M.A. 1876 
Inglis, Andrew, M.D. (Com.) 1859 
Inglis, David W., M.A. 1872 
Inglis, Edgar M., M.B., CM. 1886 
Inglis, James M., M.A. 1873 
Inglis, Robert, M.D. i860 
Inglis, Wm. B., M.A. 1880; B.D. 1886 
Inglis, William M., M.A. 1872 
Ingram, William, M.A. (1st, Phil.) 1888 
Inkster, Robert W., M.B., CM. 1886 
Inkster, Samuel M., M.B., CM. 1873 ; 

M.D. 1875 
Inman, Robert, M.D. 1865 
Inman, William, M.D. 1859 
Innes, Francis W., M.B., CM. 1S81 
Innes, James C, M.A. 1878 

Alphabetical List of Graduates. 


Jameson, George II., M.I5. 1S75 ; M.I>. 

(Com.) 1878 
Jameson, Granville, M.P., CM. 1882 
Jameson, James C, M.B., CM. 1888 
Jameson, James II., M.A. 1875 
Jameson, John B., M.B., CM. 1887 
Jameson, William II., M.D. 1863 
Jamie, David, M.A. 1875; B.D. 1879 
Jamie, Robert W., M.B., CM. 1882 
Jamie, William L., M.A. 1887 
Jamieson, Andrew L. I'., M.A. (2nd, 

Class.) 1S85 
Jamieson, Francis R., M.A. (2nd, Class.) 

Jamieson, Hugh, M.B., CM. 1885 
Jamieson, Sydney, M.K., CM. (2d cl.) 

Jamieson, William A., M.B..C.M. (Hon. 

and Com.) 1865 ; M.D. (Com.) 1877 
Jamieson, William B., M.A. 1888 
Jamieson, William C E., B.A. 1861 
Jamison, Samuel, M.A. 1870 
Janisch, Bertram, M.B., CM. 1875 
Janssen, Jules, LL.D. 187 1 
Jansz, Stephen P., M.B., CM. 1878 
Jardine, Adam, M.B., CM. 1878 
Jardine, James, M.B., CM. 1871 
jardine, Robert, M.B., CM. 18S6 
Jardine," Robert, D.Sc. (Ment. Ph.) 1867 
Jardine, Sir William, Hart., LL.D. 1862 
Jebb, R. C, LL.D. 1879 
Jeffcoat, Frederick II., M.B., CM. 

(1st cl.) 1886 
Jefferiss, Walter R. S.,M.B.,CM. 1870; 

M.D. 1874 
Jeffrey, James, B.A. i860; M.A. 1861 
Jeffrey, Thomson, M.A. (2nd, Class.) 1865 
Jeffrey, William, M.D. 1863 
Jelly/ Frederick A., M.B., CM. 1881 
Jenkins, William, M.A. 1875 
Jenner, Sir William, Part., LL.D. 1884 
Jennings, William E. II., M.A. (Nat. Sc.) 

Jennings, William E., M.B..CM. 1887 
Jerdan, Charles, P.A. 1S61 ; M.A. 1862 
levins, W. Stanley, LL.D. 1876 
Jobson, William, M.D. 1863 
John, Hugh, M.P., CM. 1885 
Johnman, William A. P., P.A. i860; 

M.A. 1861 
Johnson, Cecil W., M.P.. CM. 1882 

J.-linson, Frederick M., M. P., CM. 1886 ; 

M.D. (Com.) 1888 
Johnson, John E., M.A. 1879 
Johnson, John F., M.B., CM. 1S75 ; 

M.D. 1878 
Johnson, John J., M.P., CM. 1886 
Johnson, Obadiah, M.P., CM. 1886 
Johnson, Peter P., M.B., CM. 1877 
Johnson, Samuel, M.P., CM. 1883 
Johnson, Thomas C, M.B., CM. 1NX2 
Johnson, William II., M.B., CM. 1876 
Johnston, A. Keith, LL.D. 1865 
Johnston, Alexander ()., M.A. 1861 
Johnston, Charles A., M.B., CM. 1888 
Johnston, Christopher N., M.A. 1878 
Johnston, George, M.A. (2nd, Phil.)i883 
Johnston, George F., M.B., CM. (2nd 

cl.) 1885 
Johnston, George M., M.P., CM. 1880; 

M.D. 1884 
Johnston, Henry II., M.B., CM. 1880 
Johnston, James, M.D. 1859 
Johnston, James, M.B., CM. 1882 
Johnston, James P., M.A. 1885 
Johnston, James B., M.A. 1881 ; B.D. 

Johnston, James C, M.B., CM. 1868 
Johnston, James P., M.B., CM. 1886 
Johnston, John, M.B., CM. 1874; M.D. 

(Com.) 1877 
Johnston, John, M.A. 1S82 
Johnston, John, M.B., CM. 1882 
Johnston, John W., M.D. (Com.) 1859 
Johnston, John W., M.P., CM. 1882 
Johnston, Robert, D.D. 1876 
Johnston, Robert C, M.B., CM. 1877 
Johnston, Robert M., M.B., CM. 1881; 

M.D. 1883 
Johnston, Thomas, M.A. 1887 
Johnston, William, M.A. 1S65; P. D. 1869 
Johnston, William, M.D. 1N59 
Johnston, William, M.D. (Com.) 1865 
Johnston, William, M.A. 1888 
Johnstone, David, D.D. 1888 

Johnstone, George, M.D. 1861 
Johnstone, John, M.A. 1865 
Johnstone, John J., M.P., CM. 1S75 
Johnstone, John J. S., M.B., 1 '.M. 1S71 ; 

M.D. 1S73 
Johnstone, John M., M.A. 1S67 ; P.I). 


1 Formerly Principal, General Assembly's College, Calcutta. 


Alphabetical List of Graduates. 

Johnstone, Lewis, B.Sc. (Phys.l 18S1 
Johnstone, Michael P., M.A. 1870; B.D. 

Johnstone, Michael S., D.D. 1886 
Johnstone, Thomas, M.B., CM. 1874; 

M.D. (Com.) 1877 
Johnstone, Thomas, M.A. 1SS0; M.B., 

CM. 1SS5 
Johnstone, Thomas F., B. A. 1861; M.A. 

Johnstone, William P., M.B.,CM. 1887 
Tolly, 1 Robert, M.D. 1862 
Jones, Abraham E., M.B., CM. 1875; 

M.D. (Com.) 1877 
Jones, Andrew P., M.D. 1864 
Jones, Benjamin, M.B., CM. 1886 
Jones, Charles H., M.B., CM. 1883 
Jones, Charles W., M.B., CM. 1882 
Jones, Daniel M., M.B., CM. 1882; 

M.D. 1884 
Jones, David J., M.B., CM. 18S8 
Jones, David J., M.B., CM. 1876; 

M.D. (Com.) 1S79 
Jones, David L., M.A. 1869 
Jones, Edward O., M.B., CM. (2nd cl.) 

Jones, Ellis T., M.A. 1879 
Jones, Francis W. B., M.B., CM. 18S3; 

M.D. 1888 
Jones, James, M.D. 1866 
Jones, John C, M.D. i860 
Jones, John E., M.B., CM. 1878 
Jones, John 0., M.B., CM. 1SS4 
Jones, Richard, M.B., CM. 1880 
Jones, Samuel B., M.B., CM. 1SS5 
Jones, Thomas H., M.A. 1887 
Jones, Thomas J., M.B., CM. 1886 
Jones, William, M.D. 1862 
Jones, William, M.A. 1876 
Jones, William W., M.B., CM. 1S88 
Jordan, Gregory, M.B., CM. 1880 
Jordan, John G., M.B., CM. 1883 
Jordan, Lewis H., B.D. 18S1 
Joule, James P., LL.D. 1S71 
Jowett, Benjamin, LL.D. 18S4 
Jowett, John H., M.A. 1887 
Joyce, Robert C, M.B., CM. 1885 
Joyce, Thomas, M.D. 1864 
Joynt, Francis C, M.D. 1871 

Juckes, Frank A., M.B., CM. 1886 
Raw, Hong B., M.A. 1877 
Kay, Alfred C, M.B., CM. 1879 
Kay, Walters., M.B.,CM. 1877; M.D. 

Keay, Joseph H., M.A. 1868; M.B., 

CM. 1876 
Keep, Arthur C, M.B., CM. 1882; 

M.D. 1885 
Keir, David, M.A. 1S76 
Keir, John E., M.A. 1886 
Keir, Thomas, M.A. 1880 
Keith, Alexander E., M.B., CM. 187 1 
Keith, George, M.A. 1864 ; B.D. 1867 
Keith, George E., M.B., CM. 1887 
Keith, John, M.A. 1877 ; B.D. 1877 
Keith, Skene, M.B., CM. 1880 
Keith, 2 Thomas, LL.D. 1884 
Keith, William C, M.B., CM. 1870 
Kelland, James, M.B., CM. 1874 
Kellgren, Arvid L., M.B., CM. 1886 
Kellock, William, M.A. 1885 
Kelman, George, M.B., CM. 1888 
Kelman, John, M.A. 1884 
Kelso, John E. H., M.B., CM. 1883 
Kemp, George, M.A. 1866 
Kemp, John, M.A. 1879 
Kemp, William, M.B., CM. 1887 
Kenna, Patrick J., M.B., CM. 1888 
Kennard, Charles P., M.B., CM. 1886 
Kennedy, Arnold, M.A. 1874 
Kennedy, Charles, M.B., CM. 1881 ; 

M.D. (Gold Med.) 1885 
Kennedy, David M., M.D. 1862 
Kennedy, 3 James, M.A. 1864; B.D. 

Kennedy, John, D.D. 1872 
Kennedy, John, M.A. 1875 
Kennedy, John, M.A. 1875. 
Kennedy, John G., M.D. 1865 
Kennedy, John G. , M.A. 1888 
Kennedy, William, M.A. 1867 
Kennedy, William B., M.A. 1886 
Kennedy, William J., M.B., CM. (2nd 

cl.) 1870; M.D. 1873 
Kennedy, William J., M.D. (High Com.) 

Kennish, Thomas L., M.B., CM. 1888 
Kenwood, Henry R., M.B., CM. 1887 

■1 Surgeon, General Hospital, Birmingham. - Formerly Examiner in Clinical Surgery, Univ., Edin. 
3 Lately Examiner in Divinity, University, Edinburgh. 

Alphabetical List of Graduates. 


Kcnyon, George II., M.B., CM. 1884; 

M.I). 1887 
Keogh, Eustace J., M.B., CM. 1888 
Kcr, John, D.D. 1869 
Ker, Malcolm A., M.I'.., CM. 1884 
Ker, William L., M.A. 1861 
Kermack, Henry, M.A. 1S76 
Kerr, Alexander' L., M.B., CM. 1888 
Kerr, Alexander M., M.A. 1880 
Kerr, Daniel <>., M.l'... CM. 1S84 
Kerr, Edward. M.A. 1879 
Kerr, George, M.B., CM. 1882 
Kerr, James. M.B., CM. 1884 
Kerr, John, M.A. 1871 
Kerr, Peter M.. M.B., CM. 1887 
Kerr, Robert B., M.A. 18S6 
Kerr, Robert II., M.A. 1S78 
Kerr, Thomas, M.A. 1866; LL.B. 1871 
Kerr, Thomas S., M.B., CM. 1880 
Kerr, Walter II., M.A. 18S2 
Kerr, William W., M.A. 1877; M.B., 

CM. 1881 
Ketchen, William, M.D. (Com.) 1862 
Ketchen, William T., M.A. 1879 
Kidcl, Philip H., M.B., CM. 1880 
Kilgour, James, B.A. 1861 ; M.A. 1863 
Kilner, Charles S., M.B., CM. 1876 
King, Arthur, M.B., CM. 1882 
King, Frederic T., M.B., CM. (1st cl.) 

1886; B.Sc. (Pub. H.) 1888 
King, Henry W., M.B., CM. 1878; 

M.D. (Com.) 1880 
King, Herbert D., M.A. 1879; B.Sc. 

(Nat. 1879) ; M.B., CM. 1881 ; M.D. 

King, John, M.A. (ist. Math.) 1887 
King (now Martin), John II. C E., M.D. 

King, Thomas R., M.D. 1868 
King, William, M.A. 1871 
King, William, B.L. 1886 
Kingdon, Ernest C, M.B., CM. (2nd 

cl.) 1885 
Kingscote, Ernest, M.B., CM. 1882 
Kingston, Henry D.K., M.l!.. CM. 1879 
Kinmont, Alexander W. , M.A. 18S2 
Kinmont, William, M.A. 1S88 
Kinnaird, Matthew, M.A. i860 
Kinnear, 1 Alexander S. (Sen. Coll. Just. ), 

LL.D. 1878 

Kinnear, James, M.A. 1878 
Kinnear, Samuel, M.A. 1875 
Kinnear, William, M.B., CM. 1S88 
Kinross, Principal John, D.D. 1885 
Kirby, Ernest D., M.B., CM. 1882; 

M.D. 1887 
Kirk, Robert, M.B..CM. 1865; M.D. 

Kirk, Robert, M.l'.., CM. 1S76 ; M.D. 

(High Com.) 1879 
Kirkaldy, William B., M.B., CM. 18S0 
Kirkpatrick, James M. , M.A. 18S8 
Kirkpatrick,- John, LL.B. 1870 
Kirkpatrick. Roger, M.B., CM. 1881 
Kirkpatrick, Roger S., M.A. 1878 ; 

B.D. 1881 
Kirkpatrick, Wm. H., M.B., CM. 1865 
Kirkup, Thomas, M.A. (ist, Class.) 1870 
Kirkwood, Alexander, M.B., CM. [887 
Kirkwood, George, M.B., CM. (2nd cl.) 

1875; M.D. (High Com.) 1878 
Kirkwood, John, M.B., CM. 1867; 

M.D. 1869 
Kitchin, James T., M.B., CM. 1887 
Klien, Edward H., M.B., CM. 1873 
Kloster, Olaf, M.B., CM. 1888 
Knaggs, Wm. H. E., M.B., CM. 1886 
Knight, Alexander A. H., M.D. 1S65 
Knott, 3 Cargill G., B.Sc. (Math.) 1876 
Knott, George II., M.A. 1883 
Knott, Harold, M.A. 1884 
Knott, William, M.B., CM. 18S0 ; 

M.D. (Com.) 1885 
Knowles, George, M.B., CM. 1888 
Koch, Wilfred V. M., M.B., CM. [884 
Kolliker, Albert von, LL.D. 1887 
Kraemer, Francis, M.A 1878; M.B., 

CM. 1S85 
Kriekenbeek, Chas. J., M.B., CM. 1869 
Kuchler George W. , M.A. (ist, Math.) 

Kuhne, John E., M.B., CM. 1888 
Kunz, Hugo de D., M.A. 1S86 
Kuys, Daniel J., M.B., CM. 1888 
Kyd, David P., M.A. 1879 
Kydd. David, M.D. 1861 
Kynoch, John A. ( '., M.P., CM. 18S7 
I.abnnte, Jules, M.D. 1862 

Laidlaw, John, D.D. 1880 
Laidlaw, Robert, M.B. 1873 

1 Lately Curator of Patronage, University, Kdinburgh. 

2 Prof, of History, University, Edinburgh. a Prof, of Natural Philosophy, Japan. 


AlpJiabdical List of Graduates. 

Laidlaw, Robert, M.A. 1875; M.B., 

CM. 1881 
Laing, Alexander, M.D. 1864 
Laing, David, M.B., CM. 1884; M.D. 

Laing, 1 David, LL.D. 1864 
Laing, Henry W., M.B., CM. 1875; 

M.D. (Com.) 1879 
Laing, James A., M.B., CM. 1867 
Laing, John H. A., M.B., CM. 1886 
Laing, Peter, M.A. 1875 
Laing, William, M.B., CM. 1884 
Laing, William R., M.A. 1868 
Laird, David M. W., M.A. 1878 
Lamb, John, M.A. 1872; B.D. 1879 
Lamb, William, M.B., CM. 1875 
Lamb, William, M.B., CM. 1876; 

M.D. (High Com.) 1881 
Lamb-O'Neill, Gregory J., M.B., CM. 

Lambert, John C, M.A. (1st, Class.) 

1879; B.D. 1882 
Lambert, Richard A., M.B. 1874; M.D. 

Lamond, John, M.A. 1885 ; B.D. 1886 
Lamont, John, M.A. 1878 
Lamont, John C, M.B., CM. (1st cl.) 

Lamport, Henry C, M.B., CM. 1888 
Lamrock, James, M.B., CM. 1886 
Land, Robert T., M.D. (Com.) 1S62 
Landreth, James, M.A. 1874 
Landsberg, John P. de, M.D. i860 
Lane, Cecil A., M.B., CM. 1884 
Lane, William L., M.B., CM. 1871 
Lang, 2 David, M.A. 1868; LL.B. 1870 
Lang, 3 Peter R. S., M.A. (1st), Math. 

1872 ; B.Sc. (Math.) 1876 
Lang, 4 Walter S., M.B., CM. (1st cl.) 

1884; M.D. (High Com.) 1886 
Lang, William H., M.B., CM. 1882 
Langfoid, Henry E., M.D. i860 
Langlands, John, M.A. 1881 
Langschmidt, Alexander E. G., M.B., 

CM. 1884 
Langwill, William, M.A. 1883 
Lantaret, M., D.D. 1876 
Larkin, Frank C, M.B., CM. 1879 
Latta, Robert, M.A. (ist, Phil.) 1886 

1 Formerly Member of University Court, Edin. 
3 Prof, of Mathematics, University, St Andrews. 

Lauder, William, M.B. 1878 ; M.D. 

(Com.) 1886 
Laughton, James M., M.B., CM. 1888 
Laurence, Stephen M., M.B., CM. (2nd 

cl.) 1888 
Laurie, Arthur P., B.Sc. (Phys.) 1881 
Laurie, George, M.A. (2nd, Math.) 1887 
Laurie, Gilbert, B.A. 1861 
Laurie, Malcolm, B.Sc. (Nat.) 1886 
Laurie, Robert, M.B., CM. 1881 ; M.D. 

(Com.) 18S7 
Laurie, Walter D., M.A. 1884 
Lautre, Samuel F., M.B., CM. 1888 
Lavaleye, Emile L. V. de, LL.D. 1884 
Law, Alfred R., M.B., CM. 1869; 

M.D. 1871 
Law, Edward, M.B., CM. 1877; M.D. 


1882 ; LL.B. 1883 
, CM. 1883 
1882; B.D. 1883 
M.B. 1872; M.D. 

Law, George, M.A. 
Law, John S.,»M.B. 
Law, Robert, M.A. 
Law, William T. 

(Com.) 1874 
Lawes, (Sir) John B., LL.D. 1877 
Lawrence, Alexander, M.B. 1867 
Lawrence, Arthur S., M.B., CM. 1888 
Lawrie, Edward, M.B. 1867 
Lawrie, John, M.B., CM. 1887 
Lawrie, Thomas, M.A. 1887 
Lawry, Thomas S., M.B., CM. 1883 
Laws, Wm, G., M.B., CM. (2nd cl.) 

Lawson, Charles W., M.A. 1887 
Lawson, David J., M.B., CM. 1SS5 
Lawson, David W., M.A. 1877 
Lawson, Henry G. S., M.A. 1S87 
Lawson, Hugh A., M.A. 1866 
Lawson, James, M.A. 1878 
Lawson, James S., M.A. 1887 
Lawson, John C, M.A. 1884 
Lawson, Robert, M.B., CM. 1871 ; 

M.D. (High Com.) 1881 
Lawson, Robert J., M.B., CM. 1881 
Laycock, George L., M.B., CM. 1876 
Leadam, William W\, M.D. i860 
Leapingvvell, Edward J.,M.B.,CM. 1877 
Leask, John T, M.B., CM. 1879 
Leask, Nathaniel, M.A. 1867 
Leathes, Stanley, D.D. 1878 

2 Late Examiner in Law, University, Edin. 
4 Extra-academical Lecturer. 

Alphabetical List of Graduates. 


Lediard, Henry A., M.B. 1S70; M.D. 

Lee, Alexander, M.A. 1870 
Lee, Charles N., M.B., CM. 1884 
Lee, William, D.D. 1868 
Lees Edwin L., M.B., CM. 18S5 
Lees, 1 John M., M.A. 1S64; LL.B. 1868 
Lees, Jonathan K., M.B., CM. 1879 
a, John R., M.B., CM. 1876; 
M.l). (Cum.) 1882 
I.e Fevre, George, M.B., CM. 1877; 

M.l). (Com.) 1882 
Le Franc, Percival 15., M.l:., CM. 1882 
Le Gassick, John 15., M.A. 1883 
Leggatt, Charles A. S., M.B., CM. 

1885; M.D. 1888 
Legge, J., LL.D. 18S4 
Leicester, Ambrose W. M., M.B., CM. 

Leigh, John D., M.B., CM. 1886 
Leighton, Sir Frederick, LL.D. 1884 
Leishman, James F. , M.A. 1884 
LeMmian, James T. C, M.B., CM. 18S7 
Leishman, Thomas A., M.B., CM. 1885 
Leitch, Alexander, D.D. 187 1 
Leitch, George, M.A. 1888 
Leitch (now Leith), James M., B.L. 1S77 
Leitch, John, M.l!.,"c.M. 1871 
Leith, John \\\. M.A. 1S66 ; B.D. 1869 
Leith, " Robert F. C, M.A. (Nat. Sc.) 
1SS3 ; B.Sc. (Nat.) 1884 ; M.B., CM. 
(1st cl.) 1885 
Le Merle, Louis II., M.l'.., CM. 1884 
Lempriere, Charles L. , M.l'... CM. [884 
Lennox, David, M.B., CM. 1SS0; M.D. 

(Com.) 1884 
Lennox, John, M.A. iSSS 
Le>lie, George, M.B., CM. (2nd cl.) 

Leslie, Robert M., M.A. (Nat. Sc.) 1S88 
Leslie, William M., M.B., CM. 1883 
Lesly, Robert, M.B., CM. 1882 
Lestrade, Joseph A., M.B., CM. 1883 
Lesseps, Ferdinand de, LL.D. 1884 
Lethbridge, Robert W. , M. B. , C M . 1 880 
Lethbridge, Tyndall, M.D. (Com ) 1859 
Lewis, Alfred, M.D. (Com.) 1S63 
Lewis, Charles J.. M.B., CM. (1st cl.) 
1S85; M.D. 1888 


CM. 1877; 
M.B., CM. 1887; 

Lewis, Thomas P. 

M.D. 1883 
Lewis, William H. 

B.Sc. (Pub. II.) 1888 

Ley, Henry J.. M.l'.., CM. 1883 

Leys, Peter, M.B., CM. 1874 

Liddall, William J. N., M.A. (2nd, Class.) 

Liddell, Frank, M.B., CM. 1887 
Liddell, Dean Henry G., LL.D. 1884 
Liddell, lohn, M.B., CM. 1882 
Liddell, John, M.A. 1884; M.B., CM. 

Fiddle, William, M.A. 1886 
Ligertwood, George C, M.A. 1877 
Lightbody, John, M.D. (Com.) 1862 
Lightbody, William IL, M.D. (Gold 

Med.) 1865 
Lightfoot, Charles L., M.B., CM. 1883; 

M.D. 1887 
Lightfoot, John, D.Sc. (Ment. Ph.) 18S6 
Lightfoot, Bishop Joseph B., LL.D. 

Lightfoot, Robert, M.B., CM. 1867; 

M.D. (High Com.) 1869 
Limont, James, M.A. (Nat. Sc.) 1878; 
B.Sc. (Nat. ) 1879; M.B., CM. 1880 
Limont, William, M.A. 1878; M.B., 

CM. 1878 
Linde, Theodor, M.B., CM. 1878; 

M.D. (Com.) 1880 
Lindley, Lord Just. Sir Nath., LL.D. 1888 
Lindsay, And ■" W. H., M.B..CM. 1877 
Lindsay, David, M.B.,CM. 18S0; M.D. 

(Com.) 1884 
Lindsay, Fdward, M.D. 1863 
Lindsay, John, M.A. 1883 
Lindsay, John M., LL.D. 1873 
Lindsay, Peter A., M.B., CM. (1st cl.) 

Lindsay, Robert C, M.A. 1879 
Lindsay, 2 Thomas M., M.A. (1st, Phil.) 

Linklater, Jacob, M.A. 1873 
Linklater, Samuel T., M.B.. CM. 1S82 
Linklater, William, M.A. 1880 
Linton, Charles 11., M.A. 1SS3 
Linton, John, M.D. 1861 
Linton, Simon, M.B., CM. 1876 

1 One of Sheriff-Substitutes for Lanarkshire ; formerly Examiner in Law, Univ., EJm. 

2 Prof, of Divinity and Church History, Free Church College, Glasgow. 


Alphabetical List of Graduates. 

Lisle, Richard P., M.D. 1863 

Lister, 1 (Sir) Joseph, (Bart.), LL.D. 1878 

Lithgow, Stewart A., M.D. 1876; B.Sc. 

(Pub. H.) 1876 
Litteljohn, Saltern G., M.B., CM. 1868 
Little, Charles E., M.A. 1878 
Little, 2 David, M.D. 1861 
Little, James, M.D. (Com.) 1861 
Little, James, M.B. 1874; M.D. 1877 
Little, Joseph H., M.B., CM. 1871 
Little, Robert, M.D. (High Com.) i860 
Little, Samuel, M.D. 1859 
Little, Simon, M.A. 1864; B.D. 1867 
Little, Thomas, B.D. 1866 
Little, William G., M.B., CM. 1884 
Little, William M., M.B., CM. 1885; 

M.D. 1888 
Littlejohn, Henry H., M.A. 1882; M.B., 

CM. 1886; B.Sc. (Pub. H.) 1888 
Livesay, William, M.B., CM. 1871 ; 

M.D. (Com.) 1875 
Livingstone, Robert H., M.D. 1864 
Lloyd, Henry S., M.B., CM. 1883 
Lockhart, Robert B., M.A. 1878 
Lockwood, William, M.B., CM. 1888 
Loftus, Thomas R. E., M.B., CM. 1872 
Logan, Frederick L., M.D. (Com.) 1S61 
Logan, George D., M.B., CM. 1882 
Logan, James, M.A. 1872 
Logan, John R., M.B., CM. 1880 
Logan, William, M.A. 1887 
Logie, Alex., G. S., M.B., CM. 1887 
Logie, David B., M.B., CM. 1873 
Logie, James C, M.B., CM. 1873; 

M.D. 1880 
Logie, William, M.B., CM. 1876 
Longden, Duncan C, M.B., CM. 1887 
Lorans, Henri, M.B.,CM. (2nd cl.) 1880 
Lord, Richard, M.D. 1862 
Lorimer, George, M.A. 1865; M.B.,CM. 

1869; M.D. (Com.) 1872 
Lorimer, 3 John C, LL.B. 1870 
Lorimer, William, M.D. 1859 
Lorraine, John B., B.D. 1867 
Lorraine, Richard B., M.B., CM. 1878 
Lorraine, Robert T. B., M.B., CM. 1883 
Lorraine, Walter, M.D. 1864 
Lothian, 4 Marquess of, LL.D. 1882 

Loubser, ElbertusL. B., M.B., CM.1886 
Loubser, Gerhardus S. P., M.B., CM. 

(2ndcl.) 1884 
Loudon, Charles E., M.A. 1885 
Loudon, James H., M.A. 1883 
Loudon, John A., M.B., CM. 1883 
Love, Wilton W. R., M.B. CM. (2nd 

cl.) 1884 
Low, Alexander B., M.B., CM. 1878; 

M.D. 1881 
Low, Charles, M.B., CM. 1881 
Low, Edward B., M.A., 1881; B.L.1885 
Low, George D., M.A. 1861 
Low, James B., M.A. 1871 
Low, John, M.A. 1875 
Low, Richard M. P., M.B., CM. 1873 
Low, Robert B., M.B., CM. 1867; 

M.D. 1S70 
Low, Thomas, M.A. (2nd, Math.) 1878 
Low, William C, M.D. i860 
Lowe, Alexander, M.A. 18S5 
Lowe, Charles, M.A. 1871 
Lowe, 5 David F., M.A. 1872 
Lowe, George M., M.B., CM. (Hon. 

and Com.) 1866; M.D. 1869 
Lowe, John, M.B., CM. 1871 
Lowe, Robert (Viscount Sherbrook), 

LL.D. 1867 
Lowe, Robert W., M.D. 1863 
Lowell, James Russell, LL.D. 1884 
Lowrie, William, M.A. 1883; B.Sc. 

(Nat.) 1886 
Lowson, David S., M.A. 1882 
Lowson, Francis, M.A. 1874 
Lowson, James A., M.B., CM. 1888 
Lowther, Richard, M.B., CM. 1868; 

M.D. 1870 
Lubbock, Sir John, Bart., LL.D. 18S4 
Lucas, Robert, M.B., CM. 1867 ; M.D. 

Luckhoff, Gerhard W. C, M.B., CM. 

Lucy, Reginald H., M.B., CM. (1st cl.) 

Ludwig, Karl F.W., LL.D. 1884 
Lugton, Thomas, M.A. 1880 
Lunan, Charles S., M.B., CM. 1S75 
Lundie, James, M.A. 1875 

1 Formerly Prof, of Clinical Surgery, University, Edinburgh. 

2 Lecturer on Ophthalmology, Owens College, Manchester. 

3 Examiner in Law, University, Edinburgh. 4 Lord Rector of the University. 
5 Head Master, Heriot's Hospital School, Edinburgh. 

Alphabetical List of Graduates. 


Lundie, John, B.Sc. (Engin.) 1880 
Lundie, John, M.A. 1875 
Lundie, Marshall, M.A. 1S75; B.D. 1880 
Lundie, Robert A., M.A. (ist, Math.) 

1875; B.Sc. (Nat.) 1877; M.B..C.M. 

Lundie, William, M.A. (Nat Sc.) 1S83 ; 

B.SC. (Nat.) [886 ; MA'.., CM. 1888 
Lundy, Arthur C. J. K., M.B., CM. 

Lupton, Alfred W., M.B., CM. 1867 
Lushington, Edmund L., LL.D. 1873 
Luson, Thomas, M.B., CM. 1887 
Lyall, Alexander, M.B., CM. 1S76 
Lyell, Charles J., LL.D. 1887 
Lyell, David, M.A. 1S77 
Lyell, David M.D. (Com.) i860 
Lyell, Gavin, M.A. 1878 
Lyell, Robert, B.Sc. (Engin.) 1883 
Lyell, William D., M.A. 1879 
Lyon, Andrew, M.A. 1874 
Lyon, James A., M.A. 1868; M.B.,C.M. 

Lyon, James M., M.B., CM. 1887 
Lyon, Thomas M. M., M.B., CM. 1S83 
M'Ainsh, Donald, M.A. 1S80 
M'Ainsh, John, M.A. 1880; B.D. 1884 
Macalister, Charles J., M.B., CM. 1S84 
Macalister, George, M.A. 1871 
M'Allum,DonaldCA.,M.B.,CM. 1886 
M 'Andrew, Andrew W., M.D. 1864 
Macandrew, James, M.A. 1884 
Macandrew, Herbert, M.B., CM. 1883 
M -Andrew, John, M.B., CM. 1886 
Macansh, William, M.B., CM. 1886 
M-Arthur, Duncan R., M.B., CM. 

1882 ; M.D. 1887 
Macaulay, Donald, M.A. 1S87 
Macaulay, John D., LL.B. 1885 
M'Bain, John, M.A. 1874 
MacBean, John, M.A. 1885 
Macbean, Robert B., M.B., CM. 1867 
Macbeth, Daniel, M.A. 1871 
Macbeth, James ('., B. L. 1885 
Macbeth, John, M.A., 1 86 1 ; M.B..C.M. 

(Hon. and Com.) 18G6 ; M.I). 1869 
M'Bride, 1 Teter, M.B., CM. 1876; 

M.D. 1881 
M'Cabe, John, M.A. 1871 

Maccall, Thomas, M.B., CM. 1S73 ; 

M.D. 1877 
Maccallum, Alexander B. , M.A. 1884 
M'Callum, Colin, M.I'.., CM. 1880 
M 'Galium, Edward, M.A. 1872 
M 'Galium, J.-hn, M.A. 1888 
Maccallum, John A., M.A. 1S81 ; LL.B. 

M'Cann, Frederick J., M.B., CM (2nd 

cl.) 1888 
M'Caskie, Norman, M.B., CM. 1S71 ; 

M.D. (Com.) 1878 
M 'Clean, Robert, M.A. 1S75 
M'Clew, John C, M.B., CM. 1883 
M-Glintock, Alfred II., LL.D. 1875 
M'Closkey, Joseph R., M.D. 1864 
M'Clure, Alexander L, LL.B. 1885 
M'Clymont, James A., M.A. 1867; B.D. 

M'Clymont, James R., M.A. 1876 
M 'Coll, John, M.A. 1S74 
M'Connel, David R., M.A. 1878 
M'Connell, Samuel D., B.D. 1885 
M'Corkindale, Thomas B., M.A. 18S3 
M'Cormick, Alexander, M.B., CM. 

1880; M.D. (Gold Med.) 1885 
M'Cracken, James S., M.B., CM. 1S85 
M'Cracken, Thomas, M.A. 1871 
M'Cuaig, Duncan, M.D. 1861 
M'Culloch, John II., M.A. 1869; B.D. 

M'Culloch, Stanhope II., M.B., CM. 

M'Currich, John M., M.A. 1876 
MacDiarmid, Alexander C, M.A. 1S68 
M'Diarmid, Duncan, M.B., CM. 1885 
M'Diarmid, John, M.B., CM. (2nd cl.) 

MacDiarmid, John,'M. A. (1st, Math.) 1 S75 
M 'Donald, Alexander, M.D. 1863 
Macdonald, Alexander, M.A. 1873 
Macdonald, Alexander, M.B..C.M. iSSS 
Macdonald, Alexander D., M.B., G.M. 

1867; M.D. 1869 
M'Donald, Alex. G., M.B., CM. [884 
Macdonald, Allan, LL.B. 1871 
Macdonald, Andrew If. \Y., M.A. 1S85 
Macdonald,'-' Angus, M.D. (Com.) 1864 
Macdonald, 3 Archibald, M.A. 1872 

1 Surgeon to Ear and Throat Department, Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh. 

2 Formerly Examiner in Midwifery, University, Edinburgh. 

3 Prof, of Classics, Stellenbosch College, South Africa. 


Alphabetical List of Graduates. 

Macdonald, Archibald D., M.B., CM. 

1880; M.D. (High Com.) 1884 
M 'Donald, Bouverie F. P., M.B., CM. 

1884 ; M.D. 1886 
Macdonald, David, M.A. 1S75 ; B.D. 

Macdonald, Donald J., M.B., CM. 1887 
Macdonald, Donald S., M.B.,CM. 1871 
Macdonald, Duncan, B.Sc. (Nat.) 1871 ; 

M.B., CM. 1872; M.D. (Cora.) 1881 
Macdonald, Duncan D. F., M.A. 1885 
Macdonald, 1 Geo., M.A. (1st, Class.) 1882 
Macdonald, James, M.A. 1877; M.B., 

CM. 1881 
Macdonald, Jas., M.A. (1st, Math.) 1880 
Macdonald, James, M.B., CM. 1888 
Macdonald, James R., M.A. 1880 
Macdonald, James W., M.A. 1S87 
Macdonald, John, M.D. 1867 
M'Donald, John, B.D. 1873 
Macdonald,' John, M.B., CM. 1883 
Macdonald, John, M.B., CM. 1886 
Macdonald, 2 John H. A. (Lord Kings- 
burgh, Lord Just. Clerk), LL.D. 1884 
Macdonald, John W., M.B. 1871 
Macdonald, Peter, M.A. 1884; B.D. 1887 
Macdonald, Roderick, M.A. 1865 
Macdonald, Roderick J. J., M.B., CM. 

1S81 ; M.D. 1884 
Macdonald, Thomas, M.B., CM. 18S6 
M'Donald, Thomas R., M.B., CM. 1876 
M'Donald, William, M.D. (Com.) 1865 
Macdonald, 3 William, M.A. 1867 ; 

LL.D. 1878 
M'Donald, William, M.A. 1878 
Macdonald, William, M.A. 1885 
Macdonald, William B., M.A. 1879; 

M.B., CM. (2nd cl.) 1882 
Macdonald, William C, B.A. i860 
Macdonald, Wm. F., M.B., CM. 1883 
Macdonald, William R., M.A. 1S81 
Macdonnell, Daniel J., B.D. 1865 
M'Dougal, Donald, B.D. 1868 
Macdougald, Robert, B.L. (Hon.) 1886 
Macdougajl, Alexander, M.B., CM. (2nd 

cl.) 1870 
M'Dougall, Alexander, M.A. 18S2 

M'Dougall, Andrew W., M.A. 1S82 ; 

B.D. 1885 
M'Dougall, Aymer R., M.B., CM. 1876; 
M'Dougall, Donald, M.A. 1865 
M'Dougall, James N., M.D. i860 
Macdougall, John, M.D. 1862 
MacDougall, John A., M.D. (Hon. and 

High Com.) 1865 
M'Dougall, William L., M.A. 1875 
M'Dowall, John G., M.B., CM. 1873; 

M.D. (Com.) 1883 
M'Dowall, Thomas W., M.D. 1S66 
Macduff, Peter, M.A. 1883 
MacEchern, Dugald, M.A. 1887 
MacEwan, 4 David, M.B., CM. 1867 ; 

M.D. (Com.) 1880 
M'Ewan, William C, M.A. 1880; M.B., 

CM. 1884 
M'Ewen, Henry C, MB., CM. 1885 
M'Ewen, Robert F., M.A. 1882 
M'Ewen, William C, M.A. 1870 
M'Fadyean, John, M.B., CM. 1882; 

B.Sc. (Nat.) 1883 
Macfadyen, Allan, M.B., CM. 1883; 

M.D. (Gold Med.) 1886; B.Sc. (Pub. 

H.) 1888 
Macfarlan, Alexander J., M.D. (High 

Com.) 1862 
Macfarlane, 5 Alexander, M. A. ( 1 st, Math. ) 

1875; B.Sc. (Math.) 1877; D.Sc. 

(Math.) 1878 
Macfarlane, John L. H., M.B..C.M. 

Macfarlane, John M., B.Sc. (Nat.) 1880; 

D.Sc. (Bot.) 1883 
Macfarlane, Robert A., B.D. 1871 
M'Farlane, Thomas F., M.B., CM. 18S6 
MacFarquhar, John, M.A. 1868 
M'Fee, William C, M.B., CM. 1885 
Macfie, Charles, M.B. 1870; M.D. 1874 
Macfie, Johnstone, M.B., CM. 1S71 ; 

M.D. 1876 
MacGibbon, Jas., M.A. 1884; B.D. 1888 
M'Gibbon, John, M.B., CM. 1884 
M'Gilchrist, William, M.A. 1869; B.D. 

M'Gill, James M., M.A. 1885 

1 Examiner in Classics, University, Edinburgh. 

2 Lately M.P. for Universities of Edinburgh and St Andrews. 

3 Rector, High School, Otago, New Zealand. 

4 Lecturer on Operative Surgery, University College, Dundee. 

5 Prof, of Physics, University, Texas. 

Alphabetical List of Graduates. 


MacGilliviay, 1 Charles \\\, M.B., CM. 

1873 : M.D. (Gold Med.) 1S7C 
Macgilvray, Malcolm I)., M.A. 1S80 
M'Glashan, Rol.ert 1'... M.A. 1877 
MacGlashan, Wm., B.Sc. (Engin.) 1888 
M'Gown, Thomas C., M.D. (Com.) 1859 
MacGregor, Alastair, M.B., CM. 1885 
MacGregor, Alex. I)., M.B., CM. 1883 
MacGregor, Alex. J.. M.I!., CM. 1888 
M'Gregor, Augustus \V. , M.A. 1S87 
Macgregor, Donald, M.B., CM. 1S84; 

M.D. 1886 
M'Gregor, Duncan, M.B., CM. 1S70 
Mad ^regor, Duncan A., MB., CM. 1S79 
MacGregor, Duncan C, M.A. (2nd, 

Class.) 1877 
MacGregor, George H. C, M.A. 1883 
MacGregor, ( leorge S., M.B., CM. 1888 
M'Gregor, James, D.D. 1871 
Macgregor, James, M.A. 1883 
M'Gregor, John, M.A. 1859 
MacGregor, John, B.L. 1879 
MacGregor, John, M.A. 1883 
M'Gregor, John U., M.A. 1886 
MacGregor, Peter, M.A. 1887 
Macgregor, Robert D., M.B., CM. 1880 
MacGregor, Thomas, M.B., CM. 1888 
M'Gregor, William, M.A. 1879 
Macgregor, William M., M.A. 1880 
M'Hardy, John A., M.A. 1S84 
Machattie,Thos. A., M.B., CM. 1879 
M'Innes, .'Eneas E., M.A. 18S4 
M'Intosh, George, M.A. 1879 
Macintosh, John, M.A. 1869 
M'Intosh, John R., M.B., CM. 18S8 
M'Intosh, Richard. M.A. 1888 
M'Intosh, 8 William C, M.D. (Gold 

Med.) i860 
Macintyre, Adam, B.A. i860; M.A. 

Macintyre, /Eneas D. M., M.B., CM. 

M'Intyre, Andrew J., M.B., CM. 1872 
M'Intyre, John A.," M.B., CM. 1883 
M'Intyre, James M., M.A. 1878 
M'Intyre, Peter M., M.A. 1877; LL.B. 

Macintyre, Ronald G., M.A. 1886 

M' Isaac, James, M.A. 1884 
M'lver, Donald, M.D. 1861 
M-Iver, James R., M.D. 1862 
Maciver, Francis A., M.B., CM. 1883; 

M.D. (Com.) 1885 
Mackail, John W., M.A. ( 1st, Class.) 1878 
Mackay/ /Eneas J. G., LL.B. 1867; 

LL.D. 1882 
Maekay, Alex. M., M.B., CM. 1888 
Mackay, Andrew, M.A. 1864 
Maekay, David J., M.B., CM. 1888 
Mackay, George, M.B. 1874 
Maekay, 4 George. M.B., CM. (2nd cl.) 

1883 ; M.D. (Gold Med.) 1888 
Mackay, George II., M.B., CM. 18S1 
Mackay, George S., M.A. 1877 
Mackay, Henry J., M.B., CM. 1884 
Mackay, Ian D., M.B., CM. 1886 
Mackay, James, M.A. 1S7S 
Mackay, John J., M.A. 1S76 
Mackay, John S., M.A. 1873 
Mackay, John W., M.A. 1873; B. Sc. 

(Engin.) 1876 
Mackay, Malcolm, M.A. 1878 
Mackay, Robert J., M.A. (1st, Class.) 

Mackay, William, M.A. 1882 
Mackay, William, M.B., CM. 1882 
Mackay, William, M.B., CM. 1885 
Mackay, William A., M.B., CM. 1883 
Mackay, William B., M.B., CM. (2nd 

cl.) 1884 
Mackay, William P., B.A. 1S61 ; M.A. 

1862; MB., CM. iS67;M.D. (Com.) 

M'Kean, Hugh, M.A. 1884 
M'Kean, John, M.A. 1881 
M'Kechnie, Dugald, M.A. 1870 
M-Kelvie, Robert, M.D. (Com.) 1865 
Mackenna, Peter F., LL.B. (Don.) 188S 
M'Kenzie, Alex., M.A. 1871 ; B.D. 1S74 
M'Kende, Alexander, B.D. 18S0 
Mackenzie, Alexander ]•"., M.A. 1877; 

M.B., CM. 1882; M.D. 1887 
Mackenzie, Archibald, M.B., CM. (1st 

cl.) 1883 
Mackenzie, Colin, M.B., CM. 1877 
Mackenzie, Daniel, M.B., CM. 1877 

1 Assistant Surgeon, Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh; Extra-academical Lecturer. 

'-' F.R.S. ; Prof, of Natural History, University, St Andrews. 

3 Formerly Prof, of History, University. Kdinburgh; Sheriff of Fife. 

•* Assistant Ophthalmic Surgeon, Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh. 6 Advocate Depute. 


Alphabetical List of Graduates. 

Mackenzie, David J., M.A. 1886 
Mackenzie, Donald F., M.A. 1882; B.D. 

Mackenzie, Francis W., M.B., CM. 1885 
Mackenzie, Fred. L., M.B., CM. 1885 
Mackenzie, George H., M.B., CM. 

1873; M.D. (Gold Med.) 1877 
Mackenzie, Gilbert P., M.B., CM. 1S69 
Mackenzie, Hector W. G., M.A. (ist, 

Math.) 1876 
M'Kenzie, James, M.B., CM. 1878; 

M.D. (Com.) 1882 
Mackenzie, James D. D., M.A. 1871 
Mackenzie, John, M.A. (ist, Math.) 1886 
Mackenzie, John C, M.B., CM. 1884 
Mackenzie, John E., M.B., CM. 1882 
Mackenzie, John H., M.A. 1878; M.B., 

CM. 1884 
Mackenzie, Malcolm, M.A. 1884 
Mackenzie, Murdo T., M.B., CM. 1880 
M'Kenzie, Robert, M.A. 1876 
Mackenzie, Robert, M.B., CM. 1883; 

M.D. 1887 
Mackenzie, Robert W. C, M.A. 1882 
Mackenzie, Roderick, M.A. 1865 
M'Kenzie, Roderick F., M.B. 1870; 

M.D. 1878 
Mackenzie, Stephen C, M.D. (High 

Com.) 1864 
Mackenzie, Thomas, M.B., CM. 1886 
Mackenzie, William, M.A. 1885 
Mackenzie, William D. M.A. (ist, Phil.) 

M'Kerchar, Robert, M.B., CM. 1870 - 
M'Kerron, David D., M.A. 1885 
Mackew, Samuel, M.B., CM. 1881 ; 

M.D. (Com.) 1884 
Mackie, Adam, M.A. 1888 
Mackie, John, M.A. 1873 
Mackie, John, M.D. 1863 
Mackie, Maxwell H., M.A. 1882 
M'Kie, Norman J., M.B., CM. 1887 
Mackinlay, Peter, M.A. 1867 
Mackinlay, Robert, M.B., CM. 1882; 

M.D. (Com.) 1887 
M'Kinnel, William R., M.B..C.M. 18S5 
Mackinnon, 1 Donald, M.A. (ist, Phil.) 

Mackinnon, Frank I., M.B., CM. 1883 
Mackintosh, Augustus J., M.A. 1885 

Mackintosh, Donald, M.A. 1887 
Mackintosh, Ernest zE., M.B..CM. 1880 
Mackintosh, James, M.A. 1878 
Mackintosh, John, B.D. 1870 
Mackintosh, Patrick S., M.A. 1880 
Mackintosh, Robert, B.D. 1882 
Mackintosh, Robt. C, M.B., CM. 1873 
Mackintosh, Thomas, M.A. 1883 
Mackintosh, Wm., B.A. i860; M.A. 1862 
Mackintosh, Wm. A., M.B., CM. 1886 
Mackness, George O. C, M.B., CM. 

(ist cl.) 1887 
Mackray, Archibald N., M.A. 1S60 
MacLachlan, Alex., M.B., CM. 1874 
M'Lachlan, Colin H., M.A. 1864 
Maclachlan, Lachlan, M.A. 1872 
M'Lachlan, John, M.B., CM. 1883; 

B.Sc. (Pub. H.) 1885; M.D. 1888 
Maclagan, Charles G., M.B., CM. 1883 
Maclagan, David D., M.A. 1870 
Maclagan, David P., M.D. (High Com.) 

Maclagan, Patrick J., M.A. (ist, Phil.) 

Maclagan, Robert C, M.D. (High Com.) 

Maclagan, Thomas J., M.D. 1S60 
M'Lagan, Thomas T., M.A. 1869 
Maclaren, Alexander, D.D. 1877 
M'Laren, Charles, M.B., CM. 1877; 

M.D. 1880 
M'Laren, 2 Charles B. B.,M.A. (ist, Phil.) 

MacLaren, Duncan A., M.A. 1884 
MacLaren, George G., M.B., CM. 1866; 

M.D. 1873 
M'Laren, Hugh, M.B., CM. 1876 
M'Laren, James, M.A. 1878 
M'Laren, James A., M.B., CM. 1883 
MacLaren, James F., M.B., CM. 1877 
M'Laren, John, Sen. Coll. Just., LL. D. 

M'Laren, John, M.A. 1885 
M'Laren, John, D.D. 1887 
M'Laren, John R., M.A. 1869 
M'Laren, John S., M.A. 1879; M.B., 

CM. 1883 
M'Laren, Lawrence, M.A. 1S86 
MacLaren, Murray, M.B., CM. 1884; 

M.D. 1888 

1 Prof, of Celtic Languages and Literature, University, Edinburgh. 

Formerly M.P. 

Alphabetical List of Graduates. 


M'Laren, Peter, M.A. 1885 

Maclaren, Robert P., M.B., CM. 186S ; 

M.D. 1S71 
M'Laren, Roderick, M.D. 1865 

M'Laren, Samuel G., M.A. 1SS4 
M'Laren, 1 Walter S. P., M.A. 1873 
Maclaren, William, M.H., CM. 1868 
M'Laren, William 1>., M.A. 1877 
M'I.auchlan,Tlins. C, M.B., CM. 1882 
.M'l.aughlin, Henry J., M.B., CM. 1877 
Maclean, Alexander M., M.A. 1SS4; 

B.D. 1887 
M'Lean, Allan, M.B., CM. 1868 
M'Lean, Arthur II., M.A. 1887 
M 'Lean, Charles A., M.B., CM. 1879; 

M.D. (Com.) 1882 
M'Lean, Charles J. R., M.B., CM. 

1885; M.D. 1887 
Maclean, Donald, M.D. 1862 
Maclean, Duncan, M.A. 1866; B.D. 1872 
Mac Lean, George S., M.A. 1881 
Maclean, Hector R., M.B., CM. 1885 
Maclean, John, M.A. 1886 
Maclean, John C, M.B., CM. 1868 
M'Lean, John J., M.A. 1872 
Maclean, John L., M.D. (Com.) 1861 
M'Lean, John M., M.D. 1862 
Maclean, Norman, M.B., CM. 1881 ; 

M.D. (Com.) 1884 
M'Lean, Norman, M.A. (1st, Class., and 

1st, Phil.) 1885 
M'Lean, William IP, M.B., CM. 1885 
Macleay, Alexander, M.B., CM. 1887 
M'Lei.-h, Arch. L., M.A. (1st, Class., and 

2nd, Math.) 1875; M.B., CM. 1881 
M'Lellan, Andrew, M.A. 1868 
MacLelland, Robert, M.B., CM. 1885 
Maclennan, Andrew, M.B., CM. lSS4 
M'Lennan, Donald, M.A. 1878 
M'Lennan, Donald U., M.B., CM. 

1878; M.D. 1882 
M'Lennan, Duncan M., M.A. 1879 
M'Lennan, 2 John F., B.L. 1878; LL.B. 

M'Lennan, John M., M.A. 1SS5 ; M.B., 

CM. 1885 
Macleod, Charles, M.A. 1885 
Macleod, Donald, M.A. (1st, Phil.) 1881 
Macleod, Donald, M.B., CM. 1SS8 

1 M.I'. 

3 Prof of Surgery, University. Calcutta. 

M'Leod, Hector W., M.A. 1874 
Macleod, Herbert W.G.,M.B., CM. 1886 
M'Leod, James, M.B., CM. 1884 
M'Leod, James, M.B., CM. 1887 
MacLeod, John C, M.B., CM. 1879 
M'Leod, 3 Kenneth, M.D. (High Com.) 

Macleod, Murdoch D., M.B. 1873 
Macleod, Neil, M.B., CM. (2nd cl.) 

1875 ; M.D. (Com.) 1880 
M'Leod, Norman, M.A. 1S76 
M'Leod, Roderick, M.D. 1862 
Macleod, William A., M.B., CM. 1881 
M'Liesh, Norman, M.A. 1863; M.B., 

CM. 1875 
M'Lintock, James, M.B., CM. 1878; 

M.D. 1885; B.Sc. (Pub. H.) 1886 
M'Closkey, Joseph R., M.D. 1864 
MacMaster, James, M.B., CM. 1874 
Macmaster, Matthew, M.A. 1875 
M 'Master, Robert, M.A. 1872 
M 'Master, Valentine M., M.D. i860 
Macmichael, David C, M.A. 1886 
Macmichael, Duncan, M.A. 1886; B.D. 

Macmillan, Alex. R., M.B., CM. 1885 
M'Millan, Anthony, M.A. 1871 
Macmillan, David, M.A. 18S7 
Macmillan, Dugald, M.B., CM. 1S80; 

M.D. 1886 
Macmillan, Hugh, D.D. 1879 
Macmillan, John, B.Sc. (Nat.) 1879 
Macmorland, John P., M.A. 1864; 

B.D. 1865 
Macmorran, Alexander, M.A. (2nd, Phil.) 

M'Myn, John, M.B., CM. 1884 
M'Nab, William C, M.A. 1886 
M'Nab, 4 William R., M.D. (High Com.) 

M'Nair, Alexander, M.A. 1873 
Macnair, Robert, M.D. (Com.) 1S62 
Macnair, Robert, M.B. 1868 
Macnaught, James, M.B. 1875; M.D. 

(Com.) 1880 
M'Naughtan, George D., M.A. (2nd, 

Phil.] 1S70; B.D. 1873 
M'Naughton, John, M.B., CM 1S86. 
M'Xaughton, Thcmas G., M.A. 1870 

Examiner in Law, University, Edinburgh. 
4 Prof, of Botany, College of Science, Dublin. 


Alphabetical List of Graduates. 

Macnaughton, William A., M.A. 1876 ; 

M.B., CM. 1878; M.D. 1881 
Macnee, Sir Daniel, LL.D. 1881 
M'Nee, James, M.D. (Com.) 1861 
M'Neil, Charles, M.A. 1865 
M'Neil, William, M.D. 1S64 
M'Neill, Duncan (Lord Colonsay), Lord 

Just. General, LL.D. i860 
M'Neill, George P., M.A. 1880; LL.B. 

M'Neill, 1 Sir John, LL.D. 1861 
Macneill, Leander G., M.A 1868 
M'Neill, Roger, M.B., CM. 1877; 

M.D. (Gold Med.) 1881 
M'Nicol, John C, M.D. (Com.) 1867 
M'Nicol, Peter B., M.B., CM. 1886 
MacNish, David, M.A. 1882; M.B., 

CM. 1887 
M'Nish, Neil, B.D. 1867 
Macniven, Edward O., M.B., CM. 1882 
Maconochie, Charles C, M.A. 1873 
Macormack, Thomas G., M.A. 1887 
MacPhail, Angus, M.A. 1879 
Macphail, Earle M., M.A. (2nd, Class.) 

Macphail, James R. N., M.A. 18S1 
Macphail, Samuel R., M.B., CM. 1878; 

M.D. (Com.) 1S82 
Macphail, William M., M.A. (2nd, Phil.) 

Macpherson, Alfred, M.B., CM. 1880 
Macpherson, Duncan J., M.A. 1875 
Macpherson, Geo. G., M.B., CM. 187 
Macpherson, James, M.B., CM. 1883 
Macpherson, John, M.B., CM. 1882 
Macpherson, 2 Norman, LL.D. 1888 
Macpherson, Peter, M.D. (Hon.) 1865 
Macpherson, Thomas W., M.A. 1887 
Macpherson, William G., M.A. (2nd, 

Class.) 1879; M.B., CM. 1882 
Macpherson, Wm. G., M.B., CM. 1888 
Macquarrie, Alexander J., M.A. 1871 
Macquarrie, James, M.A. 1870 
Macqueen, Archibald, M.B., CM. 1884 
M 'Queen, Thomas, M.B., CM. 1873 
M'Rae, Alexander, M.A. 1867 
Macrae, Colin G., M.A. 1866 
M'Rae, Donald, M.D. (Com.) 1861 

M'Rae, Donald, M.B., CM. 1871 
MacRae, Farquhar, M.A. 1885 
Macrae, Finlay, M.A. 1873 
Macrae, John, M.B., CM. 1867; M.D. 

Macrae, John, M.A. i860 
Macrae, John, ¥., M.B., CM. 1881 
Macrae, Roderick, M.B., C M. 1873 
Macreadie, Anthony, M.A. 1873 
Mactaggart, Alexander, M.A. 1886 
MacVean, Colin A., M.A. 1877 
MacVean, Neil J., M.A. 1887 
Mac vicar, John G., LL.D. 1870 
Macvie, Adam, M.B., CM. 1882 ; M.D. 

Macvie, Samuel, M.B., CM. 1874 
MacWatt, Hay, M.A. 1874 ; LL.B. 1880 
M'Watt, John, M.B., CM. 1878 
Macwatt, Robert C, M.B., CM. 1886 
M'William, Thomas, M.A. 1882 
Maberly, William. H., M.B., CM. 1876; 

M.D. (Com.) 1879 
Madden, Charles W. C, M.D. 1S59 
Madden. Edward M., M.B. 1872 
Maddox, Ernest E., M.B., CM. 1882 
Maddox, Ralph H., M.B., CM. (istcl.) 

Magrath, Chas. W. S., M.B., CM. 18S0 
Main, Alexander J., M.D. (Com.) 1863 
Main, John T., M.A. 1870 
Maine, Sir Henry S., LL.D. 1884 
Mair, David B., M.A. (1st, Math.) 

Maitland, 3 Edward F. (Lord Barcaple, 

Sen. Coll. Just.), LL.D. i860 . 
Maitland, John, M.B..C.M. 1874; M.D. 

(High Com.) 1888 
Maitland, Keith R., M.A. 1887 
Major, Herbert C, M.B., CM. 1S71; 

M.D. (Gold Med.) 1875 
Malan, Gabriel D., M.B., CM. 1884 
Malan, S. C, D.D. 1880 
Malcolm, James, M.A. 1887 
Malcolm, John D., M.B., CM. 1881 
Malcolm, John V. T., M.D. 1862 
Malcolm, Peter, M.A. 1885 
Malcolm, Robert C, M.A. 1888 
Malcolm, William A., M.B., CM. 1883 

1 Formerly Curator of Patronage, University, Edinburgh. 

2 Emeritus Professor of Scots Law, University, Edinburgh. 

3 Formerly Member of University Court, Edinburgh. 

sllphabctical List of Graduates. 


Male, Herbert C, M.B., CM. (ist cl.) 

1880; M.D. (Com.) 1S.S7 
Malins, Edward, M.B., CM. (Com.) 

1866; M.D. 1869 
Mallam, Laurence G., M.B., CM. (884 
Mallett, Frederick B., M.D. 1862 
Malloch, James, M.A. 1884 
Mailman, James, M.A. 1868 
Mamiani della Rovere, Count Terenzio, 

LL.D. 1S84 
Mancini, Pascal S., LL.D. 1884 
Manifold, CourtenayC, M.B. , CM. 1S86 
Mann, Alfred, M.B., CM. 1886 
Mann, Hugh W., M.B., CM. 1877 
Manook, George, M.B., CM. 1882 
Mansel, Henry L. , LL.D. 1S60 
Mansell-MacCulloch, William, M.B., 

CM. 1872; M.D. (Com.) 1S74 
Manson, GeorgeW.,M.A. 1S67; B.D.1869 
Mapleton, Edward A., M B., CM. 1874 
Mapleton, George 1L, M.B., CM. 1880 
Mapleton, Reginald W., M.B.,CM. 1873 
Marais, Francois P., M.B., CM. 1882; 

M.D. 18S8 
Marchbank, John, M.B..CM. 1875 
Marjoribanks, George, B.A. 1861 ; M.A. 

1862 ; B.D. 1866 
Marjoribanks, Thomas S., M.A. 1S67 ; 

B.D. 1871 
Marr, Alexander M., M.A. 1888 
Marriner, Hugh, M.B., CM. 1S70 
Marsden, Robert S., B.Sc. (Phys.) 1877; 

D.Sc. (Chan.) 1S79; M.B., CM. 1885 
Marsh, John II., M.A. 1879 
Marshall, Alexander, M.A. 1868 
Marshall, Daniel G-, M.B., CM. 1885 
Marshall, 1 David II., M.A. (1st, Math.) 

Marshall, Francis W., M.A. 1880 
Marshall, Hugh, B.Sc. (Phys.) 1886 
Marshall, James, M.A. 1884 
Marshall, 8 John, M.A. (ist, Class.) 1869 
Marshall, John, LL.D. 1884 
Marshall, 8 John W., M.A. 1869 
Marshall, Patrick, M.A. 1877 
Marshall, Thomas, M.A. 1S75 ; M.I!., 

CM. 1878 

Marshall, Thomas R., B.Sc. (Phys.) 1886 
Marshall, William, B.Sc. (Phys.) 1885 

Marshall, William II , M.A. 1868 

Martens, F. de, LL.D. 1884 

Martin, 4 Alexander, M.A. (ist, I'hil.) 1SS0 

Martin, Alexanders., M.A. 1888 

Martin, Benjamin, M.A. 1859 

Martin, Christopher, M.B.,CM. (ist cl.) 

Martin, Edward F., M.B. 1879 
Martin, Geo. C, M.A. (2nd, I'hil.) 1S8S 
Martin, Henry, M.B., CM. 1879 
Martin, Henry C, M.B., CM. 1870; 

M.D. 1873 
Martin, 8 Hugh, D.D. 1872 
Martin, James, M.D. 1863 
Martin, James H., M.A. 1S88 
Martin, James W., M.B., CM. 1885; 

M.D. (Com.) 1887 
Martin (formerly King), John H.C E. K., 

M.D. i860 
Martin, John W., M.B., CM. 1SS7 
Martin, (Sir) Theodore, LL.D. 1875 
Martin, Thomas, M.A. 1880 
Martin, Thomas J., M.A. 1873 
Martineau, Principal James, D.D. 1SS4 
Martinez, Marcial. LL.D. 1884 
Marwick, James, M.A. 1882 
Mason, David J., M.B., CM. 1885; 

M.D. (High Com.) 1888 
Mason, Henry W., M.B., CM. 1879 
Mason, James I., M.B., CM. 1.N77 
Massiah, Benjamin J., M.B. 1877 ; M.D. 

Massie, William, M.A. 1S84 
Masson, Alexander, B.D. 1867 
Masson,' David (>., M.A. 1S77; B.Sc. 

(l'hys.) 18S0; D.Sc. (Chem.) 1SS4 
Masterton, John, M.B. 1872 
Mather, W." W., M.A. 1867 
Mathers, George F., M.A. 1S81 
Matheson, Alan, M.B., CM. 18S7 
Mathe.-on, Alexander, M.A. 1875 
Matheson, Angus, M.B., CM. rSS4 ; 

M.D. 1888 
Matheson, 7 Augustus A., M.l!., CM. 

1883; M.D. 1886 

1 Prof, of Physics. (Jueen*s University. Kingston, Canada. 

2 Rector of High School, Edinburgh; formerly Examiner in Classics, University, Edinburgh. 

s H..M. Inspector of Schools. * Lately Examiner in Mental Philosophy, Univ., Ldin. 

8 Formerly Examiner in Mathematics. Prof, of Chemistry, University, Melbourne. 
7 Extra-academical Lecturer. 


Alphabetical List of Graduates. 

Matheson, FarquharW., M.B..CM. 1883 
Matheson, George, D.D. 1879 
Matheson, John, M.A. i860 
Matheson, Kenneth A., M.B., CM. 1887 
Mathews, John S., M.B., CM. 1868 
Mathe\vson,'Robt.,B.A. 1859; M.A. i860 
Matthew, Alexander, M.A. 1869 
Matthew, Charles G., M.B., CM. 1885 
Matthew, James, M.A. (2nd, Math. ) 1869 ; 

B.D. 1872 
Matthew, John C, M.A. 1887 
Matthews, David, M.B., CM. 1880 
Matthews, Robert P., M.A. 1872 ; M.B., 

CM. 1880 
Matthews, William, M.A. 1887 
Maudsley, Henry, LL.D. 1884 
Maule, James, M.D. (High Com.) 1867 
Maule, William, M.B., CM. 1879 
Mawson, Thos. W., M.B., CM. 1871 
Maxham, John W., M.D. 1863 
Maxwell, James C, LL.D. 1870 
Maxwell, Kenneth, M.B., CM. 1888 
Maxwell, Patrick W., M.B., CM. 18S0 ; 

M.D. (Com.) 1888 
Maxwell, Peter, M.D. 1862 
May, William, M.A. (2nd, Phil.) 1875 
Mead, Rivis, M.B., CM. 1882 
Mead, Robert W., M.B., CM. 1879; 

M.D. 1882 
Meadows, Robert T., M.B., CM. 1885 
Meadows, Henry, M.B., CM. 1871 
Meagle, James, M.A. 1859 
Mearns, Duncan G., B.D. 1869 
Mechie, John, M.A. 1888 
Meggat, John, M.B., CM. 1873 
Megginson, Arch. M., M.B., CM. 1878 
Meggison, Thomas C, M.B., CM. 1882 ; 

M.D. (Com.) 1888 [CM. 1888 

Meikle, Thomas C, M.A. 1886 ; M.B., 
Meikle, Thomas G., M.B., CM. 1887 
Meiklejohn, James T., M.A. 1881 
Meiklejohn, Robt. M., M.D. (Com.) 1864 
Meiklejohn, William, M.A. 1863 
Mein, Benjamin R.H., M.A. 1883 
Meintjes, Stephanus J., M.D. (High 

Com.) 1 86 1 
Melladew, Henry F. L., M.D. 1863 
Melle, George J. M., M.B., CM. 1886 
Melles, Joseph W., M.A. 1878 
Mellis, James, M.A. 1863 

Mellis, 1 John C, M.A. 1864 
Mellor, Enoch, D.D. 1870 
Melville, Andrew, M.A. 1859 
Melville, Charles H., M.B., CM. 1885 
Melville, Henry B., M.B., CM. (2nd 

cl.) 1885 
Mendeleieff, Dmitri, LL.D. 1884 
Menzies, Alexander, M.A. 1888 
Menzies,Alex.,M.B.,CM. (2nd cl ) 1884 
Menzies, Alexander J. P., M.A. 1882 
Menzies, 2 Allan, B.D., 1869 
Menzies, Alan L., M.A. 1883 
Menzies, Charles D., M.A. 1869 
Menzies, David, M.B., CM. 1876 
Menzies, Duncan, M.B., CM. 1883 
Menzies, James A., M.D. 1870 
Menzies, John D., M.B., CM. 18S6 
Menzies, Robert, D.D. 1864 
Menzies, William F., M.B., CM. 1885 ; 

M.D. 1888 
Menzies, Wm. J., B.Sc. (Pub. H.) 1888 
Mercer, John, M.A. 1872 
Mercer, Nigel G., M.D. 1863 
Mercer, Walter, M.B., CM. 188 1 
Meredith, John, M.D. (Com.) 1861 
Meredith, William A., M.B., CM. 1S72 
Merivale, Charles, LL.D., 1884 
Merson, David, B.D. 1875 t l886 

Merwe, Daniel S. van der, M.B., CM. 
Merwe, Wouter J. van der, M.B., CM. 

Messer, Thomas J. F., M.D. 1864 
Mezieres, Alfred, LL.D. 1884 
Michael, Gustave, M.B., CM. 1884 
Michaelis, A., LL.D., 1885 
Michel, Francisque X., LL.D. 1887 
Mickle, Arth. W. T. F., M.B., CM. 1882 
Middlemass, James, M.A. 1882; B.Sc. 

(Phys.) 1884; M.B., CM. (2ndcl.) 1888 
Middleton, Alexander, B.D. 1884 
Middleton, Charles J., M.A. 1884 
Middleton, James, M.D. (Com.) i860 
Middleton, James, M.B., CM. 1873 
Middleton, John, M.D. 1863 
Midgley, James H., B.Sc. (Nat.) 1877 
Miles, Alexander, M.B., CM. 1888 
Mill, Arthur J. M. K., M.B., CM. 1882 
Mill, Hugh R., B.Sc. (Phys.) 1883; 

D.Sc. (Chem.) 1886 
Mill, James, M.B., CM. 1881 

1 Late Sheriff-Substitute, Kirkwall. 

2 Prof, of Div. and Bib. Crit., Univ., St Andrews. 

Alphabetical List of Graduates. 

Mill, James, M.A. (ist, Class.) 1885 
Millar, David, M.A. 1S64 ; B.D. 1867 
Millar, Janus, M.A. 1882 
Millar, James G., LL.B. 1880 
Millar, John, M.D. 1863 
Millar, Thomas [., M.A. 1S88 
Millard, William W., M.B., CM. 1S7S 
Miller, Alexander G, M.B., CM. 1883; 

M.D. (High Com.) 1888 
Miller, 1 Alexander G., M.D. 1864 
Miller, Alfred T. . M.A. 1SS8 
Miller, Andrew, M.D. 1866 
Miller, Clarence II., M.A. 1S84 
Miller, David K., B.A. i860; M.A. 1861 
Miller, Frederick, M.A. 1883 
Miller, George V., M.B., CM. 1888 
Miller, Henry, M.B., CM. 1869 
Miller, James, M.D. 1S59 

Miller, James D., M.B., CM. 1878 
Miller, James G., M.B., CM. 1887 
Miller, John B., M.B., CM. 1876 
Miller, John R. SL, M.A. 1870 
Miller, Ralph S., M.B., CM. 1883 
Miller, Robert, M.A. 1863 
Miller, Robert, M.A. 1884; LL.B 

(Hon.) 1888 
Miller, Robert H., LL.B. 1886 
Miller, Robert S., M.A. 1884 
Miller, William A., LL.D. i860 
Miller, William B., M.B., CM. 1S73 

M.D. (Com.) 1881 
Miller, William C S., M.B., CM. 1SS5 

M.D. (Gold Med.) 1887 
Miller, William II., M.B., CM. 1883 

M.D. (Com.) 1888 
Miller, William J., M.A. 1876 
Millie, Charles A., M.A. 1867; LL.B. 

Milligan, David, M.B., CM. 1SS3 
Milligan, John L., M.D. (Com.) 1862 
Millingen, Alex., B.A. 1861 ; M.A. 1S62 
Millingen,Chas.,M.D. (High Com.) 1863 
Mills, Alexander, M.A. 1878 
Mills, Bernard L., M.B., CM. 1882; 

M.D. (Com.) 1885 
Milne, George L. H., M.A. 1S82 
Milne, James, M.A. 1881 
Milne, James, M.B., CM. 1883 
Milne, James B., M.A. 1878 
Milne, James R., M.A. (2nd, Phil.) 1865 

Milne, William, M.A. (2nd, Math.) 1879; 

B.Sc (Math.) 1879 
Milne, William, M.A. 1874 
Milner, Vincent, M.B., CM. 1888 
Milnes, R. Monckton (Lord Houghton), 

LL.D. 1878 
Milroy, William C, M.A. 1887 
Milroy, W. M., M.A. 1865 
Milward, William C, M.B., CM. 1S79 
Mitchell, Alex. C, B.Sc. (Math.) 1888 
Mitchell, David W. B., M.A. 1866 
Mitchell, George A., M.B., CM. 1886 
Mitchell, Harrison, M.B., CM. 1867; 

M.D. (Com.) 1870 
Mitchell, James, M.D. 1867 
Mitchell, James D., LL.B. 1885 
Mitchell, James R. M., B.A. 1861 ; 

M.A. 1862 
Mitchell, John, M.A. 1865 
Mitchell, John R., M.A. 1864 
Mitchell, Richard B., M.B..CM. 1879 ; 

M.D. (High Com.) 1885 
Mitchell, Robert, B.A. 1859 ; M.A. i860 
Mitchell, Robert, M.D. 1859 
Mitchell, Robert, M.A. (2nd, Phil.) 

1880; M.B., CM. 1884 
Mitchell, Robert A., M.A. 1859 
Mitchell, Robert H., M.B., CM. 1887 
Mitchell, Robert P., M.B., CM. 1883 
Mitchell, Samuel, M.B., CM. (Com.) 

1865 ; M.D. 1867 
Mitchell, Thomas C, M.A. 1874 
Mitchell, Win., M.A. (ist, Phil.) 1886 
Mitchell, William G., M.A. 1880; M.B., 

CM. 1885 
Mitchell, Zachariah J., M.A. 1865 
Moffat, Alexander, M.A. (2nd, Math.) 

1887; B.Sc. (Math.) 18S8 
Moffat, John, M.D. 1864 
Moffat, John G., M.B., CM. 1888 
Moffat, Paul, M.D. 1S63 
Moffat, Robert, D.D. 1872 
Moinet, Charles, M.A. 1867 
Moinet, Francis W., M.B., CM. 1S67 ; 

M.D. (Com.) 1870 
Moir, Byres, M.B., CM. 1S76 
M..ii. David, M.A. 1865 
Moir, David M., M.B., CM. 1SS5 
Moir, George, LL.D. 1869 
Moir, Henry L., M.A. 1SS7 

1 Surgeon, Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh; Extra-academical Lecturer. 

6 4 

Alphabetical List of Graduates. 

Moir, John W., M.B., CM. (Com.) 

1866; M.D. 1868 
Moir, Robert, M.U. (Com.) 1859 
Moll, Pieter de V., M.B., CM. 1883 
Momerie, 1 (and v. Mummery), Alfred 

W., LL.D. 1S87 
Moncrieff, Sir Henry \\\, Bart., D.D. 

Moncrieff, 2 W. G. Scott, M.A. 1866 
Moniot, John A., M.D. 1866 
Monteath, George, M.D. (Com.) 1S60 
Monteath, Robert R., M.A. 1859 
Monteith, James M., M.B. 1872; CM. 

1873; B.Sc. (Pub. H.) 1876 
Montgomerie, Hugh M., M.B.. CM. 

Montgomery, Jas. C, M.B., CM. 18S8 
Montgomery, John, M.B., CM. (istcl.) 

Montgomery, William H., M.B. 1876 
Montizambert, Frederick, M.D. 1864 
Moodie, Robert, M.B.,CM. 1869; M.D. 

(Gold Med.) 1881 ; B.Sc. (Pub. H.) 

Moody, Arthur R., M.B., CM. 1883 
Moolman, Hans J., M.B. 1876; M.D. 

Moon, Charles, M.B., CM. 1866 ; M.D. 

Moore, Arthur M., M.B., CM. 18S2 
Moore, Herbert C, M.B., CM. 1879 
Moore, John D., M.D. (High Com.) 1859 
Moore, John M., M.B., CM. (Hon. and 

Com.) 1865; M.D. 1867 
Moore, Robert J. A., M.B., CM. 1883 
Moore, William W., M.D. 1861 
Moorhouse, Benj. M., M.B., CM. 1883 
Moos, Nanabhay A. F., B.Sc. (Engin.) 

Moren, Arthur, M.D. i860 
Morgan, Alexander, M.A. (ist, Math.) 

1886; B.Sc. (Math.) 1888 
Morgan, David, M.B., CM. 1884 
Morgan, David M., M.A. (Nat. Sc.) 1880 
Morgan, Emmanuel, M.A. 1874 
Morgan, Fredk. W. G., M.B., CM. 1888 
Morgan, Richard H., M.A. 1873 
Morgan, Thomas H., M.B., CM. 1S88 

Morgenrood, Ed. H., M.B., CM. 1882 
Morgenrood, Wm. G., M.B.,CM. 1880 
Morice, James M., B.Sc. (Engin.) 1885 
Morier, Sir R. B. D., LL.D. 1884 
Morison, Albert E., M.B., CM. 1884 
Morison, Alexander, M.B..CM. 1872; 

M.D. (Gold Med.) 1878 
Morison, Alexander J. M., M.A. 1879 
Morison, Basil G., M.B., CM. (ist cl.) 

Morison, Fred. H., M.B., CM. 1887 
Morison, James R., M.B. 1875; M.D. 

(Com.) 1884 
Morison, John, M.D. 1865 
Morison, Thomas B., M.A. 18S8 
Morison, William, M.A. 1862 
Morley, Henry, LL.D. 1880 
Morris, Arthur J., M.B., CM. 1879 
Morris, Robert O., M.A. 1 886 
Morris, Thomas, M.B., CM. 1886 
Morris, Walter C, M.B. 1875 
Morrison, Alexander, M.A. 1887 
Morrison, George E., M.B., CM; 1887 
Morrison, George W., B. D. 1S68 
Morrison, Hugh, B.L. 1885 
Morrison, James W., M.A. 1861 
Morrison, John T., M.A. 1S83 ; B.Sc. 

(Math.) 1888 
Morrison, Reginald H., M.B., CM. 18S8 
Morrison, 3 Robt., M.A. (Nat. Sc.) 1865 
Morrison, Robert M., B.Sc. (Phys.) 1876; 

D.Sc. (Chem.) 1877 
Morrison, Robert S., M.B., CM. 1885 
Morrison, William, M.A. 1873 
Morrison, William, M.A. 1878 
Morrison, William, M.B., CM. 1881 
Morrow, Arthur, M.B., CM. 18S6 
Morse, Clinton J., M.D. 1862 
Morson, Alex. K., M.D. (Com.) 1864 
Mortlock, Robert H., M.B., CM. 1887 
Morton, Andrew S., M.B., CM. 1874 
Morton, Alexander, M.A. 1879 
Morton, Charles J., M.B., CM. 1SS6 
Morton, Edwin, M.B., CM. 1885; M.D. 

Morton, William K., B.L. 1880 
Moseley, George W., M.B., CM. 1886 
Moss, Charles F. A., M.B., CM. 1888 

1 Prof, of Logic and Metaphysics, King's College, London. 

2 Sheriff-Substitute, Falkirk. 

3 Vice-Principal. Scotch College, Melbourne. 

Alphabetical List of Graduates. 


Mount, Frederick J., LL.D. 1886 
Mou.u, George !>., M.D. 1864 
Moulin, Edward J. B. da, M.B., CM. 

(2nd cl.) 1885 
Moulton, William F., D.D. 1S74 
Mouncey, Charles J., M.B., CM. 1882 
Mounsey, George II., M.B., CM. 1881 
Mowat, Daniel, M.B., CM. 18845 M.D. 

(Com.) 1887 
Mowat, Donald, M.A. 1871 
Mowat, James, M.B., CM. 1887 
Mowat, John, M.A. 1873; M.B., CM. 

1877 ; M.D. 1880 
Mowat, 1 Martin, M.A. (2nd, Math.) 1866 
Mowat, William, M.A. 1879 
Mowbray, John T., LL.D. 1876 
Mudie, Henry F., M.B., CM. 1881 
Muir, Alexander, M.A. (2nd, Phil.) 1868 
Muir, Gavin S., M.A. 1874 
Muir, James, M.A. 1885 
Muir/john, LL.D. 1S61 
Muir, John S., M.B., CM. 1867 
Muir, Julius W., M.A. (1st, Class., and 

2nd," Math.) 1868 
Muir, Peter, M.D. 1862 
Muir, Robert, M.A. 1884; M.B..CM. 

(1st cl.) 1888 
Muir,' 1 Robert J., M.A. (2nd, Phil.) 1865 
Muir, 4 Sir William, LL.D. 1884 
Muir. William K., M.A. 1S63 
Muirhead, 8 Claud, M.D. (Com.) 1862 
Muirhead, Findlay, M.A. 1871 
Muirhead, James F., M.A. 1874 
Muirhead, William, M.A. 1873 
Muirhead, William M., M.D. 18G2 
Mukerji, Upendra X., M.B., CM. 1883 
Mules, Philip II., M.B. 1867; M.D. 

Mullens, Joseph, D.D. 1868 . 
Muller, F. Max, LL.D. 1870 
Mulligan, William (1. T.. M.A. 1887 
Mummery (and v. Momerie), Alfred W., 

M.A. (1st, Phil.) 1875; D.Sc. (Ment. 

Ph.) 1876 
Munea>ter, William II., M.A. 1879; 

B.D. 1886 
Munro, /Eneas, M.B..CM. 1869; M.D. 

(Com.) 1872 

Munro, Alexander D. N., M.D. (High 

Com.) 1864 
Munro, Andrew W., M.B., CM. 1883 
Munro, 6 Archibald C, M.B. (2nd cl.) 

1874; CM. 1882; B.Sc. (Pub. II.) 

1882; D.Sc. (Pub. II.) 1882 
Munro, David A., M.A. 1870 
Munro, Duncan, M.A. 1875 
Munro, Hugh A. J., LL.D. 1872 
Munro, James, M.D. 1859 
.Munro, James, M.A. 1880 
Munro, Neil G., M.B..CM. 1888 
Munro, Robert, M.A. i860; M.B., 

CM. 1S67; M.D. 1 87 1 
Munro, Robert II., M.B., CM. 1S81 
Munro, William, M.B., CM. 1866; 

M.D. 1869 
Munro, William J., M.B., CM. 1884 
Murchison, Charles, LL.D. 1870 
Murchison, Finlay, M.A. 1867; M.B., 

CM. 1872 
Murchison, Sir Roderick I., LL.D. 1809 
Murdoch, Alex. B., M.B., CM. 1S83 
Murdoch, Alex. G., M. A. 1SS1 ; B.D. 1887 
Murdoch, John, M.B., CM. 1867 
Murdoch, Patrick A., M.B., CM. 1S72 
Murdoch, William, M.B., CM. 1877; 

M.D. (High Com.) 1885 
Mure, Thomas M., B.A. 1S60; M.A. 

1861 ; LL.B. 1866 
Murison, Patrick, M.B., CM. 18SS 
Murphy, William, M.B., CM., 1885 
Murray, Alexander D., M.B., CM. 1875 
Murray, Alfred A., M.A. 1S82 ; LL.B. 

(Hon.) 1887 
Murray, Charles D., M.A. 1885 
Murray, David, M.D. 1862 
Murray, David K., B.L. (Hon.) 1887 
Murray, Frederick, M.B., CM. 1884 
Murray, George, M.A. 1S74 : B.D. 1877 
Munay, (JustavusC P., M.D. (Coin. |l8€o 
Murray, James, M.A. 1S68 
Murray, James, M.B., CM. 1S76 ; M.A. 

1877; M.D. (Com.) 1881 
Murray, James, M.B., CM. 1879 
Murray, James A. II., LL.D. 1874 
Murray, James A. J.. M.B., CM. 1SS3 
Murray, John, M.B., CM. 1872 

1 Professor of Mathematics Presidency College, Bengal. 

- Formerly Member of University Court, Edinburgh: Founder of Chair of Sanskrit. 

3 H.M. Inspector oi School*. * Principal and Vice-Chancellor of the Unlv.-r-ity. 

5 Physician, Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh. • Medical Officer of Health, South Shields, etc. 


Alphabetical List of Graduates. 

Murray, John, M.A. 1888 
Murray, John LL.D. 1888 
Murray, John K., M.B., CM. 1885 
Murray, 'Richard U. W., M.B., CM. 

Murray, Robert A., M.B., CM. 1879 
Murray, Robert D., M.B., CM. (2nd 

cl.) 1873 
Murray, 1 Robert M., M.B., CM. (2nd 

cl.) 1879 
Murray, 2 T. Graham, LL.D. 1888 
Murray, Walter, M.B., CM. 1877 
Murray, Walter G., M.B., CM. 1881 
Murray, William, M.B., CM. 1879 
Murray, William B., M.D. 1866 
Murray, William G., M.B., CM. 1878 
Murray, William H., M.B., CM. 1874; 

M.D. 1876 
Musgrove, Charles D., M.B., CM. 1888 
Musgrove, James, M.B., CM. 1886; 

M.D. (High Com.) 1888 
Mussy, Henri G. de, LL.D., 1884 
Myles, Robert F., M.A. 1881 ; LL.B. 

Myles, Thomas P., M.B., CM. 1881 
Myrtle, Andrew S., M.B., CM. 1883; 

M.D., 1886 
Myrtle, James A., M,B., CM. 1882; 

M.D. 1885 
Nagel, Albert, B.Sc. (Engin.) 1888 
Nairne, John, M.D. (Com.) 1S61 
Naismith, William J., TNI. B., CM. 1S69: 

M.D. 1872 
Nankivell, Frank, M,B., CM. 1875; 

M.D. (Com.) 1877 
Nankivell, Herbert, M.D. (Com.) 1864 
Napier and Ettrick, Lord, LL.D. J8S4 
Nash, Alfred G., B.Sc. (Engin.) 1880 
Nash, Andrew W., M.B., CM. 1886 
Nash, Edmund, M.D. (Com.) 1864 
Nash, James T. C, M.B., CM. 18S6 
Nash, John B., M.B., CM. 1882; M.D. 

Nash, William, M.D. i c 62 
Nasmyth, Thomas G., M.B.., CM. 1876; 

B.Sc. (Pub. H.) 1886; D.Sc. (Pub. 

H.) 1887 
Nasmyth, William R., M„B., CM. 1885 

Nason, William S., M.B., CM. 1886 
Neal, Frederick A., M.B., CM. 1885 
Neale, Alfred J., M.B., CM. 1882; 

M.D. 1885 
Neale, John H., M.B , CM. 1883 
Neaves, 3 Charles, Sen. Coll. Just. , LL.D. 

Neethling, Andrew M., M.B.,CM. 1883 
Neethling, Johannes H.,M.B.,CM. 1885 
Neild, Frederic, M.B., CM. 1872; 

M.D. 1874 
Neilson, Alex., B.A. 1859 ; M.A. i860 
Neilson, Alexander, M.A. 1888 
Neilson, James, M.D. 1862 
Neilson, John, M.A. 1868 
Neish, Charles H. L., M.A. 1879 
Nelson, James S., M.A. 1874 
Nelson, Thomas, M.B., CM. 1880; 

M.D. (Com.) 1886 
Nesbitt, William P., M.B., CM. 1873 
Nesham, Thomas C, M.D. 1863 
Neve, Ernest F., M.B., CM. 1882; 

M.D. (Gold Med.) 1885 
Newbigging, William, B.D. 1866 
Newton, C T., LL.D. 1884 
Newton, James, M.A. 1870 
Nichol, Charles E., M.B., CM. 1S81 
Nichol, Harvey, B.D. 1884 
Nicholson, Benj. H., M.B., CM. 1884 
Nicholson, Sir Charles, Bart., LL.D. 1886 
Nicholson, Francis C, M.B., CM. 1869 
Nicholson, 4 Henry A., B.Sc. (Nat.) 1866; 

D.Sc. (Geol.) 1867; M.B., CM. 

.(Hon. and Gold Med.) 1867; M.D. 

Nicholson, John, M.D. 1862 
Nicholson, Maxwell, D.D. 1867 
Nicholson, Thomas D., M.B., CM. 

1870; M.D. 1872 
Nicholson, Williams, M.B., CM. 1868; 

M.D. J870 
Nicol, 5 Thomas, B.D. 1871 
Nicol, 6 William W. J., MA. 1875; 
B.Sc. (Phys.) 1881; D.Sc. (Chem.) 
Nicolet, Gustavus P., M.B., CM. 1883 
Nicoll, Augustus, M.B., CM. 1871 
Nicoll, James, M.A. 1864 

1 Extra-academical Lecturer. 2 Member of University Court, Edinburgh. 

3 Formerly Curator of Patronage, Univ , Edin. 4 F.R.S. ; Prof, of Natural History, Univ., Aberdeen. 

5 Formerly Examiner in Divinity, Univ., Edin. 6 Prof, ef Chemistry, Mason College, Birmingham. 

Alphabetical List of Graduates. 


Nicoll, John, M.A. 1879: B.D. 1882 

Nicoll, John B., M.D. i860 

Nicoll, Joseph, M.A. 1879 

Nicoll, 1 Win., M.A. 1879; LL.B. 1882 

Nicolson, 1 Alexander, M.A. (Honorary) 

1859; LL.I). 1880 
Nicolson, Charles P., M.A. (Nat. Sc.) 

1867; B.Sc. (Nat.) 1867; M.l'.., 

CM. 1868 

on, John T., B.Sc. (Engin.) 1888 
Nicolson, Win., B.A. i860; M.A. 1861 
Nicolson, William B., M.A. 1884 
Nicolson, 3 Win. M., B.A. 1861 ; M.A. 

(1st, Class.) [864; D.Sc. (Pbilol.) 1875 
Xiekerk, John van, M.l!., CM. 1888 
Niesche, Frederick W., M.B., CM. 

1880: M.D. 1886 
Nieuwoudt, Gerrit, M.B., CM. (1st cl.) 

Nightingale, John, M.B., CM. 1888 
Nigra, Count Costantino, LL.D. 1SS4 
Nixnmo, Adam, M.A. 1887 
Nisbet, John T.. M.B., C M. 1883 
Nisbet, Walter B., M.B., CM. 1885 
Niven, John D., M.U. 1862 
Nivison, John, M.B., CM. 1870 
Nivison, Thos. R. S., M.D. (Com.) 1864 
Noble, John, M.B., C M. 1884 
Noott, Reginald II., M.l:., CM. 1887 
Norfor, Brooke O., M.B., CM. 1881 
Norman, John, M.D. 1859 
Normand, George M., M.A. 1876 
Norrie, William, M.A. 1869 
Norris, Henry L., M.B., CM. 1872; 

M.D. (Com.) 1879 
North, John C, M.l'.., CM. 1S70 
Northcote, Augustus B., M.l;., CM. 

Northcote, 4 Sir Stafford, Bart (Earl of 

Iddesleigh), LE.D. 1884 
Norval, William T., M.A. 1878 
Nutting, Ernest S., M.l:., CM. 18S5 
Nys, Ernest, LL.D. 1884 
Oakes, Anluir W., M.B., CM. 1879; 

M.D. 1882 
O'Brien, Russell J., M.B., CM. 1S79 

Odhams, George F., M.B., CM. (2nd 

cl.) 1887 
Officer, John L., M.A. 1887 
O'Flaherty, Felix B., M.B., CM. 1884 
Ogilvie, 8 Francis G., B.Sc. (Nat.) 1881 
Ogilvie, George, B.Sc. (Math.) 1875; 

M.H., CM.' 1876 
Ogilvie, J anus, M.l',., CM. (2nd cl.) 1874 
Ogilvie, Leslie, B.Sc. (Nat.) 1875; 

M.B., CM. 1876 
Ogilvie, William A., M.A. 1872 
Ogilvie, Web. P., M.A. (2nd, Class.) 1875 
Ogilvy, WalterS., M.l!., CM. 1881 
Ogilvy-Ramsay, William, M.A. 1879 
O'Herlehy, Daniel P., M.D. 1861 
Ohlmiis, Peter D., M.B., CM. 1879 
Oliphant, Ebenezer H. L., M.B., CM. 

1882; M.D. (Com.) 1886 
Oliphant, James, M.A. 1881 
Oliphant, John, M.D. (Com.) 1864 
Oliphant, John C, M.A. 1884 
Oliphant, William B., M.B., CM. 1879 ; 

M.D. 1882 
Oliver, Alexander, D.D. 1888 
Oliver, James, M.B., CM. 1879; M.D. 

(Com.) 1887 
Oliver, James, B.A. 1861 ; M.A. 1S63 
Oliver, "Matthew J., M.B., CM. 1886 
Oliver, William E., M.A. 1887 
Oilier, Leopold, LL.D. 1884 
Oman, John W., M.A. (1st, Phil.) 1882 ; 

B.D. 1886 
Oman, Nathaniel D. L, M.B., CM. 

1865 : M.D. 1S71 
Omond, George W. T., M.A. (1st, Class., 

and 2nd, Phil.) 1868 
Omond, Thomas S., M.A. (ist, Class., 

and 1st, Phil.) 1867 
O'Neil, Joseph X., M.A. 1882 
O'Neill, John, M.D. (Com.) i860 
Oram, Arthur M., M.B., CM. 1879; 

M.D. (Com.) 1881 
O Reilly, James, M.B., CM. 1880 
Orr, James, M.B., CM. 1881 
Orr, John, M.B., CM. 1883 

1 Judge. British Guiana. 

2 Sheriff-Substitute, (Irecnock; formerly Examiner in Mental Philosophy, University, Edin- 
burgh ; formerly Member of University Court. 

3 Formerly Examiner in Classics, l Diversity, Edinburgh. 

•* Late Lord Hector of the University s Principal of Hcriot- Watt College, Edinburgh. 


Alphabetical List of Graduates. 

Orr, John H., M.D. 1859 

Orr, Robert L., M.A. (ist, Class.) 1877 ; 

LL.B. 1 88 1 
Orr, Ryrie, M.A. 1884 
Orr, William B., M.B., CM. 1888 
Orr, William Y., M.B. 1881 
Orrock, George D., M.B., CM. 1883 
Osborne, Robert E., M.A. (2nd, Phil.) 

Oswald, Henry R., M.B., CM. 1875; 

M.D. 1881 
Oswald, Robert, M.A. 1886 
Ouseley, Sir Frederick A. G., Bart., 

LL.D. 1884 
Owen, Charles H., M.A. 1887 
Owen, John, M.A. 1874 
Owen, Owen J., M.A. 1883 
Owen, Owen R. P., M.B., CM. (2nd cl.) 

Ozanne, Glenmore, M.B., CM. 1885 
Packer, James M., M.D. 1863 
Page, 1 David, M.B., CM. (istcl.) 1870 ; 

M.D. (Gold Med.) 1873 
Page, 2 Frederick, M.D. (Com.) 1868 
Paget, (Sir)G. E., LL.D. 1S71 
Paget, Sir James, Bart., LL.D. 1884 
Pairman, Robert, M.B., CM. 1872; 

M.D. (Com.) 1876 
Palgrave, Francis T., LL.D. 1878 
Palin, Henry V., M.B., CM. 1872 
Palk, Charles H. L., M.B., CM. 1887 
Palm, Theobald A., M.A. 1867 ; M.B., 

CM. 1873; M.D. (Com.) 1884 
Palm, William S., M.B., CM. 1877 
Palmer, Edmund S., M.B., CM. 1882 
Palmer, John C, M.B., CM. 1888 
Palmerston, Viscount, LL.D., 1863 
Pare, John W., M.B., CM. 1885 
Park, George, M.B., CM. (2nd cl.) 1883 
Park, James H. W., B.Sc. (Engin.) 1886 
Parker, Charles A., M.B., CM. 1873; 

M.D. 1877 
Parker, Frederick H., M.A. 1877 
Parker, Robert L., M.B., CM. 1879 
Parker, William, M.B., CM. 1887 
Parr, Theophilus, M.A. 1881 
Parsons, Chas., M.D. (Gold Med.) 1864 
Partridge, Sydney, M.B., CM. 1885 
Passmore, Edward B., M.D. 1861 

Pasteur, Louis, LL.D. 1884 

Paterson, Alexander, M.B., CM. 1866 ; 

M.D. 1868 
Paterson, Alexander, M.B., CM. 1885 
Paterson, Alexander B., M.A. 1872 
Paterson, Alexander D., M.A. 1876 
Paterson, Alexander G., M.A. 1879; 

M.B., CM. 1884; M.D. 1886 
Paterson, Alexander S., M.A. 1870 
Paterson, 3 Andrew M., M.B., CM. (ist 

cl.) 1883; M.D. (Gold Med.) 1886 
Paterson, Arch., M.A. (2nd, Class.) 1888 
Paterson, Charles E., B.A. 1861 ; M.A. 

1862; B.D. 1866 
Paterson, Charles E., M.B., CM. 1884 
Paterson, Donald R., M.B., CM. (2nd 

cl.) 1883; M.D. (Com.) 1887 
Paterson, George, M.B., CM. 1880 
Paterson, George K., M.B., CM. (2nd 

cl.) 1882 
Paterson, Ian, M.B., CM. 1885 
Paterson, 4 Jas. H. R., B.Sc. (Phys.) 1888 
Paterson, James V., M.A. 1888 
Paterson, John, M.A. 1864 
Paterson, John, M.A. 1878 
Paterson, Maurice, M.B., CM. 1885 
Paterson, Thomas C, M.B., CM. 1888 
Paterson, Thomas S., B.L. 1885 
Paterson, Walter H., M.B.,CM. 1868 ; 

M.D. 1870 
Paterson, William, M.B., CM. 1887 
Paterson, William B., M.B., CM. 1887 
Paterson, William P., M.A. (2nd, Class.) 

1880; B.D. 1883 
Paton, Benjamin L., M.B., CM. 1888 
Paton, 5 Diarmid Noel, B.Sc. (Nat.) 
1880; M.B..C.M. (ist cl.) 1882; M.D. 
(Gold Med.) 1885 
Paton, Frederick E., M.B., CM. 1882 
Paton, Henry, M.A. 1880 
Paton, James A., M.A. (ist, Math.) 1876; 

B.Sc. (Math.) 1877 
Paton, John, M.A. 1876 
Paton, John, M.A. 1861 
Paton, John W., M.B., CM. (Hon.) 

1867 ; M.D. (High Com.) 1870 
Paton, Sir J. Noel, LL.D. 1876 
Paton, Robert J., M.B., CM. 1886 
Paton, Thomas J., M.B., CM. 1887 

1 Inspector, Local Government Board, London. 2 Examiner in Clinical Surgery, Univ., Edin. 

3 Profe-sor of Anatomy, Dundee. 4 Extra-academical Lecturer. 
5 Extra-academical Lecturer; Examiner in Physiology, University, Edinburgh. 

Alphabetical List of Graduates. 


raton, William Y., M.B., CM. (2nd 

cl.) 1868 
Patrick, David, M.A. 1874; B.D. 1874 
Patrick, 1 John, B.D. 1877 
Patrick, Joseph, M.A. 1877 
Patrick," R. W. Cochran, H.A. 1861 
Patterson, Charles S., M.H., CM. 1887 
Patterson, James, B.D. 1865 
Pauli, Reinhold, LL.D. 1874 
Peace, Peter, M.A. 1881 
Peacock, Robert K., M.B., CM. 1880 
Pearce, Joseph C, M.B., CM. 1871 ; 

M.D. "(Com.) 1877 
Tearcey, Philip A., M.B., CM. 1879 
Tearse, Arthur, M.D. 1859 
Pearson, Thomas, M.A. 1873 
Pearson, Thos., M.A. 1873; B.D. 1876 
Peattie, George, M.A. 1881 
Peattie, James C, M.A. 1880 
Peattie, John, M.A. 1885 
Pechell, Augustus A., M.B., CM. 1881 
Peddie, Coventry D., M.A. 1886 
Pecklie, Henry A., M.B., CM. 1880 
Pe.l.lie, William, B.Sc. (Math.) 1887; 

D.Sc. (Math.) 1888 
Pegler, Louis H., M.B., CM. 1878; 

M.D. 1885 
Pegus, William T., M.B., CM. 1873 
Penedo, Baron de, LL.D. 1884 
Penman, Peter M., M.B., CM. 1877 
Penney, Frederick G., M.A. 1876 
Penney, Scott M., M.A. 1878 
Peppe, William, B.Sc. (Engin.) 1873 
Perez, Joseph A., M.B., CM. 1886 
Perigaf, Arthur, M.B., CM. 1869; M.D. 

(High Com.) 1873 
Perkins, George C S., M.B., CM. 1881 
Perkins, Henry A., M.B., CM. 1871 ; 

M.D. 1874 
Perrot, Ceorges, LL.D. 1884 
Perowne, J. J. S., D.D. 1884 
Peters, David S., M.A. 1869 
1'etersen, Julius, M.B., CM. 1888 
Peterson, 3 Peter, M.A. (ist, Class.) 1867 ; 

D.Sc. (l'hilol.) 1883 
Peterson, 4 Win., M.A. (est, Class.) 1875 

Petter, Walter, M.B., CM. 1883 
Pettenkofer, Max von, LL.D. 1884 
Pettigrew, 8 Jas., M.D. (Gold Med.) 1861 
Philip, Adam, M.A. (2nd, Phil.) 1876 
Philip, Alexander, M.A. 1879; LL.B. 

(Hun.) 1885 
Philip, Robert W., M.A. 1878; M.B., 
CM. (2nd cl.) 1882; M.D. (Gold 

Med.) 1887 
Philip, Thomas, M.B., CM. 1882 
Phillip, Thomas, M.A. 1870 
Phillips, Henry W., M.B., CM. 1881 ; 

M.D. (High Com.) 1886 
Phillips, John, M.B., CM. 1888 
Phillips, John R., M.B., CM. 1882 
Phillipps, J. O. Halliwell, LL.D. 1883 
Phillips, Robert E., M.B., CM. 1874; 

M.D. 1876 
Philp, William, M.B., CM. 1886 
Phimister, Alexander, M.A. 1865 
Phin, 8 Kenneth M., D.D. 1869 
Picard, Peter K., M.D. 1859 
Pickard, Herbert B., M.A. (ist, Math.) 

Pierez, George E., M.B., CM. 1880 
Piggott, William C, M.D. (Com.) i860 
Pillans, 7 James, LL.D. 1863 
Pirie, George A., M.B., CM. (ist cl.) 

Pirie, John, M.B., CM. 1886 
Pirrie, William, LL.D. 1875 
Pitcairn, David, D.D. 1867 
Pitcairn, George K., M.B., CM. (2nd 

cl.) 1869 
Pithie, Michael, B.L. 1879 
Pitt, John, M.A. 1864; B.D. 1869 
Plain, Albert, M.B.,CM. 1877 
Plant, Henry W., M.B., CM. 1874; 

M.D. 1876 
Piatt, Henry, M.A. (2nd, Class.) 1870 
Playfair, David T., M.B., CM. 1877; 

M.D. 1888 
Playfair, John, M.P.. 1872 
Playfair, 8 (Sir) Lyon, LL.D. 1869 
Playfair, Patrick M , M.A. 1877 

Plenderleith, James W., B.L. 1880 

1 Formerly Examiner in Divinity, Univ.. Edin. • Formerly M P.: Under Secretary for Scotland. 
3 Professor of Oriental Languages, Bombay. ■* Principal of University College, Dundee. 
6 F.R.S.; Profesior of Medicine, University, St Andrews. 

6 Formerly Member of University Court, Edin. 7 Formerly Prof, of Humanity, Univ., Edin. 
8 Formerly Prof, of Chemistry, University. F.dinbur«h ; formerly M.P. for Universities of 
Edinburgh and St Andrews 

Alphabetical List of Gradiiatcs. 

Pockley, Francis A., M.B., CM. (ist 

cl.) 1884 
Poel, Stephanus J. J. van der, M.B., 

CM. 1879 
Pollard, George H., M.B., CM. 1886 
Pollock, Frederick, LL.D. 1880 
Pollock, Thomas V., M.A. 1873 
Pollock, William B., M.A. 1887 
Poison, George Y., M.A. 1879; M.B., 

CM. 1887 
Poison, William N., M.A. 1879 
Pope, Thomas H., M.B., CM. 1877; 

M.D. 1888; B.Sc. (Pub. H.) 1888 
Pope, W. Burt, D.D. 1877 
Porteous, Andrew M., M.A. (2nd, Class.) 

1878 ; B.D. 1882 
Porteous, David J. M., M.A. 1887 
Porteous, John, M.A. (ist, Phil.) 1877 

B.D. 1879 
Porteous, John D., M.A. 1883 
Porteous, Robert B., M.B., CM. 1868 

M.D. 1877 
Porteous, Thos., M.A. 1880; B.D. 1S83 
Porteous, William, M.A. 1864 
Porter, John D., M.D. 1861 
Porter, Josiah L., D.D. 1865 
Porter, Noah, LL.D. 1886 
Porter, William E., M.B., CM. 1883 
Potter, George W., M.B., CM. 1877; 

M.D. (Com.) 1879 
Potter, John B., M.D. 1863 
Potts, Alexander W., LL.D. 1875 
Potts, Jas. A.,M.B., CM. (2nd cl.) 1880 
Pougnet, Francis V., M.D. (Com.) 1859 
Pountney, William E., M.B., CM. 1874; 

M.D. 1881 
Powell, William, M.D. 1868 
Prankerd, Herbert P., M.B., CM. 1886 
Prankerd, Orlando R., M.B., CM. 1869; 

M.D. 1874 
Prasad, Kanta, M.B., CM. 1887 
Pratt, William S., M.B.,CM. 1872 
Pressense, E. de, D.D. 1884 
Pressly, John S., M.A. 1878 
Preston, John M. S., M.B., CM. 1884 
Preston, William, M.B., CM. 1873 
Price, Alex. W. G., M.B., CM. 1883 
Price, Bonamy, LL.D. 1881 
Price, Edmund F. T., M.B., CM. 

Price, Emyr O., M.B., CM. 1879 
Price, William L., M.B., CM. 1883 
Prichard, Richard M., M.B., CM. 

1874; M.D. 1880 
Pridie, Hugh H., M.B., CM. 1885 
Pridie, John F., M.B., CM. 1887 
Priestly, Joseph, M.B., CM. 1883; 

M.D. (Com.) 1886 
Priestley, William O., LL.D. 1884 
Primrose, Alexander, M.B., CM. 1886 
Primrose, James, M.A. 1874 
Pringle, Alexander, M.A. 1871 ; B.Sc. 

(Nat.) 1879 
Pringle, Alexander C, M.A. 1880 
Pringle, Ernest E., M.B., CM. 1887 
Pringle, George C, M.A. 1888 
Pringle, James H., M.A. 1869 
Pringle, James H., M.B., CM. 1885 
Pringle, John, B.A. 1861 ; M.A. 1862 
Pringle, John, M.D. 1863 
Pringle, John J., M.B., CM. 1876 
Pringle, John W., M.A. 1871 
Pringle, Robert, M.A. 1866 
Pringle, William, M.A. 1880 
Pritchard, Edward T., M.B., CM. 1885 
Pritchard, Trevor J., M.B., CM. 1888 
Pritchard, 1 Urban, M.B., CM. 1869; 

M.D. (Gold Med.) 1871 
Proudfoot, George, M.B., CM. (2nd 

cl.) 1881 
Proudfoot, Robert B., M.B., CM. 1880 ; 

M.D. 1884 
Proudfoot, Thomas, M.B., CM. 1880 
Prout, William T., M.B., CM. 1884 
Puckle, Selwyn H., M.B., CM. 1885 
Pullar, Alfred, M.B., CM. (Com.) 1866 

M.D. 1869 
Pullon, George S., M.B., CM. 18S0 
Pullon, Henry, M.B., CM. 1880 
Pulsford, John, D.D. 1885 
Purchas, Arthur C, M.B., CM. 1884 
Purchas, Frank U., M.B., CM. 1887 
Purdie, Robert, M.B., CM. 1877 
Purdom, Thomas E., M.B., CM. 1874; 

M.D. 1878 
Purves, Adam S., M.B., CM. 1883; 

M.D. 1887 
Purves, Alexander, M.B., CM. 1873 
Purves, William L., M.D. 1864 
Purves, William S., LL.B. 1870 

1 Prof, of Aural Surgery, King's College, London. 

Alphabetical List of Graduates. 


Purvis, George C, M.B., CM. (1st cl.) 

1882; B.Sc. (Pub. II.) 1887 
I', Robert, M.A. 1867 
Pyper, Lewis, M.A. 1870 
Quartey-I'apafio, Benjamin W., M.B., 

CM. 1886 
Rabagliati, 1 Andrea C. 1'., M.A. (2nd, 

Phil.) 1S67 ; M.B. 1S69; M.D. (Gold 

Med.) 1872 
Racey, John, M.D. i860 
Rae, Edward B..B.L, 1882 
Rae, Frank, M.A. 1879 
Rae, Frederick J., M.A. 1886 
Rae, George, M.A. 1868 
Rae, John, M.A. (ist, I'hil.) 1S66 
Rae, John, LL.D. 1866 
Rae, William J., M.A. 1878 
Raimes, Alwyn, M.H., CM. 1SS5 
Rain, Thomas, M.A. 1868 
Rainie, William, M.A. 1877 
Rainy, Adam R., M.A. 1SS2 ; M.B., 

CM. 1886 
Rainy, Harry, M A. 1885 
Rainy, John B., M.A. 1888 
Rainy, Principal Robert, D.D. 1884 
Rait, Thomas R., M.B., CM. 1884 
Raitt, William, M.A. (ist, Math.) 1S77 ; 

B.Sc. (Math.) 1877 
Raleigh, Thomas, M.A. (ist, Class.) 1870 
Raleigh, William C, M.A. 1876 
Ramage, Charles, M.B., CM. 1887 
Ramage, JohnC, M.A. 1881 ; B.D.1886 
Ramage, Robert M., M.A. 18S8 
RampiruV Robert F., M.A. 1864 
Ramsay, (Sir) Andrew C, LL.D. 1866 
Ramsay, Charles K., M.A. 1886 
Ramsay, Dean E. B. , LL.D. 1S60 
Ramsay, George G., LL D. 1880 
Ramsay, James, M.B., CM. (Hon. and 

Com.) 1866; M.D. 1869 
Ramsbotham, Samuel H., M.D. 1861 
Rand, Richard F., M.B., CM. (2nd cl.) 

Randle, John, M.B., CM. 1888 
Ranke, Leopold von, LL.D. 1884 
Ranken, Henry, M.A. 1879; B.D. 1887 
Rankin, Andrew, M.A. 1884 
Rankin, George, B.L. 1877 

Rankin, Robert. B.A. [860; M.A. 1861 ; 
B.D. 1866 

Rankine, David, M.A. (Nat. Sc.) 1888 
Rankine, 3 John, M.A. 1865 
Rankine, John, D.D. 1880 
Rankine, William, M.A. 1884 
Rankine, William II., M.A. 18S3 ; B.D. 

Ransom, Frederick I'. F., M.B., CM. 

1873; M.D. 1875 
Ratcliffe, Joseph R., M.B., CM. 18S8 
Rattray, Andrew M., M.D. 1862 
Rattray, James C, M.B., CM. 1888 
Rattray, 4 John, B.Sc. (Nat.) 1883 
Rawlings, Jcs:ph H., M.D. 1866 
Rawlinson, Major-< ieneral Sir Henry C, 

LL.D. 1884 
Ray, 1 Prasanna K., D.Sc. (Ment. Ph.) 

Ray, Nanda K., M.B., CM. 1878 
Ray, Prafulla C, B.Sc. (Phys.) 18S6 ; 

D.Sc. (Chem.) 1887 
Rayleigh, Lord, LL.D. 1884 
Rayment, Edward W., M.B., CM. 

1888; B.Sc. (Pub. H.) 1888 
Read, Thomas R., M.A. 1S78 
Readman,* George, LL.B. 1&72 
Readman, 7 James B., B.Sc. (Phys.) 

1888; D.Sc. (Chem.) iSSS 
Reay, Lord, LL.D. 1882 
Reddie, Cecil, B.Sc. (Phys.) 18S2 
Reed, John D., M.A. 1873 
Reed, William C, MJB., CM. 1877; 

M.D. (High Com.) 1880 
Reekie, Henry K., M.A. 1S79 
Rees, John, M. P.. , C M. 1SS2; M.D. 18S6 
Reeves, William, LL.D. 1870 
Reid, Adam S., M.B., CM. 1869 
Reid, Alex. W. W.. M.B., CM. 1S73 
Reid, Arthur G., M.P. 1862 
Reid, Arthur G., M.B.. CM. 18S8 
Reid, A. M., M.A. 1S75 
Reid, Campbell B., M.H., CM. [887 
Reid, Charles, M.B., CM. [888 
Reid, David. M.A. 1868 
Reid, Duncan, M.D. (Com.) 1862 
Reid, Frederick W., M.B., CM. 1880; 

B.Sc. (Nat.) 1882 

1 Senior Surgeon, Infirmary, Bradford. - Judge, Bengal. 

3 Prof, of Scots Law, University, Edinburgh. 4 Botanist, British Museum. 

5 Prof, of Logic and Philosophy, Dacca College, East Indies. 

6 Formerly Examiner in Law, University, Edinburgh. " Extra- academical Lecturer. 


Alphabetical List of Graduates. 

Reid, George A. O., M.B., CM. 1887 

Reid, George M., M.D. 1883 

Reid, George W., M.A. 1SS5 

Reid, James A., M.A. 1869 

Reid, James, M.A. 1873; LL.B. 1878 

Reid, James, M.B., CM. 1879 

Reid, James G., M.D. 1862 

Reid, James M., M.B., CM. 1878; 

M.D. 1880 
Reid, John, M.A. (2nd, Phil.) 1874 
Reid, John, M.A. 1880 
Reid, John B., M.A. 1864 
Reid, Sir John W., LL.D. 1884 
Reid, Peter, M.A. 1877 
Reid, Robert, M.D. 1861 
Reid, Robert, M.A. 1874 
Reid, Thomas, M.A. 1876 
Reid, Walter, M.D. (Com.) 1863 
Reid, William B., M.B., CM. 1886 
Reid, William S. S., M.B., CM. 1878 
Reith, John, B.D. 1869 
Reive, William, M.A. 1880 
Renan, M. J. E., LL.D. 1S85 
Renard, Abbe A., LL.D. 1884 
Rendall, Stanley M., M.B., CM. 1879 
Rendell, Herbert, M.B., CM. 1882 
Rennie, Francis, M.B., CM. 1878; 

M.D. (Com.) 1884 
Renny, Archibald W., M.B., CM. 1875 
Renny, Charles A., M.B., CM. 1885 
Renton, Alexander C , B. Sc. ( Engin. ) 1 8S2 
Renton, Alexander W., M.A. 1881 ; 

LL.B. (Hon.) 1885 
Renton, David, M.D. 1862 
Renton, George, M.D. 1865 
Renton, James C, M.B. 1873; M.D. 

(Com.) 1 882 
Renton, James M., M.A. 1886 
Renton, Robert, M.B., CM. 1888 
Renton, William M., M.D. 1864 
Renwick, Arthur, M.D. (Com.) 1861 
Renwick, George J., M.B., CM. 1881 
Renwick, Isaac P. A., M.A. 1879 
Reoch, James, M.A. (2nd, Math.) 1866; 

M.B., CM. 1870 
Retief, Francois C, M.B., CM. 1885 
Retief, Petrus J., M.B., CM. 1880; 

M.D. (Com.) 1883 
Reuss, Eduard, D.D. 1884 
Revel, Alberto, D.D. 1888 
Reynolds, Francis M., MiB., CM. 1884 
Reynolds, Principal Henry R., D.D. 1869 

Rhind, John, M.B., CM. (Com.) 1866: 

M.D. 1868 
Rhind, James, M.D. 1863 
Rhodes, George F., M.B., CM. 1887 
Rhodes, Thomas, M.B., CM. 1884 
Rice, George, M.B., CM. 1874 
Rice, Michael W., M.B., CM. 1867; 

M.D. 1870 
Richard, Robert A. C, M.D. 1863 
Richards, John, M.B., CM. 1885 
Richards, John T., B.Sc. (Nat.) 1881 ; 

M.B., CM. 1885 
Richards, Thomas, M.B., CM. 1878; 

M.D. 1884 
Richards, William, M.B., CM. 1884 
Richardson, Alfred G., M.B., CM. 1882 
Richardson, Frank B., M.A. 1885 
Richardson, James T., M.B., CM. 1870 ; 

M.D. 1873 
Richardson, John B., M.B., CM. 1874; 

M.D. 1888 
Richardson, Richard I., M.B., CM. 1875 
Richardson, Samuel, D.D. i860 
Richardson, William, M.B., CM. (1st 

cl.) 1877; M.D. (High Com.) 1884; 

B.Sc. (Pub. H.) 1888 
Richardson, William, M.A. 1882 
Richardson, William J., M.B., CM. 1888 
Richmond, Richard.M.B., CM. 1888 
Richmond, Sylvester, M.D. (Com.) 1865 
Ricketts, William S. P., M.B.,CM. 1886 
Ridgley, Thomas, M.B., CM. 1881 
Ridley, John B., M.B., CM. 1885 
Ridpath, David, M.B., CM. 1865; 

M.D. 1874 
Rigby, Walter, M.B., CM. 1887 
Rigg, John, M.B., CM. 1884 
Rigg, Thomas, M.D. 1864 
Ringrose, Robert C, M.A. 1877 
Rintoul, Robert, M.A. 1887 
Ritchie, Alexander, M.A. i87i;B.D. 1874 
Ritchie, Alexander R., M.D. 1866 
Ritchie, Andrew, M.A. 1886 
Ritchie, Christopher C, M.B., CM. 

(Hon.) 1867 ; M.D. (Com.) 1869 
Ritchie, Daniel, M.B., CM. 1878 ; M.D. 

(Com.) 1887 
Ritchie, David G. , M. A. ( 1st, Class. ) 1 875 
Ritchie, David W. L, M.B., CM. 1881 
Ritchie, George, D.D. 1870 
Ritchie, George B., M.B., CM. 1886 
Ritchie, Jas., M.B., CM. (2nd cl.) 1872 

Alphabetical List of Graduates. 


Ritchie, James, M. A. 1884; M.B., CM. 

(2nd cl.) 1888 
Ritchie, John, M.A. 1884 
Ritchie, Thomas M., B.Sc. (Phys.) 1884 
Ritchie, William B., M.A. 1879 
Rivier, Alphonse, LL.D. 1884 
Robb, George II., M.A. 1867 
Robb, Robert, M.A. 1887 
Robbins, James, M.B., CM. 1877 
Rbbbs, Charles II. D., M.I). (Hon. and 

Com.) 1867 
Roberton, Ernest, M.B., CM. 1885; 

M.D. (Com.) 1887 
Roberton, Ivor J., M.A. (1st, Phil.) 1886 
Roberton, Robert C, M.A. (2nd, Class.) 

Roberts, Alexander, D.D. 1864 
Roberts, David \\\, M.B., CM. 1869; 

M.D. (Com.) 1871 
Roberts, Ernest T., M.B., CM. 1886 
Roberts, Evan V., M.B., CM. 1886 
Roberts, Frederick C, M.B., CM. 

Roberts, Henry P., M.B. 1868; M.D. 

(Com.) 1S77 
Roberts, Hugh L., M.B., CM. 1887 
Roberts, James B., M.B., CM. 1883 
Roberts, John, M.D. (Com.) 1861 
Roberts, John, M.D. (High Com.) 1864 
Roberts, John L., M.B., CM. 1870 
Roberts, Nathaniel E., M.B., CM. 1879 
Roberts, Robert G., M.B., CM. 1886 
Roberts, Thomas E., M.D. 1864 
Roberts, Thomas E., M.A. 1886 
Robertson, Adam, M.D. 1862 
Robertson, Alexander, M.A. 1867 
Robertson, Alexander I., B.D. 1870 
Robertson, Alexander M., M.B., CM. 

1872; M.D. (Com.) 1883 
Robertson, Andrew, M.A. 1882 ; M.B., 

CM. 1888 
Robertson, Arch. L. F., M.B..C.M. 1884 
Robertson, Charles, M.A. 1874; B.D. 

Robertson, Charles M.B., CM. 1888 
Robertson, Daniel C, M.D. 1861 
Robertson, Duncan, M.A. 1872 
Robertson, Duncan, M.B., CM. 1887 
Robertson, Edward B., M.A. 186S; M.B., 

CM. 1872 

Robertson,' Eric S., M.A. 1878 
Robertson, Frederick L. , D.D. 1881 
Robertson, Fulton, B.Sc. (Fngin.) 1886 
Robertson, George, B.A. 1859; M.A. 

Robertson, George, M.A. 1885 
Robertson, George A., M.A. 1886 
Robertson, George M., M.B., CM. 1885 
Robertson, Geo. T., B.Sc. (Engin.) 1886 
Robertson, Henry C, M.A. 1887 
Robertson, Jas., M.A. 1878; B.D. 1881 
Robertson, James 1 ).. M.D. 1862 
Robertson, James G., M.B., CM. 1867 ; 

M.D. (Com.) 1883 
Robertson, James L. , M.A. 1872 
Robertson, 2 James I'. 1!., M.A. 1864 
Robertson, James S., M.A. 1879 ; M.B., 

CM. (2ndcl.) 1883 
Robertson, James T., M.A. 1877 
Robertson, John, M.D. (Com.) 1863 
Robertson, John, B.Sc. (Nat.) 1875; 

M.B., CM. 1876 
Robertson, John, M.B., CM. 1884; 

M.D. (High Com.) 1887 
Robertson, John, M.A. 1883 
Robertson, John, M.A. 1884 
Robertson, John, B. L. 1885 
Robertson, John, M.A. 1885 
Robertson, John A., M.B., CM. 1869 
Robertson, John B., M.B., CM. 1878 
Robertson, John C, M.B., CM. 1884 
Robertson, John I)., M.A. 1S81 
Robertson, John D., M.A. (1st, Phil.) 

1880; D.Sc. (Ment. Ph.) 1887 
Robertson, John F., M.A. 1887 
Robertson, John C, B.D. 1870 
Robertson, John L., M.A. 1S78; B.D. 

Robertson, 3 John L., M.A. 1878; LL.B. 

Robertson, John L., M.A. 1879 
Robertson, John M., M.A. (ist, Phi!.) 

Robertson, John R. S., M.B., CM. 1881 
Robertson, Joseph, LL.D. 1864 
Robertson, Matthew, D.Sc. (Ment. Ph.) 

Robertson, Patrick C, M.A. 1881 
Robertson, Robert, M.D. (Com.) 1S63 
Robertson, Robert, M.A. 1N74 

1 Vice Principal, Government College, Lahore. 

-M.I'.; Lord Advocate. ^ H..M. Inspector of Schools. 

Alphabetical List of Graduates. 

Robertson, Robert, M.B., CM. (ist cl.) 

1878; M.D. (High Com.) 1885 
Robertson, Robert, B.Sc. (Engin.) 1885 
Robertson, Robert, M.B., CM. 1888 
Robertson, Robert A., M.A. 1885 
Robertson, Robert M., M.B., CM. 1884 
Robertson, Ross F., M.A. 1883; M.B., 

CM. (2nd cl.) 1887 
Robertson, Schoedde, M.D. 1864 
Robertson, Thomas M., M.B., CM. 

(2nd cl.) 1883; M.D. 1887 
Robertson, William, D.D. 1868 
Robertson, William, M.A. 1875 
Robertson, Wm., M.A. (2nd, Class.) 1880 
Robertson, William B., M.D. i860 
Robertson, Wm. G. A., M.B., CM. 1887 
Robertson, William L., M.A. 1882 
Robinson, Adrian A., M.B., CM. 1888 
Robinson, Arthur, M.B., CM. (2nd cl.) 

Robinson, Edmund, M.B., CM. 1872 
Robinson, Henry, M.B., CM. 1887 
Robinson, John A., M.A. 1886 
Robinson, John K., M.B., CM. 1887 
Robinson, Robert, M.B., CM. 1886 
Robinson, Thomas H., M.B., CM. 1885 
Robson, Briton S., M.B., CM. 1886 
Robson, Charles M., M.A. 1881 
Robson, 1 Henry C, M.A. (ist, Math ) 

Robson, Oswald D., M.A. 1887 
Robson, Sam., M.A. (2nd, Class.) 1877 
Robson, William, M.D. 1861 
Roby, Henry J., LL.D. 1S87 
Rocha, John G. da, M.B., CM. 1887 
Rockett, Joseph H., M.D. 1865 
Roddick, Robert M. M., M.A. 1887 
Roderick, Sydney J., M.B., CM. 1887 
Rodger, Alexander, M.A. 1873 
Rodger, Robert C, M.A. 1880 
Rodgers, John W., M.B., CM. 1888 
Roger, William, M.A. 1883 
Rogers, John, D.D. 1877 
Rogers, Richard S., M.B., CM. 1887 
Rohan, George V., M.B., CM. 1881 
Rolland, Edward, B.A. 1861 ; M.A. 1862 
Rolland, Emile S., M.A. 1859 
Romanis, James M., B.Sc. (Phys.) 1880 

Romanis, 2 Robert, B.Sc. (Phys.) 1874; 

D.Sc. (Chem.) 1876 
Ronalds, Tennent, M.A. 1883 
Ronaldscn, Thomas R., M.B., CM. 

(2nd cl.) 1874 
Roome, Henry A., M.B., CM. 1878 
Rorie, James, M.D. (Gold Med.) 1859 
Rorie, James, M.A. 1885 
Roscher, W. T. G., LL.D. 1885 
Rose, Alexander S., M.B., CM. 1880; 

M.D. (Com.) 1883 
Rose, Hugh, M.A. 1866 
Rose, Hugh M., M.A. 1888 
Rose, Jas. M., M.B., CM. (2nd cl.) 1880 
Rose, John D., M.A. (ist, Class.) 1887 
Rose, Murdo, M.A. 1884 
Rose, William J., M.B., CM. 1876 
Rosebery, 3 Earl of, LL.D. 1882 
Rosenberg, Samuel, M.B., CM. 1878 
Ross, Alexander J., D.D. 1879 
Ross, Arthur M., M.B., CM. (2nd cl.) 

Ross, Charles B., M.A. 1877 
Ross, Chisholm, M.B., CM. 1SS3 
Ross, David, M.A. 1859 
Ross, David, M.D. (Com.) 1862 
Ross, David M., M.A. (ist, Phil.) 1874 
Ross, David P., M.D. 1863 
Ross, Donald, M.D. 1869 
Ross, 4 Donald, M.A. (ist, Phil.) 1S72 
Ross, Donald M. M., M.B., CM. 1888 
Ross, Douglas M., M.B. 1874; M.D. 1888 
Ross, George A. J., M.A. 1884 
Ross, George M., M.A. 1885 
Ross, James A., M.A. 1883 
Ross, James G., B.Sc. (Phys.) 1886 
Ross, James M., M.A. 1876; M.B., CM. 

1 88 1 ; B.Sc. (Pub. H.) 1887 
Ross, James M., M.A. 1882 
Ross, John, M.B., CM. 1S86 
Ross, John, M.B., CM. 1886 
Ross, John, M.D. i860 
Ross, 5 John, M.A. 1861 
Ross, John C, M.A. 1887 
Ross, John R. H., M.B., CM. 1886 
Ross, Joseph C, M.B., CM. 1880; M.D. 

(High Com.) 1882 
Ross, Robert R., M.B., CM. 1S88 

1 Lately Examiner in Mathematics, University, Edinburgh. 

- Scientific Chemist, Government School, Rangoon. 3 Formerly Lord Rector of the University. 

4 Formerly Inspector-General of Schools. Cape of Good Hope. 

5 Formerly Principal, H. H. The Maharajah's College, Trivandram, India. 

Alphabetical List of Graduates. 


Ross, Thomas, M.A. 1870 

Ross, William, M.A. 1S75 ; B.D. 1878 

Ross, William C, M.D. (Com.) 1862 

Ross, William L., M.B., CM. 1885 

Ross, William S., M.A. 1886 

Rost, Reinhold, LL.D. 1877 

Rothera, Frank, M.B., CM. 1SS3; M.D. 

(Com.) 1887 
Rouget, Francois A., M.B., CM. 1887 
Roussel, Entile L., M.B., CM. 1879 
Roux, AdriaanJ. T., M.B., CM. 1884 
Row, Johan P. W., M.B., CM. 1872 
Rowan", Henry D., M.B., CM. 1883 
Eowand, Andrew, M.A. 1SS2 ; li.Sc. 

(Nat.) 1885; M.B., CM. (2nd cl.) 

Rowland, Ernest D., M.B., CM. 1881 
Rowland, John, M.B., CM. 1877 
Rowland, John W., M.B., CM. 1877 
Rowland, Thomas C, M.B., CM. 1882 
Rowlands, William, M.B., CM. (2nd 

cl.) 1879; M.D. 1884 
Roxburgh, John R., M.A. 1884 
Roxburgh, Robert, M.B. 1876 
Roy, 1 Charles S., M.B., CM. 1875; 

M.D. (Cold Med.) 1878 
Roy, William, M.D. 1859 
Rozenzweig, Ridley II., M.B., CM. 1882 
Rundle, Cubitt S., M.B., CM. 1877 
Russel, James C, M.B., CM. 1865; 

M.l). 1868 
Russell, Alexander F., M.A. 1877; M.B., 

CM. 1881 
Russell, Allan R. P., M.B., CM. 1886 
Russell, Arthur I'., M.B., CM. 1876 
Russell, Charles M., M.D. 1862 
Russell, Francis R., M.B., CM. 1878; 

M.l). 1880 
Russell, Henry, M.B., CM. 1873 
Russell, James, D.D. 1878 
Russell, James, M.A. 1885 
Russell, James. M.l;., CM. 1888 
Russell, James A., M.A. 1868; Ml:.. 

CM. ("1st cl.) 1S6S; H.Sc. (Pub. 11.) 

Russell, James M., M.A 1877 
Russell, Jas. R., M.A. 1876; B.L. 1880 
Russell, James S. R., M.B., CM. 1886 
Russell, John, B.A. i860 

Russell, John M., M.A. 1869 ; B.D. 1872 
Russell, Robert, M.A. 1871 
Russell, William, M.D. 1862 
Russell," William, M.B., CM. 1876; 

M.D. (Gold Med.) 1884 
Russell, William J., M.B., CM. 1874 
Rutherford, David J., M.D. 1859 
Rutherford, Gideon, M.D. i860 
Rutherford, fames, M.D. 1863 
Rutherford, Jas., M.A. 1S81 ; B.D 1887 
Rutherford, John, M.A. 1S66; B.D. 

Rutherford, Thomas, M.B., CM. 1870 
Rutherford, Thoimis, M.A. 1873 
Rutherford, 8 William, M.D. (Cold 

Med.) 1863 
Rutherford, William, M.A. 1870 
Rutherfurd, Edward, M.D. 1863 
Rutherfurd, John, B.A. i860; M.A. 1861 
Rutter, Joseph, M.B., CM. (2nd 

cl.) 1884 
Ryan, Charles S., M.B., CM. 1875 
Sabben, James T., M.D. 1865 
Sabiston, Jas. R., M.A. 1879 ; B.D. 1882 
Saffi, Count Aurelio, LL.D. 1884 
Sage, William C, M.A. 1S87 
Saidler, James, M.D. (Com.) i860 
Sakir, Madar C. N., M.B., CM. 1878 
St Leger, Robert A., M.B., CM. 1888 
Salmon, George, D.D. 1884 
Salmond, Charles A., M.A. 1875 
Salmond, Henry, D.D. 1885 
Salt, Hen.,M.B.,CM. iS7o;M.D. 1872 
Salvesen, Edward T., M.A. 1877; 

LL.B. 18S1 
Samuelson, Cerard S., M.B., CM. 1888 
Sanctuary, Thomas, M.B. 1878; M.D. 

(Com.) 1881 
Sanday, Principal W., D.D. 1877 
Sandeman, James C S., M.A. 1SS7 
Sandeman, Thomas E., M.A. (1st, 

Phil.) 1887 
Sanders, Robert, M.A. (2nd, Phil.) 1868 ; 

lid). 1871 
Sanderson, Charles E., M.B., CM. 1875 
Sanderson, John B., LL.D. 1875 
Sanderson, Thomas D., M.B. 1872 
Sang, Edward, LL.D. 1883 
Sang, John H., M.A. 1SS1; LLP. 1885 

1 F.R.S.; Prof, of Pathology, University, Cambridge. 

- Pathologist, Royal Infirmary. Edinburgh; Kxtra-academical Lecturer. 

3 F.R.S. ; Prof, of Institutes of Medicine, University, Edinburgh. 


Alphabetical List of Graduates. 

Sang, William, M.B., CM. 1871 ; 

M.D. (Com.) 1884 
Sangle, Daulat M., M.B., CM. 1886 
Sanitwongse, Yai S., M.B., CM. 1884 
Saphir, Adolph, D.D. 1878 
Saner, Johannes, M.B., CM. 1881 
Saundby, 1 Robert, M.B., CM. 1874; 

M.D. (High Com.) 1877 
Saunders, Matthew B., M.B.,CM. 1888 
Savage, Mark A., M.B., CM. 1883 
Savage, Samuel R., M.B., CM. 1886 
Savary, Charles G., M.B., CM. 1887 
Savile, Robert, M.D. 1859 
Savory, Charles B. B., M.B., CM. 1888 
Sawdon, Frederick J., M.B., CM. 1872 ; 

M.D. 1878 
Saxtorph, M. H., LL.D. 1884 
Sayer, Thomas, M.B., CM. 1869 
Scarth, Crichton R., M.B., CM. 1887 
Scharff, 2 Robert, B.Sc. (Nat.) 1885 
Schlesinger, Richard E., M.B., CM. 

Schmiedeberg, Oscar, LL.D. 1884 
Schmitz, Leonhard, LL.D. 1886 
Scholefield, George E., M.B., CM. 

1878 ; M.D. 1884 
Scholes, Richard B., M.B., CM. 1874 
Scholtz, William C, M.B., CM. 1881 ; 

M.D. 1884 
Schbnnberg, Nicholas E., M.D. 1868 
Schroeder, Henry S. E., M.D. 1861 
Schurman, 3 Jacob G., D.Sc. (Ment. Ph.) 

Sclanders, Alexander, M.D. 1859 
Scofield, Harold C L., M.B., CM. 

1886; B.Sc. (Pub. H.) 1887 
Scoone, Francis M., M.A. 1874 
Scoresby -Jackson, Thomas, M.B., CM. 

1870; M.D. 1875 
Scotland, David W., M.B., CM. (2nd 

cl.) 1886 
Scott, Alexander, M.A. 1864; B.D. 1876 
Scott, Alexander, B.Sc. (Phys.) 1876; 

D.Sc. (Chem.) 1883 
Scott, Alexander, M.A. 1888 
Scott, Andrew G., M.A. 1880 
Scott, Archibald J. D., M.A. 1888 
Scott, Charles C, M.B., CM. 1882 

Scott, Charles M., M.A. 1884 

Scott, David, M.A. 1868; B.D. 1871 

Scott, David C, M.A. 1878; B.D. 1881 

Scott, Ebenezer, M.A. 1883 

Scott, Ebenezer S., M.B., CM. 1880 

Scott, George, M.A. 1871 

Scott, Gerard A., M.B., CM. 1885 

Scott, Harry, M.B., CM. 1883; M.D. 

(Com.) 1887 
Scott, Henry, M.D. (High Com.) i860 
Scott, Henry E., M.A. 1886 
Scott, Hugh M., B.D. 1873 
Scott, James, M.A. 1875 
Scott, James, M.B., CM. (2nd cl.) 1877 
Scott, James, M.B., CM. 1880 
Scott, James B., M.A. 1886 
Scott, James F., M.B., CM. 1888 
Scott, John, M.A. 1876 
Scott, John, LL.B. 1S85 
Scott, John D., M.A. 1882 
Scott, 4 ' John H., M.B., CM. 1874; 

M.D. (Gold Med.) 1877 
Scott, Kenneth M., M.B., CM. 1887 
Scott, Levi P., M.B., CM. 1880 
Scott, Robert, M.B., CM. 1874; M.D. 

Scott, Robert G., M.A. 1887 
Scott, Robert G., M.B., CM. 18S8 
Scott, Robert S., D.D. 1868 
Scott, Roderick H. G., M.A. 1863; 

LL.B. 1870 
Scott, Stanley, M.B., CM. 1883 
Scott, Thomas, M.A. 1862; B.D. 1866 
Scott, Thomas, M.A. 1881 
Scott, Thomas, M.A. 1886 
Scott, Thomas O., M.A. 1882 
Scott, Thomas R., M.B., CM. 1874; 

M.D. (Com.) 1886 
Scott, Walter, M.D. i860 
Scott, Walter, M.A. 1867 
Scott, Walter, M.A. 1868 
Scott, Walter, M.B., CM. 1887 
Scott, William, M.D. i860 
Scott, William, M.A. 1880 
Scott, William A., M.A. 1883; M.B., 

CM. 1888 
Scott, William B. A., M.D. 1872 
Scott, William D., M.B., CM. 1883 

1 Physician, General Hospital, Birmingham. 

2 Curator, Nat. Kist. Dept., Science and Art Museum. Dublin. 

3 Professor of Logic and Philosophy. Cornell University, United States. 

4 Prof, of Anatomy, University, Otago. 

Alphabetical List of Graduates. 


Scott, William E. S., M.B., CM. 1SS5 
Scott, William G., M.B., CM. 1869 
Scott-Elliot, Geo. E., B.Sc. (Nat.) 1887 
Scougal, Andrew E . M.A. 1865 
Scougal, Edward F., M.B..CM. 1879 
Scurfield, Harold, M.B., CM. 1SS5 
Scaly, John, M.I). (Com.) 1862 
Seed, Janus, B.Sc. (Engin.) 1875 
Seed, William II., M.B., CM. 1874 
Seeley, John R., LL.D. 1884 
Selbv, Robert B., M.D. 1861 
Sellar, Charles A., M.A. 1875 
Seller, John L., M.D. 1861 
Sellers, Arthur, M.B., CM. (2nd cl.) 

Sellers, William H. I., M.H., CM. 1880 
Semple, William, M.A. 1SS1 ; B.Sc. 

(Nat.) 1885 
Semple, William II., M.I). 1864 
Serra, Claudio L., M.B., CM. 1868; 

M.I). 1871 
Seth, 1 Andrew, M.A. (ist, Class., and 

1st, Phil.) 1878 
Seth, 2 James, M.A. (ist, Phil.) 1881 
Sevier, Alfred H., M.B., CM. 1881 
Sewell, Colin S., M.D. 1864 
Shairp, Principal John C, LL.D. 1SS4 
Shand, Alex. E., M.A. (ist, Phil.) 1871 
Shand, (Sir) Charles E., Chief Just., 

Mauritius, LL.D. i860 
Shanks, James, B.Sc. (Engin.) 18S5 
Shannon, Julius H., M.B., CM. 1877 
Shapter, Thomas, LL.D. 1875 
Sharood, Edward J., M.D. 1862 
Sharp, David, M.B., CM. (High Com.) 

Sharpey, William, LL.D. 1S60 
Shaw, Charles F. D., M.B., CM. 1885 
Shaw, Duncan, M.A. 1870 
Shaw, Ebenezer, M.A. 1S77 ; M.B., 

CM. 1887 
Shaw, John E., M.B., CM. 1872 
Shaw, John M., M.A. 1885 
Shaw, Oliver C, M.B., CM. 1877; 

M.D. (Com.) 1881 
Shaw, Robert, M.B., CM. 1866 
Shaw, Robert B., M.B., CM. 1888 
Shaw, Robert D., M.A. 1878; B.D. 

Shaw, Thomas, M.A. (2nd, Phil.) 1874; 

LL.B. 1875 
Shaw, Thomas S., M.B., CM. 1884 
Shaw, William, M.B., CM. 1878 ; M.D. 

Shearer, David, M.A. 1867 
Shearer, George, M.D. (Com.) 1859 
Shearer, James, M.A. 1884 
Shearer, Robert B., 1. 1.. P. 1881 
Shearer, Thomas L., M.B., CM. 1882 
Shearer, 3 William C, M.A. i860 
Shears, Arthur, M.D. 1864 
Shedden, Arthur W., M.D. 1864 
Sheldon, Thomas, M.D. (Com.) 1863 
Sheldon, William, M.D. 1864 
Shelmerdine, Herbert, M.B., CM. 1885 
Shennan, Alexander, M.A. 1885 
Shennan, Hay, M.A. (ist, Phil.) 1881 
Shepherd, John, M.D. 1862 
Shepherd, Richard F., M.B., CM. 1886 
Sherburn, John, M.B., CM. 1S75 
Sheriff, William, M.D. i860 
Sherlaw, James L., M.B., CM. 1879 
Shewan, George, M.B., CM. 1879 
Shields, Andrew, M.D. 1861 
Shields, George, M.B., CM. 1888 
Shiels, George F., M.B., CM. 1S84 ; 

M.D. 1888 
Shiels, Robert D., M.B., CM. 1886 
Shiels, William L., .M.A. 1S82 
Shircore, John C, M.B., CM. 1871 
Shiress, Wm. J., B.A. 1S61 ; M.A. 1862 
Shirreff, William II., M.B., CM. 1880 
Shoolbred, Williamson, D.D. 1879 
Shore, Offley B., M.D. (Com.) i860 
Sibbit, Robert S., M.B., CM. 1S81 
Siddie, Thomas, M.A. 1868 
Sieveking, (Sir) Edward H., LL.D. 1SS4 
Sidgwick, Henry, l.L.D. 1884 
Silke, George B., M.B., CM. (2nd cl ) 

Sillar, William C, M.B., CM. 1887 
Sim, Andrew \Y., M.A. 1887 
Sim, George I., B.D. 1868 
Sime, James, M.A. 1865 
Simmins, James II. A., M.A. 1S74 
Siiniuins, Richard B., M.A. 1S81 
Simmons, Fourness II., M.B., CM 
(2nd cl.) 1884 

1 Prof, of Logic, Metaphysics, and Rhetoric, University, St Andrews. 

2 Prof, of Logic and Philosophy, Dalhousie College, Nova icutia. 

3 Professor, Independent College, Bradford. 

Alphabetical List of Graduates. 

Simon, John, LL.D. 1882 
Simon, T. Collyns, LL.D. 1869 
Simpkins, William, B.Sc. (Engin.) 1888 
Simpson, Alexander, M.B., CM. 1878 ; 

M.D. 1885 
Simpson, Andrew F., M.A. 1866 
Simpson, David J., M.D. 1863 
Simpson, James, B.A. 1861 ; M.A. 1862 
Simpson, James, M.B., CM. 1873 
Simpson, James B., M.A. 1883; M.B., 

CM. 1887 
Simpson, James C, M.B., CM. 1887 
Simpson, John, M.D. (Com.) 1861 
Simpson, John, M.B., CM. (2ndcl.) 1885 
Simpson, John, M.A. 1862 
Simpson, Magnus R., M.B., CM. 1875 
Simpson, Pat. C, M.A. (1st, Phil.) 1887 
Simpson, Peter, M.A. 1872 
Simpson, Robert, M.A. 1868 
Simpson, Robert J. S., M.A. 1878; M.B., 

CM. 1882 
Simpson, Robt. S., M.A. (1st, Phil.) 

Sinclair, Alexander J., M.B., CM. 1868; 

M.D. (Com.) 1872 
Sinclair, Charles F., M.B., CM. 1874 
Sinclair, David, M.A., 1868 
Sinclair, Francis W., M.A. 1878; M.B., 

CM. 1882 
Sinclair, Fred. A., M.B., CM. 1882 
Sinclair, George T., M.B., CM. 1886 
Sinclair, Robert F., M.B., CM. 1881 
Sinclair, Thomas, M.A. 1872 
Sinclair, William, M.D. 1864 
Sinclair, William, M.A. 1880 
Sinclair, William J., M.B., CM. 1881 
Singh, Sir Bhagvat, Thakoor of Gondal, 

LL.D. 1887 
Sinton, Joseph T., M.A. 1863 
Sisson, Richard S., M.D. (Com.) 1859 
Skae, Francis, M.D. 1862 
Skeat, W. W., LL.D. 1884 
Skelton, John, LL.D. 1878 
Skemp, John G., M.A. 1884 
Skene, Alexander, M.A. 1872 
Skene, W. F., LL.D. 1865 
Skimming, Robert, M.D. 1864 
Skinner, Ernest W., M.B., CM. 1885 
Skinner, James, M.A. 1872 
Skinner, William, M.B., CM. 1882 

Skirving, Robt. S., M.B., CM. (2ndcl.) 

Slater, Henry B., M.B., CM. 1878 
Slater, John W., M.A. 1879; B.D. 

Slayter, John H., M.B., CM. 1888 
Sloan, Allen T.,M.B., CM. 1882; M.D. 

(Com.) 1885 
Sloan, Andrew D., M.A. (Nat. Sc.) 1884; 

B.Sc. (Nat.) 1885 
Sloan, John M., M.A. 1859 
Sloan, Robert S., M.D. (Com.) i860 
Sloman, Arthur E., M.B., CM. 1887 
Small, Alexander, B.L. 1881 
Small, 1 John, LL.D. 1886 
Small, John, B.L. 1880 
Small, Robert, M.A. 1886 
Smart, 2 Andrew, M.D. (Com.) 1862 
Smart, David, M.B., CM. (1st cl.) 

1882; B.Sc. (Pub. H.) 1887 
Smeaton, George, D.D. 1869 
Smeddle, Robert W., M.B., CM. 1886 
Smellie, Alexander, M.A. 1878 
Smellie, George W, M.B., CM. 1874 
Smellie, Hugh M., M.B., CM. 1886 
Smelt, Charles A. C, M.B., CM. 1888 
Smieton, James, M.A. 1880; B.Sc. 

(Phys.) 1884 
Smieton, John G., M.A. i860 
Smiles, Samuel, LL.D. 1878 
Smith, Alexander, B.Sc. (Phys.) 1886 
Smith, Alexander IL, M.B., CM. 1885 
Smith, Alfred R., M.D. 1861 
Smith, Sir Andrew, LL.D. 1859 
Smith, Aidrew, M.B. (2nd cl.) 1876; 

M.D. 1881 
Smith, Andrew S., M.A. 1887 
Smith, Andrew W., M.A. 1887 
Smith, Charles M., M.A. 1886 
Smith, 3 Charles M., B.Sc. (Engin.) 1876 
Smith, Crawford, M.A. 1872 
Smith, Donald M., M.A. 1883 
Smith, Ebentzer J., M.A. 1869 
Smith, Edmund M., M.B., CM. 1888 
Smith, Edwin H., B.L. 1879 
Smith, Gaius T., M.B., CM. 1887 
Smith, George, LL.D. 1868 
Smith, Geo., M.B., CM. (2nd cl.) 1885 
Smith, George, M.A. (1st, Class.) 1888 
Smith, George A., M.A. 1875 

1 Late Librarian, University, Edinburgh. 2 Assist. Physician, Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh. 
3 Prof, of Physical Science, Madras. 

Alphabetical List of Graduates. 


Smith, George D., M.B., CM. 1875; 

M.D. (Com.) 1882 
Smith, G. Gregory, M.A. 1884 
Smith, George J. M., M.I:.. CM. 1871 ; 

M.D. 1S84 
Smith, George P., M.B., CM. 1886 
Smith, Henry J. S., LL.D. 1872 
Smith, Henry M., M.A. 1874 
Smith, Hunter, M.A. 1886 
Smith, II. Wallis, D.D. 1882 
Smith, I. Gregory, LL.D. 1886 
Smith, James, B.D. 1865 
Smith, James, M.B., CM. 1886 
Smith, James, M.B., CM. 1S88 
Smith, James C, M.A. 1886 ; B.D. 1886 
Smith, James F., M.A. 1874 
Smith, James L., M.A. (1st, Phil.) 1884 
Smith, James L. M., M.B., CM. 1887 
Smith, James R. D., M.A. 1878 
Smith, James T., M.D. 1864 
Smith, James \V., M.B., CM. 1873; 

M.D. (Com.) 1879 
Smith, John, M.D. 1862 
Smith, John, M.B., CM. 1875 
Smith, John, M.B., CM. 1866; M.D. 


Smith, John, LL.D. 1884 

Smith, John, M.A. (Nat. Sc.) 1878; 

M.B., CM. 1881 ; M.D. (Com.) 1886 
Smith, John A., M.A. 1884 
Smith, John B., M.B. 1S73 ; CM. 1876 
Smith, John C, M.B., CM. 1874 
Smith, John (;., M.D. (Com.) 1862 
Smith, John II., M.B., CM. 1S88 
Smith, John I'., M.A. 1888 
Smith. John \\\, M.B., CM. (1st cl.) 1886 
Smith, Julian C C, M.B., CM. 1878 
Smith, Lloyd G., M.B., CM. 1883 
Smith, Michael, M.A. 1887 
Smith, OttoW'., M.B., CM. 1875 
Smith, Peleg W., M.D. 1862 
Smith, Peter, M.A. 1882 
Smith, Robert, M.A. 1S79 ; LL.B. 1883 
Smith, Robert, M.B., CM. 1872 
Smith, Robert A., LL.D. 1882 
Smith, Robert B., M.A. 1873 
Smith, Robert C, B.Sc. (I'ub.H.) 1881 ; 

D.Sc. (Pub. H.) 1882 
Smith, Robert E. M., M.A. 1S84 
Smith, Robert M. II., M.B., CM. 1866 

Smith, Robert \\\, M.B., CM. 1881 
Smith, Samuel \\\, M.B , CM. 1880 
Smith, Simon W., M.B., CM. (2nd cl.) 

Smith, Stephen, B.Sc. (Engin.) 1888 
Smith, Thomas, D.D. 1867 
Smith, Thomas II., M.B., CM. 1877; 

M.D. 1883 
Smith, Walter, M.A. (2nd, Phil.) 1880 
Smith, William, M.A. (2nd, Phil.) 1868 
Smith, William, D.D. 1869 
Smith, William, B.A. 1859 ; M.A. 1S60 
Smith, William, LL.D. 1872 
Smith, William, B.Sc. (Xat.) 1888 
Smith, 1 William C, LL.B. 1871 
Smith, William R., B.Sc. (Pub. II.) 

1883; D.Sc. (Pub. II.) 1886 
Smith, Win, W., M. A., 1868 ; B.D. 1872 
Smuts, Cornelius P., M.B., CM. 1874 
Smuts, Gysbert R., M.B., CM. 1884 
Smuts, James, M.B., CM. (2ndcl.) 1888 
Smyth, Alexander C, M.B., CM. 1886 
Smyth, Edward, M.B., CM. 1869 
Smyth, Thomas H., B.Sc. (Phys.) 1877 
Smyth, William, M.B., CM. 1888 
Smyth, William J., M.B., CM. 1887 
Snadden, James, M.B., CM. 1877 
Sneddon, William, M.B., CM. 1884 
Someren, Geo. A. van, M.B., CM. 1882 
Somerville, Archibald, M.D. 1S73 
Somerville, David, M.A. 1859 
Somerville, George L., M.A. 1880 ; 

M.B., CM. 1885 
Somerville, James \V., M.B., CM. 1887 
Somerville, John, M.A. 1881 
Somerville, John, M.A. 1886 
Somerville, John, M.B., CM. (2nd cl.) 

Somerville, Robert, M.D. (High Com.) 

Somerville, Walter, M.D. (Com.) 1862 
Somerville,- William, B.Sc. (Agric.) 18S8 
Sorley, John, M.B., CM. 1881 
Sorley," Wm. R., M.A. (1st, Phil.) 1875 
Soutar, Alexander, M.A. 1881 
Soutar, James G., M.B., CM. 1S81 
Soutar, John S., B.L. 1886 
Spalding, William, M.D. 1861 
Spence, Alexander I., M.D. (Gold 

Med.) 1863 

Lately Examiner in Law, University. Edinburgh. - Univ. Lecturer on Forestry. 

3 Prof, of Logic and Philosophy, University College, Cardiff. 


Alphabetical List of Graduates. 

Spence, Arthur E. C, M.B., CM. 1883 
Spence, John B., M.A. 1880; M.B., 

CM. 1882 
Spence, Robert, M.D. 1S60 
Spence, Robt., M.B., CM. (ist cl.) 1870 
Spence, Thomas F. H., M.A. 1870; 

M.B.. CM. 1S75 
Spence, William, M.B., CM. 1882 
Spiller, Walter C, M.B., CM. 1885 ; 

M.D. 1887. 
Spottiswoode, William, LL.D. 1871 
Sprague, Alfred E., B.Sc. (Math.) 1888 
Sprague, Charles T., B.Sc. (Phys.) 1886 
Sprague, William C, M.B., CM. (2nd 

cl.) 18S7 
Sprunt, William, M.A. 1876 
Squires, William W., M.D. 1864 
Stables, Alexander, M.B., CM. 1883 
Stalkartt, Chas. E. G., M.B., CM. 1886 
Stalkartt, Walter H. S., M.B., CM. 1887 
Stalker, Alexander M., M. A. (ist, Phil.) 

1877; M.B., CM. 1881 
Stalker, Daniel, M.A. 1877 ; M.B., CM. 

Stalker, James, M.A. 1869 
Stalker, John, M.A. 1869 
Stallard, John P., M.B., CM. 1881 
Stancombe, Ernest H., M.B., CM. 1882 
Standen, Peter, M.B., CM. 1881 
Stanley, Walter, M.B., CM. 1879 
Stanton, Arthur T., B.Sc. (Phys.) 1881 
Stapleton, Joseph, M.B., CM. (2nd cl.) 

1882; M.D. 1887 
Stark, Arthur C, M.B., CM. 1883 
Stark, James, M.A. 1876 
Stark, J. Howard, M.A. 1865 
Stark, John N., M.B., CM. 1884 
Starke, James G., M.A. 1859 
Steedman, Charles M., M.A. 1S80 
Steedman, James, M.A. 1881 ; B.D. 1884 
Steel, Anderson, M.A. 1882; LL.B. 

(Hon.) 1886 
Steele, Henry, M.D. (Com.) 1861 
Steele, James P., B.A. 1859; M.D. 1861 
Steele, John, M.A. 1861 
Steele, William, M.A. 1865 
Steell, Frederick, M.D. 1861 
Steell, 1 Graham, M.B., CM. 1872; M.D. 

(Gold Med.) 1877 
Steell, John, M.B., CM. 1883 

Stein, Charles, M.B., CM. 1883; M.D. 

(Com.) 1886 
Stein, Charles G., M.B., CM. 1SS0 
Stenhouse, John, M.A. (Nat. Sc.) 1885; 

B.Sc. (Nat.) 1887 
Stephen, Andrew, M.D. 1862 
Stephen, Sir James F. (Lord Justice), 

LL.D. 1884 
Stephen, John S., M.B., CM. 1884 
Stephen, Leslie, LL.D. 1885 
Stephen, William, M.A., 1882 
Stephen, Wm. H. G., M.B., CM. 1885 
Stephens, Harold F. D.,M.B., CM. 1884 
Stephenson, George S., M.B., CM. 1875 
Stephenson, Sydney H. A., M.B., CM. 

Stephenson, Thomas A., M.D. 1869 
Stephenson, 2 William, M.D. 1861 
Steuart, James, M.A. 1880 
Steuart, Roger St C, M.B., CM. 1873; 

M.D. 1877 
Steven, Alexander, M.B., CM. 1866; 

M.D. 1869 
Steven, George, M.A. 1874 
Steven, George F., M.A. 1864 
Steven, James, M.A. 1884 
Steven, William, M.B., CM. 1886 
Stevens, John, M.A. 1880 
Stevens, John, M.A. 1879; M.B., CM. 

(ist cl.) 1884; M.D. (Gold Med.) 1887 
Stevens, Richard H., M.B., CM. 1867 
Stevenson, Andrew, M.A. 1878 
Stevenson, Chas. A., B.Sc. (Engin.) 1877 
Stevenson, 3 David A., B.Sc.(Engin.) 1875 
Stevenson, Donald M., M.B., CM. 1882 
Stevenson, James R , M.B., CM. 1882 
Stevenson, John, M.A. 1865 
Stevenson, John, M.A. 1878; B.D. 1881 
Stevenson, John, B.Sc. (Pub. H.) 1888 
Stevenson, John A., M.A. 1871 
Stevenson, John H., M.A. 1881 
Stevenson, Robert, B.D. 1887 
Stevenson, Robert, D.D. 1878 
Stevenson, Robert H., D.D. 1872 
Stevenson, Thomas, M.B., CM. 1886 
Stevenson, William, M.A. 1871 
Stevenson, William B., M.A. 1884 
Stevenson, W. Fleming, D.D. 1881 
Stevenson, William F., M.A. 1888 
Stewart, Alexander A. G., M.A. 1887 

1 Physician, Royal Infirmary, Manchester. 2 Prof, of Midwifery, University, Aberdeen. 

3 Examiner in Engineering, University, Edinburgh. 

Alphabetical List of Graduates. 


Stewart, Alexander K., M.B., CM. 

Stewart, Archibald, D.D. 1870 
Stewart, 1 Balfour, LL.D. 1865 
Stewart, (harks, M.B., CM. 1869 
Stewart, Charles 11., 15. Sc. (Phys.) 1882 ; 

M.B., CM. 1884 
Stewart, David R., M.A. 1878; LL.B. 

Stewart, Donald, M.A. 1886 
Stewart, Douglas E., M.B., CM. 1877 
Stewart, Duncan, M.A. 1863 
Sic wart, Duncan R., M.B., CM. 1876 
Stewart, Frank \\\, M.A. 1888 
Stewart, Frederick \\\, M.A. (lit, Math.) 

Stewart, George N., M.A. (2nd, Math.) 

1883; B.Sc. (Math.) 1886; D.Sc. 

(Physiol.) 1887 
Stewart, George W., M.A. (1st, Phil.) 

1885; B.D. 1887 
Stewart, James, M.B., CM. 1885 
Stewart, James D. H., M.A. 1884 
Stewart, James J., M.A. 1880 
Stewart, John, M.A. 1879 
Stewart, John, M.B., CM. 1877 
Stewart, 2 John A., M.A. 1865 
Stewart, John E., M.D. (Com.) 1859 
Stewart, John G., M.A. 1886; LL.B. 

(Hon.) 1886 
Stewart, Peter C, M.A. 1878 
Stewart, Richard M., B.A. 1859 
Stewart, Robert, M.A. 1884; M.B., 

CM. 1885 
Stewart, Robert, M.A. 1873 
Stewart, Thomas P., M.A. 1886 
Stewart, William, M.B., CM. 1866 
Stewart, William, M.B., CM. 1875; 

B.Sc. (Pub. II.) 1876; M.D. (Gold 

Med.) 1879 
Stewart, William, M.B., CM. 1878; 

M.D. (Com.) 1885 
Steyn, Gabriel IL, M.B., CM. 1887 
Steyn, Hendrik V., M.B., CM. 1887 
Stiell, Gavin, M.B., CM. 1881 
Stiell, John, M.B., CM. 1871 ; M.D. 


Stiles, Arthur J., M.B., CM. 1883; 

M.D. (Com.) 1886 
Stiles, Charles B. , M.B., CM. 1887 
Stiles, Harold J., M.B., CM. (1st cl.) 

Still, Alexander, M.A. 1886 ; B.D. 1888 
Stirling, Alexander W., M.B., CM. 

1880; M.D. (High. Com.) 1887 
Stirling/ 1 J. Hutchison, LL.D. 1867 
Stirling, John W., M.B., CM. 1884 
Stirling, Robert, M.A. 1881 ; M.B., 

CM. 1885 
Stirling, 4 William, B.Sc. (Nat.) 1869 ; 

D.Sc. (Physiol.) 1872; M.B., CM. 

(istcl.) 1872; M.D. (Gold Med.) 1875 
Stirling 5 (-Maxwell), (Sir) William, 

(Bart.), LL.D., 1861 
Stiven, Edward W. F., M.B., CM. 

1874; M.D. (Com.) 1880 
Stobo, 6 James, M.A. (1st, Class., and 2nd, 

Math.) 1878 
Stockman, Ralph, M.B., CM. (2nd cl.) 

1882 ; M.D. (Gold Med.) 1886 
Stodart, Alexander T., M.D. 1877 
Stoddart, Alex. R., M.B., CM. 1887 
Stokes, (Sir) George G., (Bart.), LL.D. 

Stokes, William, LL.D. i860 
Stokvis, B. J., LL.D. 1884 
Stolterfoth, Henry, M.B., CM. 1866; 

M.D. 1868 
Stone, Herbert S., M.B., CM. 1875 
Stone, William G., M.A. 1871 
Stookes, Alexander, M.B., CM. 1882 
Stookes, Seymour, M.A. 1885 
Storie, CharlesG. R., M.A. 1S76 ; M.B., 

CM. 1880 
Storm, Johan, LL.D. 1884 
Slory, Robert H., D.D. 1874 
Story, Thomas C, M.A. 1S85 
Stott, James M., B.A. 1861 ; M.A. 1863 
Stoughton, John, D.D. 1869 
Straiten, John D. van der, M.A. 1867; 

B.D. 1867 
Strachan, John, M.D. 1863 
Strachan, John M., M.D. (Gold Med.) 


1 Formerly Examiner in Mathematics, University, Edinburgh. 

2 Senior Student and Lecturer, Christ's Church, Oxford. 

3 Gifford Lecturer on Natural Theology, University, Edinburgh. 
* Prof, of Physiology, Victoria University. 

6 Formerly Lord Rector of the University. 6 Rector, Academy, Montrose. 



Alphabetical List of Graduates. 

Strain, William, M.A. 1888 

Strang, Robert C, M.A. 1S77 

Strang, Walter J., M.A. 1873; M.B. 

(2ndcl.) 1877; CM. 1879 
Strange, Arthur, M.D. 1867 
Strathairn, George, M.A. 1888 
Stronach, George, M.A. 1871 
Strong, William B., B.D. 1874 
Strother, James, M.B., CM. 1887 
Struthers, Andrew, M.A. 1882 
Stuart, A. Moody, D.D. 1875 
Stuart, Andrew M., M.A. 1863 
Stuart, Charles, M.B., CM. 1881 
Stuart, Dudley, B.L. 1886 
Stuart, George B., M.B. 1869 
Stuart, James, M.A. 1887 
Stuart, James, M.B., CM. 1884 
Stuart, John, D.D. 1S73 
Stuart, Kenneth M., B.A. i860; M.A. 

Stuart, 1 Thomas P. A., M.B., CM. (1st 

cl.) 1880; M.D. (Gold Med.) 1882 
Stuart, 2 Thomas R., M.A. 1877 
Stuart, William S., M.A. 1887 
Stubbs, William, (Bishop), LL.D. 1880 
Stupart-Archibald, John, M.B., CM. 

Sturrock, Charles A., M.A. 1887 
Sturrock, David, M.B., CM. 1885 
Sturrock, John F., M.B., CM. 1885 
Sturrock, Win. M., M.B., CM. 1883 
Sueur, Ryk T. le, M.D. 1865 
Sutherland, Adam S., M.A. 1887 
Sutherland, Archibald C, M.A. 1864; 

B.D. 1871 
Sutherland, David, M.A. 1885 
Sutherland, Donald,, M.A. 1868 
Sutherland, Donald G.', M.B., CM. 1886 
Sutherland, George A., M.B.,CM. 1886 
Sutherland, Hugh, M.B., CM. 1880 
Sutherland, Innis G., M.A. 1886 
Sutherland, John, M.A. (2nd, Math.) 

Sutherland, John A., M.B., CM. 1878. 
Sutherland, John F., M.B., CM. 187S ; 

M.D. (Gold Med.) 1880 
Sutherland, John M., M.A. 1869 
Sutherland, Robert T., M.B., CM. 1881 
Sutherland, Thomas W. G., M.A. 1888 

Sutherland, Wm., M.A. 1868; B.D. 1872 
Sutherland, William, M.A. 1877 
Sutherland, Wm. D., M.B., CM. 1888 
Sutherland, Wm. H., M.B., CM. 1886 
Sutherland, Wm. M., M.A. 1875; B.D. 

Suthon, Lucius F., M.A. 1869 
Suttie, David, M.B., CM. 1867; M.D. 

Suzor, Jean R., M.B., CM. 1882 
Swan, James H., M.A. 1873 
Swan, William, LL.D. 1869 
Swan, William H., M.B., CM. 1878 
Swanson, George I., M.D. 1861 
Swinton, 3 A. Campbell, LL.D. i860 
Sydney, Henry, M.B., CM. 1867; M.D. 

(High Com.) 1870 
Sykes, Edwin J., M.B., CM. 1880; 

M.D. 1885 
Sykes, John, M.B., CM. 1885 
Sykes, John F. J., M.B., CM. 1878; 

B.Sc. (Pub. H.) 1880 
Sykes, Walter J., M.B., CM. 1866; 

M.D. 1868 
Sylvester, James J., LL.D. 1871 
Sym, Allan C, M.B., CM. 1883 ; M.D. 

Sym, Arthur P., M.A. 1881 ; B.D. 1S84 
Sym, James P., M.A. 1874 
Sym, John D., M.A. (2nd, .Class.) 1875 
Sym, William G., M.B., CM. 1886 
Sym, William M., M.A. 1878 
Symes, Edmond W., M.B. 1871 ; M.D. 

Symes, William H., M.B., CM. 1866; 

M.D. 1871 
Symington, Charles, M.A. 1885 
Symington, 4 Johnson, M.B., CM. (ist 

cl.) 1877; M.D. (Gold Med.) 1885 
Symington, William, M.B., CM. 1886 
Symington, Wm. D., M.B., CM. 1879; 

M.D. (Com.) 1884 
Symonds, George H., M.B., CM. 1884 
Symons, Mark J., M.B., CM. 1875; 

M.D. (Com.) 1878 
Szabo, Joseph, LL.D. 1884 
Tait, Alexander, M.A. 1884 
Tait, Canon Andrew, D.D. 1886 
Tait, David W. B., M.A. 1875 

1 Prof, of Anatomy and Physiology, University, Sydney. - Rector, Academy, Irvine. 

3 Formerly Prof, of Civil Law, Univ., Edin.; lately Member of University Court, Edin. 

4 Extra-academical Lecturer; Examiner in .Anatomy, University, Edinburgh. 

Alphabetical List of Graduates. 


Tait, Gavin J., M.A. 1873 
Tait, John G., M.A. 1885 
Tait, William, M.B., CM. 1878 
Tait, Wm. A. 1'., B.Sc. (Eugin.) 1885 
Talbot, John R., Ml:., CM. 1S86 
Talbot, William II. P., 1. 1.. I). 1863 
Talent, John W., M.B., CM. 1S86 
Tarbert, Robert T., I',. I). 1887 
Tainier, Stephane, LL.D. 1886 
Tate, George T., M.B., CM. 1888 
Tatham, Edmund, M.B., CM. 1867 
Taylor, Arthur F., M.A. 1S84 
Taylor, Arthur II., M.B., CM. 1886 
Taylor, Birdwood van S., M.H., CM. 

Taylor, Charles V., M.B., CM. 1877; 

M.I). (Com.) 1879 
Taylor, David T., M.A. 1868; M.B., 

CM. 1871 
Taylor, George P., M.B., CM. 1883 
Taylor, George P., B.D. 1876 
Taylor, Henry I., M.B., CM. 1886 
Taylor, Herbert, M.D. (High Com.) 1864 
Taylor, Herbert C, M.B., CM. 1878; 

M.I). (Com.) 1882 
Taylor, Herbert 0., M.B., CM. 1872; 

M.D. 1879 
Taylor, Inglis, M.B., CM. 1886 
Taylor, Isaac, LL.D. 1879 
Taylor, James, M.A. (Nat. Sc.) 1884; 

M.B., CM. 1886 
Taylor, James, M.A. 1886 
Taylor, John, M.B., CM. 1878; M.D. 

Taylor, John C, M.B., CM. 1884 
Taylor, John W., M.I). 1864 
Taylor, John \\\, B.Sc. (Pub. II.) 1876; 

D.Sc. (Pub. II.) 1877 
Taylor, John W., M.B..CM. 1874 
Taylor, 'Malcolm T. S., B.D. 1888 
Taylor, Sydney J., M.B., CM. (1st cl.) 

Taylor, Thomas K., M.A. 1887 
Taylor, William, M.B., CM. 1S86 
Taylor, William, M.D. (Com.) 1867 
Taylor, William, M.B., CM. 1882 
Taylor, William M., M.A. 187 ; 
Teacher, Charles C. M.B.. CM. 1886 
Teape, Charles R., M.A. 1S86 
Teape, William M., M.A. iSSj 
Telfer, Alexander P., M.A. 1882 
Telfer, William, M.R, CM. [872 

Temple, George IL, M.B., CM. 1888 
Tcmpleman, Charles, M.B., CM. 1879 
Temple ton, Thomas, M.A. 1887 
Tennent, William J. C, M.A. 1884 
Tennyson, Alfred, Lord, LL.D. 1884 
Tero, Harry, M.A. 1887 
Terrey, Caleb, M.B., CM. 1885 ; B.Sc. 

(Pub. H.) 1885 
Terry, Charles L., M.B., CM. 1887 
Te Water, Carel T., M.B., CM. 1888 
Te Water, Thomas N. G., M.B., CM. 

1879; M.D. 1882 
Thackwell, John B., M.B., CM. 1887 
Thatcher, Griffithes W., B.D. 1886 
Thew, Edwin P., M.B., CM. 1876 
Thin, Robert, M.D. 1865 
Thin, Robert, M.A. 1883; M.B., CM. 

Thorn, Alexander, M.B., CM. 1877; 

M.D. (Com.) 1882 
Thorn, Andrew, M.A. 1868 
Thorn, John J., M.D. i860 
•Thomas, Abraham G., M.B., CM. 1876 ; 

M.I). 1878 
Thomas, Adolphe H., M.B., CM. 1881 ; 

B.Sc. (Pub. H.) 1888 
Thomas, Alfred, M.B., CM. 1869 
Thomas, Arthur M., M.A. 1886 
Thomas, David, M.D. 1864 
Thomas, Edward G., M.B., CM. 1880 
Thomas, Ieuan G, M.B., CM. 1888 
Thomas, Josiah, M.A. 1859 
Thomas, Lynch, M.D. 1862 
Thomas, William E., M.B., CM. 1885 
Thomas, William J., M.B., CM. 1885 
Thompson, Charles S., M.B., CM. 1874 
Thompson, Edwin, M.B., CM. 1869 
Thompson, Isaac, M.B., CM. (2nd cl.) 

Thompson, John T., M.B., CM. 1885 
Thompson, Robert J., M.A. 1887 
Thompson, Wm., M.A. 1879 ; B.D. 1882 
Thompson, Wm. P., M.B., CM. 1882 
Thomson, Albert E., M.B., CM. 1888 
Thomson, Alexander, M.B., CM. 1S80 
Thomson, Alexander, M.A. 1S86 
Thomson, Alexander B., M.A. 1880 
Thomson, Alexander D., M.A. (i-t, 

Class.) 1888 
Thomson, Alexander S. D., LL.B. 1878 
Thomson, Allen, LL.D. 1871 
Thomson, Andrew, M.B., CM. 18S3 

8 4 

Alphabetical List of Graduates. 

Thomson, Andrew, M.A. 1878 ; B.Sc. 

(Phys.) 1883 ; D.Sc. (Chem.) 1886 
Thomson, Andrew, M.B., CM. 1886 
Thomson, 1 Arthur, M.B. (2nd cl.) 1880 
Thomson, Arthur, M.B., CM. 1888 
Thomson, Daniel G. P. , M. B. , C. M. 1 883 
Thomson, David G., M.B., CM. 1878; 

M.D. (High Com.) 1881 
Thomson, Ebenezer, M.D. i860 
Thomson, Edward P., M.A. 1881 
Thomson, Francis \V., M.A. 1880; 

M.B., CM. 1886 
Thomson, Frederick, M.A. 1887 
Thomson, George, M.B., CM. (2nd cl.) 

1884; M.D. 1888 
Thomson, George, M.B., CM. 1883 
Thomson, George R., M.B., CM. 1887 
Thomson, George W., B.A. 1861 
Thomson, Gilbert, M.A. 1879 
Thomson, Henry A., M.B., CM. (2nd 

cl.) 1885; B.Sc. (Pub. H.) 1888 
Thomson, James, M.B., CM. (2nd cl.) 

1879; M.D. (Com.) 1882 
Thomson, James, LL.B. (Hon.) 1885 
Thomson, James, M.A. 1888 
Thomson, James A., M.B., CM. 1869 
Thomson, James C, M.D. 1864 
Thomson, James F., M.A. 1861 
Thomson, John, M.A. 1874; M.B., 

CM. 1877 
Thomson, John, M.B., CM. 187 1 
Thomson, John, M.B., CM. 1881 
Thomson, 2 John A., M.A. 1884 
Thomson, J. B., M.A. 1869 
Thomson, John C, M.A. 1884; M.B., 

CM. (2nd cl.) 1888 
Thomson, John R., M.D. (Com.) 1866 
Thomson, Matthew B., M.B. CM. (2nd 

cl.) 1881 
Thomson, Peter, B.D. 1870 
Thomson, Robert B., M.D. (Gold Med.) 

Thomson, Robert Y., B.D. 1883 
Thomson, 3 William, M.A. (2nd, Math.) 

1878; B.Sc. (Math.) 1878 
Thomson, Sir William, LL.D. 1869 
Thomson, William, M.B., CM. 1871 ; 

M.D. 1873 
Thomson, William, M.A. 1883; LL.B. 

(Hon.) 1887 

Thomson, William, B.D. 1885 
Thomson, William, M.A. 1886 
Thomson, Wm. T., MB., CM. 1888 
Thorburn, David, D.D. 1886 
Thorburn, David A. S., M.D. 1864 
Thorburn, James B., M.A. (2nd, Phil.) 

1868 ; B.D. 1874 
Thorburn, Robert, M.D., 1865 
Thorburn, Robert, M.B., CM. 1871 
Thorburn, William D., M.A. (2nd, 

Class.) 1867 
Thorne, George L., M.A. 1877 ; LL.B. 

Thornton, John K., M.B., CM. 1871 
Thornton, Richard W., M.A. 1879 
Thornton, Robert S., M.B., CM. 1884 
Thorold, Ellis F., M.D. (Com.) 1862 
Thorp, Charles G., M.B., CM. 1884 
Thorp, James H., M.B., CM. 18S0 
Thorp, William, M.A. 1883 
Thurburn, Alexander, LL.B. 1866 
Thurgar, Benjamin B., M.D. 1863 
Thurnam, Francis W., M.B., CM. 1877 
Thursfield, William N., M.D. 1862 
Thyne, Thomas, M.D. (Com.) 1863 
Thyne, Thomas J., M.B., CM. (2nd cl.) 

Thyne, William, M.B., CM. 1882 
Thyne, William, M.A. 1887 

Tibb, John C, B.D. 1882 

Tiffen, Charles J., M.B., CM. 1882; 
M.D. 1885 

Tillie, Joseph, M.B., CM. (1st cl.) 1886 

Tims, Henry W. M., M.B., CM. 1887 

Tinsley, John E., M.A. 1864 

Titterton, Charles H., M.A. 1887 

Tod, Daniel, M.A. (1st, Class., and 2nd, 
Phil.) 1885 

Tod, David, M.A. 1872 

Tod, David M., M.A. 1880; B.D. 1884 

Tod, John, M.B., CM. 1884 

Tod, John H., M.A. 1866 

Tod, Thomas W., B.Sc. (Phys.) 1877 

Todd, Alexander, M.D. 1863 

Todd, Charles H., M.A. 1881 

Todd, James, M.A. 1878; B.D. 1880 

Todd, James, M.A. 1881 

Todd, John, M.D. 1862 

Todd, Joseph, M.D. 1867 

Todd, Percy E., M.B., CM. 1882 

1 Lecturer on Human Anatomy, University, Oxford. 

2 Extra-academical Lecturer. 3 Prof, of Mathematics, Stellenbosch Coll., South Africa. 

Alphabetical List of Graduates. 


Todd, Thomas, M.A. 1871 
Todd, William L., M.A. 1S74 
Tofft, Walter II., M.B., CM. 1887 
Tolmie, Alexander M. C, M.A. 1882 
Tomlinson, Henry T., M.H., CM. 1885 
Tomlinson, John, M.B., CM. 1887 
Tomory, John K., M.H., CM. 1886 
Toomer, Herbert, M.A. 1881 
Topping, Robert, M.A. 1887 
Torrance, Arch., M.A. 1876; B.D. 1881 
Torrie, Robert J., M.A. 1873 
Torrop, James S., M.B., CM. 1865; 

M.I). 1868 
Tothill, Frederick C, M.B., CM. 1887 
Tough, William, M.A. 1881 
Tough, Wm. B., M.A. (1st, Phil.) 1887 
Towert, John, M.A. 1866 ; B.D. 1872 
Townsley, John, M.B., CM. 1888 
Trail, John A., LL.B. 1872 
Traill, Cecil G., M.B., CM. 1884 
Traill, David, M.A. (1st, Math.) 1878; 

B.Sc. (Math.) 1881 ; M.B., CM. 1888 
Traill, William, M. D. 1859 
Traquair, James H., M.B., CM. {2nd 

cl.) 1888 
Traquair, 1 Ramsay H., M.D. (Gold Med.) 

Travell, John W., M.B., CM. 1886 
Trechmann, Maximilian L., M.B. , CM. 

Treharne, David, M.B.,CM. 1882 
Treharne, John, M.B., CM. 1873 ; B.Sc. 

(Pub. H.) 1878 
Treutler, William J., M.B., CM. 1866 ; 

M.I). 1885 
Trevelyan, Sir Geo. O. , Bart., LL. D.i 883 
Tristram, Henry B., LL.D. 1868 
Trotter, Leslie B., M.B., CM. 1874; 

M.D. (Com.) 1881 
Trotter, Ninian G., M.B., CM. (2nd 

cl.) 1888 
Troutbeck, James, M.B. 1868 
Tuke, Alan L. S., M.B., CM. 1887 
Tuke, John B., M.B., CM. 1881 
Tu!!is, George A., M.B., CM. 1884; 

M.D. (Com.) 18S7 
Tulloch, James K., M.B., CM. 1878 
Tulloch, James T., M.D. (Com.) 1859 
Tulloch, Principal John, D. D. 1884 
Tulloch, John P., M.A. 1877; M.l:., 

CM. 1881 

Tunstall, Alfred C, M.B., CM. 1875; 

M.D. (Com.) 1882 
Tumbull, Adam R., M.B., CM. (1st cl.) 

Turnbull, 2 Alexander, M.D. 1859 
Tumbull, Arch., M.A. 1875; B.D. 1880 
Tumbull, David, M.A. 1868 
Tumbull, David L., M.A. 1887 
Tumbull, George B., M.A. 1881 
Turnbull, George H., M.D. 1864 
Tumbull, James, M.B., CM. 1876 
Turnbull, William, M.D. 1859 
Turnbull, William D., M.A. 1883 
Turner, Alfred, M.B., CM. 1885 
Turner, Dawson F. D., M.B., CM. (2nd 

cl.) 1888 
Turner, Ernest B., M.B., CM. 1886 
Turner, John, M.D. (Com.) 1862 
Turner, John A., M.B., CM. 1882 
Turner, Richard, M.D. 1863 
Turner, Richard, M.B., CM. 1880 
Turner, Robert S., M.B., CM. 1867; 

M.D. 1870 
Turner, William, M.B., CM. 1879; 

M.D. 188 1 
Turner, William, M.D. 1861 
Turner, William A., M.B., CM. (istcl.) 

Turton, William H., M.B., CM. (istcl.) 

Tuxford, Arthur, M.D. 1863. 
Tweddle, George W., M.A. 1881 
Tweedie, David, M.A. (1st, Math.) 1886; 

B.Sc. (Math.) 1887 
Twentyman.Geo., M.A. 1868; B.D. 1869 
Tyndall, John, LL.D. 1866 
Tyrrell, Edward M., M.B., CM. 1886 
Tyrrell, R. Y., LL.D. 1884 
Underhill, Jas. W. 0., M.B., CM. 1884 
Underhill, Thomas E., M.B., CM. 1876; 

M.D. 1886 
Underwood, George R., M.B., CM. 1875 
Underwood, John J., M.B., CM. 1876 
Urquhart, Andrew J., M.B., CM. 1873 
Urquhart, Robert D., M.A. 1874 
Urquhart, W. S. D., M.A. 1S75 
Ussing, J. L., LL.D. 1884 
Valentine, Alexander, M.B., CM. 18S2 
Valentine, Colin, LL.D. 1876 
Valentine, John, M.B., CM. 1881 
Vance, William W., M.A. 1S70 

1 F.R.S. ; Examiner in Natural History, Univ., Edin. 2 Deputy Insp.-Gen., Admiralty. 


Alphabetical List of Graduates. 

Vannan, Henry, M.A. 1871 

Vassie, Alexander H., M.B., CM. 1886 

Vassie, Richard, M.B., CM. 1883; M.D. 

Vassie, William, M.A. 1878]; B.D. 1881 
Vaudrey, Edmund, M.B., "c.M. 1882; 

M.D. 1888 
Vaughan, Joseph C S., M.B., C.M. (2nd 

cl.) 1885 
Vause, Arthur J., M.B., C.M. 1875 
Veale, Richard S., M.D. 1862 
Veitch, Andrew, M.D. 1864 
Veitch, Archibald H., M.B., C.M. 1879 
Veitch, Ceorge, M.A. 1886 
Veitch, 1 James, M.A. 1867 
Veitch, John, LL.D. 1872 
Veitch, William, M.A. 1880 
Veitch, William, LL.D. 1868 
Vera, Augusto, LL.D. 1884 
Verdon, Michael J., M.B., C.M. 1882 
Vereker-Bindon, William J., M.B., C.M. 

1875; B.Sc. (Pub. H.) 1876; D.Sc. 

(Pub. H.) 1877; M.D. 1878 
Vernon, Edward T., M.A. 1874 
Vernon, Humphrey W., M.B., C.M. 

Vernon, John E., M.A. 1886; B.Sc. 

(Math.) 1886 
Vetch, Chas., M.B., C.M. (2nd cl.) 1874 
Vickers, Wilfrid, M.B., C.M. 1886 
Viljoen, Anthony G., M.B., C.M. (2nd 

cl.) 1881 
Villari, Pasquale, LL.D. 1884 
Vine, Herbert, M.B., C.M. 1888 
Vine, Simon T., M.B., C.M. 1885 
Vint, Robert, B.D. 1874 
Virchow, Rudolph, LL.D. 1884 
Voigt, Johan C, M.B., C.M. 1882; 

M.D. (Com.) 1885 
Wace, Henry, D.D. 1882 
Waddell, 2 John, B.Sc. (Phys.) 1883; 

D.Sc. (Chem.) 1886 
Waddell, William, M.A. 1863 
Wade, Arthur B., M.B., C.M. 18S0 
Wade, George, M.B., C.M. 1887 
W r ade, Thomas C, M.A. 1887 
Wainewright, Benjamin, M.B., C.M. 

Walcot, Thomas, M.B., C.M. 1887 

Waldron, Derwent H. R., M.B., C.M. 

Watford, William, M.D. 1864 
Walker, Alexander, M.B., C.M. 1876; 

M.D. 1879 
Walker, Archibald D., M.B., C.M. 

1S68; M.D. 1871 
Walker, Charles E., M.B. 1878 
Walker, David E., M.B., C.M. 1886 
Walker, David W., B.L. 1884 
Walker, Edward, M.B., C.M. (1st cl.) 

Walker, Edward B. C, M.B., C.M. 1SS1 
Walker, George, D.D. 1867. 
Walker, George, M.A. (2nd, Phil.) 1883 ; 

B.D. 1886 
Walker, Herbert J., M.B., C.M. 1888 
Walker, James L., M.A. 1868 
Walker, James, D.D. 187 1 
Walker, James, B.Sc. (Phys.) 1885; 

D.Sc. (Chem.) 1886 
Walker, John B., M.B., C.M. 1873; 

M.D. 1875 
Walker, John M., M.B., C.M. 187 1 
Walker, Johnstone, M.A. 1873 
Walker, Josiah W., M.D. 1869 
Walker, Norman H., M.B., C.M. 1884 
Walker, Norman P., M.B., C.M. 1884; 

M.D. 1888 
Walker, R. W., B.D. 1866 
Walker, Samuel, M.A. (2nd, Math.) 1878; 

B.Sc. (Phys.) 1883 
Walker, Thomas, M.D. (Com.) 1863 
Walker, 3 Thomas, M.A. (1st, Class.) 1870 
Walker, Thornton, M.A. 1885 
Walker, Walter O., M.A. (1st, Math.) 

1878; M.B., C.M. 1882 
Walker, William, B.L. 1880 
Walker, Win., M.A. 1881 ; B.D. 1884 
Walker, William O., B.Sc. (Math.) 1880 
Wallace, Abraham, M.B., C.M. 1873; 

M.D. (Com.) 1876 
Wallace, Daniel M., M.A. (2nd, Phil.) 

Wallace, David, M.B., C.M. 1884 
Wallace, David W., M.B., C.M. 1876 
Wallace, George L., M.A. 1881 
Wallace, Gerald, M.A. 1888 
Wallace, Horatio, M.A. 1886 

1 Principal of Chatham Institute, Liverpool. 

2 Prof, of Chemistry, Royal Military College, Kingston, Canada. 

3 Professor of Kng. Lit. and Logic, Stellenbosch Coll., South Africa. 

Alphabetical List of Graduates. 


Wallace, fame?;, M.A. (1st, Class.) 1870 
Wallace, James K., MB., CM. 1885 
Wallace, John, M.D. (Com.) 1861 
Wallace, John, M.D. (Com.) 1862 
Wallace, Quintin M., M.A. 1881 ; M.B., 

CM. (1st cl.) 1887 
Wallace, William, B.Sfc (Eugin.) 1887 
Wallace-James, John G., M.B., CM. 

Waller, Bryan C, M.B., CM. 1876; 

M.D. (Gold Med.) 1878 
Waller, HardressJ., M.B., CM. 1887 
Walls, James, M.A. 1885, Theodore, LL.D. 1885 
Walshe, Walter EL, LL.D. 1888 
Walther, John, M.B., CM. 1883; M.D. 

Walton, Fredk. P., LL.B. (Hon.) 1886 
Walton, James G., M.A. (2nd, Class.) 

1880; B.D. 1884 
Walton Win. A., M.A. 1868 ; B.D. 1871 
Wann, And. B., M.A. 1881 ; B.D. 1884 
Wanostrocht, Vincent, M.B., CM. 1876 
Warhurton, George A., M.B., CM. 1873 
Warburton, William P., M.B., CM. 

1865 ; M.D. 1885 
Ward, Alfred, M.B., CM. 1881 
Ward, Allan O., M.B., CM. 1883; 

M.D. (Com.) 1886 
Ward, Thomas H., M.B., CM. (1st cl.) 

Warden, Thomas, M.D. i860 
Wardle, James H., M.D. 1868 
Wardle, I'ercy, M.B., CM. 1886 
Wardrop, James, D.D. 1880 
Wardrop, John R., M.A. 1867 
Warne, William C, M.B. (2nd cl.) 1872 
Warner, Edward 11., M.B., CM. 1883; 

M.D. 1885 
Warnock, James, B.D. 1874 
Warnock, John, M.i;.,CM. 1885; B.Sc. 

(Pub. H.) 1885 
Warnock, Robert, M.A. 1873 
Warr, Alfred, M.A. 1886 
Warren, Charles E. II., M.B. 1876 
Warren, John C, M.A. (2nd, Class.) 1874 
Warrick," John, M.A. 1875 
Warter, John S., M.D. (Com.) 1864 
Waterhouse, Charles II., M.B., CM. 
1876; M.D. (Com.) 1879 

Waterhouse, IlerbertF., M.B.,CM. 1SS7 
Waters, Alexander, M.A. 1886 
Waters, Clarence II., M.B., CM. (2nd 

cl.) 1886 
Waters, James, M.A. 1884 
Waters, James L., M.B., CM. (2nd 

cl.) 1879 
Watkins, Arnold II., M.E., CM. (2nd 

cl.) 1875; M.D. (Com.) 1883 
Watkins, Harold E., M.B., CM. (1st 

cl.) 1882 
Watlington, Yldefonzo V., M.B., CM. 

1867 ; M.D. 1870 
Watson, Adam B. S., M.A. 1874; B.D. 

Watson, Alex. D., M.A. 1882; B.D. 1887 
Watson, Alex. 0. C, M.B., CM. 1883 
Watson, Alfred H., M.B., CM. 1875; 

M.D. 1880 
Watson, Alfred M., M.D. (Gold Med.) 

Watson, Andrew B., M.A. 1871 
Watson, Arthur, M.B., CM. 1874; 

M.D. 1879 
Watson, Charles S., M.B., CM. 1876; 

M.D. 1882 
Watson, Frederick, M.B., CM. 1888 
Watson, George, M.D. 1866 
Watson, George, M.A. (1st, Class.) 1867 
Watson, George A., M.B., CM. 1887 
Watson, George B. S., M.A. 1874 ; 

B.D. 1874 
Watson, George de B., M.B., CM. 1885 
Watson, James, M.D. (Com.) 1863 
Watson, James, M.D. 1864 
Watson, James B. S., M.A. 1879 
Watson, James S., M.B., CM. 18S1 
Watson, John, M.A. 1865 
Watson, John, M.A. 1870 
Watson, John, B.D. 1874 
Watson, John D., M.A. 18S0 
Watson, John D., M.B., CM. (Com.) 

Watson, Joseph R., M.B., CM. 1887 
Watson, 1 Morrison, M.D. (Gold Med.) 

Watson, Mungo, M.A. (1st, Class.) 1879 
Watson, 2 Patrick II., LL.D. 18S4 
Watson, 3 Robert, M.A. 1867 
Watson, Robert II., M.A. 1884 

1 F.R.S.; formerly Prof, of Anatomy, Owens College, Manchester. 

2 Member of University Court, Edinburgh. 3 Rector of Grammar School, Kirkcudbright. 


Alphabetical List of Graduates. 

Watson, Robert H. A., M.A. 1887 
Watson, Thomas A., M.B., CM. 1884 
Watson, Thomas B., M.B., CM. 1872; 

M.D. (High. Com.) 1888 
Watson, Thomas H., M.B., CM. 1875 
Watson, William, M.A. 1869 
Watson, William (Lord Watson), LL.D. 

Watson, William, M.A. 1876 
Watson, William M., M.D. 1861 
Watson, Wm. M. C, M.B., CM. 1888 
Watt, Alexander, M.A. 1875 
Watt, Arthur C, M.A. 1881 
Watt, Francis, M.A. (2nd, Phil.) 1877 
Watt, James P., M.B., CM. 1887 
Watt, John, B.D. 1869 
Watt, John D., M.B., CM. 1876 
Watt, John S., M.A. 1882; LL.B. 1886 
Watters, George T. B., M.B., CM. 

1875; M.D. 1878 
Watters, James D., M.A. 1878 
Watterson, John W., M.B., CM. 1888 
Watteville, Walter F. R. de, M.B., CM. 

Wattie, Alexander, M.B., CM. 1879 
Watts, Herbert, M.A. 1880 
Watts, Thomas F., M.B., CM. 1879 
Waugh, George, M.B., CM. 1869 
Waugh, George, M.A. 1882; B.D. 1885 
Waugh, James, M.A. 1878 
Waugh, John, M.A. 1876; M.B., CM. 

1881 ; M.D. (Com.) 1883 
Way, Edward W., M.B. 1871 
Wearing, Richard, M.B., CM. 1875; 

M.D. 1879 
Webster, Arthur D., B.Sc. (Pub. H.) 188S 
Webster, Gordon, M.A. 1867 
Webster, John C, M.B., CM. (2nd cl.) 

Weddell, James C, M.B., CM. 1867; 

M.D. 1869 
Weight, Rowland H., M.B., CM. 1880 ; 

M.D. 1883 
Weighton, Robert L., M.A. 1872 
Weir, James, M.A. (1st, Phil.) 1882 
Weir, Robert W., M.A. 1862 
Weir, Walter, M.B., CM. 1878 
Weir, William, M.B., CM. 1888 
Welch, Adam C, M.A. 1883 ; B.D. 1886 
Welch, 1 Henry, M.B., CM. 1878 ; B.Sc. 

(Pub.H.) 1882; M.D. (High. Com.)i887 

Welch, John L., M.A. 1882; M.B., 

CM. (2ndcl.) 1886 
Wells, Arthur P. L., M.B., CM. (2nd 

cl.) 1881 
Wells, Ernest N. K., M.B., CM. 1888 
Wells, James, M.A. 1859 
Wells, John H., M.A. 1885 
Wells, John W., M.B., CM. 1887 
Welsh, David, M.B., CM. 1881 ; M.D. 

(High Com.) 1887; B.Sc. (Pub. H.) 

Welsh, David A., M.A. (1st, Math.) 1887 
Welsh, Patrick, M.A. 1868 
Welsh, Robert C, M.B., CM. 1881 
Welsh, William, D.D. 1887 
Welsh, William, M.A. (1st, Math.) 1879 
Wemyss, John, M.A. 1864 
Wemyss, John W., M.D. 1862 
Werdmiiller, Valentine W. T., M.B. , 

CM. 1879 
Wernich, Stephanus F., M.B., CM. 

(2nd cl.) 1884; M.D. (Com.) 1886 
Werry, Augustus, M.D. (Com.) 1865 
West, Edward de L., M.B., CM. 1880 
West, Raymond, Judge in High Court, 

Bombay, LL.D. 1884 
Westcott, Canon Brooke F., D.D. 1884 
Westlake, Algernon, M.B., CM. 1884 
Westlake, John, LL.D. 1877 
Westenra, Fitzgerald G.,M.B., CM. 1885 
Weston, George B., M.D. 1866 
Weston, William H., M.B., CM. 1882 
West water, Alexander, M.A. 1887 
Westwood, Andrew, M.B., CM. 1888 
Westwood, William, M.A. 1883 
Wetherell, James A., M.B., CM. 1886 
Wheatstone, Sir Charles, LL.D. 1869 
Wheeler, Robert M., M.A. 1881 
Whillas, Thos. F., M.A. 1867; B.D. 1872 
Whitaker, John, M.B., CM. 1882 
White, Charles, M.A. 1869 
White, Francis B. W., M.D. (Com.) 1864 
White, George R., M.D. 1863 
White, Howel H., M.B., CM. 1877 
White, James C, M.A. 1873 
White, John G., M.D. 1864 
White, John P. R., M.A. 1881 
White, Joshua C, M.B., CM. 1887 
White, Michael J., M.A. 1864 
White, Percy H., M.B., CM. 1878 
White, Philip J., M.B., CM. 1887 

1 Officer of Public Health, Blackpool. 

Alphabetical Lid of Graduates. 


White, Robert I\, M.B., CM. 1878 
White, Samuel G., M.D. (Com.) i860 
White, Tom B., M.B., CM. 1888 
White, William, M.A. 1880 
White, William II., M.B., CM. 1876 
Whitefield, Peter P., M.D. i860 
Whiteford, Robert, M.A. 1870 
Whitelaw, Thomas, M.B., CM. 1887 
Whitelaw, William, M.A. 1866 
Whitelocke, Richard II. A., M.B., CM. 

(2nd cl.) 1884 
Whiteside, John H., M.B., CM. 1886 
Whitham, Robert M., M.B., CM. 1882 
Whitsed, John, M.B., CM. 1877 
Whittle, Alfred, M.D. 1866 
Whitton, Alfred B., M.B., CM. 1885 
Whitwell, George G., M.B., CM. 1879 
Whitwell, James R., M.B., CM. (2nd 

cl.) 1887 
Whitwell, Robert R. II., M.B., CM. 

1879; B.Sc. (Pub. H.) 1880 
Whyte, Alexander, D.D. 1881 
Whyte, Charles, M.A. 1878 
Whyte, George, M.D. 1862 
Whyte, George, M.A. 1866 
Whyte, John M., M.A. 1878; M.B., 

CM. 1S82 
Whyte, William, M.A. 1S66 
Whyte, William, M.A. 1876 
Wickham, Harry T., M.B., CM. 1888 
Wicks, William C, M.B., CM. 1874 
Wick wire, William X., M.D. 1864 
Wield, David, M.A. 1887 
Wiese, Ludwig A., LL.D. 1884 
Wigg, Henry C, M.B. (Com.) 1866; 

M.D. 1869 
Wight, George, M.B., CM. 1865 
Wight, Laurence II., M.A. 1874 
Wightman, J. C S., M.A. 1870 
Wightman, John T., M.B., CM. 1871 
Wijck, B. II. C K. van der, LL.D. 1884 
Wilcox, Ernest, M.B., CM. 1S82 ; M.D. 

Wilkie, Hugh, M.A. 1884 
Wilkie, James, M.A. 1886 
Wilkie, James, B.L. (Hon.) 1886 
Wilkinson, James B., M.B., CM. 1883; 

M.D. 1885 
Wilkinson, John, M.B., CM. 1886 
Wilks, Samuel, LL.D. 1884 
Will, Alexander, M.A. 1883 
Will, W,lliam J., M.B., CM. 1884 

Willcock, John, M.A. 1874; B.D. 1877 
Willey, Charles II., M.B.,CM. 1880; 
B.Sc. (Tub. H.) 1882; M.D. (High 
Com.) 1885; D.Sc. (Pub. H.) 1886 
Williams, Alfred II., M.B., CM. 1887 
Williams, C J. B., LL.D. 1885 
Williams, Charles L., M.B., CM. 1886 
Williams, Charles R., M.B., CM. 1878 
Williams, Edgar, B.D. 1869 
Williams, Kyton (J., M.I). 1864 
Williams, James 1;., M.A. 1883 
Williams, John, M.D. 1862 
Williams, John C, M.B., CM. 1887 
Williams, John D., M.B., CM. (2nd cl.) 

Williams, Tohn H., M.B., CM. 1881 ; 

M.D. 1886 
Williams, Joseph L., M.B., CM. 1867 
Williams, Robert, M.B., CM. 1874 
Williams, Robert, M.A. 1887 
Williams, Robert A., M.B., CM. 1882 
Williams, William EL, M.B., CM. 1874; 

M.D. 1881 
Williams, Wm. J., M.D. (Com.) 1866 
Williams, William L. 0., M.B., CM. 

(2nd cl.) 1879 
Williamson, Alexander W. , LL.D. 1881 
Williamson, Alfred M., M.B., CM. 1888 
Williamson, Andrew W., M.A. 1878 
Williamson, George, M.D. 1859 
Williamson, Henry G., M.D. 1861 
Williamson, James M., M.B., CM. 

1872; M.D. (Com.) 1875 
Williamson, John, M.B., CM. 1S84 
Williamson, John, M.A. 1872 
Williamson, Ninian A., M.D. 1863 
Williamson, Rich. E., M.B., CM. 1880 
Williamson, Rich. F., M.B., CM. 1881 
Williamson, Robert, M.A. 1886 
Williamson, Robert L., M.B., CM. 

1877 ; M.D. 1881 
Williamson, Sidney T., M.B., CM. 18S5 
Williamson, William C, LL.D. 1SS3 
Willins, John, M.B., CM. 1880 
Willis, William, M.D. 1859 
Wilson, Adam I)., M.B., CM. 1886 
Wilson, Albert, M.B., CM. 1878; M.D. 

(Gold Med.) 1882 
Wilson, Alexander C, M.B., CM. 1S67; 

M.D. 1S70 
Wilson, Arthur W., M.B., CM. 1887 
Wilson, Charles B., M.B., CM. 1S.S7 


Alphabetical List of Graduates. 

Wilson, Col. Sir Charles W., LL.D. 

Wilson, Claude, M.B., CM. (2nd cl.) 

1884; M.D. (Com.) 1887 
Wilson, David, M.A. 1881 
Wilson, David M., B.L. (Hon.) 1886 
Wilson, Edward M., M.B., CM. 1871 
Wilson, 1 George, M.B., CM. 1863; M.D. 

Wilson, George, M.B., CM. 1881 
Wilson, George, M.A. (Honorary) 1859 
Wilson, George, M.B., CM. 1886 
Wilson, George, M.A. 1886 
Wilson, George, M.B., CM. 1887 
Wilson, Gregg, M.A. 1885 ; B.D. 1888 
Wilson, Hector M., M.B., CM. 1882 
Wilson, Henry A., M.B., CM. 1883 
Wilson, Henry G., M.B., CM. 1882 
Wilson, 2 Hugh, M.A. (1st, Class.) 1868 
Wilson, James, M.A. 1874 
Wilson, James, M.B., CM. 1886 
Wilson, James, M.B., CM. 1887 
Wilson, James, M.A. 1888 
Wilson, James C, M.D. 1863 
Wilson, James H., M.B., CM. 1875 
Wilson, James H., D.D. 1882 
Wilson, James M., B.L. 1885 
Wilson, James S., D.D. 1S83 
Wilson, James T., M.B., CM. (2nd cl.) 

Wilson, John, B.A. 1861 
Wilson, John, M.D. 1863 
Wilson, John, D.D. 1876 
Wilson, John, M.A. 1877 
Wilson, John, M.B., CM. 1878; M.D. 

Wilson, John, B.L. 1879 
Wilson, John, M.A. 1883 
Wilson, 3 John, LL.D. 1886 
Wilson, John C D., LL.B. (Hon.) 

Wilson, John H., M.B., CM. 1887 
Wilson, John S., M.A. 1880 
Wilson, P. M., M.A. 1870 
Wilson, Peter, M.A. 1875 
Wilson, Ralph W., M.B., CM. 1877; 

M.D. (High. Com.) 1887 
Wilson, Robert A., M.B., CM. 1888 
Wilson, Stephen E. H., M.A. 1879 

Wilson, Theodore S., B.Sc. (Nat.) 1881 ; 

M.B., CM. (2nd cl.) 1883 
Wilson, Thomas D., M.A. 1872; M.B. 

Wilson, Wilfrid, M.B., CM. (1st cl.) 

1878; M.D. (Com.) 1885 
Wilson, William, M.B., CM. 1878 
Wilson, William, M.A. 1877 
Wilson, William, D.D. 1870 
Wilson, Wm, M.B., CM. (2nd cl.) 

Wilson, William, M.A. 1879 
Wilson, William, M.B., CM. 1882 
Wilson, William, M.B., CM. 1887 
Wilson, William B., M.B., CM. 1886 
Wilson, William C, M.D. 1861 
Wilson, William C, M.B., CM. 1886 
Wilson, Wm. L., M.A. (Nat. Sc.) 1888 
Wilton, George W., B.L. (Hon.) 1887 
Winchester, George C, M.B., CM. 

Winder, Arthur B., M.B., CM. 1884 
Winder, John B., M.A. 1868 
Winter, James, M.A. 1884 
Winter, Thomas, M.A. 1888 
Wise, Henry W., M.B., CM. 1886; 

B.Sc. (Pub. H.) 1888 
Wise, Robert, M.B., CM. 1888 
Wisewould, Percy, M.B., CM. 1887 
Wishart, Andrew, M.A. 1880; LL.B. 

Witchell, Edwin A., M.B., CM. 1883 
Wolfhagen, John E., M.B., CM. 1884 
Wolseley, Henry J., M.B., CM. 1881 
Wolston, Walter T. P., M.B. 1865 ; 

M.D. 1879 
Wood, Alexander J., M.B., CM. 1883 
Wood, Andrew, LL.D. 1879 
Wood, Andrew F., M.B. 1880 
Wood, Arthur, M.B., CM. 1886 
Wood, David J., M.B., CM. 18S8 
Wood, Frederick W., M.B., CM. 1880 
Wood, George B., M.B., CM. 1883 
Wood, George E. C, M.B., CM. 1885 ; 

B.Sc. (Pub. H.) 1887 
Wood, Henry S., M.B., CM. 1888 
Wood, James E., M.A. 18S6 
Wood, Joseph, M.D. 1864 
Wood, Julius J., M.B., CM. 1865 

1 Medical Officer of Health, Mid-Warwickshire. 

2 H.M. Inspector of Schools ; formerly Examiner in Classics, University, Edinburgh. 
8 Late Professor of Agriculture, University, Edinburgh. 

Alphabetical List of Graduates. 


Wood, Laurence B., M.A. (1st, Math.) 

Wood, Oswald G., M.B. 1873; M.D. 

(Com.) 1886 
Wood, 1 Philip, M.A. (1st, Math.) 1N71 
Wood, Philip F., M.A. 1876; LL.B. 

Wood, Russell E., M.B., CM. 1877 
Wood, Thomas M.B.. CM. 1883 
Wood, Thomas A., M.D. 1863 
Wood, William T., M.B., CM. 1870 
Woodbum, John, M.A. 1863 
Woodforde,Wm. S. R., M.B..C.M. 1886 
Woodhead, Arthur L., M.A. 1883 
Woodhead, Ernest, M.A. 1878 
Woodhead, 2 German S., M.B., CM. 

1878; M.D. (Gold Med.) 1881 
Wo.Hlhouse, Edw. R., M.B., CM. 1886 
Woods, William C, M.B., CM. 1882; 

M.D. 1886 
Woodward, Ernest A., M.B.,CM. 1888 
\\ 'ordsworth, Bishop Charles, D.D. 1S84 
Workman, Charles J., M.D. (Com.) 1864 
Worsley, Henry, M.B., CM. 1885 
Wortabet, Henry G. L., M.B., CM. 

1878; M.D. 1883 
Wotherspoon, Thomas A., M.B., CM. 

1870; M.D. 1872 
Wren, Joseph, M.A. 1877 
Wright, Alexander, M.A. 1887 
Wright, David, M.D. 1865 
Wright, Edward A., M.B., CM. 1874 
Wright, Frederick W., M.B., CM. 

Wright, George A. W., M.D. 1863 
Wright, George E., M.D. 1862 
Wright, George V., M.D. (Com.) 1862 
Wright, Henry R., M.P.., CM. 1867 
Wright, Hugh, M.A. 1887 
Wright, John H., M.B., CM. 1876 
Wright, Joseph B., M.D. (High Com.) 

Wright, Robert. M.D. 1864 
Wright, 3 Robert R., M.A. 1S71 ; B.S& 

(Nat.) 1873 
Wright, Robert T., M.D. 1S66 

Wright, Strethill H., M.B., CM. 1867 ; 

M.I). 1871 
Wright, Thomas C, M.B., CM. 1868 
Wright, William, LL.D. 1870 
Wright, William A., LL.D. 1879 
Wright, William P., M.B., CM. (2nd 

cl.) 1887 
Wright, William S., M.D. 1862 
Wyk, Daniel J. L. van, M.B., CM. 

Wyld, Robert S., LL.D. 1875 
Wylie, George, M.A. 1877 
Wylie, Hamilton, M.B., CM. 1878 
Wylie, William, M.B..C.M. 1870; M.D. 

Wyllie, 4 John, M.D. (Hon. and Gold 

Med.) 1865 
Wyncoll, John W., M.B., CM. 1S87 
Wynn, Lawrence G. PL P., M.B., CM. 

Wynne, Walter, M.B., CM. 1888 
Wyse, George J., M.B., CM. 1S74 
Wyse, James, M.A. 1877 
Wyse, Richard, M.A. 1885 
Yarrow, Thomas, M.B., CM. 1866 
Yates, James S., M.A. 1878; LL.B. 

Yates, Peter, M.B., CM. 1883; M.D. 

Yelf, Robert E. B., M.P-., CM. 1888 
Younan, Arthur C, M.B., CM. (2nd 

cl.) 1883 
Younan, William, M.B., CM. 1882 
Young, Adam, M.A. 18S2 
Young, Alfred H., M.S., CM. 1876 
Young, Andrew, M.B., CM. 1888 
Young, Andrew J., M.A. 1862 
Young, Archibald G., M.A. 1SS6 
Young, Edward B., M.B., CM. 1SS7 
Young, 5 George (Sen. Coll.Just.), LL.D. 

Young, George J., M.A. 1S71 ; MP.. 

CM. 1882 
Young, George II., M.A. 1S84 
Young, Henry, M.B., CM. 1872 
Young, Jame.s, M.P., CM. 1868 

1 Rector, Grammar School, Darlington. 

2 Superintendent, Pathological Laboratory, College of Physicians, Edinburgh ; Examiner in 
Pathology, University, Edinburgh. 

3 Professor of Nature History, Toronto. 

* Physician, Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh: Extra-academical Lecturer. 
5 Formerly Member of University Court, Edinburgh. 


Alphabetical List of Graduates. 

Young, John, M.A. 1868 

Young, John C, B.Sc. (Engin.) 1873 ; 

M.B., CM. 1884 
Young, Peter A., M.B., CM. (Hon.) 

1867; M.D. (Com.) 1870 
Young, Robert, M.A. 1S78 
Young, Thomas, M.A. 1867; B.D. 

Young, Thomas M., M.B., CM, 1888 
Young, Walter, M.A. 1882 

Young, Walter W., M.B., CM. 1865 ; 

M.D. 1878 
Young, William, M.B., CM. (2nd cl.) 

Young, William B., M.B., CM. 1874 
Youngerman, Edward P., M.B., CM. 

Yule, Colonel Henry, LL.D. 1884 
Zeller, Edward, LL.D. 1884 
Zorab, John M. 5 M.B., CM. 1869 

Tnstounil JVpf cnbix. 


THE University of Edinburgh has grown into its present status out of 
what was originally a small College, called the " College of Edinburgh " 
or "The Town's College," which was founded in 1583 by the Town Council 
of Edinburgh, under the general powers to found educational institutions 
granted to them by the Charter of King James VI., dated 14th April 1582. 
No separate Charter of foundation is now extant ; but from the first the 
College possessed the privilege of conferring degrees. This privilege was 
ratified by the "Act of Confirmation," an Act of Parliament passed in 1621, 
which secured to the " College of James VI." (as it had come to be called) 
all the rights, immunities, and privileges enjoyed by the Universities of 
Scotland. This ratification was renewed in the Treaty of Union between 
England and Scotland, and in the Act of Security. Gradually, in Acts of 
General Assembly, Acts of Town Council, and Acts of Parliament, the 
"College of James VI." came to be styled "The University of Edinburgh." 
But the institution remained under the absolute control and patronage of the 
Town Council of Edinburgh down to 1858, when, by the Universities 
(Scotland) Act, all the Universities of Scotland received new and autono- 
mous constitutions. 

The University of Edinburgh is now (1889) a Corporation, consisting of the 
Chancellor, Rector, Principal, Professors, Registered Graduates and Alumni, 
and Matriculated Students ; and its government is vested in the Senatus 
Academicus, subject to the review and control of the University Court. 


(At date of publication of this List.) 
iStfon. iTIunCCllor. Appointed 

1859 Right Hon. JOHN INGLIS, D.C.L., LL.D 1868 

Dice Chancellor. 

1859 SIR WILLIAM MUIR, K.C.S.I., D.C.L.. LL.D., Ph.D 1885 

1859 The Most Hun. The MARQUESS OF LOTHIAN, K.T., LL.D. 18S7 

94 Historical Appendix. 

In^tkution. PrittCqml. Appointed 

1582 Sir WILLIAM MUIR, K.C.S.I., D.C.L., LL.D., Ph.D 1885 

|2fkprcscntatibe in parliament. 
1868 M. T. STORMONTH DARLING, M.A., Q.C., M.P 1888 

Snitocrsttg OJonrt. 
President— THE RECTOR. 

THE PRINCIPAL! Ex officio. 

T. GRAHAM MURRAY, LL.D Assessor, nominated by Chancellor... 1887 


BURGH } Ex officio. 

JAMES COLSTON. Assessor, elected by Town Council... 1886 

M. T. STORMONTH DARLING, "i T . . . , , D , QQ 

MA OC MP f nominated by Rector 18S7 

PATRICK HERON WATCOn! M.D."! 1 ^ , , A . n , - ., OQ 

1 t j-) h Do. elected by General Council 1887 


LL.D., Professor of Logic and Meta- > Do. elected by Senatus 1877 

physics j 


Curators of Patronage. 

PRINCIPAL SIR WILLIAM MUIR.. Elected by University Court.... Dec. 1887 
Right Hon. Lord BALFOUR OFlj,, . , , , v , c „ 

BURLFICH f Elected by do. Feb. 1884 

T. GRAHAM MURRAY, LL.L\." .'....'. Elected by do. Dec. 1884 

Rl provos?°. N :.. J . OHN .. B ?! D :.... Lo . r . d i Elected h y Town Council Dec - iS ? 6 

TOHN CLAPPERTON Elected by do. June 1885 

Sir THOMAS CLARK, Bart Elected by do. Jan. 1886 

JAMES COWAN Elected by do. June 1886 



President — The Principal. Secretary— Professor Kirkpatrick. 


Dean — A. Campbell Fraser, Hon. D.C.L. (Oxon.) and Hon. LL.D. (Glasg.), 
Professor of Logic and Metaphysics. 

Date of 
T ' Chairs. Professors. Appointed. Patrons. 

Institution. ^ 

1583 Humanity William Young Sellar, 1863 Lds.ofSes.,Cur., 

LL.D. Fac. of Adv., 

and W.S. Soc. 1 

1583 Greek Samuel Henry Butcher, 1882 Curators. 


1583 Mathematics George Chrystal, LL.D. 1879 Curators. 

1583 Logic & Metaphysics. . Alexander Campbell 1856 Curators. 

Fraser, D.C.L., LL.D. 

1 The Judges of the Court of Session nominate two Delegates, the Curators two, the Faculty of 
Advocates one, and the Society of Writers to the Signet one. These six Delegates appoint the 
Professor, who receives his Commission from the Curators. 

Historical / Ippcudix. 


Date of 


1 5vSj Moral Philosophy 








Natural Philosophy . . . 

Rhetoric and English 



Practical Astronomy.. 
Agriculture & Rural 


Sanskrit and Compa- 
rative Philology ■ ... 
1S68 Engineering 4 

Geology 5 

Commercial & Folltlcal 
Economy & Mercan- 
tile Law fi 

Theory, History, and 
Practice of Educa- 
tion 7 

Fine Art" 

1882 Celtic Languages. His- 
tory, Literature, and 
Antiquities : ' 

ors. Appointed, 

Calderwood, 1868 


Ti hi: t \v 1 iiRiE Taw, i860 

M.A.. D 

David Masson, LL.D 1865 

J'>ll\ KlRKPAl Kit K.I.I. . I'.. |SX| 

Ralph o>pkland, rh.D.. isno 


Sir Herbert Stanley 1865 

OaKELEY, Mus. Doc, 
LL.D., U.C.L. 
Ji in s Bggei ing, I'll. I >. . 1875 

ick Arm- 1885 


James Gi ikie, LL.D 1882 

Joseph Shield Nichol- 1S80 
sun, M.A.. D.Sc. 

Simon SOMERVILLE 1876 

Laurie, LL.D. 

Geeald Baldwin Brown, 1880 

Donald MacKinnon, 1882 


I '.i iron*. 


( '[own. 

Fac. of Adv. & 

Crown. [Cur. 

Ld&ofSes .( 'in., 

& Univ. ( t. 1 

Univ. Court. 




Cur., & Merch. 

Bell Trustees. 

Univ. Ct., Pres. 

R. Scot. Acad. 
Cur. & Emeritus 

Prof. Blackie. 


Dean— Malcolm Campbell Taylor, D.D., Professor of Ecclesiastical History. 

I5 S 3 



Divinity ROBERT Flint, D.D 1876 

Hebrew and Oriental 

Divinity and Ecclesi- 
astical History 

Biblical Criticism and 
Biblical Antiquities 

David Laird Adams, 
M.A., B.D., D.D. 

Malcolm Campbell Tay- 
lor, D.D. 

Archibald Hamilton 
Charteris, D.D. 


1877 Crown. 


Dean— John Kirkpai rick, M.A., LL.B., Dr Jur., Professor of History. 

1707 Public Law JAMES LoriMER, LL.D., 1862 Crown. 

Hon. Dr Jur. (Bonon.) 

1 The Professor is elected by nine Delegates, three chosen by the Judges of the Court of Session, 
three by the Curators, and three by the University Court. 

3 This Chair was endowed by Genera] John Keid. 

3 Thi> Chair was endowed by John Muir, LL.D. (Edin.), I).C.L.(Oxon.), late of the Bengal Civil 
Servio-. liamentary rate >>i £2^.0. 

•» This 1 hail was endowed in 1868 by >ir David Baxter, and by an annual vote of Parliament of 

6 This Chair was endowed in 1871 by a sum of £6000 mortified by Sir Roderick Impey Murchison, 
Bart., and by an annual vote by i'.irliaiiicnt of £ 00. 

« 1 his Chair was endowed in 1871 by the Merchant Company of Edinburgh, and other Governors 
of George Watsons and Daniel Stewart's Hospitals, who have granted a .salary of £43 


• I his Chair was endowed by the Trustees of the late Dr A Bell, who granted a sum of £6000 
for the purpose, to which a lurthcr sum of ^4500 out of the Bell Fund was added by the Educational 
Endowments i ommission in 1887. 

8 This Chair was endowed bj Mr H. G. and Miss Frances Watson. 
» Endowed with a sum of ^14,000, raised uy public subscription. 

9 6 

Historical Appendix. 

Date of 
Institution. Chairs. Professors. Appointed. Patrons. 

1710 Civil Law James Muirhead, LL.D.. 1862 Fac. of Advoc, 

and Cur. 1 

1719 History John Kirkpatrick.LL.B. 1881 Do. do. 1 

1722 Scots Law John Rankine, M.A 1888 Do. do. 1 

1807 Medical Jurispru- Sir Douglas Maclagan, 1862 Crown. 

dence, &c. M.D. 

1825 Conveyancing 2 J. S. Fraser -Tytler, 1866 Cur.,Dep.-Kpr. 

LL.D. andW.S.Soc. 3 

1S71 Commercial and Poli- Joseph Shield Nichol- 1880 Cur., & Merch. 

tical Economy and son, M.A., D.Sc. Co. 

Mercantile Law 


Dean — Thomas Richard Fraser, M.D., F.R.S., Professor of Materia Medica. 

1676 Botany Isaac Bayley Balfour, 1888 Curators. 

M.D., D.Sc. 
1685 Institutes of Medicine Wm. Rutherford, M.D.. 1874 Curators. 

1685 Practice of Physic Thomas Grainger Stew- 1876 Curators. 

art, M.D. 

1705 Anatomy Sir Wm. Turner, M.B 1867 Curators. 

1713 Chemistry Alexander Crum Brown, 1869 Curators. 

M.D., D.Sc. 
1726 Midwifery & Diseases Alex. Russell Simpson, 1870 Curators. 
of Women and Chil- M. D. 

1741 Clinical Medicine T. G. Stewart, M.D 1S76 

Thomas R. Fraser, M.D. 1877 
W. S. Greenfield, M.D. 1881 
Diseases of Women — 

A. R. Simpson, M.D.... 1870 

1767 Natural History James Cossar Ewart, 1882 Crown. 


1768 Materia Medica Thomas Richard Fraser, 1877 Curators. 


1803 Clinical Surgery Thos. Annandale, M.D.. 1877 Crown. 

1807 Medical Jurisprudence Sir Douglas Maclagan, 1862 Crown. 


1831 Surgery John Chiene, M.D 1882 Curators. 

1831 General Pathology William Smith Green- 1881 Curators 

field, M.D. 


Balfour Lecturer in Philo- Andrew Seth, M.A. 1883. 

Gifford Lecturer on Natural James Hutchison Stirling, LL.D. 1888. 


Forestry William Somerville, B.Sc, Ph.D. 1889. 

Civil and Criminal Procedure John P. Coldstream, W.S. 1884. 

Mental Diseases Thomas S. Clouston, M.D. 1879. 

Diseases of the Eye Douglas Argyll Robertson, M.D. 1883. 

Clinical Instruction on/ James Carmichael, M.D. 1885. 

Diseases of Children (Charles E. Underhill, M.B. 1887. 

Comparative Embryology George Brook. 1885. 

Philosophy of Nat. History... G. J. Romanes, M.A., LL.D. 1886. 

1 For each of these Chairs the Faculty of Advocates send to the Curators a leet of two, of whom 
the Curators must choose one. 

2 Endowed by the Society of Writers to the Signet. 

3 The Election is by — (i) Two Delegates from the Curators ; (2) Two from the Society of 
Writers to the Signet ; and (3) The Deputy-Keeper of the Signet. 

Historical Appendix. 9 7 



Humanity Francis R. JAMIBSON, M.A. 

Greek John A. SMITH, M.A. (Edin.), B.A. (Oxon.). 

Mathematics R. E. ALLARDICE, M.A. 

Logic and Metaphysics R. P. IIardie, M.A. (Edin.)i B.A. (Oxon.). 

Moral Philosophy W. G. SMITH, M.A. 

Natural Philosophy William PEDDIE, D.Sc. 

Do. (Mechanical) Thomas Lindsay. 

Rhetoric and Eng. Literature ( ii.o. I rREGORY Smith, M.A. (Edin.), B.A. (Oxon.). 

Agriculture Samuel W. Wallace. 

Engineering A. C. Elliott, D.Sc, C.E. 

Geology Alexander Johnston. 


Hebrew and Oriental Lan- John Mair, M.A. 


Civil Law James Mackintosh, M.A. 

Scots Law J. W. Brodie-Innes, B.A., LL.M. ; W. Hunter, 

Conveyancing George D. M'Nicoll; Andrew M. Anderson, 

LL.B. ; John Clark. 


Clinical Medicine Tutor J. Murdoch Brown, M.B., CM. 

Clinical Medicine L. A. W. Beck, M.B., CM. ; R. E. Elsworth, 

From Oct. 1888 to Oct. 1889. M.B., CM.; Sydney Jamieson, M.B., CM.; 

W. M. Fordyce, M.B., CM. 

Clinical Surgery Tutor Edward Carmichael, M.D. 

Clinical Surgery J. C. Simpson, M.B., CM. 

Anatomy David Hepburn, M.B., CM. ; Robert Howdf.n, 

M.B., CM.; Arthur Wilson, M.B., CM.; 

James Musgrove, M.D. ; F. J. M'Cann, M.B., 

CM. ; James Simpson. 
Chemistry John Gibson, Ph.D. ; Leonard Dobbin, Ph.D. ; 

Hugh Marshall, D.Sc; Thomas F. Barbour. 
Institutes of Medicine E. W. Carlier, M.B., CM., B.Sc ; Andre A. 


Materia Medica R. Stockman, M.D.; Joseph Tillie, M.D. 

Medical Jurisprudence Charles Hunter Stewart, M.B., CM., B.Sc. 

Midwifery John W. Ballantyne, M.D. 

Botany J. MuiRHEAD Macfari.ane, D.Sc, and others. 

Surgery D. Wallace, M.B., CM.; Alex. Edington, 

M.B., CM. ; II. J. Stiles, M.B., CM. ; A. W. 

T. Iinsi -Sparks, M.R., CM. 
Pathology W. II. Barrett, M.B. ; Ernest C Carter, 

M.R., CM. 

Practice of Physic Robert Wm. Philip, M.A., M.D. 

Natural History G. CARRINGTON PURVIS, M.D., B.Sc ; William 

R. Smith, B.Sc ; 1'. J. WHITE, M.B., CM. 

93 Historical Appendix. 

Examiners for JJrcjms, &c. 


The Professors of Humanity, Mathematics, Greek, Logic and Metaphysics, Moral 
Philosophy, Natural Philosophy, Rhetoric and English Literature, Chemistry, 
Botany, Natural History, and Geology, and the following additional Examiners: — 


Mathematics William Harvey, B.A., LL.B 1888 

Classical Literature George Macdonald, M.A 1888 

Mental Philosophy Wm. L. Davidson, M.A., LL.D 1889 


The Professors of the Faculty of Divinity, and the following additional Examiners : — 

William Hastie, B.D. "I . . . , tC q„ 

Thomas A. Bickerton, B.D. \ A PP™ted 1889. 


The Professors of the Faculty of Law, with the Examiners in Arts and Professor 
Eggeling for Preliminary Examinations, and the following additional 
Examiners : — 

T. C. Lorimer, LL.B. "> . ,cc 
J. F. M'Lennan, LL.B. j" A PP ointed J an - l88 7- 


The Professors of the Faculty of Medicine, with the Examiners in Arts and Pro- 
fessor Eggeling for Preliminary Examinations, and the following additional 
Examiners : — 

Natural History Ramsay H. Traquair, M.D 

Clinical Surgery Frederick Page, M.D 

Materia Medica C. D. F. Phillips, M.D 

Physiology D. Noel Paton, M.D 

Pathology G. Sims Woodhead, M.D 

Surgery W. Watson Cheyne, M.B 

Clinical Medicine J. O. Affleck, M.D 

Practice of Physic Alex. Hughes Bennett, M.D. 

Midwifery D. Berry Hart, M.D 

Anatomy Johnson Symington, M.D 

Chemistry W. H. Perkin, Jun., Ph.D 

Botany H. Marshall Ward, M.A 

MedicalJurisprudence David Page, M.D 



I. preliminary examination. 

The Examiners for Degrees in Arts, and Professor Eggeling. 

2. mental science. 

The Professors of Logic and Metaphysics and of Moral Philosophy. 

3. philology. 

The Professors of Humanity, Greek, Hebrew and Oriental Languages, and of 

Sanskrit and Comparative Philology. 


The Professors of Mathematics, Natural Philosophy, Chemistry, Botany, Natural 
History, Physiology, and Geology, and the additional Examiners in Mathematics, 
Chemistry, Botany, and Natural History. 


The Professors of Mathematics, Natural Philosophy, Chemistry, and Engineering, the 

additional Examiners in Mathematics and Chemistry, and in 
Engineering David Alan Stevenson, B.Sc, C.E. Appointed 1889. 

Historical Appendix. 99 


The Professors of Chemistry, Natural Philosophy, Practice of Physic, Materia 
Medica, Medical Jurisprudence, and Engineering. 


The Professors of Agriculture, Chemistry, Botany, Natural History, Geology, Political 

Economy, and Engineering, and the following additional Examiners : — 
The additional Examiners in Chemistry, Botany, and Natural History, and in 

Agriculture Gilbert Murray. 1887. 

Veterinary Hygiene Principals Williams and Wallf.v. 1S87. 

Chemistry as applied to Agri- J. Augustus Voelcker, B. A., B.Sc. 1887. 

The Professor of Education and Maurice Paterson, B.A., LL.D. 

The Professors of the Subjects, and the Examiners for Degrees in Art-. 

Httibmsitj) "pbr.ivi.m. 

Hugh Alexander Webster. 


Alexander Anderson. Charles Martin. 

James II. S. Gregory. George Tait. 

David Cothbertson. 

William WRIGHT, at University New Buildings. 

ilicepcra of Jrtuscums. 

Museum of Natural History Professor Ewart. 

Anatomical Museum Professor Sir Wm. Turner. 

Assistant James Simpson. 

Factor and Law Agent John Cook, W.S. 

Auditor Thomas Goldie Dickson, C.A. 

Clerk of Senatus, and Sec. and Thomas Gilbert. 
Registrar of General Council 

Assistant Registrars Charles Hunter Stewart, M.B.,C M., B.Sc; 

Arthur Ere. inf. Ci.axton, M A. 

Assistant Clerks James Oliver Sinclair, James Dowie. 

Clerk of Works Allan E. L.Clark. 

Janitor John CHAPMAN. 

Warders Alex. Adair, James Donaldson. 

Stafif of Twelve Servitors. 


The University contains the following Laboratories and Museums, several 
of the latter belonging in part to the Professors of the respective subjects : — 


Physical Laboratory, established with the view of affording Students 
a practical knowledge of the construction and use of Physical apparatus, 
and of the mode of conducting experimental inquiries. 

Engineering (Fulton) Laboratory, for the practical instruction of 
Students in the processes employed by the Engineer in the experimental 

i oo Historical Appendix. 

determination of the physical and economical constants of materials, 
machines, and prime movers, and in the practical illustration of electricity. 

Geological Laboratory, for practical instruction in the study of 
minerals, rocks, and fossils, and the methods of plotting and drawing 
geological maps and sections. 

Royal Botanic Garden and Government Botanical Museum 
and Laboratory.— These, as well as the Government Herbarium, with 
which is incorporated the Collection of dried plants belonging to the Univer- 
sity, are used by University Students for the practical study of plants and 
for botanical research. 

Physiological Laboratory, for the prosecution of Physiological 
Research, and for the study of Practical Physiology. 

Practice of Physic Laboratory, for the study of Medicine, and for 
research in connection with the Practice of Physic. 

The new Chemical Laboratories (distinct from the Practical Chemistry 
Room), completed in 1885, contain accommodation for forty Students. 
The Laboratories are fitted with all necessary apparatus for chemical 
analysis and research. 

Obstetrical and Gynecological Laboratory, for research and study 
of practical work. 

Natural History Laboratories, for research and for study of the 
structure and development of Invertebrate and Vertebrate forms. 

Materia Medica Laboratories, for the study of Practical Materia 
Medica and Practical Pharmacy, and for Pharmacological and Pharma- 
ceutical research. 

Public Health Laboratory, for Hygienic investigation, comprises 
three departments, viz. : a Chemical, a Bacteriological, and a Meteorological 

Surgical Laboratory, divided into two parts — (a) General Surgical 
Pathology, (6) Bacteriology, — is utilised for teaching Systematic Surgery, and 
every facility is afforded for investigation. 

Pathological Laboratory, for the study of Pathological Anatomy 
and for Pathological Research, including Histological and Bacteriological 


The Natural Philosophy Museum contains a large and very valuable 
collection of physical apparatus, chiefly of modern manufacture. 

Museum of Music and of Musical Instruments. — A curious and 
valuable collection of historical character. 

Museum of Agricultural Implements, &c, comprising (in the class- 
room) a collection of oil-paintings of animals, &c, some of them by eminent 

Geological Museum. — This collection is for class purposes. It exhibits 
the character of minerals and rocks, and the typical fossils of the different 
geological systems. 

Fine Art Museum. — A small but choice collection of casts from the 
antique, models of buildings, &c. 

Practice of Physic Museum, containing Pathological Specimens, draw- 
ings, models, diagrams, and charts, the property of the Professor. 

Anatomical Museum, founded in 1800 by Alexander Monro, secundus, 
who presented his own and his father's collection to the University. In 
1859, Sir David Monro, M.D., presented the collection which had been 
formed by his father, Alexander Monro, tertius. Other additions have been 
made by gift and by purchase, and the Museum now contains several 
thousand Normal and Pathological Specimens of Human and Comparative 
Anatomy. The Conservator, the Professor of Anatomy, will be glad to 

Historical Appendix. 101 

receive contributions of rare and interesting specimens. He is especially 
desirous of making the collection thoroughly representative of the Osteology 
of the different races of men, and solicits donations of skulls and other bones 
of the skeleton. 

CHEMISTRY MUSEUM.— Sir Lyon Playfair, on his resignation of the Chair 
of Chemistry, presented to the University the collection of Chemical Sub- 
stances which he used in illustrating his lectures. This collection has been 
from time to time increased by presents from chemical manufacturers and 
others, and also by the addition of substances prepared in the University 

The Obstetrical Museum, with the exception of a few wet and dry pre- 
parations left by Professor Hamilton, contains instruments, preparations, 
models, and diagrams, collected by Sir J. Y. Simpson, and added to by the 
present Professor of Midwifery, to whom they belong. 

Natural History Museum. — This Museum, consisting largely of valu- 
able collections transferred by the University to Government, and now 
preserved in the new Museum of Science and Art, is available for the educa- 
tional purposes of the University, and is accessible to Students attending 
the classes of Natural History and Geology. 

A Zoological MUSEUM is now being formed in the University. Graduates, 
Students, and others interested in the Natural History Department will 
greatly aid in this important undertaking by presenting specimens. 

Materia MEDICA Museum. — The Materia Medica Museum contains 
one of the most complete collections of medicinal and food substances in this 
country. The collection was founded by Professor Andrew Duncan. His 
successor, Sir Robert Christison, during his long incumbency of the Pro- 
fessorship, added a large number of valuable specimens, which were, for 
the most part, mounted by himself with singular neatness. The present 
occupant of the Chair, Professor Thomas R. Fraser, has made further 
extensive additions. The Museum has been greatly enriched by interesting 
donations from former members of the class in all parts of the world. 
Besides the general collection, there is a Students' Reading Museum, con- 
taining specimens of the medicinal substances usually employed in this 
country, which has been formed and arranged by the present Professor of 
Materia Medica. 

Surgical Museum. — This collection was founded by the late Professor 
Spence, and has been largely extended by his successor, Professor Chiene, 
to whom it now belongs. During the last five years many additions have 
been made, both of Pathological preparations and of plaster and gelatine casts 
illustrative of Surgical Anatomy and Pathology. A complete catalogue may, 
on application, be consulted by practitioners of medicine. 

Pathological Museum, containing a large collection of apparatus 
drawings, and pathological specimens, partly belonging to the University 
and partly to the Professor. 


In i 5S0 Mr Clement Littil or Little, left his books to " Edinbvrgh and Kirk 
of God thair to reman.'' This collection of about 300 volumes, chiefly 
theological (see list in Miscellany of the Maitland Club, vol. i. 1834), was a 
few years afterwards transferred by the Town Council to the University, and 
thus became the nucleus of the University Library, which was gradually 
augmented by donations from Citizens of Edinburgh and from alumni of the 

102 Histo7'ical Appendix. 

University, and by annual contributions of Students when they took the 
Degree of Master of Arts. 

The celebrated Poet, Drummond of Hawthornden, bequeathed his library 
to the University in 16:7 ; and the gift is valuable, both from the eminence 
of the donor's name, and from the rare specimens of early literature with 
which the collection is enriched (see Auciarium Bibliothecce Edinburgencc, 

Among donors may be specified, for the extent and value of their benefac- 
tions : Principal Adamson ; Dr Robert Johnston, a physician in London ; the 
Rev. James Nairne of Wemyss, in Fife; Dr John Stevenson, Professor of 
Logic and Metaphysics in the University ; and Dr William Thomson, Pro- 
fessor of Anatomy in the University of Oxford. In 1872, the Library 
received a valuable donation from J. O. Halliwell (-Phillipps), the 
eminent Shakespearean critic, of works relating to Shakespeare, collected at 
great cost. In 1875 a large collection of Persian and Arabic MSS. was 
presented by Mr J. B. Baillie of Leys. In 1879 the bequest of an extensive 
collection of MSS. was received from the executors of David Laing, LL.D. 
In 1880 the collection of works on Economic Science formed by Professor 
Hodgson were presented to the Library by Mrs Hodgson. In 1882 a valu- 
able collection of works on Sanskrit Literature was presented by the family 
of Dr John Muir. In 1886 Mr Thomas Stratton bequeathed to the Library 
1 10 works bearing on the study of Celtic ; and in 1889 Sir William Mackinnon 
of Balmakill, having purchased the library of the late Dr Cameron of Brodick, 
an eminent Celtic scholar, at a cost of ^600, placed the books at the disposal 
of the University. During the same year the Library was enriched with a 
bequest of a collection of MS. Shakespeariana by Mr Halliwell-Phillipps ; 
by the presentation of a number of volumes from the library of the late Pro- 
fessor Wilson by his widow ; and by a gift of several hundred German and 
other theological works by the Rev. Cunningham Geikie, D.D. 

The University Library contains about 155,000 printed volumes, and about 
2000 volumes of MSS., many of which are of great interest and value. 

There is attached to the Reading-Room of the University Library a sepa- 
rate collection of books set apart for the consultation of Students. 

The University New Buildings also contain a Reading-Room, with Books 
of Reference for Students in the Faculty of Medicine. 


This Library was founded in 1698 for the special use of Students in 
Theology. It contains above 10,000 volumes. The books are restricted to 
theological works, and works subservient to theological study. 


A complete list of the Benefactors of the University of Edinburgh, about 
200 in number, to whose generosity she is largely indebted for her present 
prosperity, is published annually in the University Calendar. Much, how- 
ever, still remains to be done in order that the University may not fall 
behind the requirements of the age. Intending Benefactors are therefore 
respectfully reminded that additional Chairs, Lectureships, Supplementary 
Endowments for existing Chairs and Lectureships, Scholarships for many 
branches of scientific research, and contributions to the University Fund for 
general purposes, besides ordinary Bursaries and Prizes, are still urgently 
required. The wishes of Donors and Testators are in every case scrupu- 
lously observed, and their names, if so desired, may always be connected 
with any Chair, Lectureship, Scholarship, Bursary Fund, or other Benefac - 

Historical Appendix. i o 3 

tion which they may bestow. Such Benefactions may simply be conveyed 
to the " University of Edinburgh." All necessary information will be gladly 
afforded by the principal I ntice-bearers of the University. 


The University possesses a very valuable collection of Portraits and Busts 
of Benefactors, frofessors, and others, of which a complete list will be found 
in the University Calendar. 

In order to honour and perpetuate the names of those who have founded 
Chairs, Scholarships, and Bursaries in the University, the Senatus Aca- 
demicus have made arrangements for placing Busts or Portraits of such 
Benefactors in the Library and the University Court Room. 

Regarding also as Benefactors the eminent Professors who have elevated 
the character of the University by their writings or discoveries, the Senatus 
is anxious to procure Portraits or Busts of James and David Gregory, Colin 
Maclaurin, Matthew Stewart, Ur Cullen, Joseph Black, Dr James Gregory, 
I)r Alison, Dr Chalmers, Sir Chas. Bell, Lord Woodhouselee, Dr Thos. 
Chas. Hope, Professor Miller, Professor Ross, and Professor Macdougall. 


The Chancellor is elected for life by the General Council. He is the Head 
of the University. Changes in its ordinances and in its internal arrangements 
must receive his sanction. All Degrees are conferred by him, or his deputy, 
the Vice-Chancellor. The Chancellor is President of the General Council. 
The appointments have been as follows : — 

Right Hon. Lord Brougham, LL.D., 1859. 
Right Hon. John Inglis, D.C.L., LL.D., 1868. 


The Vice-Chancellor is nominated by the Chancellor. He may, in the 
absence of the Chancellor, confer Degrees, but cannot discharge any other of 
the Chancellor's duties. 

The Vice-Chancellor is Returning Officer at Parliamentary Elections. The 
appointments have been — 

Sir David Iirevvster, appointed i860. I Sir William Muir, K.C.S.I., D.C.L., &o, 

Sir Alexander Grant, Bart., 1868. 1885. 

The Rector is elected by the Matriculated Students of the University, and 
holds office for three years. The Rector is President of the University 
Court. The appointments have been- 

Right Hon. Win. E. Gladstone, 1S59. 
Thomas Carlyle, 1865. 
Right Hon. Lord MoncreirF, 1868. 
Sir William Stirling-Maxwell, Bart.,1871. 
Right Hon. The Earl of Derby, 1874. 
Mosl Hon. The Marquess of Hartington, 
M.P., 1877. 

Right Hon. The Earl of Rosebery, 1880. 
Right Hon. The Earl of Iddesldgh, 

G.C.B., D.C.L., LL.D., 1883, and 

Most Hon. The Marquess of Lothian, 

K.T., LL.D., 18S7. 

104 Historical Appendix. 


In accordance with Clauses 27 to 41 of the " Representation of the People 
(Scotland) Act," 31 & 32 Vict., cap. 48, the Members of the General Coun- 
cils of the Universities of Edinburgh and St Andrews elect a Member to 
serve in Parliament for these Universities. (The General Council consists 
of the Chancellor, the registered members of the University Court, Senatus, 
Graduates, &c.) 

The appointments have been — 

Sir Lyon Playfair, K.C.B., LL.D., 1868, 1873, 1874, 1880. 

Right Hon. J. H. A. Macdonald, C.B., Q.C., LL.D., 1885, 1886. 

MoirT. Stormonth Darling, Q.C., 18S8. 


The following powers were conferred on the University Court by the 
" Universities (Scotland) Act, 1858," sec. xii. : — 

1. To review all decisions of the Senatus Academicus, and to be a Court of Appeal 
from the Senatus in every case, except as otherwise provided in the Universities Act : 

2. To effect improvements in the internal arrangements of the University, after due 
communication with the Senatus Academicus, and with the sanction of the Chancellor ; 
provided that all such proposed improvements shall be submitted to the General 
Council for their consideration : 

3. To require due attention on the part of the Professors to the Regulations as to 
the mode of teaching and other duties imposed on the Professors: 

4. To fix and regulate, from time to time, the Fees in the several classes : 

5. Upon sufficient cause shown, and after due investigation, to censure any member 
of the Senatus Academicus, or to suspend him from his office, and from the emolu- 
ments thereof, in whole or in part, for any period not exceeding one year, or to require 
him to retire from his office on a retiring allowance, or to deprive him of his office : 
and during the suspension of any Professor to make due provision for the teaching of 
his class : Provided always that no such sentence of censure, suspension, or depriva- 
tion, or requisition on a Professor to retire from office, shall have any effect until it has 
been approved by Her Majesty in Council : 

6. To inquire into and control the administration by the Senatus Academicus of 
the revenue, expenditure, and all the pecuniary concerns of the University, including 
Funds mortified for Bursaries and other purposes. 

By Sec. xix. any of the Rules, Statutes, and Ordinances enacted by the Universities 
Commissioners for the purposes of the Act may be altered or revoked by the Uni- 
versity Court of the University to which the same are applicable, but only with the 
consent, expressed in writing, of the Chancellor thereof, and with the approval of 
Her Majesty in Council. 

The University Court holds the patronage of the Chair of Music, and, in 
conjunction with the President of the Royal Scottish Academy, that of the 
Chair of Fine Art, as well as a share in the patronage of the Chair of 
Agriculture. It also elects three of the seven curators, and appoints the 
Additional Examiners for Degrees in Arts, Science, Divinity, Law, Medicine, 
and the Examiner for the Schoolmaster's Diploma. The appointments of 
those Assistants to Professors provided for by Ordinance of the Universities 
Commissioners are subject to its approval. 

The Court consists of the following members, viz. : — 1. The Rector ; 2. 
The Principal ; 3. An Assessor appointed by the Chancellor ; 4. The Lord 
Provost of Edinburgh for the time being ; 5. An Assessor elected by the 
Lord Provost, Magistrates, and Town Council of Edinburgh ; 6. An Assessor 
appointed by the Rector ; 7. An Assessor elected by the General Council of 
the University ; 8. An Assessor elected by the Senatus Academicus. No 
Principal or Professor of any University is eligible to the office of Rector or 

1 The powers of the University Court, as well as its membership, are largely extended by the 
"Universities (Scotland) Act, 1889." 

Historical Appendix. 


Assessor, except in the case of the Assessor elected by the Senatus Academi- 
cus. The Rector and his Assessor continue in office for three years, and the 
other Assessors for four years. The Rector, who is the ordinary President, 
has a deliberative and a casting vote. 

The Assessors appointed by the Chancellors, Town Council, Rectors, 
General Council, and Senatus Academicus, have been as follows : — 

Chancellors^ Assessors. 
Sir John Melville, 1859. 
Alexander Wood, M.D., 1S60. 
E. S. Gordon, Q.C., 1868. 
Hon. Lord Curriehill, 187 1. 
Arch. Campbell Swinton, 1881. 
T. Graham Murray, 1887. 

Town CouneiPs Assessors. 
R. S. Grieve, 1859. 
James Macknight, W.S., 1863. 
Thomas Clark, 1878. 
John Baxter, 1S85. 
James Colston, 1886. 

Rectors' Assessors. 
John Brown, M.D., 1859. 
David Laing, LL.D., 1865. 
Alexander Nicolson, M.A., 1868. 
Henry Hill Lancaster, 1871. 
A. C. Swinton, LL.D., 187 1. 

Right Hon. Lord Young, 1877. 

T. Graham Murray, 1883. 

M. T. Stormonth Darling, 18S7. 

General Co/tuaTs Assessors. 
Edward F. Maitland, LL.D., 1859. 
John Muir, D.C.L., LL.D., 1863. 
Kenneth M. Thin, I >.!>., 1867. 
W. Lindsay Alexander. D.D., 1871. 
Sir Robert Christison, Bart., 1879. 
John Hutton Balfour, M.D., 1882. 
D.R. Haldane, M.D., LL.D., 1883. 
Patrick Heron Watson, M.D., 
LL.D., 1887. 

Senatus Academicus' Assessors. 
Sir Robert Christison, Bart., 

M.D., D.C.L., LL.D., 1859. 
A. Campbell Fraser, D.C.L. , 

LL.D., 1877. 


By the Universities (Scotland) Act (1858), the patronage of the seventeen 
Chairs previously in the gift of the Town Council was transferred to seven 
Curators — three nominated by the University Court, and four by the Town 
Council. The Curators have also a share in the patronage of the Chairs of 
Humanity, Agriculture, Civil Law, History, Celtic Languages and Literature, 
Law of Scotland, and Conveyancing, which were formerly in the gift of the 
Town Council. The Curators hold office for three years. The appointments 
of Curators have been as follows : — 

Elected by Town Council. 
Robert Johnston, 1S59. 
Andrew Fyfe, 1859. 
David Peat, 1859. 
John Mood, 1859. 
Charles Lawson, 1862. 
Adam Black, 1862. 
Right Hon. Sir Win. Gibson-Craig, 

Bart., 1S62. 
William Chambers, LL.D., 1S65, 

1870, 1873, 1876. 
Alexander Bryson, 1865. 
George E. Russell, 1867. 
William Skinner, 1S68. 
W. Law, 1870. 
Hon. Lord Gifford, 1S70, 1S74, 

James Cowan, 1873. 
John Taw>e, W.S., 1 873. 
Sir J. Falshaw, Bart, 1^76. 
John Boyd, 1876, 1879, 1SS2, 


Sir Thomas J. Boyd, 1879, 1S82. 
Duncan M'Laren, 1879, 1882. 
James Colston, 1881. 
George Harrison, 1884. 
John Clapperton, 1SS5. 
Thomas Clark, 1886. 
James Cowan, 1886. 

Elected by University Court. 
Right Hon. W. E. Gladstone, 

1859, 1863. 
Edward F. Maitland, LL.D., 

David Mure, M.P., 1S59, 1S63. 
Sir David Brewster, K.IL, 1863, 

Right Hon. John Inglis, Lord 

|u>tice-Clerk, 1866. 
Right Hon. Sir W'm. Gibson- 

I raig, Bart., 1866. 1869. 
1». Milne Home, LL.D., 1868, 



Historical Appendix. 

Hon. Lord Neaves, LL.D., 1869, 

Sir William Stirling - Maxwell, 

Bart., K.T., 1S72, 1875. 
Right Hon. Sir J. M'Neill, 1874. 
Hon. Lord Rutherford Clark, 

LL.D., 1875, 1878. 
Sir Alexander Grant, Bart., 1877, 

1880, 1883. 

Archd. Campbell Swinton, LL.D., 

1878, 1881. 
Hon. Lord Curriehill, 1881. 
Hon. Lord Kinnear, 1881, 1884. 
Right Hon. Lord Balfour of 

Burleigh, 1884, 1887. 
T. Graham Murray, 1S84, 1887. 
Principal Sir William Muir, 1887. 


Formerly, in accordance with the Medical Act of 185S, the Universities of 
Edinburgh and Aberdeen jointly elected a Member of the " General Council 
of Medical Education and Registration of the United Kingdom." The 
appointments were — 

1858. James Syme. 1873. William Turner, M.B. 

1868. John Macrobin, M.D. 18S3. John Struthers, M.D. 

Under the provisions of the Medical Act of 1886, Professor Sir William 
Turner was appointed in December 1886 for a period of five years as repre- 
sentative of the University of Edinburgh alone. 


The Principal is the resident Head of the University, and President of the 
Senatus Academicus, and holds office for life. 

Principals Elected since 15S6. 


Robert Rollock, pir.viously 


William Wishart 



William Hamilton 


Henry Charteris 


James Smith 


Patrick Sands 


William Wishart, secundus 


Robert Boyd 


John Gowdie 


John Adamson 


William Robertson 


Robert Leighton 


George Husband Baird 


William Colvill 


John Lee 


Andrew Cant 


Sir David Brewster 


Alexander Monro 


Sir Alexander Grant, Bart. 


Gilbert Rule 


Sir Wm. Muir, K. C.S.I. 


William Carstares 


The Principal and the Professors constitute the Senatus Academicus. 
This body is entrusted with the superintendence and regulation of the 
teaching and discipline of the University, and with the administration 1 of its 
revenues and property, including the Library, Museums, and University 
Buildings. Degrees in Arts, Divinity, Law, and Medicine are conferred, on 
the recommendation of the Senatus, by the Chancellor or Vice-Chancellor. 
The Principal has a deliberative and also a casting vote. In the absence of 
the Principal, the Senior Professor present acts as Chairman, also with a 
double vote. One-third of the Senatus constitutes a quorum. 


The University contains four Faculties and a Science Degrees Committee. 
Each Faculty is presided over by a Dean, and the Science Degrees Com- 
mittee by two Conveners. 

1 The administration of University property is transferred to the University Court by the 
' Universities (Scotland) Act, 1889." 

Historical Appendix. 


Regents and Professors in the Faculty of Arts since 1583. 

Regents of Philosophy from 15S3 

to 1 70S. 

[The Regents of Philosophy taught in 
rotation the four classes in the Curri- 

c 11I uin of Arts, the" lUijans," the " Scmi- 

Bafans," the " Bachelors," and the 
u MagUtrands? as the Students of the 

first, second, third, and fourth year were 
respectively styled. Rich Regent there- 
fore taught tvery Subject in the Curri- 
culum — the Regent of Humanity Icing 
subordinate to the Regent of Philosophy, 
and Icing employed as a tutor in Classics 
for Unmatnculated Students. In 1708 
the system was changed, and separate 
Professors for Latin, Creek, Logic 
and Metaphysics. Moral Philosophy 
and Natural Philosophy, were sub- 
stituted for the Regents. A Pro- 
fessorship of Mathematics had pre- 
viously existed.] 

1583. Robt. RoWock, firstRegent 

1583. Duncan Nairn 
15S5. Charles Lumisdaill 
1586. Adam Colt 

1586. Alexander Scrimgeour 

1587. Philip Heslop 

1588. Charles FermeorFairholm 

1589. Henry Charteris 
1589. Patrick Sands 
1594. George Robertson 
1597. William Craig 

1597. John Adamson 

1598. James Knox 
1598. Robert Scott 
1601. Andrew Young 

1603. James Reid 

1604. David Munro 

1606. Blase Colt 

1607. James Fairley 

1605. William King 

161 1. Andrew Stevenson 
1625. Samuel Rutherford 

1625. Robert Ranken 

1626. Thomas Crawford 
1626. John Brown 

1631. Alexander Hepburn 

1636. James Wvseman 
1638. James Wright 

1638. Robert Young 

1639. Duncan Forrester 
1644. William Tweedie 
1644. James Pillans 
1647. Andrew Suttie 

1653. John Wishart 

1665. < reorge Sinclair 

1666. John Wood 

1667. William Paterson 
1679. Gilbert M 'Murdoch 

1679. Andrew Massie 

1680. Alexander Cockburn 
16S2. Robert Lidderdail 
1684. Herbert Kennedy 

1686. Thomas Burnet 

1689. Alexander Cunningham 

1690. William Law 
1695. John Row 
1695. William Scott 

1 701. Charles Areskine 

1703. Robert Stewart 

1707. Colin Drummond 

Regents of Humanity from 1597 
to 1708. 

161 1. 




John Ray 
Blase Colt 
Oliver Colt 
Robert Burnet 
Andrew Stevenson 
Samuel Rutherford 
Thomas Craufurd 
John Armour 
Alexander ( ribson 
James Wvseman 
Robert Young 
James Pillans 
John Wishart 
William Forbes 
James M'Gowan 
Hugh Smith 
William dimming 
Andrew Ross 
Thomas Bell 
Gilbert MacMurdo 
Alexander Cunning 
John Drummond 


Professsors of Mathematics since 



Andrew Young 
Thomas Craufurd 
James Gregory 
David Gregory 
James Gregory 
Colin M'Laurin 
Matthew Stewart 
Dugald Stewart 
Adam Ferguson 
John Playfair 
John Leslie 
William Wallace 
Philip Kelland 
George Chrystal 

Professors of Humanity since 1 70S. 

1708. Laurence Dundas 

1728. Adam Watt 

1734. John Ken 

1 74 1. George Stuart 

1775. John Hill 

1806. Alexander Christison 


Historical Appendix. 

1820. James Pillans 

1863. William Young Sellar 

Professors of Greek since 1 708. 
1708. William Scott, one of ike 

1729. William Scott, secundus 

1730. Colin Drummond 
1738. Robert Law 

1 741. Robert Hunter 
1772. Andrew Dalziel 
1S05. George Dunbar 
1852. John Stuart Blackie 
1882. Samuel Henry Butcher 

Professors of Logic and Metaphysics 
since 1708. 

1 70S. Colin Drummond, one of 

the Regents 
1730. John Stevenson 
1774. John Bruce 
1786. James Finlayson 
1808. David Ritchie 
1836. Sir Wm. Hamilton, Bart. 
1856. Alexander Campbell 


Professors of Moral Philosophy 
since 1 708. 

1708. William Law, one of the 

1729. William Scott 
I 734- J°hn Pringle 
1745. William Cleghorn 
1754. James Balfour 
1764. Adam Ferguson 
1785. Dugald Stewart 
1 810. Thomas Brown 
1820. John Wilson 
1853. P. C. M'Dougall 
1808. Henry Calderwood 

Professors of A T atural Philosophy 

since 1708. 

1708. Robert Stewart, one of the 

1742. John Stewart 
1759. Adam Ferguson 
1764. James Russell 
1774. John Robison 
1805. John Playfair 
1819. Sir John Leslie 
1833. James David Forbes 
i860. Peter Guthrie Tait 

Professors of Rhetoric and English 

Literature since 1 762. 
1762. Hugh Blair 
1784. William Greenfield 
1801. Andrew Brown 
1S35. George Moir 

1840. William Spalding 

1845. William Edmondstoune 

1S65. David Masson 

Professors of History since 1719 
(See Faculty of Law.) 

Professors of Practical Astronomy 

since 17S6. 
1786. Robert Blair 
1834. Thomas Henderson 

1846. Charles Piazzi Smyth 
1889. Ralph Copeland 

Professors of Agriculture since 1 790. 

1790. Andrew Coventry 

1 83 1. David Low 

1854. John Wilson 
1885. Robert Wallace 

Professors of the Theory of Music 
since 1839. 

1839. John Thomson. 

1 841. Sir Henry Rowley Bishop 

1844. Henry Hugh Pearson 

1845. John Donaldson 
1865. Sir Herbert Stanley 


Professor of Technology. 

1855. George Wilson 
[Chair abolished 1859.] 

Professors of Sanskrit since 1S62. 
1862. Theodor Aufrecht 
l8 75- Julius Eggeling 

Professors of Engineering. 
1868. Fleeming Jenkin 
1885. George Frederick 

Professors of Geology. 

1 87 1. Archibald Geikie 
1882. James Geikie 

Professors of Commercial and Polit. 

Economy and Mercantile Law. 

(See Faculty of Law.) 

Professor of Education. 
1S76. Simon Somerville Laurie 

Professor of Fine Art. 
1880. Gerard Baldwin Brown 

Professor of Celtic Languages, &c 
1882. Donald Mackinnon 

Historical Appendix. 


Professors in the Faculty or Divinity since 1620. 

Professors 0/ Divinity since 1 620. 

1620. Andrew Ramsay 

1627. Henry Chatteris 

1629. James Fairly 

1630. John Sharpe 

1648. Alexander Colvill 

1649. Samuel Rutherford 

1650. David 1 lickson 
1662. Patrick Scougall 
1664. William Keith 
1675. Laurence Charteris 
1682. John Menzies 
16S3. John Strachan 
1690. George Campbell 

1 70 1. George Meld rum 

1709. William Hamilton 

1732. James Smith 

1733. John Gowdie 
1754. Robert Hamilton 
1779. Andrew Hunter 
1809. William Ritchie 
1828. Thomas Chalmers 
1844. John Lee 

1859. Thomas J. Crawford 

1876. Robert Flint 

Professors of Hebrew and Oriental 
Languages since 1642. 

1642. Julius Conradus Otto 

1656. Alexander Dickson 

1679. Alexander Amedeus 

1681. Alexander Douglas 

1692. Patrick Sinclair 
1694. Alexander Rule 

1702. John Goodall 
1 7 19. James Crawford 
1732. William Dawson 
1751. James Robertson 

1792. George Husband Baird 

1793. William Moodie 

1812. Alexander Murray 

1813. Alexander Brunton 
1848. David Listen 
18S0. David Laird Adams 

Professors of Divinity and Church 
History since 1 695. 
1702. John dimming 
1715. William Dunlop 
1726. Matthew Crawford 
1737. Patrick Cumming 
1762. Robert Cumming 
17S8. Thomas Hardie 
1799. Hugh M.-iklejohn 
1 83 1. David Welsh 
1844. James Robertson 
1 86 1. William Stevenson 
1872. Robert Wallace 
1876. Malcolm Campbell 

Professors of Biblical Criticism and 
Biblical Antiquities since 1846. 
1847. Robert Lee 
1868. Archibald Hamilton 

Professors in the Faculty of Law since 1707. 

Professors of History since 1 71 9. 
1719. Charles Mackie 

Professors of Public Law since 1 707. 

1707. Charles Areskine 
1734. William Kirkpatrick 
1 735- George Abercrombie 
1759. Robert Bruce 
1764. James Balfour 
1779. Allan Maconochie 
1796. Robert Hamilton 
1832. * * * 

1S02. James Lorimer 

Professors of Civil Law since 1710. 

1 7 10. James Craig 
1732. Thomas I Hmdas 
1745. Kenneth M'Kell/ie 

1755. Robert I >ick 

1792. John Wilde 

1800. Alexander Irving 

1827. Douglas Cheape 

1842. A. Campbell Sainton 

1862. James Muirhead 

1753. John Gordon 

1754. William Wallace 
'755- J"hn Pringle 
1780. Alex. Fraser Tvtler 
1801. William Fraser Tytler 

1821. Sir William Hamilton 
1837. George Skene 

1842. James Frederick Ferrier 

1846. Cosmo Innes 

1874. /Eneas L < ;. Mackay 

1881. John Kirkpatrick 

Professors of the Law of Scotland 
since 1722. 

1722. Alexander Bayne 

1737. John Erskine 

1765. "William Wallace 

1786. David Hume 

1822. George Joseph Bell 


Historical Appendix. 

1S43. John Schank More 

1 86 1. George Ross 

1864. George Moir 

1865. Norman Macpherson 
1888. John Rankine 

Professors of Medical Jurisprudence 
since I So 7. 
1807. Andrew Duncan, secundus 
1820. William Pulteney Alison 
1822. Robert Christison 
1832. Thomas Stewart Traill 

1862. Sir Douglas Maclagan 

Professors of Conveyancing since 
1825. Macvey Napier 
1847. Allan Menzies 
1856. A. Montgomerie Bell 
1866. James Stuart Fraser Tytler 

Professors of Commercial and Poli- 
tical Economy since 1 87 1. 1 

1 87 1. W. B. Hodgson, and re- 
appointed 1878. 

18S0. Joseph Shield Nicholson, 
re-appointed 1887. 

Professors in the Faculty of Medicine since 1676. 

Professors of Botany since 1676. 
1676. James Sutherland 
1706. Charles Preston 
1 712. George Preston 

Professors of Medicine and Botany. 
1738. Charles Alston 
1 761. John Hope 
1786. Daniel Rutherford 

1820. Robert Graham 
1845. John Hutton Balfour 
1879. Alexander Dickson 
1888. Isaac Bay ley Balfour 

Professors of 'Medicine in 1685. 

( Sir Robert Sibbald 
1685. A James Halket 

( Archibald Pitcairne 

Professors of Institutes of Medicine 
since 1724. 
1724. William Porterfield 
r j Andrew St Clair 
' ' ( John Rutherford 
1747. Robert Whytt 
1766. William Cullen 
1773. Alex. Monro Drummond 
1776. James Gregory 
1789. Andrew Duncan 
18 1 9. Andrew Duncan, secundus 

1 82 1. William Pulteney Alison 
1842. Allen Thomson 

1848. John Hughes Bennett 
1874. William Rutherford 

Professors of Practice of Physic 

since 1724. 
1724. William Porterfield 
, I Andrew St Clair 
I720# \ John Rutherford 
1747. Robert Whytt 
1766. John Gregory 

1773. William Cullen 
1790. James Gregory 
1 82 1. James Home 
1842. William Pulteney Alison 
1855. Thomas Laycock 
1876. Thomas Grainger 

Professors of Anatomy since 1705. 

1705. Robert Elliot 
1708. Adam Drummond 
1 716. John M 'Gill 
1720. Alexander Monro 
1754- Alex. Monro, secundus 
1798. Alexander Monro, tertius 
1846. John Goodsir 
1867. Sir William Turner 

Professors of Chemistry and 
Medicine since 1713. 

1 713. James Crawford 
1726. Andrew Plummer 
1726. John Innes 

1 755. William Cullen 
1766. Joseph Black 

1795. Thomas Charles Hope 

Professors of Chemistry. 
1844. William Gregory 
1858. Lyon Playfair 
1809. Alex. Crum Brown 

Professors of Midwifery since 1726. 

1726. Joseph Gibson 
1739. Robert Smith 

1756. Thomas Young 
1780. Alexander Hamilton 
1800. James Hamilton 

1840. Sir J. Y. Simpson, Bart. 
1870. Alexander Russell 

1 This Chair was declared to be a Professorship in the Law as well as in the Arts Faculty by 
resolution of the Senatus Academicus in 1879. 

Historical Appendix. 

i 1 1 

Professors of Natural History 
since 1767. 

1770. Robert Ramsay 

1779. John Walker 

1804. Robert Jameson 

1S54. Kdwanl Forbes 

1855. George James Allman 

1S70. Sir Wyv. T. C. Thomson 

1882. James Cossar Ewart 

tors of Materia Mcdica 
since 1768. 
1768. Francis Home 
1798. James Home 
1 82 1. Andrew Duncan, seat ti Jus 

1832. Sir Robt Christison, Bart. 
1877. Thomas Richard Fraser 

Professors of Clinical Surgery 

since 1 803. 
1S03. James Russell 

1833. James Syme 
1869. Joseph Lister 
1877. Thomas Annandale 

Professors of Military Surgery 
since 1 806. 

1806. John Thomson 
1823. Sir George Ballingall 
[Chair abulihhed.J 

Professors of MeJica/ Jurisprudence 

since 1807. 
[See Faculty of Law.] 

Professors of Surgery since 1777. 
1777. Alex. Monro, secundus 

1798. Alexander Monro, terlius 
iS}i. John William Turner 
1S36. Sir Charles Bell 
1842. James Miller 
1864. James Spence 
1882. John Chiene 

Professors of General Pathology 

since 1S31. 
1 83 1. John Thomson 
1842. William Henderson 
1869. W. R. Sanders 
1881. William Smith Green- 


I. Faculty of Arts. — The Examiners for the Degree in Arts are the seven Pro- 
fessors whose classes are embraced in the present Curriculum ; and, in addition, 
three persons (Members of a Scottish University Council, but not Professors 
or Assistant Professors in any Scottish University) appointed (each for three 
years), and in whose appointment regard is had to their eminence in Classi- 
cal Literature, Mental Philosophy, and Mathematical Science, respectively. 
Candidates for Honours in Natural Science are examined by the Professors 
of Natural History, Chemistry, Botany, and Geology. The Examiners for 
Degrees in Science are the Professors of the various subjects embraced in the 
Examinations, the additional Examiners in Mathematics, Chemistry, Botany, 
Natural History, Engineering, Agriculture, Veterinary Hygiene, and Chemis- 
try as applied to Agriculture. The appointments of additional Examiners in 
the Faculty of Arts and in the Department of Science have been as follows : — 

Classical Literature. 

James Donaldson, M.A. . 
James Clyde, M.A., LL.D. 
John Kerr, M.A. 
W. Millar Nicholson, M.A. 
John Marshall, M.A. 

John Downes, M.A. 
Alexander Nicolson, M.A. 
Thomas M. Lindsay, M.A. 
Alexander Nicolson, M.A. 
Robert Adamson, M.A. . 

Balfour Stewart, LL.D. . 
Hugh Martin, M.A. 
William Lees, M.A. 
Robert Walker, M.A. 
James Blaikie, M.A. 

1861 Hugh Wilson, M.A. 

1864 j John Marshall, M.A. 

1867 William Peterson, M.A. . 

1870 I Wallace M. Lindsay, M.A. 

1873 ' George Macdonald, M.A. 

Mental Philosophy. 

William Cunningham, M.A., D.Sc. 
H. J. E. Fraser, M.A. . 
W. "K. Sorley, M.A. 
Alexander Martin, M.A. . 


1861 R. K. Galloway, M.A. . 
1866 Alexander Macfarlane, D.Sc. 

1869, Henry C. Robson, M.A. . 
1872 1 Wm. Thomson, M.A., B.Sc. 
1S75 Wm. Harvey, B.A., LL.B. 


1 886 



I 12 

Historical Appendix. 

T. Stevenson, C.E. 

Principal Williams, \ Veterinary 
Principal Walley, / Hygiene 
Gilbert Murray, Agriculture 

1876 I G. Miller-Cunningham, C.E. . 1883 


t887 J' Augustus Voelcker, Chemistry 

' as applied to Agriculture . 1 88 7 


II. Faculty of Divinity. — The Examiners for the Degree of Bachelor in 
Divinity are the Professors of the Faculty, together with two Examiners 
appointed for the term of three years. The appointments of additional 
Examiners have been : — 

Henry Cowan, B.D. . . 1871 

William Hastie, B.D. . . 1871 

D. Laird Adams, B.D. . 1874, 1877 

Thomas Nicol, B.D. . . 1874 

Thos. Adamson, B.D. 
John Patrick, B.D. . 
R. Davidson, B.D. . 
James Kennedy, B.D. 

1877, 1880 

III. Faculty of Law. — The Examiners for the Degrees of Bachelor of 
Laws (LL.B.) and Bachelor of Law (B.L.) are the seven Professors of the 
Faculty, and two Examiners selected by the University Court from those who 
have graduated in Laws. 

W. F. Hunter, LL.B. 
J. Kirkpatrick, LL.B. 
J. M'KieLees, LL.B. 
George Readman, LL.B. 
Henry Goudy, LL.B. 








David Lang, LL.B. . 
W. C. Smith, LL.B. 
J. C. Lorimer, LL.B. 
J. F. M'Lennan, LL.B. 

IV. Faculty of Medicine. — The Examiners for Degrees in Medicine are 
the Professors in the Faculty, with the addition of twelve persons appointed 
annually. The Preliminary Examination of Candidates for Degrees in 
Medicine is conducted by the Examiners in Arts, with some of the Examiners 
in Medicine. The appointments of additional Examiners have been as 
follows : — 

Tames Beghie, M.D. 
Douglas Maclagan, M.D. 
William Robertson, M.D. 
Benjamin Bell, Surgeon 
William Sellar, M.D. . 
J. Warburton Begbie, M.D. 
William Dumbreck, M.D. 
John Chiene, M.D. 
Angus Macdonald, M.D. 
James Dunsmure, M.D 
Hugh Cleghorn, M.D. 
David Ferrier, M.D. . 
James Dewar 
Dyce Duckworth, M.D. 
Wm. M'Intosh, M.D. . 
Joseph F. Payne, M.B. 
Thomas R. Fraser, M.D. 
D. R. Haldane, M.D. . 
Arthur Gamgee . 
W. Dittmar, Ph.D. 
Alexander Keiller, M.D. 
Thomas Keith, M.D. . 
T. Lauder Brunton, M.D. 
I. B. Balfour, D.Sc, M.D. 
P. M. Braidwood, M.D. 
Alfred R. Duffin, M.D. 


W. S. Greenfield, M.D. 


Byrom Bramwell, M.D. 


Sydney Coupland, M.D. 


T. D. Gillespie, M.D. . 


William Murrell, M.D. 


Richard Caton, M.D. . 


Thomas Barlow, M.D. 

. 1875 

J. Halliday Croom, M.D. . 

. 1875 

Professor D. J. Cunningham, 


A. P. Aitken, D.Sc. . 

■ 1875 

Henry D. Littlejohn, M.D. . 


Professor Bayley Balfour, I 



. 1875 

Ramsay H. Traquair, M.D. 

. IS75 

Frederick Page, M.D. 

. 1875 

C. D. F. Phillips, M.D. 

. 1875 

G. Sims Woodhead, M.D. . 

. 1875 

D. Noel Paton, M.D. . 


A. Watson Cheyne, M.B., C 


J. O. Affleck, M.D. . 


A. Hughes Bennet, M.D. . 


D. Berry Hart, M. D. . 


W. H. Perkin, jr., Ph.D. . 


Johnson Symington, M.D. . 


H. Marshall Ward, M.A. . 






Historical Appendix. 

1 1 


Kenneth Logie (1635-1641). 
Andrew Monro (1641-1645). 
Thomas Spier j fi 6 g) 
Andrew SuttM J * J ^ 

Francis Adamson (1648- 1652). 
James Nairne (1652- 1655). 
John Muir (1655-1657). 
John Stevenson (1657-1658). 
John Kniland (1658-1666). 
William SomervUle (1666-1667). 

William Henderson (1667-1684). 
Robert Henderson (1684- 1747). 
George Stuart (1747- 1763). 
James Robertson ( 1 7 f »3- 1 785). 

Andrew Dalzel (1785-1806). 
George Dunbar (1806- 1809) 
Andrew Duncan (18091822). 
Alexander Brunton (1822-1854). 
John Small, M.A., LL.D. (1854). 
Hugh Alexander Webster (1887). 


The Graduation Ceremonials take place in the third week of April and on 1st 
August, if not a Sunday. 

Graduates must appear on these occasions in the Academic Costume proper to 
their respective Degrees. 

The ordinary form of Gowns worn by Graduates of the University is the same 
in all the Faculties — viz., black silk or stuff, with long sleeves. The distinctive part 
of the Costume consists in the Hood appropriated to each Faculty. These Hoods 
are as follows : 

LL.D.— Black cloth, lined with blue silk. 

LL. B. — Black silk, lined with blue silk, bordered with white fur. 

D.D.— Black cloth, lined w'wh purple silk. 

B.D. — Black silk, lined also with purple silk, bordered with white fur. 

M.D.— Black cloth, with appended cape, lined and faced with crimson silk. 

M.B. and CM. — Black silk, lined with crimson silk, bordered with white fur. 

D.Sc. — Black cloth, lined with _j, r /vtv/ silk. 

B.Sc. — Black silk, lined with green silk, bordered with white fur. 

M. A. — Black silk, lined with white silk. 
The relative precedence of each Faculty is as follows : — I. Divinity; 2. Law ; 3. 
Medicine; 4. Arts. The Deans take precedence in their respective Faculties, followed 
by the Members of their Faculties in the order of the dates of their Commissions. 


Gown of superfine Scarlet Cloth ; loose sleeves ; the cape and facings down the front 
covered, and the sleeves lined, with rich silk of the colour proper to the Degree. 
Birretum of black silk velvet. 


The Degree of Doctor of Divinity is conferred honoris causa tantum. The 
Graduands are nominated by the Senatus Academicus, an I are presented to the 
Chancellor by the Dean of the Faculty of Divinity The Register of Doctors of 
Divinity begins in 1709 with the names of Edmund Calamy, Daniel Williams, and 
Joshua Oldlield. The names of Evans, Harris, and Isaac Watts follow in 1728. 
The Register now includes above 200 names. 

Samuel Richardson, Minister of Penninghame. 

Sir Henry Well wood Moncreiff, Bart., Minister of St Cuthbert's Free Church, 

1 Among the acting ami principal Assistant-Librarians between 1806 and 1854, when the Librana*- 
ship was an honorary office, were : — The Kcv. Hew Scott, afterwards minister of Ansiriither. author 
of the " Ka-ti I .licana: ;" the Rev. J. K;im-.iy, afterwards minister of (lladsmuir. Mr 

Alexander Bower, author of a " History of the University of Kdinburgh " and other works ^Ml 
James iLug, afterwards of the Advocate?' Library ; Mr Nicholson Bain, and Mr John Small, senior. 


1 1 4 Historical Appendix. 

John Cunningham, Minister of Crieff. 

Thomas Burns, Minister of Free Church, Otago. 


Zachary Macaulay Hamilton, Minister of Bressay. 

Kobert Menzies, Minister of Hoddam. 

W. Hanna, LL.D., one of the Ministers of St John's Free Church, Edinburgh. 

William Garden Blaikie, Minister of Pilrig Free Church, Edinburgh. 

Andrew Kennedy Hutcheson Boyd, Minister of St Bernard's Parish, Edinburgh. 

A. Roberts, Minister of the Presbyterian Church, Carlton Hill, London. 


Kobert S. Candlish, Principal of New College, Edinburgh. 

Josiah Leslie Porter, Professor of Biblical Criticism, Belfast. 

Lewis Edwards, Principal of the College of Welsh Methodists at Bala. 


George Walker, Minister of Kinnell. 

Thomas Smith, M.A., Minister of Cowgate-head Free Church. 

David Pitcairn, late Minister of Evie and Randall. 

Maxwell Nicholson, St Stephen's Church, Edinburgh. 

Joseph Mullens, India. 

Richard Paul Blakeney, LL.D., Rector of Christ Church, Birkenhead. 
Archibald Hamilton Charteris, Minister of Park Church, Glasgow. 
Andrew B. Davidson, LL.D., Professor of Hebrew, Free College, Edinburgh. 
Thomas Finlayson, Minister of the United Presbyterian Church, Edinburgh. 
William Lee, Minister of Roxburgh. 

William Robertson, Minister of New Greyfriars, Edinburgh. 
R. Selkirk Scott, Minister of the U.P. Church, Manchester. 

Frederic Crombie, Professor of Biblical Criticism, University of St Andrews. 

John Ker, Minister of the U.P. Church, Glasgow. 

Kenneth Macleay Phin, Minister of Galashiels. 

Henry Robert Reynolds, Principal of Cheshunt College, Herts. 

George Smeaton, Professor of Exegetical Theology, Free Church College, Edinburgh. 

William Smith, Minister of North' Leith. 

John Stoughton, Minister of the Independent Church, Kensington. 


Alexander L. R. Foote, Minister of West Free Church, Brechin. 

John Harrison, Vicar of Fenwick. 

Enoch Mellor, Minister of the Congregational Church, Halifax. 

George Ritchie, Minister of Jedburgh. 

Archibald Stewart, Minister of Glasserton. 

William Wilson, Minister of St Paul's Free Church, Dundee. 


James Cochrane, Minister of Cupar. 

Alexander Leitch, Minister of U.P. Church, Wigton, Cumberland. 

James M'Gregor, Professor of Systematic Theology, Free Church College, Edinburgh. 

James Walker, Minister of the Free Church, Carnwath. 


Tohn Kennedy, Minister of the Congregational Church, Stepney, London. 
Hugh Martin, Emeritus Minister of Free Greyfriars' Church, Edinburgh. 
Robert Moffat, Missionary to South Africa. 
Robert Home Stevenson, Minister of St George's Church, Edinburgh. 

Historical Appendix. I r 


Marcus Dods, Renfield Free Church, Glasgow. 

J. Oswald Dykes, Regent Square Presbyterian Church, London. 

John Forbes, Professor of Oriental Languages, University of Aberdeen. 

John Stuart, Minister of St Andrew's Chmch, Edinburgh. 


Andrew A. Bonar, Minister of Finnieston Free Church, Glasgow. 

John Christison, M.A., Minister of Biggar. 

William Fiddian Moulton, Professor of Classics, Wesleyan College, Richmond. 

Robert Herbert Story, Minister of Roseneath. 

Joseph Edkins, Missionary, China. 
Alexander Moody Stuart, Minister of Free St Luke's, Edinburgh. 

James Fairbairn, Minister of Free Church, Newhaven. 
Robert Flint, Professor of Divinity, University of St Andrews. 
Robert Johnston, Parliamentary Road U.P. Church, Glasgow. 
M. de la Harpe, Professor of Oriental Languages and Old Testament Exegesis in the 

School of the Evangelical Society of Geneva. 
M. Lantaret, Minister of the Waldensian Church, Pomaret. 
John Wilson, Minister of Dunning. 

Alexander Maclaren, Minister of the Baptist Church, Manchester. 
W. Burt Pope, Theological Tutor, Wesleyan College, Didsbury. 
John Rogers, Professor of Sacred Rhetoric, General Assembly's College, Belfast. 
W. Sanday, M.A. Oxon., Principal of Bishop Hatfield's Hall, University of Durham. 

John Birrell, M.A. , Professor of Hebrew and Oriental Languages, University of St 

A. M. Fairbairn, M.A. , Principal of Airedale College, Bradford. 
Stanley Leathes, M.A. , Prebendary of St Paul's, Professor of Hebrew, King's College, 

James Russell, M.A. , Minister of Yarrow. 
Adolph Saphir, B.A., Minister of the English Presbyterian Church, Notting Hill, 

Robert Stevenson, Minister of Dairy, Ayrshire. 


Hugh Macmillan, LL.D., Minister of the Free Church, Greenock. 

George Matheson, B.D., Minister of Church of Scotland, Indian. 

Alexander Johnstone Ross, Vicar of St Philip's, Stepney, London. 

Williamson Shoolbred, M.A., Missionary in India of the United Presbyterian Church. 


John Laidlaw, M.A.. Minister of the Free Church, Aberdeen. 

S. c. Mil in, M.A., Vicar of Broad Windsor. 

John Rankine, Minister of Sorn. 

James Wardrop, Minister of the United Presbyterian Church, West Calder. 


Frederick L. Robertson, Minister of St Andrew's Parish, Glasgow. 

W. Fleming Stevenson, B.A., Minister of the Irish Presbyterian Church, Rathear, 

Dublin. b 

Alexander Whyte, Minister of Free St George's Church, Edinburgh. 

1 1 6 Historical Appendix. 


Eustace R. Conder, Minister of the English Congregational Church. 

H. Wallis Smith, Minister of Kirknewton. 

Henry Wace, Professor of Ecclesiastical History, King's College, London. 

James Hood Wilson, M.A., Minister of the Barclay Free Church, Edinburgh. 


John James Bonar, Minister of St Andrew's Free Church, Greenock. 
Edwin Hatch, M.A., Vice-Principal of St Mary Hall, Oxford. 
James Stewart Wilson, Minister of Newabbey. 


Nicolaas Beets, Professor in the University of Utrecht. 

C. A. Briggs, Professor in Union Theological Seminar)-, New York, U.S.A. 

Philotheos Bryennios, Metropolitan of Nicomedia. 

Very Rev. John Caird, Principal of the University, Glasgow. 

T. K. Cheyne, Rector of Tendring, Colchester. 

J. A. Dorner, Professor of Theology, University of Berlin. 

W. H. Green, Professor in Princeton, New Jersey, U.S.A. 

Right Rev. Joseph B. Lightfoot, Bishop of Durham, D.C.L. 

James Martineau, LL.D., Principal of Manchester New College, London. 

Very Rev. J. J. S. Perowne, Dean of Peterborough. 

E. de Pressense, Paris. 

Robert Rainy, Principal of New College, Edinburgh. 

Edward Reuss, Professor of Criticism, University of Strassburg. 

George Salmon, D.C.L., LL.D., Regius Professor of Divinity, Trinity College, 

Very Rev. John Tulloch, LL.D., Principal of St Mary's College, St Andrews. 
Brooke Foss Westcott, D.C.L., Regius Professor of Divinity, King's College, 

Right Rev. Charles Wordsworth, D.C.L., Bishop, St Andrews. 


T. S. Evans, Canon, Professor of Greek, Durham University. 

R. D. Hitchcock, President, Union Theological College, New York. 

John Kinross," B. A., Principal, Sydney. 

John Pulsford, Minister of Albany Street Congregational Church, Edin. 

Henry Salmond, Professor, Otago, N.Z. 


George P. Fisher, Professor in Yale Theological Seminary. 

Paul Geymonat, Professor in the Waldensian College, Florence. 

Michael S. S. Johnstone, of Monigaff. 

Andrew Tait, Canon of St Mary's, Tuam. 

David Thorburn, Minister of the Free Church, Leith. 

David Duff, LL.D., Professor of Church History, United Presbyterian Theological 

Hall, Edinburgh. 
Thomas Charles Edwards, M.A., Principal of University of Wales, Aberystwith. 
John M'Laren, Minister of l.arbert and Dunipace. 
William Welsh, of Mossfennan, Senior Minister of Broughton Free Church, 


Thomas Brown, F.R.S.E., Free Dean Church, Edinburgh. 
David Johnstone, B.A., B.D., Harray, Orkney. 
Alexander Oliver, B.A. , Regent Place Church, Glasgow. 
Alberto Revel, Professor in the Waldensian College, Florence. 

Historical Appendix. 1 1 7 


The Degree of Doctor of Laws is conferred honoris causii tantitm. The Graduands 
are nominated by the Senatus Academicus, and are presented to the Chancellor by 
the I >ean of the Faculty of Law. The Degree was first granted in 1695. Previously 
to 1751 it had been conferred on seven persons only. Since then more than 400 
Dames, including some of the most distinguished in Europe, have been added to 
the list. 

Right Hon. Lord Campbell, late Lord Chancellor. 
Sir Andrew Smith, late Director-General of the Army Med. Dep. 
Right Hon. Lord Brougham and Vaux, Chancellor of the University. 

William Fairbairn, F. U.S., Manchester. 

James David Forbes, Principal of the United College, St Andrews. 
John Forster, London. 
Right. lion. W. E. Gladstone, Chancellor of the Exchequer, and Lord Rector of the 

Right Hon. Duncan M'Neill (Lord Colonsay), Lord Justice-General of Scotland. 
Edward Francis Maitland, Solicitor-General (Lord Barcaple, Senator, College of 

I Ienry Longueville Mansel, Professor of Moral and Metaphysical Philosophy, Oxford. 
William Allen Miller, Professor of Chemistry, King's College, London. 
1 [on. Lord Neaves, Senator College of Justice. 
Very Rev. Dean Ramsay. 
William Reeves, D.D., University of Dublin. 
Charles F. Shand (Sir), Chief-Justice of Mauritius. 
William Sharpey, Professor of Anatomy, University College, London. 
William Stokes, M.D., Regius Professor of Physic in the University of Dublin. 
Archibald Campbell Swinton, formerly Professor of Civil Law. 

Right Hon. Sir John M'Xeill, G.C.B. 

(Sir) William Stirling of Keir, (-Maxwell of Pollok, Bart.), M.P. 
John Muir, D.C.L. 

Sir William Jardine of Applegarth, Bart. 

Right Hon. Viscount Palmerston, K.G. 

James Pillans, Emeritus Professor of Humanity, University of Edinburgh. 
William Henry Fox Talbot, F. R.S. 

John Hill Burton, Advocate. 

David Laing, Librarian to the Society of Writers to the Signet. 
Joseph Robertson, H.M. Register House. 

George Dundas, Sheriff of Selkirkshire. 
Sir Alexander Grant, Bart. 
A. Keith fdhnston, F.R.S.E. 
W. F. Skene, W.S., F.R.S.E. 
Balfour Stewart, F.R.S. 



Andrew Edgar, Barrister-at-Law, London. 

Thomas Erskine of Linlathen. 

Thomas Henry Huxley, Professor of Natural History, School of Mines, and Hunterian 
Professor of Comparative Anatomy in the Royal College of Surgeons of England. 
John Rae. M.D. 

Andrew Crombie Ramsay, Director of the Geological Survey of Great Britain. 
John Tyndall, Professor of Natural Philosophy in the Royal Institution, London. 

1 1 8 Historical Appendix. 


Right Hon. Benjamin Disraeli (Earl of Beaconsfield). 

Right Hon. Robert Lowe (Viscount Sherbrooke). 

James Hutchison Stirling (Gifibrd Lecturer on Natural Theology). 

George Smith, Serampore. 

Henry Baker Tristram, F.R.S., Master of Greatham Hospital. 
William Veitch, Minister of St Cuthbert's, Edinburgh. 

Matthew Arnold, H.M.I. S. 

Alexander Bain, Professor of Logic, University of Aberdeen. 
Colonel J. A. Ballard, C.B. 

Andrew Rutherford Clark, Advocate (Sen. Coll. Just.). 
Edward S. Gordon, Q.C. (Lord Gordon) 
George Moir, Advocate. 
Sir Roderick Impey Murchison, Bart., Director of the Geological Survey of Grea 

Lyon Playfair (Sir), C.B., M.P. 
T. Collyns Simon. 

William Swan, Professor of Natural Philosophy, University of St Andrews. 
Sir William Thomson, Professor of Natural Philosophy, University of Glasgow. 
Sir Charles Wheatstone, F.R.S. 


Henry Wentworth Acland, Professor of Medicine in the University of Oxford. 

Sir Colin Blackburn, one of the Judges of the Queen's Bench. 

Thomas Harvey, Rector of the Edinburgh Academy. 

David Milne Home of Wedderburn, Advocate. 

John Gibson Macvicar, D.D., Minister of Moffat. 

James Clerk Maxwell, F.R.S. 

Max M tiller, Professor of Philology in the University of Oxford. 

Charles Murchison, M.D., F.R.S. 

William Wright, D.C.L., MS. Department, British Museum. 


Thomas Andrews, Vice-President of Queen's College, Belfast. 

W. B. Carpenter, M.D., Registrar of the University of London. 

Robert Carruthers, Inverness. 

James Challis, Plumian Professor of Astronomy and Experimental Physics, University 

of Cambridge. 
Auguste Colding, Denmark. 
William Forsyth, Barrister-at-Law, Q.C. 
Patrick Fraser, Sheriff of Renfrewshire (Sen. Coll. Just.). 
John Peter Gassiot. 
Shad worth H. Hodgson. B.A. Oxon. 
William Huggins. 
Jules Janssen. 
James Prescott Joule. 
G. E. Paget, M.D. Cantab. 

W. Spottiswoode, Treasurer of the Royal Society. 
(Sir) George Gabriel Stokes, (Bart.), Lucasian Professor of Mathematics in the 

University of Cambridge. 
James Joseph Sylvester, late Professor of Mathematics at Woolwich. 
Allen Thompson, M.D., Professor of Anatomy, University of Glasgow. 
Pierre Joseph Van Beneden, Professor of Comparative Anatomy, University of 

Right Hon. George Young, Q.C, M.P., Lord Advocate of Scotland (Sen. Coll. Just.). 

William Chambers of Glenormiston. 
Sir Robert Christison, Bart., M.D., D.C.L., Professor of Materia Medica, University. 

Historical Appendix. 1 1 9 

John Joseph Ignatius Dbllinger, Rector of the University of Munich. 
Hugh Andrew Johnston Munro, Professor of Latin, University of Cambridge, 
Henry lames Stephen Smith, Savilian Professor of Geometry, Oxford. 
William Smith, Actuary, Vice-President of the Phil. Institution, Edinburgh. 
John Veitch, Professor of Logic and Rhetoric, University of Glasgow. 


George James Allman, M.D., Emeritus Professor of Natural History. 

John Aitken Carlyle, M.D. 

John M. Lindsay, Director of Chancery. 

E. L. Lushington, Professor of Greek in the University of Glasgow. 

Thomas Spencer Baynes, Professor of Logic, University of St Andrews. 
John Brown, M.D., Edinburgh. 
W. Gillespie Dickson, Sheriff of Glasgow. 

John Gordon, one of II. M. Inspectors of Schools. 
fames A. II. Murray, F.E.I.S., London. 

Reinhold Pauli, D.C.L. 

His Grace Walter-Francis Montagu-Douglas-Scott, Duke of Buccleuch and Queens- 


Theodor Aufrecht, late Professor of Sanskrit, University of Edinburgh. 

James Warburton Begbie, M.D., Edinburgh. 

John Hughes Bennett, M.D., Emeritus Professor of Institutes of Medicine, Univer- 
sity of Edinburgh. 

Edward B. Cowell, Professor of Sanskrit, University of Cambridge. 

James Matthews Duncan, M.D., Edinburgh. 

Sir William Ferguson, Bart., President of the Royal College of Surgeons of 
England. , 

Alfred Henry M'Clintock, M.D., Dublin. 

Theodore Martin (Sir). 

William Pirrie, M.D., Professor of Surgery, University of Aberdeen. 

Alexander W. Potts, Head Master of Fettes College. 

John Bunion Sanderson, M.D., Professor of Physiology, University College, London. 

Thomas Shapter, M.D., Exeter. 

William Watson, Solicitor-General (Rt. Hon. Lord Watson). 

Robert Stoddart Wyhl. 


Right Hon. the Earl of Derby. 

William D. (Jeddes, Professor of Greek, University of Aberdeen. 

John Hullah, II. M. Musical Examiner of Training Colleges. 

W. Stanley Jevons, Professor of Political Economy, King's College, London. 

John Thomson Mowbray, W.S. 

Sir Joseph Noel Paton, Limner to Her Majesty for Scotland. 

Colin Valentine, Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh, and Mis- 
sionary at Jeypore. 


Charles M. Aitchison, Principal Secretary of the Foreign Department to the Govern- 
ment of India. 

George Gore, F.R.S., Master of Science, School of King Edward, Birmingham. 
nder P.illoch Grossart, Minister Presbyterian Church, Blackburn. 

G. Rolin Jacijuemyns, Advocate at the Court of Appeal at Ghent. 

John Bennett Lawes, of Rothamsted, F. U.S. 
Reinhold Rost, Principal Librarian, India Office. 

John Westlake, Barrister-at-Law, 0_.C, London. 

(Sir) James Risdon Bennett, M.D. Edin., F.R.S., President of the Royal College of 

Physicians, London. 
Sir Joseph Fayrer, M.D. Edin., K.C.S.I., F.R.S. 

1 20 Historical Appendix. 

John Richard Green, M.A. Oxon. 

"Alexander Smith Kinnear, Advocate (Sen. Coll. Just.). 

(Sir) Joseph Lister, M.B. Lond., F.R.S., Professor of Clinical Surgery, King's Col- 
lege, London. 

William Macdonald, M.A. Edin., Rector-Elect of the High School of Dunedin, 

Right Hon. Richard Monckton Milnes, (Lord Houghton). 

Francis Turner Palgrave. 

John Skelton, Advocate. 

Samuel Smiles. 


Sir Walter Elliot, K.C.S.L 

Most Noble the Marquess of Hartington, M.P., Lord Rector of the University. 

R. C. Jebb, M.A., Professor of Greek, University of Glasgow. 

Isaac Taylor, M.A., Trinity College, Cambridge, Rector of Settrington, Yorkshire. 

Andrew Wood. M.D., F.R.C.S., F.R.S., Edinburgh. 

William Aldis Wright, M.A., Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge. 

John Hutton Balfour, M.A., M.D., F.R.S., Emeritus Professor of Botany, Edinburgh 

James Currie, M.A., Rector of Church of Scotland Training College. 
Henry Morley, Professor of History, University College, London. 
Alexander Nicolson, M.A., Sheriff-Substitute of Kirkcudbright. 
Frederick Pollock, Barrister-at-Law. 

George G. Ramsay, M.A., Professor of Humanity, University, Glasgow. 
William Stubbs, M.A., Regius Professor of Modern History, Oxford. 

Arthur J. Balfour, M.P. (Chief Secretary for Ireland). 
James Burgess, M.R.A.S., F.R.G.S. 

Samuel N. Gardiner, Professor of History, King's College, London. 
William Guthrie, Advocate, one of the Sheriff-Substitutes of Lanarkshire. 
Sir Daniel Macnee, President of the Royal Scottish Academy. 
Bonamy Price, Professor of Political Economy, Oxford. 
Alexander W. Williamson, Professor of Chemistry, University College, London. 

Joseph Anderson, Secretary to the Society of Antiquaries, Edinburgh. 
John Blair Balfour, M. P., 'Lord Advocate. 
Most Hon. The Marquess of Bute. 
Rt. Hon. The Earl of Crawford and Balcarres. 
James Fergusson, D.C.L., F.R.S., &c. 

Professor Fowler, President of Corpus Christi College, Oxford. 
(Sir) William Fraser, S.S.C. (K.C.B.), Deputy Keeper of the Records. 
Most Hon. The Marquess of Lothian. 

.<Eneas J. G. Mackay, LL.B., lately Professor of History, University of Edinburgh. 
Hon. Lord M'Laren, Senator of the College of Justice. 
Rt. Hon. Lord Reay. 

Right Hon. The Earl of Rosebery, Rector of the University of Edinburgh. 
John Simon, F.R.S., &c, late Medical Adviser to the Privy Council. 
Angus Smith, Ph.D., F.R.S., &c. 

Robert Berry, Professor of Law, University, Glasgow (Sheriff of Lanarkshire). 
William Tennant Gairdner, M.D., Professor of Practice of Physic, Univer., Glasgow. 
Hon. Sir Alexander Gait, High Commissioner for Canada. 
Richard Garnett, of the British Museum. 

John Hislop, Secretary to the Education Department of New Zealand. 
J. O. Halliwell-Phillipps, of Hollingbury Copse, Brighton. 
Edward Sang, C.E., Edinburgh. 

Right Hon. George Otto Trevelyan, M.P., Chief Secretary for Ireland. 
W. C. Williamson, Professor of Botany, Victoria University, Manchester. 

Historical Appendix. 1 2 1 


Right Hon. Sir Stafford Northcote, Bart., M.P., Rector of the University of 


Rev. \V. Lindsay Alexander, D.I)., Pinkieburn, Musselburgh. 

Sir Archibald Alison, Bart., K.C.B., LL.D., Lieutenant-* ieneral, Commander of the 
Forces, Aldershot. 

R. Rowand Anderson, Architect, Edinburgh. 

T. M. C. Asser, LL.D., I 'rofessor of International Law, University, Amsterdam. 

George William Balfour, M.D., President of the Royal College of Physicians, Edin. 

Professor C. II. D. buys ballot, Director of the Royal Meteorological Institute of 
Holland, Utrecht. 

Fordyce Barker, M.D., LL.D., President of the New York Academy of Medicine. 

JohnS. Billings, M.D., Washington, U.S.A. 

Jean Baptiste Boussingault, Member of the Institute of France. 

Sir William Bowman, Bart., M.D., LL.D., F.R.S., London. 

John Syer Bristowe, M.D., F.R.C.P., F.R.S., St Thomas's Hospital, London. 

John Clerk Brodie, W.S., Deputy Keeper of the Signet, Edinburgh. 

Robert Browning, D.C. L. , London. 

James Bryce, M.P., D.C.L., Professor of Roman Law, University, Oxford. 

Robert Wilhelm von Bunsen, Hon. F.R.S., L. and E., Professor of Chemistry, Uni- 
versity of Heidelberg. 

George Burnett, Lyon King of Arms, Edinburgh. 

Sir James Caird, K.C.B., F.R.S., London. 

Rev. John Cairns, D.D., Principal of the United Presbyterian College, Edinburgh. 

Elme-Marie Caro, Member of the French Academy, Paris. 

Arthur Cayley, F.R.S., D.C.L., LL.D., Professor of Mathematics, Cambridge. 

J. B. A. Chauveau, M.D., Professor in the Academy, Lyons. 

Michel Eugene Chevreul, Member of the Institut de France. 

Sir Andrew Clark, Bart., M.D., F.R.S., LL.D., London. 

Right Rev. Henry Cotterill, D.D., F.R.S.E., Bishop of the Scottish Episcopal 
Church, Edinburgh. 

Thomas Crawford, M.D., Surgeon-General, Director-General of the Army Medical 

Luigi Cremona, Hon. F.R.S., L. and E., Professor of Higher Mathematics, Univer- 
sity of Rome. 

John William Dawson, LL.D., F.R.S., Principal of M'Gill College, Montreal. 

Hon. Sir George Deas, M.A., Senator of the College of Justice. 

Sir W. Fettes Douglas, P.R.S.A., Edinburgh. 

Dr Karl Elze, Professor of English Philology, University of Halle. 

Johann Edward Erdmann, Professor of Philosophy, University of Halle. 

John Eric Erichsen, F. R.S., Emeritus Professor of Surgery, University College, 

Sir Samuel Ferguson, Q.C., LL.D., President of the Royal Irish Academy, Dublin. 

H. L. Fleischer, Professor of Oriental Languages, UniverMty of Leipzig. 

W. II. Flower, LL.D., F.R.S., Director of the Natural History Department of the 
British Museum, South Kensington, London. 

Edward Frankland, Ph.D., D.C.L., F.R.S., 1'rofessor of Chemistry, Royal School of 
Mines, London. 

Edward A. Freeman, D.C.L., LL.D., Somerleaze, Wells. 

Right Hon. Sir Ilartle Edward I'rere, Bart., K.C.B., late Lord High Commissioner 
in South Africa. 

M. Clermont < ranneau, Vice-Consul of France, Jaffa. 

Archibald ( leikic, F.R.S., I > beet or- ( Ieneral of the Geological Survey, London, S.W. 

David Gill, LL.D., Astronomer-Royal at the Cape of Good Hope. 

Right Hon. the Karl of Glasgow, LL.D., Lord Clerk Register. 

Ludwig Goldschmidt, Professor of Mercantile Law, &c, University, Berlin. 

Octave Greard, Vice-Rector of the Academy of Paris. 

Joseph G. Greenwood, LL.D., Principal of Owens College, Manchester. 

1 2 2 Historical Appendix. 

Samuel W. Gross, M.D., LL.D., D.C.L., Professor of Surgery, Jefferson College, 

Sir William W. Gull, Bart., M.D., D.C.L., LL.D., F.R.S., London. 
David Bierens de Haan, Professor of Mathematics, University of Leyden. 
Daniel Rutherford Haldane, M.D., F. R.S.E., Edinburgh. 
(Sir) Charles Halle, Pianist and Orchestral Conductor, Manchester. 
Right Hon. George Harrison, Lord Provost of Edinburgh. 

Rev. Samuel Haughton, M.D., D.C.L., LL.D., F.R.S., Trinity College, Dublin. 
H. L. F. von Helmholtz, Hon. F.R.S.E., Professor of Physics, University of Berlin. 
J. Henle, M.D., Professor of Anatomy, Gottingen. 
Charles Hermite, Professor in the Faculty of Sciences, Paris. 
Sir Joseph D. Hooker, C.B., K.C.S.I., Director of the Royal Gardens, Kew. 
Joseph Hyrtl, M.D., Emeritus Professor of Anatomy, University of Vienna. 
Sir William Jenner, Bart., M.D., K.C.B., F.R.S., D.C.L., LL.D., London. 
Rev. Benjamin Jowett, D.D., LL.D., Professor of Greek, Master of Balliol College, 

Oxford, and Vice-Chancellor of the University. 
Thomas Reith, M.D., F.R.C.S., Edinburgh. 
Emile Louis Victor de Laveleye, Professor of Political Economy in the University of 

Rev. J. Legge, D.D., LL.D., Professor of Chinese, Corpus Christi College, Oxford. 
Sir Frederick Leighton, P.R.A., D.C.L., LL.D., London. 
Ferdinand de Lesseps, Hon. F.R.S.E., Paris, Founder of the Suez Canal. 
Very Rev. Henry George Liddell, D.D. , Dean of Christ Church, Oxford. 
His Excellency James Russell Lowell, D.C.L., LL.D. 
Sir John Lubbock, Bart., F.R.S., D.C.L., LL.D., M.P. 
Rarl Friedrich Wilhelm Ludwig, M.D., Professor of Physiology, Leipzig. 
J. H. A. Macdonald, Q.C., Dean of Faculty of Advocates (Lord Justice Clerk). 
Sir Henry Sumner Maine, K.C.S.I., F.R.S., LL.D., D.C.L., Master of Trinity Hall, 

Count Terenzio Mamiani della Rovere, Senator of the Kingdom of Italy. 
Pascal Stanislas Mancini, Professor of International Law, University of Rome, and 

Italian Minister for Foreign Affairs. 
John Marshall, F.R.S., President, Royal College of Surgeons, London, and Professor 

of Surgery, University College, London. 
F. de. Martens, Professor of International Law, University, St Petersburg. 
His Excellency Marcial Martinez, Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary 

of Chili, London. 
Henry Maudsley, M.D., F.R.C.P., London. 

Dmitry Mendeleieff, Professor of Chemistry, University, St Petersburg. 
Very Rev. Charles Merivale, D.D., D.C.L., Dean of Ely. 
Alfred Mezieres, Professor of Foreign Literature, Academie de Paris. 
His Excellency Sir R. Burnett David Morier, K.C.B. 

Sir William Muir, R.C.S.I., D.C.L., LL.D., Member of the Council of India. 
Henri Gueneau de Mussy, M.D., Academie de Medecine, Paris. 
Right Hon. Lord Napier and Ettrick, K.T. 

C. T. Newton, C.B., D.C.L., British Museum, and Professor of Archaeology, Univer- 
sity College, London. 
His Excellency Count Constantino Nigra, LL.D., Italian Ambassador, London. 
Ernest Nys, Judge of the Tribunal of Brussels. 
L. Oilier, Professor of Surgery, Lyons. 
Rev. Sir Frederick A. G. Ouseley, Bart., LL.D., Mus. Doc, Professor of Music, 

University of Oxford. 
Sir James Paget, Bart., F.R.S., F.R.C.S., D.C.L., LL.D., Vice-Chancellor, 

University of London. 
Louis Pasteur, Hon. F.R.S., L. and E., Membre de l'Academie des Sciences, Paris. 
His Excellency Baron de Penedo, D.C.L., &c, Envoy Extraordinary and Minister 

Plenipotentiary of H.M. the Emperor of Brazil, London. 
Georges Perrot, President of the Academie des Inscriptions et Belles-lettres, Paris. 
Max von Pettenkofer, M.D., Professor of Hygiene, University of Munich. 
W. O. Priestley, M.D., F.R.C.P., Consulting Physician to Ring's College Hospital, 

Leopold von Ranke, LL.D., Professor of History, University of Berlin. 

Historical Appendix. 1 2 , 

Major-General Sir Henry Creswicke Rawlinson, K.C.B., F.R.S., D.C.L., LL.D. 
Right Hon. Lord Rayleigh, D.C.I.., Professor of Experimental Physics, Cambridge. 

Sir John Watt Reid, M.D., K.C.B., Director-General of the Medical Department, 

Royal Navy. 
The Abbe' Renard, Brussels. 

Alphonse Rivier, Professor of Roman Daw, University of Brussels. 
Count Aarelio Saffi, I'rofessor of tin- History of Public Law, University of Bologna. 
M. H. Saxtorph, M.D., I'rofessor of Clinical Surgery, University, Copenhagen. 
Dr Oscar Schmiedeberg, I'rofessor of Pharmacology, Strasburg. 
John Robert Seeley, Professor of Modern History, Cambridge. 

I. I . Shairp, LL.D., Principal of the United College, St Andrews. 

II. Sidgwick, Professor of Moral Philosophy, Cambridge. 

Edward Henry Sievekin^, M.D., F.S.A., F.R.P.CL, Physician Extraordinary to 
1 1. M. the Queen, London. 

Rev. W. W. Skeat, I'rofessor of Anglo-Saxon, Cambridge. 

John Smith, M.D., F.R.S.E., President of the Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh. 

Hon. Justice Sir James Fitzjames Stephen, K.C.S.I., D.C.L., London. 

B. J. Stokvis, Professor of General Pathology, &c, University of Amsterdam. 

Johan Storm, Professor of English and Philology, University of Christiania. 

Joseph Szabo, Professor of Geology and Mineralogy, and Rector, University of Pesth. 

Right Hon. Alfred, Lord Tennyson, D.C.L., F.R.S., Poet Laureate. 

R. V. Tyrrell, Professor of Greek, University, Dublin. 

J. L. Ussing, Professor of Classical Philology and Archaeology, University of Copen- 

Augusto Vera, Professor of Philosophy, University of Naples. 

Pasquale Yillari, Professor of Modern History, Institute of Florence. 

Rudolph Virchow, M.D., F.R.S., Professor of Pathological Anatomy, University of 

Patrick Heron Watson, M.D., F.R.C.S.E., Edinburgh. 

Hon Justice Raymond West, M.A., LL.D., F.R.G.S., Judge of Her Majesty's High 
Court, Bombay. 

Ludwig A. Wicse, Ph.D., Retired Member of the Ministry of Public Instruction, 

B. H. C. K. Wan der Wijck, Professor of Philosophy, University of Groningen. 
Samuel Wilks, M.D., F. R.S., Physician to Guy's Hospital, London. 

Henry Yule, C.B., Colonel in the Royal Engineers, and Member of the Council of 

Edward Zeller, Professor of Philosophy, University of Berlin. 

His Imperial Majesty the Emperor of Brazil. 
Antoine d'Abbadie, Membre de l'lnstitut de France, &c. 
John Anderson, M.D., 1. R.S., Professor, Superintendent of the Imperial Indian 

Museum, Calcutta, &C. 
Johann Georg Biihler, Ph.D., Professor of Sanskrit in the University of Vienna, &c. 
T. Rhys Davids, Professor of Buddhist and Pali Studies, University College, London. 
Rev. W. P. Dickson, D.D., Professor of Divinity, University, Glasgow. 
A. Michaelis, Professor in Strasburg University. 
M. J. F. Rcnan, Professor in the College de France. 
W. T. G. Roscher, Professor of Political Economy, Leipzig. 
Leslie Stephen, Editor of " Dictionary of National Biography." 
Theodore Walrond, C.B. 

C. J. B. Williams, M.D., London. 

R. M. Cust, Secretary of the Royal Asiatic Society, &c. 

Albert Vean Dicey, B.C.L., LL.D., ..Yc, I'rofessor in the University of Oxford. 
Thomas Dickson, Curator of the Historical Department of II. M. General Register 

House, Edinburgh. 
Oliver Wendell Holmes, M.D., formerly Professor of Anatomy, Massachusetts Medi- 
cal School. 
J. Mouat, M.D., Surgeon Major, &c. 

124 Historical Appendix. 

Sir Charles Nicholson, Bart., M.D., LL.D., D.C.L., formerly Chancellor of the 

University of Sydney. 
Rev. Noah Porter, U.D. , Ex-President of Yale College. 
Leonhaid Schmitz, Ph.D., LL.D., &c, formerly Rector of the Royal High School, 

John Small, M.A. , Librarian, University, Edinburgh. 
Rev. Isaac Gregoiy Smith, M.A., Vicar of Malvern. 
Stephane Tarnier, Professor of Medicine, Paris. 
Colonel Sir Charles W. Wilson, R.E., C.B., K.C.M.G., &c. 
John Wilson, F.R.S.E., Emeritus Professor of Agriculture, University, Edinburgh. 

William Dittmar, F.R. S., Professor of Chemistry, Anderson's College, Glasgow. 
Edward Dowden, Professor of English Literature, Trinity College, Dublin. 
Asa Gray, M.D., Professor of Botany, Harvard University, U.S.A. 
Robert Halliday Gunning, M.D., Dignitary of Empire of Brazil and Order of Rose, Sec. 
Alexander Forbes Irvine, Sheriff of Argyll, and Vice-Dean of the Faculty of 

Advocates, &c. 
Albert von Kolliker, M.D., Professor of Anatomy in the University of Wlirzburg. 
Charles James Lyell, M.A., CLE., Bengal Civil Service. 
Francisque Xavier Michel, F.S.A. Lond. and Scot. ; Hon. Professor ; Correspondent 

of the Institute of France, &c. 
Rev. A. W. Momerie, M.A., D.Sc. Edin., Professor of Logic and Metaphysics 

in the King's College, London. 
Henry John Roby, M.A., Hon. Fellow of St John's College, Cambridge. 
Sir Bhagvat Singh, K.C.I.E., Thakoor of Gondal. 


Sir William Aitken, M.D., F.R.S., Professor of Medicine. 

Right Hon. Sir Charles C. S. Bowen, Lord Justice of Appeal. 

Rev. Alexander Cameron, Free Church, Brodick. 

Giovanni Capellini, Rector and Professor of Geology in the University of Bologna. 

Mortimer S. Howell, CLE., Bengal Civil Service, Civil and Sessions Judge of 

Right Hon. Sir Nathaniel Lindley, Lord Justice of Appeal. 

Norman Macpherson, LL.D., Emeritus Professor of Scots Law, Sheriff of Dumfries- 
shire, &c. 

John Murray, Ph.D., Director of Royal Challenger Expedition Commission. 

Thomas Graham Murray, W.S., Member of University Court. 

W. H. Walshe, M.D., Emeritus Professor of Medicine, &c. 


Quod Faustum Felixque Sit. A. D. 

Ego Universitatis Academicae Edinburgensis Discipulus sincere ac sancte 
promitto quod et syngrapha hac mea in perpetuum testatum cupio, mihi ante 
omnia cordi ac curae futurum verae pietatis studium ; me etiam in assuetis 
academici curriculi studiis sedulum fore, ut adolescentem bene institutum 
decet ; et quamdiu in illo curriculo permansero praeceptoribus omnibus 
morigerum memet praestiturum, nee ullius dissidii aut tumultus clam palamve 
vel auctorem vel participem futurum, et per reliquam vitam Universitatem 
Academicam Edinburgensem ipsam grato et benevolo animo prosecuturum, 
idque omnibus officiis pro facultate mea et occasione data testaturum esse. 

Nos qui Nomina subsignamus Magisterii titulo jamjam donandi Sponde- 
mus nos in omni debitae gratitudinis officio erga Universitatem Academicam 
Edinburgensem ad extremum vitae halitum perseveraturos. 

Historical Appendix. 



(The following names are also included in the Alphabetical List, the footnotes to 
which give additional information regarding a number of distinguished Graduates.) 

The contractions Class., Phil., Math., and Nat. Sc, indicate the Departments of 
Classics, Philosophy, Mathematics, and Natural Science respectively; and the Italic 
Numerals i. and ii., denote First and Second Class Honours respectively. 

Phil, ii., Alexander M. Dalrymple. 

Class. /'., W. Millar Nicolson. 
Phil. i.,]. M. Robertson. 

. ii., T. Jeffrey. 
Phil, ii., James R. Milne, R. J. Muir. 
Nat. Sc, R. Morrison. 

Class. 1., James C. Bathgate. 
Phil, i., Thomas M. Lindsay, John Rae. 
Phil, it., Benjamin Bell, D. Mackenzie 

Math, ii., Jas. A. Blaikie, James Reoch. 

Class, i., Peter Peterson, George Watson. 
Class, ii., William D. Thorburn. 
Phil, i., David Duncan. 
Phil., ii. Andrea Rabagliati. 
Math, ii., Martin Mowat. 
Nat. Sc., C. Patrick Nicholson. 

Class, i., James Colville, Julius Wood 

Muir, G. W. T. Omond, Thomas 

S. Omond, Hugh Wilson. 
Phil. *., A. Murray Dunlop, George 

Forbes, William Hastie, Thos. S. 

Phil, ii., J. A. K. Bain, James Bonallo, 

George Cotton, Alex. Muir, G. W. 

T. Omond, Robert Sanders, William 

Smith, James 1!. Thorburn. 
Math, ii., J. Wood Muir. 

Class, i., David F. Addis, William 

Durham, John Marshall. 
Math, i., Robert K. Galloway, D. Henry 

Math, ii., James Matthew. 

Class, i., Thomas Kirkup, 

Walker, James Wallace. 
Class, ii., Henry I'latt. 


Phil. /., Donald Mackinnon, C. Bright 

Phil, ii., George D. Macnaughton. 
Nat. Sc, D. Laird Adams. 

Class, i., Thomas Raleigh. 
Class, ii., Robt. C. Roberton. 
Phil, i., Robt. Adamson, Alex. E. Shand. 
Phil, ii., George G. Chisholm. 
Math. ?'., Philip Wood. 
Math, ii., J. M. Ormond. 

Phil, i., H. J. Ed. Eraser. 
Phil, ii., Alex. Macmorran. 
Math, i., P. R. Scott Lang. 

Class, t., Robert Clark. 
Class, ii., Chas. W. Imrie. 
Phil, i., Donald Ross. 
Math, i., Chas. C. Grant. 

Class, 1., T. D. Anderson. 
Class, ii., J. C. Warren. 
Phil. L, D. M. Ross. 
Phil. ii.,]. Reid, T. Shaw. 
Math, ii., Alfred Daniel!. 

Class. ?., R. W. Barbour, A. L. Mac- 

leish, W Peterson, D. G. Ritchie. 
Class, ii., J. W. Ferguson, W. P. 

Ogilvie, J. D. Sym. 
Phil. 1., R. W. Barbour, A. W. Mummery 

(Momerie), W. R. Sorley. 
Phil, ii., W. May. 
Math. /., R. A. Lundie, J. MacDiarmid, 

A. Macfarlane. 
Math, ii., A. L. Macleish. 


Class, i., R. J. Cownie, G. B. Gardiner, 
Chas. E. Greig. 

Class, ii., Thomas Gilray. 

Phil. /., R. B. Haldane. 

Phil, ii., Charles E. Greig, Adam I'hilip. 

Math. i.,}. R. Howat, II. W. G. Mac- 
kenzie, James A. Paton, 


Historical Appendix. 


Class, u, J. B. Capper, R. L. Orr. 
Class, ii., Duncan C. Macgregor, Samuel 

Phil, i., John Porteous, A. M. Stalker. 
Phil, ii., J. F. W. Grant, Francis Watt. 
Math, i., J. A. W. Hunter, Wm. Raitt, 

H. C. Robson. 


Class, i., J. W. Mackail, Andrew Seth, 
J. Stobo. 

Class, ii., A. M. Porteous. 

Phil, i., Andrew Seth. 

Math, i., D. Traill, W. O. Walker, L. 
B. Wood. 

Math, ii., T. Low, J. Stobo, W. Thom- 
son, S. Walker. 

Nat. Sc, J. Limont, J. Smith. 

Class, i., J. C. Lambert, Mungo Watson. 
Class, ii., W. J. N. Liddall, Wm. G. 

Phil, i., J. H. Ballantyne. 
Phil, ii., W. M. Macphail. 
Math, i., G. W. Kuchler, William 

Math, ii., William Milne. 


Class, i., S. H. Capper, W. R. Hardie, 
R. J. Mackay. 

Class, ii., W. P. Paterson, W. Robert- 
son, J. G. Walton. 

Phil, i., A. Martin, J. D. Robertson. 

Phil, ii., R. Mitchell, W. Smith. 

Math, i., J. C. R. Macdonald. 

Math, ii., A. J. G. Barclay, J. Suther- 

Nat. Sc, A. Grant, D. M. Morgan. 

Class, ii., A. H. Hutt. 
Phil, i., James Gardner, W. Douglas 

Mackenzie, Donald Macleod, Hay 

Shennan, James Seth. 
Phil, ii., A. Watson Hutton. 
Math, i., F. W. Stewart. 
Math, ii., C. E. Allan. 

Class, i., G. Macdonald. 
Class, ii., T. Adams. 
Phil, i., W. Lowe Carrie, John W. 

Oman, James Weir. 
Phil, ii., James F. Gardner. 
Math, i., R. Edgar Allardice. 

Class, ii., E. M. Macphail. 
Phil, i., Robert S. Simpson. 
Phil, ii., George Johnston, Robert E. 

Osborne, George Walker. 
Math, i., C W. C. Barlow. 

Math, ii., James Crichton, George N. 

Nat. Sc, Robert F. C. Leith, William 


Class, i., Jas. A. Clyde. 
Class, ii., Geo. Brown, Wm. Fraser, 

R. L. Galloway. 
Phil, i., John Dick Fleming, Robert 

Purves Hardie, James Lorrain Smith. 
Math. L, David Dougal, Robt. Purves 

Hardie, Herb. B. Pickard. 
Nat. Sc, James Cumming, Sinclair Sin- 
clair Gunn, Andrew D. Sloan, James 


Class, i., Norman Maclean, James Mill, 

Daniel Tod. 
Class, ii., Alex. Geoghegan, Andrew L. 

P. Jamieson, Francis R. Jamieson. 
Phil, i., Patrick Johnston Maclagan, 

Norman Maclean, Geo. Wauchope 

Phil, ii., William Bell, Daniel Tod. 
Math, i., William Crawford. 
Nat. Sc, John Stenhouse. 


Phil. i. , William Caldwell, Robert Latta, 
William Mitchell, Ivor J. Roberton. 

Phil, ii., James C. Anderson. 

Math, i., John T. Holliday, John Mac- 
kenzie, Alexander Morgan, David 

Nat. Sc. , Victor V. Branford, Alexander 
Drysdale, Geo. D. Hutton. 

Class, i., John D. Rose. 
Phil, i., John Davidson, Thomas E. 

Sandeman, Patrick C. Simpson, 

William B. Tough. 
Alath. i., James Crocket, Charles E. 

Grange, John King, David A. 

Math, ii., George Laurie, Alexander 

Nat. Sc, Charles E. Grange. 


Class, i., Jas. Gilchrist Goold, George 
Smith, Alexander Douglas Thomson. 

Class, ii., George Millie Gibb, Archibald 

Phil, i., William Ingram. 

Phil, ii., William Wallace Duncan 
Campbell, John Dow Fisher Gil- 
christ, George Currie Martin. 

Math, i., Alex. Wilmer Duff, James 
Goodwillie, David Beveridge Mair. 

Nat. Sc, Charles Hogg, Robert Murray 
Leslie, David Rankine, William 
Lyall Wilson, Thomas Winter. 

Historical Appendix. 



" Distinction " was instituted in October 1885. Several of the Graduates of 1885 
passed part of their Examination before any record of distinction was preserved. 



John Ferguson Chalmers, M.A. 
Alexander Philip, M.A. 
Alexander Wood Renton, M.A. 
James Thomson, M.A. 


Frank Towers Cooper, M.A. 

John Alexander Maccallum, M.A. 

Anderson, Steel, M.A. 

John Garland, M.A. 

John Graham Stewart, M.A. 

Frederick Parker Walton, B.A. 

John James Cook, M.A. 
John French, M.A. 
William Harvey, B.A. 
Alfred Alexander Murray, M.A. 
William Thomson, M.A. 

James Allison, M.A. 
Andrew Macbeth Anderson, M.A. 
James Avon Clyde, M.A. 
Andrew William Donald, M.A. 
David Dougal, M.A. 
William Galbraith, M.A. 
Peter Fraser Mackenna, M.A. 
Robert Miller, M.A. 
John Dove Wilson, M.A. 


James Anderson 
John Hums 
Robert Macdougald 
James Wilkie 
David Mackay Wilson 

David Keith Murray 
George Wilton Wilton 

Hugh Campbell, M.A. 
Alexander Duncan 


Ego Doctoratus in Arte Mcdica titulo jam donandus, sancte coram Deo 
cordium scrutatore, spondeo, me in omni grati animi officio erga Universi- 
tatem Academicam Edinburgensem ad extremum vita; halitum persevera- 

Turn porro Artem Medicam caute, caste, probeque exercitaturum, et quoad 
potero, omnia ad a:grotorum corporum salntem conducentia cum fide pro- 
curaturum. Quae, denique, inter medendum visa vel audita sileri conveniat, 
non sine gravi causa vulgaturum. 

Ita pnesens spondenti adsit Numen. 


Historical Appendix. 


Who have obtained Gold Medals for their Theses. 

(The following names are also included in the Alphabetical List, the footnotes to which 
give additional information regarding a number of distinguished Graduates.) 

John Brown, Scotland 
James Rorie, Scotland 

Thomas Annandale, England 
Alexander Dickson, Scotland 
William C. M'Intosh, Scotland 

1 861. 

John Anderson, Scotland 
Thomas Smith Clouston, Orkney 
James Pettigrew, Scotland 

James Watt Black, Scotland 
Thomas Richard Fraser, India 
Arthur Gamgee, Florence 
Ramsay Heatley Traquair, Scot. 

Peter Murray Braidwood, India 
Dyce Duckworth, England 
William Rutherford, Scotland 
Alexander Ingram Spence, Scot. 

William Mitchell Banks, Scotland 
Charles Parsons, England 
Robert Bremner Thomson, Scot. 
Alfred M. Watson, Jamaica 

John Barclay Clark, Scotland 
William Henry Lightbody, Wales 
John Wyllie, Scotland 

Thomas Lauder Brunton, Scot, 
Franklin Gould, England 
Philip Hair, Scotland 

Henry Alleyne Nicholson, Eng. 
Morrison Watson, Scotland 

John Haddon, Scotland 
John Miller Strachan, England 

Richard Caton, England 
David Ferrier, Scotland 

James Cumming, Scotland 
Urban Pritchard, England 

Joseph Dougall 
A. C. F. Ragabliati, Scotland 

Alexander Bennett, Scotland 
John Bishop, England 
Wm. Macfie Campbell, Scotland 
David Page, Scotland 

James Foulis, Scotland 

Francis Imlach, England 
Herbert Coddington Major, Jersey 
William Stirling, Scotland 

Daniel John Cunningham, Scot. 
Edw. Harriman Dickinson, Eng. 
Chas. Watson Macgillivray, Scot. 

Byrom Bramwell, England 
George Hunter Mackenzie, Scot. 
John Halliday Scott, Scotland 
Graham Steell, Scotland 

James Cossar Ewart, Scotland 
Alexander Morison, India 
Charles Smart Roy, Scotland 
Bryan Charles Waller, England 

John Theodore Cash, England 
William John Dodds, England 
James Milner Helme, England 
William Stewart, Scotland 

De Burgh Birch, England 
James Allan Gray, Scotland 
David Berry Hart, Scotland 
John Francis Sutherland, Scot. 

Matthew Hay, Scotland 
Roger M'Neill, Scotland 
Robert Moodie, Scotland 
German Sims Woodhead, Eng. 

Howard Bendall, England 
John Halliday Croom, Scotland 
T. P. A. Stuart, Scotland 
Albert Wilson, England 

Isaac Bayley Balfour, Scotland 
Alex. H. F. Barbour, Scotland 
James William Fraser, England 
John Hassall, England 

Historical Appendix. 


George Frederick Crooke, Eng. 
\\ illiam Russell, Isle of Man 

Harry Drinkwater, England 
John L. Gibson, Australia 
Edwin 1 1> la Greves, England 

Charles Kennedy, Scotland 
Alexander M'Cormick, Scotland 
Ernest Frederick Neve, England 
Diarmid Noel l'aton, Scotland 
Johnston Symington, England 

Edward Carmichael, Scotland 
William Hunter, Scotland 

Allan Macfadyen, Scotland 
Andrew M. 1'aterson, England 
Ralph Stockman, Scotland 

George A. Atkinson, England 
Alexander Bruce, Scotland 
John Gibson, Orkney 
William C. S. Miller, Scotland 
Robert Win. Philip, Scotland 
John Stevens, Scotland 

James Graham, Scotland 
John Berry Ilaycraft, England 
George Mackay, Madras 


Who have Passed the Examinations with Honours. 

Honours in Medicine were instituted in 1S65, and in 1868 were divided into First and 
Second Class. A few Doctors of Medicine graduated with Honours in 1865, 
[866, and 1S67, under Regulations in force before 1861. 

Class II. 


Lauehlan Aitken, Scotland 
George Robinson Barnes, M.D., 

Thomas Blunt, M.D. , England 
John Chiene, M.D., Scotland 
Andrew J. Duncan, India 
William Allan Jamieson, Scotland 
John Aymers M'Dougall, M.D., 

Peter Macpherson, M.D., Scot. 
John Murray Moore, England 
John Wyllie, M.D., Scotland 

Robert Aldren, England 
Edwin Adam Briggs, M.D., Eng. 
Thomas Lauder Brunton, Scotland 
George May Lowe, England 
John Macbeth (M.A.). Scotland 
James Ramsay (M.A.), Scotland 

Alexander Crombie, Scotland 
David Douglas Cunningham, Scot. 
Charles Ilolden, New Brunswick 
George Hunter, Scotland 
Henry Alleyne Nicholson, England 
John Wilson l'aton, Scotland 
Christopher Currie Ritchie, Scot. 
Charles Henry Denny Robbs, 

M.D.. England 
Peter Alex. Young, Australia 


Class I. 
David Ferrier, Scotland 
James Alexander Russell, Scot. 

James Wilkie Burman, Eng. 
Charles S. Clouston, Orkney 
Robert Dick, Scotland 
William Young Baton, Scot. 


Class I. 
George Amsden, England 

Class II. 
Byrom Bramwell, England 
George Kincaid Pitcairn, Scot. 

Class I. 
John Fraser, Scotland 
Edwin Hinchcliff, England 
David Page, Scotland 
Robert Spence, Scotland 

Class II. 
John Archibald Cowan, Scot. 
lame- W. Edmond, India 
William John Kennedy, Scot. 
Alexander M'Dougall, Scot. 

Class II. 
Joseph John Brown, England 
John Clelland Clarke, Ireland 
Millen Coughtrey, England 


Class I. 

Louis Colbourne, England 

William Stirling (D.Sc . S 

i ■xo 

Historical Appendix. 

Class II. 
James Ritchie, Scotland 
William Colston Warne, Eng. 


Class I. 
John Wilson Alston, Australia 

Class II. 
William Bourke, Jamaica 
Alex. Hodgkinson, England 
Fred. Wm. Jackson, England 
Robt. Davidson Murray, Scot. 

Class I. 
James Murdoch Brown, Scot. 
Daniel J. Cunningham, Scot. 

Class II. 
James Cossar Ewart, Scotland 
John M'Diarmid, Scotland 
James Ogilvie, Scotland 
Thos. R. Ronaldson, Scotland 
Charles Vetch, Scotland 
Andrew Stark Currie, Scotland 
Archd. Campbell Munro, Scot. 

Class I. 
William Watson Cheyne, Scot. 
Adam Robert Turnbull, Scot. 

Class II. 
Edward Owen Jones, Wales 
George Kirkwood, Scotland 
Neil Macleod, England 
Arnold Hirst Watkins, Eng. 

Class I. 
Wm. John Dodds, England 
David Grant, Scotland 

Class II. 
Andrew Smith, Scotland 

Class I. 
William Richardson, England 
Johnson Symington, England 

Class II. 
Isaac Bayley Balfour, Scotland 
William Dick, Scotland 
Charles R. Illingworth, Eng. 
James Scott, Scotland 
James Milne Chapman, Scot. 
Walter J. Strang, M.A., Scot. 

Class I. 
Bernard Jas. Guillemard, Eng. 
Matthew Hay, Scotland 
Basil Gordon Morison, India 

Robert Robertson, Scotland 
Wilfrid Wilson, England 

Class II. 
Charles Begg, Scotland 
Henry Handford, England 

Class I. 
Alexander Bruce, Scotland 
Johannes H. M. Beck, Cape 
of Good Hope 

Class II. 
Alex. Hugh Barbour, Scot. 
John Clouston, Scotland 
Edwin Hyla Greves, England 
George Hurst, England 
R. Milne Murray(M.A.), Scot. 
William Rowlands, Wales 
G. B. Silke, Capeof Good Hope 
James Thomson, Scotland 
James Leith Waters, Scotland 
Wm. L. O. Williams, Wales 
William Wilson, England 

Class I. 
William Henry Dobie, Eng. 
James William Fraser, Eng. 
Herbert Christo. Male, Eng. 
Thomas P. A. Stuart, Scot. 

Class II. 
J. W. Anderson, M.A., Scot. 
John Bright Berry, England 
George Sandison Brock, Scot. 
Henri Lorans, Mauritius 
James Ashford Potts, England 
Richard Frank Rand, England 
James M. Rose, Australia 
Arthur Thomson, Scotland 
William Young, Scotland 


Class I. 

Barclay Josiah Baron, Eng. 

Tohn L. Gibson, Australia 

James Hewetson, England 

Class II. 
Robert Bowes, Scotland 
James A. L. Calder, Jamaica 
David Hepburn, Scotland 
George Leslie, Scotland 
George Proudfoot, Scotland 
Robert Scot Skirving, Scot. 
Simon W. Smith, America 
Matt. B. Thomson, Australia 
A. Gysbert Viljoen, Cape of 

Good Hope 
Arthur P. L. Wells, Eng. 

Historical Appendix. 



Class I. 

Frederick Ashwell, England 
George A. Atkinson, England 
Minna Manook Basil (NLA.), 

A. S. Delepine, Switzerland 
Diarmid Noel Paton, Scotland 
Geo. Carrington Purvis, India 
David Smart, Scotland 
Sidney Johnson Taylor, Eng. 
Harold Fuller Watkins, Eng. 

Class II. 

Herbert H. Ashdown, Eng. 
John Bowie, Scotland 
Samuel Geo. Campbell, Natal 
Arch. Kennedy Christie, Scot. 
George Cecil Dickson, Scot. 
Thomas Alex. Eraser, Eng. 
Arthur William Hare, Eng. 
Wm. B. Macdonald (M.A.), 

George Keppie Paterson, Scot. 
Robert W. Philip (M.A.), Scot. 
Joseph Stapleton, Australia 
Ralph Stockman, Scotland 


Class I. 

Geo. Forbes Alexander, Scot. 
George Hewlett, Ireland 
William Hunter, Scotland 
Archibald Mackenzie, Natal 
GerritNieuwoudt(B.A.), Cape 

of Good Hope 
And. Melville Paterson, Eng. 

Class II. 

Percy John Baily, England 
Theodore H. Barker, Australia 
William Cumming, Scotland 
Archibald T. Dochard, Scot. 
Archibald Donald, Scotland 
William Duff, Scotland 
Arthur Fuller, England 
Frank W. A. Godfrey, Australia 
Francis Walter Grierson, Scot. 
George Mackay, Madras 
Owen Richard P. Owen, Wales 
George Park (M.A.), America 
James S. Robertson (M.A.), 

Thomas M. Robertson, India 
Arthur Robinson, England 
James Thomas Wilson, Soot. 
Theodore S. Wilson (B.Sc), 

Arthur Chas. Vounan, Calcutta 

Class I. 
Edward Carmichael, Scotland 
Thomas A. W. Fulton, Scot. 
Robert Howden, Scotland 
Walter Scott Lang, Scotland 

F. A. Pockley, Sydney.N.S.W. 
John Stevens (M. A.), Scotland 
Edward Walker, England 

Class II. 
Alexander Bissett, Scotland 
Hugh Ransom Pram well, Eng. 
Edwin Greenough, England 
Bogdan E. Iastrzebski, Eng. 

G. S. P. Loubser, Cape Colony 
Wilton W. R. Love, Ireland 
William Bertie Mackay, Scot. 
Alexander Menzies, Scotland 
Joseph Rutter, England 
Fourness H. Simmons, Eng. 
George Thomson, Scotland 

S. F. Wernich, Cape Colony 
R. H. A. Whitelocke, Jamaica 
Claude Wilson, England 

Class I. 
John Macintosh Balfour, Scot. 
Paul Bowes, Scotland 
Edwin Sargood Fry, England 
John Charles Lamont, Eng. 
R. F. C. Leith (M.A., B.Sc), 

Charles James Lewis, England 
Reginald Horace Lucy, Eng. 
Harold Jalland Stiles, Eng. 

Class II. 
Frank Gerard Clemow, Eng. 
Frederick W. Collinson, Eng. 
K. M'Kinnon Douglas, Scot. 
Joseph Griffiths, Wales 
Thomas Arthur Helme, Eng. 
G. F.Johnston, New Brunswick 
Ernest Cory Kingdon, Eng. 
Henry Bruce Melville, Scot. 

E. J. B. Du Moulin, Australia 
Arthur M'Leod Ross, Canada 
John Simpson, Scotland 
George Smith, Scotland 
Henry Alexis Thomson, Scot. 
Thomas Jackson Thyne, Scot. 
Joseph C. S. Vaughan, India 

Class I. 
F.H.Jeffcoat(P>. A. ).N. Zealand 

F. Truby King, New Zealand 
P. A. Lindsay, New Zealand 
George Alexander Pirie, Scot. 


Historical Appendix. 

John William Smith, England 
Joseph Tillie, Scotland 
William Henry Turton, Eng. 

Class II. 

Jas. A. Armitage (B.A.), Eng. 
E. W. W. Carlier (B.Sc), Eng. 
Oliver Field, England 
Leonard D. Gamble, Ireland 
G. L. Gulland (M.A., B.Sc), 

David Wilson Scotland, India 
Arthur Sellars, England 
Thomas Jackson Thyne, Scot. 
Clarence Henry Waters, Eng. 
J. L. Welch (M.A.), Jamaica 

Class I. 
Andre A. Bruere, W. Indies 
Ernest Christison Carter, Eng. 
Thomas Eustace Hill, Eng. 
G. O. C. Mackness(B. A. ),Eng. 
Ralph Henry Maddox, Eng. 
Christopher Martin, England 
William Aldren Turner, Scot. 
Q. M. Wallace (M.A.), Scot. 
Thos. Hamilton Ward, Eng. 

Class II. 
James Cameron, Scotland 
George Fred. Odhams, Eng. 
Ross Francis Robertson, Scot. 
Andrew Rowand, Scotland 
William Carr Sprague, Eng. 
James Richard Whitwell, Eng. 
William Fraser Wright, Scot. 

Class I. 

Louis Edw. Barnett, N. Z. 
Thomas Watts Eden, England 
Robt. Alex. Fleming (M.A.), 

William Fordyce (M.A.), 

John Montgomery, Scotland 
Robert Muir (M.A.), Scot. 

Class II. 

William Andrew Betts, Eng. 

Robert Edie, Scotland 

Sydney Jamieson (B.A.), Aus- 

Stephen Moister Laurence, W. 

William George Laws, Eng. 

Frederick John M'Cann, Scot. 

Jas. Middlemass(M.A.,B.Sc), 

James Ritchie (M.A.), Scot. 

James Smuts, Cape Colony 

John Somerville, N. Zealand 

Isaac Thompson, England 

John Christopher Thomson 
(M.A.), Scotland 

James Henry Traquair, Scot. 

Ninian George Trotter, N. Z. 

Dawson Fyers Duckworth 
Turner (B.A.), England 

John Clarence Webster (B.A.), 

John David Williams, Wales 



(The following names are also included in the Alphabetical List, the footnotes of 
which give additional information regarding a number of distinguished 
Graduates. ) 


1866. Archibald H. Dick, M.A., LL.B. 

1867. Robert Jardine, M.A., B.D. 
1871. Matthew Robertson, B.A. (Lond.) 
1876. William Cunningham, M.A. 

,, Alfred William Mummery (Momerie), M.A. 

,, Prasanna Kumar Ray, B.Sc. (Lond.) 
1878. Jacob Gould Schurman, B.A. 
1880. David Duncan, M.A. 

Historical Appendix. 1 3 3 

1882. James M. Hodgson, M.A. 

1886. John Lightfoot, M.A. 

1SS7. John Dundas Robertson, M.A. 


1875. James Colville, M.A. 

,, William Millar Nicolson, M.A. 

1880. John Cullen, M.A. (Semitic). 

,, Thomas David Anderson, M.A. 

1883. Peter Peterson, M.A. 

1S84. Robert Johnston Cownie, M.A. 


a. Department of the Mathematical Sciences. 

1878. Alexander Macfarlane, M.A. 
1888. William Peddie. 

b. Department of the Physical Experimental Sciences. 

1867. John Affleck, M.A. (Chemistry). 

1869. James Gow Black, M.A. (Chemistry). 

1873. Andrew Peebles Aitken, M.A. (Chemistry). 

1876. Aghornath Chattopadhyay (Chemistry). 
,, Robert Romanis (Chemistry). 

1877. Robert Milner Morrison (Chemistry). 

1878. William Inglis Clark (Chemistry). 

1879. John Adrian Blaikie (Chemistry). 

,, James Johnston Dobbie, M.A. (Chemistry). 
,, Robert Sydney Marsden (Chemistry). 

1882. William Lawton Goodwin (Chemistry). 

1883. Alexander Scott (Chemistry). 

1884. David Orme Masson, M.A. (Chemistry). 

,, Alfred Daniell, M.A. LL.B., (Experimental Physics). 

1885. William Walker James Nicol (Chemistry). 

1886. Hugh Robert Mill (Chemistry). 

„ John Waddell. B.A. (Chemistry). 

,, James Walker (Chemistry). 

,, Andrew Thomson, M.A. (Chemistry). 

1887. Prafulla Chandra Ray, M.B. (Chemistry). 
1S88. James Burgess Readman (Chemistry). 

c. Department of the Natural Sciences. 

1867. Henry Alleyne Nicholson (Geology). 

1869. Archibald Bleloch, M.A. (Zoology and Geology). 

1870. Thomas Lauder Brunton, M.D. (Physiology). 
1872. William Stirling (Physiology). 

1875. Isaac Bayley Balfour (Botany). 

1S77. William John Dodds (Physiology). 

,, George Alexander Gibson, M.B. (Geology). 

1880. William Abbott Herdman (Zoology). 

1883. John Muirhead Macfarlane (Botany). 

18S7. William A. Haswell (Zoology). 

,, George Neil Stewart, M.A. (Physiology). 


1SS8. Archibald Campbell Elliott. 


Historical Appendix. 





Samuel Drew, M.D. 
John William Taylor, M.D. 
Wm. John Vereker-Bindon, M.B. 
Robert Charnley Smith, M.D. 
Archibald Campbell Munro, M.B. 
Frederick William Barry, M.D. 
David Mackaye Cassidy, M.D. 
William Robert Smith, M.D. 
Charles Henry Willey, M.D. 
Thomas Goodall Nasmyth, M.B. 
Edward William Hope, M.D. 
John Berry Haycraft, M.D. 


During the , 

Academic Years 1858-59 to 1887-88 (both years included), 


Divinity, Law, and Medicine. 


Faculty of 

Faculty of 


Faculty of 

Total No. 




of Law. 


of Students. 























































































































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• 3 S - a I ::i::::i M ; M :::- , :: < "'>* m ::"-«-*«-|s 

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asa | :::::::::::::::■• » :•*:::•:::• 5 M J ■ 

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said Japun Q"Kl -WNNMMM^-mmmNmnm r^^o m5*| § 

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- ., n n n ^. m m ^-*0 ^ m^ -♦ k.>o ts t^ .>. o ao <fc o ^.fo S S S 'S ^ *§, 

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urex%] aatiEJluTj passr,! 1 •• - - - t» ei n n m m m a ■+ ■* ■+ m^ >o «o -n£ vo >o K - 




136 Historical Appendix. 


Instituted 1886. 

This Diploma is conferred only on those Graduates in Arts of the Univer- 
sity of Edinburgh who have attended the Class of the Theory, Art, and 
History of Education in the University, and who have passed an Examina- 
tion in that subject. 

Each Candidate must give evidence either : — (a) That he has attended a 
Course of Practical Instruction in a Training College for Teachers ; or (6) 
That he possesses the Government qualification in the practice of teaching 
required of Graduates, and provided in the " Scottish Code ; " or (c) That he 
has taught publicly for at least one year in a School. 

The Diploma is of two grades : one for Masters of Arts with Honours in 
any Department, specially qualifying them for Secondary Schoolmasterships ; 
the other for those who have taken the ordinary Degree of M.A. 

Instituted 1880. 

This Certificate is open to those who have been students in the Faculty 
of Arts for not less than two Sessions, and who have attended not less 
than five classes in that Faculty, which must include four at least of the seven 
subjects necessary for Graduation in Arts. One Session at least must have 
been passed, and two classes at least attended, in this University. 

The examinations for the Certificate in the four (or five) subjects which are 
also necessary for the degree of Master of Arts are the ordinary graduation 
examinations in Arts ; and the examination in any other subject must be on 
the same standard. 


Instituted 1865. 

These Examinations were instituted to supply a common test of attainment 
both for pupils of public schools and for those privately educated. They are 
held annually, early in June, at various local centres in Scotland, England, 
Ireland, and also abroad. They are open to boys and girls without restric- 
tion as to age. 

The Certificates are of two grades, viz., Junior and Senior, and the 
Examinations are on the same standards as the Government Lower and 
Higher Grade Examinations for pupils of Secondary Schools. 

The subjects of examination are divided into three classes — Preliminary 
Subjects, Special Subjects, and Extra Subjects. 

The Preliminary subjects, in which all Candidates must undergo Examina- 
tion, are — English, History and Geography, Latin (optional for females), 
Arithmetic, Scripture History (which may be omitted, and a paper in French 
Accidence taken instead). 

The Special subjects (of which any two, except in Department E., but not 
more than four, may be taken at one Examination) are — (1) for Junior 

Historical Appendix. 1 3 7 

Certificates : Department A. Latin, Greek, French, German. B. English. 
History and Geography, Scripture History. C. Mathematics, Natural Phil- 
osophy, Physical Geography. (2) For Senior Certificate : A. (as above), 
B. English, History and Geography, Logic, Bible Knowledge. C. Mathe- 
matics, Natural Philosophy. D. Chemistry, Zoology, Botany, Physiology, 
Geology. E. Arithmetic, Commercial History and Geography, Elements of 
Economics, and either French or German. In Department E. all the subjects 
must be taken, and a Special Certificate is granted. 

The Extra Subjects (optional) for both Certificates are Drawing and 


Instituted 1872. 

Candidates for these Certificates must have passed the Senior Local 
Examinations of this University, or of one of the other Scottish Universities, 
or of the Universities of Oxford or Cambridge ; and must have studied in 
at least three of the Classes of the " Edinburgh Association for the University 
Education of Women," that are recognised by the Senatus Academicus. 
The Classes at present recognised by the Senatus are : — Department of 
Languages and Literature — English Literature, Latin, Greek, Biblical Criti- 
cism, Science and History of Language ; Department of Philosophy — Logic 
and Mental Philosophy, Moral Philosophy, Political Economy, Theory of 
Education, Fine Art ; Department of Mathematics and Physical Science — 
Mathematics, Experimental Physics, Chemistry, Geology, Botany, Zoology, 
Physiology, and Science of Language. 

The Certificates are of two gxades — Pass Certificates and Honour Certi- 
ficates : Honour Certificates are awarded to Candidates who, having passed 
a satisfactory Examination in at least three subjects, have, in a Special 
Examination for Honours, exhibited high proficiency in any one of these 
three subjects. 


Instituted 1888. 

The object of this Association is to provide short courses of Lectures of an 
Academic character for the benefit of persons unable to attend the University 
itself. The Subjects in which Lecturers have been appointed by the Asso- 
ciation, with the consent of the Senatus Academicus, are at present as 
follows :— English, Scottish, Creek, Roman, French, and German Literature; 
History ; Geography ; Fine Art ; Music ; Mathematics ; Psychology ; Logic ; 
Moral Philosophy ; Political Economy ; Anthropology ; Physics ; Chemistry ; 

138 Historical Appendix. 



The aims of the Council are — (1) To represent the Students in matters 
affecting their interests ; (2) To afford a recognised means of communication 
between the students and the University authorities ; and (3) To promote 
social life and academic unity among the students. The Council is elected 
annually in November, partly by the students of the different Faculties, and 
partly by the recognised students' societies. 

There is a Directory of Students' Lodgings, under the management of the 
Students' Representative Council, containing terms, references, and full par- 
ticulars regarding Board and Lodgings. 


The first Session of the University Union begins in October 1889. The 
Union will be a common meeting-ground for University Office-Bearers, 
Graduates, and Students. The Building, situated in Park Street, con- 
veniently near the old and new University Buildings, contains a large hall, 
a reading-room and library, committee, luncheon, smoking, and billiard 
rooms, besides a large gymnasium, baths, &c. 

UNIVERSITY HALL. Founded 1887. 

This Hall is designed to supply the long felt need in Scottish Universities 
of College life as understood in England, with its social advantages and 
avoidance of the drawbacks of solitary life in lodgings. The internal affairs 
are managed by a committee of residents elected monthly. 


Founded 1737. Royal Charter granted 1778. 

The Society meets on Friday evenings during the winter. Dissertations 
are given on medical subjects, and debated by the members present. Com- 
munications by members on subjects of interest are also discussed. The 
Society has a very fine library of about 30,000 volumes, which is con- 
stantly being added to. There are comfortable writing and reading-rooms, 
containing the medical journals and periodicals, books of reference, and 
text-books, specially useful for students reading for examination. The museum 
contains a complete set of Materia Medica specimens, microscopic sections, 
a herbarium, and a surgical model, on which bandaging, setting of fractures, 
&o, may be practised. 

The following Societies, Clubs, &c, whose names indicate their objects, 
are also recognised by the Senatus Academicus : — Agricultural Society, 
instituted 1858; Arts Students' Christian Association, instituted 1888; 
Associated Societies of the University of Edinburgh. [This Association, 
being a Union of Literary and Debating Societies, was instituted in 1833. 

* Long, intimately, and honourably connected with the University, but not a " University 
Society " in the narrower sense. 

Historical Appendix. 


It consists at present of the Dialectic Society, founded in 1787 ; the Scots 
Law Society, in 1815 ; the Diagnostic Society, in 1816 ; the Philomathic 
Society, in 1858 ; and the Philosophical Society, in 1871.] Athletic Club, 
instituted 1867 ; Boat Club, instituted 1868 ; Celtic Society, instituted 1852 ; 
Chemical Society, instituted 1874 ; Christian Evidence Society, instituted 
1889; Cycling Club, instituted 1884; Dumfriesshire and Galloway Literary 
Society, instituted 1847 ; Golf Club, instituted 1881 ; Medical Students' 
Christian Association, instituted 1878 ; Missionary Association, instituted 
1825; Musical Society, established 1867; Natural Science Club, founded 
1880; Physical Society, instituted 1888 ; Rifle Company Shooting Club, 
instituted 1873; Swimming Club, instituted 1888; Theological Society, 
founded 1776 ; Total Abstinence Society, instituted 1853; Wesleyan Under- 
graduates' Association, instituted 1888 ; White Cross Society, instituted 




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